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Chapter: 894

The End Of The First Trial

Chapter 894 The End Of The First Trial  -----

"Mortals? So this was made… is this why my Mana Core went all the way to Rank 6?!" Asked Yuki.

"Wow, I am also Rank 6 now… I didn't noticed it until now. The feeling felt so natural…" Said Hector.

"T-This is insane… The power of this tower…!" Kraxka said.

"Amazing, not only I am Rank 6 as well, but I feel like my Ki has been enhanced!" Larzak proclaimed.

"These old bones had never felt this relieved before… I am even gaining a bit of my youthfulness!" Rakasha said, his old self had regained a more stoic and younger look, he didn't looked like an 80-year-old man, but was now looking around his 50's… way younger! Although his beard still made him look older anyways.

Everyone else also felt this way, their Mana Cores had been enhanced greatly by the sudden rewards, and their bodies physiques had become stronger as a result as well.

"My Mana Core also became Peak Rank 6!" Benladann told me. She was already amazingly strong but thanks to this boost, she got near Goddess level. If she manages to breakthrough into Rank 7, she will easily acquire a Divine Core.

"I see… This is amazing. I guess there was indeed a reward at the end." I said.

"Yeah… I never thought it would be this good though." Yuki admitted.

The System had already explained me what had happened though.

"Apparently the Frost Tower is able to grant power to those that complete a trial. This might also be the reason why the people in the town were all very powerful, although they had yet to reach the last trial and complete the tower, they were still able to complete one trial or two at the end, growing exponentially stronger. Also, because the trials seem to grow stronger based in the strongest member, the reward we got was equally powerful, completing one already made you all grow this powerful." I said, communicating what I learned to everybody else.

"But why me?! I barely did anything… I am also Rank 5 Peak Stage out of nowhere now!" Charlotte cried, who had been formerly Rank 3, I believe.

"Hahaha, take it as a token of my gratitude by joining us. With his much power you'll be able to defend yourself better, and that's without even counting all the rewards we might get by completing the next two trials…" I said with a smile, turning back to my ice giant form.

"I-I guess you're right in that… But it still feels a bit unfair I got this… Well, whatever… Not like I can do anything about it." Sighed Charlotte.


Suddenly, Miranda emerged out of Benladann, while her chaos spirit came out of her body as well. At the same time, Belle unfused from me. The spirits were quite tired, but they had also received the boost in power, and were glowing with bright divine auras. Miranda was counted as a spirit as well, apparently, so she grew stronger alongside Benladann.

"Thanks for helping us there." Benladann said. "Without you, Miranda, I don't know if I would had the courage to fight a divine dragon like that one…"

"Hahh~ I am so tired… Haha, don't sweat it, Benladann." Said Miranda. "I am there for you as always. Our fusion has been perfected over time to such an extent, so I am rather prideful of it."

"W-What about me?!" Cried the small Chaos Spirit, who was being completely ignored.

"You got ignored buddy." I sighed. "It's going to take a while for Benladann to get used to you."

"B-But it has been like four months since I joined her!" Cried the spirit.

"Haha, she's not easy to convince." I sighed. "I know her the most."

"Ugh… Well, whatever. I am hungry, can you make food with your spirit powers?" He asked.

"Sure, but who made you the boss here to order me around?" I sighed. "These damn spirits are getting more and more annoying lately…"

I had already decided to take a break before advancing into the Tower. Because the time here goes faster than the outside world, things can wait for a bit, we don't have to rush it so fast either. The door remained open but nothing came out and nothing was rushing us there, so I assume the tower is able to wait for us to rest before advancing.

"Ugh, you're a merciless lizard! You absorbed all my power there!" Belle complained.

"Well, aren't you already a Divine Spirit? So why complain?" I sighed.

Belle was connected to my powers, so she was naturally a divine spirit. She was more than capable of withstanding the might of my body. I had fused with her for a quick boost to all my capabilities through her raw spiritual energy which was now divine spiritual energy. And it might had been thanks to her that I got a small edge over Terra, alongside Benladann's support, of course.

"Ugh! You're such a brute… I don't even know how you got a wife and two kids, you're a brute that has no delicacy with girls!" Belle angrily barked.

"I get it, you're hungry, right?" I asked with a smile.

"Hungry? M-Maybe…" Belle said.

"Alright, I'll make something quick. Spirit Creation: Spirit Kitchen Party."


In mere seconds, an enormous kitchen composed entirely out of spirits in the shapes of various kitchen utensils and more, emerged. Flames quickly lighted the kitchen as I brought out countless ingredients from my Inventory space. The spirits began to dance around my body as I unleashed my Domain of Divinity of Cooking and began cooking a completely divine meal to enhance everybody's stamina and magical power.

Everybody looked at me with surprise, as I prepared everything in a few minutes. Wooden Spirits shaped into tables and chairs emerged as well, one after the other, lining up and letting everybody sit down calmly. Wooden Chair Spirits had the power to recover stamina from those that sat down there, and also relaxed their minds from all the exhaustion.

I quickly served everybody a large portion of curry, as we began to enjoy a quick meal.


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