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Chapter: 904

Two Very Similar Trials

Chapter 904 Two Very Similar Trials  -----

A similar scene was happening for both Hector and Kraxka inside their own different rooms. Both of them faced a similar illusion, Miminga.

Amongst the various things the two of them had faced, they seemed to usually have no weakness, never faltering nor seemingly having the will to give up. Not even Kraxka's father death fazed him now, as he had gotten over it long ago, many years already.

However, something both men shared was their love for Miminga, one as her lover and best friend, and the other as her overprotective father. It was their greatest weakness in short. Hector always held her inside of his heart, she was the reason of his perseverance, and the same was for her father, Kraxka.

But now, both were forced to face her, and much like others, they didn't fought her, and Miminga's own illusion herself, gentle natured and nice just as the one they knew about, didn't attacked either, lecturing them instead, and telling them that they had to get over this trial so the could move on.

"Come on, Hector… I've told you many times that you sometimes are a bit too much of a crybaby, haven't I? Are you really the father of your daughter, dear?"

"Miminga… I-I don't want to hurt you! N-No…!"

"Sigh… I am merely an illusion, you see? The real me is waiting for you back home."

"B-But… T-This trial is really so hard… Why do I have to hurt the one I love the most? What does this trial even means?"

"Maybe it is a test of your will, if you're strong enough to go to such lengths for the bond you've forged with all those you came here with, dear."

Miminga ended explaining to Hector what this trial truly meant. Hector felt surprised once more, as he sighed.

"You're the most precious thing… I can't… I would never-"

"The most precious thing? What about our baby?"


"Am I more important than our child now?"

"No… I…!"

"Hector, the moment we have a child… Both of us suddenly gained something even more precious and important than even our relationship."


"You have to do it for her."

"But I…"

"Do you love her more than me?"


Hector was left with a terrifying question to answer.

However, deep down, as any good father, he knew the answer.


"Then? Thrust your spear into my chest and get done with this."

"I am really sorry…"

"Don't be… It is fine."


Hector hesitated for a long time, but ultimately, he did what was right in this trial. He had to defeat the weakness in front of him, to keep moving forward. He kept that in mind this entire time, knowing it was an illusion, but even then, it hurt him so much he began to weep over the floor.

"I will never… let the real you die…! I will… grow stronger so I can protect you and our child… and your entire tribe as well!" He cried.

"I am sure you will do your best." Miminga said with a smile.

"I love you…!" Hector cried, hugging Miminga's body, as she slowly began to dissipate.

"I love you too…" She said, rubbing her nose with his, and then dissipating.

Hector clenched his fists as he gritted his teeth, slowly walking out of the room. Divine energies began to overflow his body, but he remained sorrowful without even acting surprised.

Meanwhile, Kraxka was going through something similar.

"The Venerable is truly… someone scheming to do such a thing." Kraxka lamented.

"Father… that's enough, come and just get over it already!" Miminga reprimanded her father.

"You know how hard this is for a father to ask?" He sighed. "Miminga, I saw you grow since you hatched from your egg."

"I know! This is why you… you should do it already." She said. "The real one is outside, just fine! You have to just get over this trial… It is a trial for a reason, no matter what, it will be painful for you to complete it."

"You're just as smart as the real one… You're so similar too… It hurts me deeply." He sighed.


"And the way you call me father too…"


"No, don't be sorry… You're always saying you're sorry. That's also just like you."


"Hah…" Kraxka sighed. "You know? Since you were born that you became the most important thing in my life. It was thanks to you that I overcame my trauma and decided to forgive the humans. I wanted to create a brighter future where my adorable little daughter could play all she wanted with other kids… With that human kid as well."

"Hector?" She asked.

"Yes… I did it all for that stupid brat, it made you so happy I couldn't bring myself to just let it go. Through the years I worked very hard to convince the tribe about humans not being inherently evil for what they did to my father… It is ironic, right? The one whose father was murdered cold-bloodedly by humans was asking his own people to not hate them." Sighed Kraxka. "I must have looked pathetic to all of them back then."

"No… You were strong, father. You did what was right… So… You know that what you must do here is also what's right. You've always taken such decisions. You're… the only one that can take them firmly." Miminga said.

"…You really know me so well." Kraxka sighed. "I love you so much, you're the pride of my entire life."

Kraxka sighed, hugging his daughter, her daughter also hugged him back their tails entangled around one another's legs.

The lizardman's spear was already piercing her, as Miminga was slowly fading away.

"Well done, father. I knew you would take the right decision."

"I knew you would say that as well…"

Kraxka sighed, petting his daughter's head.

"I'll go see you after we are done here… I'm going to bring you a gift."

"I'm sure that the real me… will be happy to see it."

Kraxka walked away as Miminga was no longer there.


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