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Chapter: 892

Catastrophic End

Chapter 892 Catastrophic End  -----

As we managed to beat down Terra, a sudden shift in battle happened, within a mere second, he unleashed a destructive Divine Spell!


Terra was able to retaliate before we could crush his head completely, as a catastrophe of enormous meteors flew out of his body towards us, enormous magic circles were summoned surrounding his body, which were able to easily target us and send us flying away!


The entire hall trembled once more, as I found myself laying over the floor, with half my body broken into pieces, but Benladann was safe and sound, protected by my large dragon arms… My Unique Skill: Immortal Body was able to heal any wounds I could take, literally. However, as I had acquired the body of a god and not a mortal, it was necessary to use Divine Power to hasten this regeneration and become battle ready.

I immediately infuse a few points into the Unique Skill, managing to regenerate most of the dangerous wounds before I could die, and quickly looked back at Eleanora, showering her with Divine Spells that could heal. Her body was unscathed but I could feel she was still damaged and hit, if it wasn't thanks to the enormous endurance that her Chaotic Dragon Form granted to her, I don't know if she would had been able to survive.

Of course, Miranda and her Chaos Spirit helped her at fusing with her body, like Belle did with mine. But still, I was very worried.

"Drake…?" Benladann slowly opened her eyes, finding herself in my arms.

"Ah… thankfully you're alright." I sighed in relief.

"What happened? Ah! Terra is…?!" She asked, readying for battle as her two axes, covered in cracks, were already getting ready to fight again.

"No, look… He's already done for." I sighed in relief.

The both of us looked at Terra, the gloriously enormous and tanky Divine Earth Dragon was crawling over the floor.

"Unngh…! Not bad at all, you two…! Not bad… at all!"

Terra struggled to walk over the floor, vomiting a mouthful of blood as his head continued bleeding, his healing was not working properly there because Benladann's chaos essence was inhibiting his regeneration, and my Frost Curse was also inflicting weakness over his body, slowly freezing him.

"I-Incredible…! I have to… recognize your bravery and might…"

Terra suddenly recognized our strength, falling over the floor and looking at us with his eyes weakly.

"You may pass to the next… trial…!"

Terra was completely immobile, his eyes quickly closed.

Was he dead?

But why did he had to sacrifice himself for this mere trial?

Just what is this damned tower?

Why does the Frost Queen dares to imprison this Dragon here and force him to fight until someone could actually kill him?!

Although I felt relieved we somehow pulled it out, it filled me with fury to see him in such a state.

I don't know if he was alive or dead, but the doors in front suddenly opened, it seems that the path towards the second trial have finally opened.

"It is done?" Wondered Benladann in disbelief.

"Yeah, we did it…" I sighed.

I quickly looked back at everybody, they were alright, some were quite wounded though, but I quickly healed them. Most of my slimes and golems had perished, however, which was quite sad. I suppose they sacrificed themselves for a greater cause. I will never forget you guys.

As we walked forward, the corpses of the monsters suddenly began to transform into bright particles of blue light, one after the other, turning into nothing and cleansing the entire room. We didn't had any loot to take back home. Even when I tried to grab a scale from Terra, it also turned into particles of light, alongside his entire body, dissipating into thin air.

"Wow… what sort of magic is this? So this tower doesn't even grant rewards?" Asked Yuki angrily.

"Yeah, that's one of the things that had made it so unpopular as a dungeon. Adventurers that come here looking for riches end up disappointed, this dungeon doesn't give any rewards even when defeating monsters." Said Charlotte.

"Although I can clearly feel the same feeling I have when I am inside a dungeon, I can confidently say this place is different than one too. After all, isn't this a trial of the Venerable? It certainly is not a playground for adventurers to come look for easy cash." Said Hector, analyzing the situation.

"You're right, Hector. This entire place was made by a Venerable, so it surely has a greater meaning than simply giving cheap material rewards to its participants… And even then, didn't Lord Drake said something about a Town here? I suppose those passionate enough about discovering the truth about the Venerable are still working hard and trying to decipher it anyways." Said Kraxka, the chief of the Pastoralist Tribe was quite wise and observant.

"Although, after beating so many foes, I feel strangely stronger. Don't any of you feel this way as well?" Larzak wondered. Up until now we have not realized due to the accumulated tension of the battle, but when the lizardman pointed out the obvious, we all realized it as well.

I was able to feel it as well, my entire body was somehow… stronger? It felt as if even more energy was flowing across my body.

Wait, this is Divine Power?!


[You have gained +50000 Divine Power]

[You have gained +30000 Divine Power]

[You have gained +20000 Divine Power]

Eh?! What's with this amazing bonus?

[The trial rewards those that complete it with Energy which is absorbed by the body instantly through the power of the Tower itself, it helps people raise their cultivation. However, it only happens when a trial is completed. Those that lost and ran away never got to see this reward. Perhaps the veterans at the town were so strong due to completing the challenges sometimes, and receiving this boost that enhanced their cultivation]


"I get it now… the Frost Queen made this to really help mortals grow stronger!"


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