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Chapter: 903

The Truth Within Old Memories Inside The Soul

Chapter 903 The Truth Within Old Memories Inside The Soul  -----

Benladann faced her trauma, while unexpectedly learning the truth about her, and who she truly was before reincarnating in the world of Yggdrasil. She was, however, very confused as of now, without really knowing what to say, or what to think, she was complete flabbergasted by the idea she was truly this monster's daughter, and that he was once… just a normal man. However, as the man spoke more, she suddenly began to feel stranger, as if her very soul was trying to speak to her, to tell her to stop, to not delve any further.

It was even becoming quite painful.

To Benladann, it was feeling as if something within her was slowly breaking and opening, slowly trying to flow into her mind all the memories that her soul had locked after her first death.

"After your death, I couldn't keep it up with myself, I became insane." Ivan said. "I tried to do everything I could to save you, to revive you… I froze your body and continue looked for something that could revive you, a special pathogen, or a virus… I created the Virus named Uroboros, which devoured a part of the population in Earth with zombies, only because I wanted to revive you… I committed atrocities, and killed so many people because I was willing to go as far for you… I… I would do it again if it meant I could truly revive you."


"I succeeded… somehow. I ended turning myself into even more of a monster. The Virus, Uroboros, took over my body and my mind. It slowly made me insane and even more of a monster than before. It felt as if my attachment to being a human were gone, my emotions, everything… the only thing remaining was my memories of you, and my undying obsession with bringing you back."


"Uroboros didn't do, it couldn't revive you, until one day, in Africa, I found it. The Mold, a strange living entity that enhanced the body of people through parasitism. It was even able to revive others, and to even grant them supernatural Esper abilities… I used it and finally, I ended succeeding in reviving you."


"However, the moment I revived you, you went berserk. You attacked me and almost killed me. You didn't recognized me, and you were afraid of everything. The Mold was taking over your body. But I couldn't kill you, I couldn't… take you out. And if I tried taking the Mold away then… wouldn't you have died there?"

Ivan couldn't bring himself to kill his daughter after having revived her. Benladann remained in silence while listening to Ivan's words, shocked with each word he spoke. The man smiled bitterly as he waved his head.

"Bing insane and half mind controlled by Uroboros didn't helped either… I ended treating you roughly, terrible so, only so I could calm your fury down. I wanted to cure you, to make it so you could coexist with the Mold and not feel agony with each passing second… In the process, Uroboros and my own delusions merged together and remade my own personality into an insane man, dreams of greatness, and perhaps… the lingering memories of calling you my little goddess made me desire something utterly monstrous. I can't keep on blaming the virus for my own actions either."

"I ended doing it all because I couldn't accept your death… I couldn't let you die… I had to do everything I could… I had to… I… I…! I am sorry…! I am really sorry, Miranda! I am really sorry! I did so many horrible things, I made you suffer so much! It wasn't me yet… it was me… I… I am fully responsible for everything I did! I just wanted to see my daughter again…!"

Ivan cried, tears flowing through his blue eyes, as he hit the ground with frustration.

"I just wanted to… see your smile one last time…"

Benladann began to cry rivers, as she fell to her knees. Miranda shared her emotions and her overflowing new memories, learning everything in detail as well.

"So it is you… I was… I was really someone called Miranda? I wasn't someone adopted in an orphanage as I always believed? I… I was Miranda Wesker…" Benladann muttered.

"I just wanted to see my daughter again…" Ivan cried. "I just wanted… to selfishly see my little girl, who fate denied a long life… I just wanted to see her live a long life, and enjoy everything there was in life… I wanted you to be so happy…! I just wanted your happiness!"

Benladann felt so many conflicting emotions that she couldn't even more. The rage she had against him as the Miranda that came after her resurrection combined by the love and sorrow of the Miranda before her resurrection.

She hated him, but also pitied him. She wanted to kill him, but at the same time, she wanted to hug him and tell him that he should stop blaming himself for everything, and to let it go.

But was he truly her father at the end, or a mere illusion?

"Could… this Tower have made this trial based in the memories it saw through your soul, which were somehow sealed?" Wondered Miranda within Benladann's soul.

"Possibly… This is a fabrication made up of such caged memories… Not someone real…" Sighed Benladann.

Benladann looked back at Ivan, fully knowing he was a mere fabrication, yet… it had brought her to so many tears already… Just what should she do now?

"Tell me something… Do you remember what you did after I died? After I was… shot down by those special agents?" Asked Benladann.

"I…. I don't remember anything." He sighed.

Benladann sighed, clenching her fists.

"I suppose you're not really him at the end…" She sighed.

Benladann slowly approached the illusion, as she held her fist upwards, tears flowing off her eyes.

"I'll always… love you as my daughter."


Benladann's fists made Ivan's entire body disappear into white smoke, until nothing more remained. At the same time, she felt a huge boost of power flowing through her, divine power.

Although she should feel joyful and excited with such amount of power flowing into her, she couldn't help but feel sorrowful, completely filled with melancholy.

The Ice Giant slowly walked outside the room, as the gates leading outside opened in front of her.

"Maybe one day we'll meet, and we'll talk things through…"

Benladann hoped for something almost impossible as she walked outside the room.

Her trial wasn't the most challenging in terms of battle, but it was one of her toughest battles, perhaps because it left no satisfaction at all.

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