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Chapter: 902

A Painful Memory

Chapter 902 A Painful Memory  -----

In front of Benladann and Miranda, there was a man wearing sunglasses standing. He was wearing a black leather jacket, and jeans, and looked to be wearing remarkably Earth-like clothes. He seemed to be expressionless for a few seconds, but slowly smiled, as he realized who the girl in front of him was.

"Miranda… is that you? Miranda!"

Benladann felt completely shocked by the trial this time. She had heard it would be a weakness of her, something that made her weaker, something that would even hurt her deeply. But she never thought it would be the scientist behind her suffering.

Since she had memory of being in Earth that Benladann only suffered. She was a guinea pig, going through an endless circle of agony as they injected the Mold into her body, forcing the Mold to merge with her and transform her into an abomination. For some sick reason that Benladann was never able to truly grasp. She remembered how he always called her his goddess, how he always wanted to make her a real goddess, and how he proclaimed they would rule the world together.

It seemed he was completely delusional and insane, with no hints of sanity on him at all, if even. It felt as if this man was always human garbage, and the more he thought about him, the more anger she felt.

Benladann wasn't afraid or, moved to tears when she saw her trial, she and Miranda felt utter anger and the feeling of using this opportunity to beat the shit out of Ivan Wesker, even if he was an illusion.

Benladann, already merged with Miranda and her Chaos Spirit, held her two axes and infused her essence into them. Although they had gained some cracks now, they were still good to defeat an illusion, or so she thought.

"Oh, you're so dead." Benladann said, rushing towards Ivan as he stood there in silence, seeing the giant clash against him.

"I'm sorry." He sighed.



Benladann's axes hit the ground, suddenly, she was stopped by a few words, two words, in fact. Ivan looked at Benladann with a dead serious face. He wasn't smiling anymore. He took out his jacket, and then his sunglasses, revealing his blue eyes to her.

"I'm sorry for everything I've done to you, Miranda…"


Miranda asked in surprise, without realizing what was even going on.

"What are you talking about?" Benladann asked.

"You're a mere illusion… Why are you apologizing and not fighting?" Miranda asked through Benladann.

"Why would I even want to hurt my daughter?" Ivan sighed, sitting over the floor.

He didn't looked like he wanted to fight at all. He seemed completely depressed, in fact. His madness was gone, and without it, what was left was… a hollow husk of a man. Without nothing inside, nothing left, and nothing to hide either.

"S-Stand up and fight! You're an illusion… But at the very least I want to crush you while you're acting as the bastard you've always have been!" Benladann roared loudly, her axes hitting the ground again.

"Do it…" Ivan sighed. "I don't… really deserve anything else."

"Wha…?! You're just trying to make us pity you so you can sneak in an attack or something?!" Miranda asked through Benladann.

"…I would never do that to you." Ivan sighed.

"Why are you acting so weird? I don't remember in any way an Ivan such as you." Benladann said. "Is the Frost Tower fabricating a different version of you that acts the opposite?" Benladann pondered, thinking some rather far-fetched things.

"Who knows?" Sighed Ivan. "I suppose you don't really remember me at all from back then…"

"Back then?" Benladann asked.

She slowly began stepping back.

Somehow, something within Benladann's body and soul told her to suddenly escape.


It was as if it was almost an instinct.

But it wasn't to escape from danger.

It was to escape from something deep within her own soul's memories that she had been caging down, without any awareness of its existence.

"Yeah… Back then when you were my precious little daughter… When I did everything in the world to help you fight your brain cancer… When I… saw you dead in the hospital bed. When I lost everything in that day… In that day, it was also the day I lost all the sanity left on me." Ivan sighed.

"W-What are you talking about?" Benladann asked, as she felt that deep down within her soul, something was emerging.

"You don't remember, huh? Maybe it would be better for you to not remember now. You've got a whole life right now, right? You are… more happy than your father could had ever made you. You even got a new family… I am unnecessary here. I don't really want to bother you anymore. I don't want to… remind you of the suffering my madness made you go through. Please… just kill me here."

Ivan seemed reluctant. He only wanted to die and to be done with this. He didn't wanted to continue bothering Benladann anymore. He felt unnecessary in this place, he was someone she should simply forget about forever.

"No… Tell me more!"

However, Benladann was also very reluctant, just like him. Somehow, she wanted to know more, as if something else was surging from the depths of her soul and her heart.

"Who… who are you really?" She asked, as a small tear began to flow from her right eye. "TELL ME!"


Ivan looked at his daughter, even though she was reincarnated, he could clearly see his daughter in Benladann. And because it was her request, he decided to tell her… to tell her the truth.

"I… I am really your father." He sighed.

"What?" She asked.

"You and your mother, both of you died by a brain tumor caused by cancer, which was hereditary." Sighed Ivan.

"I… died?" Benladann asked.

Iva covered his face, as he gritted his teeth in frustration.

The frustration of his powerlessness in such a situation, the frustration of not being able to do a thing, no matter how much he tried…

"You did…"


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