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Chapter: 642

Snow melts into spring

Chapter 642 Snow melts into spring  Iro road the following morning.

Yuhi, to me, you are like a window.

In a dark room, you showed me a bright world.

I watched your world through you, but she was only watching.

I want to go, go into that same world.

I want to experience her life with her entire being, just like you.

'People are not lifeless.'

'Your surroundings are not your enemy.' 

When she thought of Ru, she ended up crying again. But Yuhi was with her, he already understood, and he calmed her down before she fell asleep. It truly feels like she cannot survive without him anymore. 

Sumire shook her head. It's too embarrassing thinking about it, let alone admitting it aloud. 

Earlier the teacher gave her more details about being part of the committee. But so far, they have not had a meeting yet, because of the guy's busy schedule. It turns out that the other committee members are Kou, Ran, and Tetsuo. So it's her working together with the guys in M5. 

When she realized that she did not have to deal with anybody new, she felt a lot more relaxed. Although she has gotten a lot better at interacting with other people, sometimes she would panic like before.

However, during those moments, she would think of Yuhi and calm down. Yuhi huh? She thought back to when she woke up this morning. Yuhi had his arms firmly wrapped around her. 

There was a basin of water and several towels on the bedside table. He must have wiped her sweat while she was having a nightmare. He did it so carefully because she did not wake up at all.

When she realized that he had only just gotten to sleep, she did not wake him up and went to school on her own. 

'I already submitted a reason why Yuhi would be late, but everyone else was staring at me.' It did not take her long to understand why. Oh, that dummy, if he is going to calm her down, did he have to leave a mark on her neck?

She was sleeping when he left it, but she could imagine the sensation of 

'These are heavy.' She glanced at the bags in her hands. Because she ended up spacing out on her way to school, she ended up a few minutes late. The punishment was to take out the trash bags.

"Yosh, one more bag to go, and we're done with the trash. " Sumire exclaimed, about to head to the back door where he left the last bag when black hair went past her.

"I'll do it." 


His lips curved to a smile as he leaned down and stole a kiss from her, taking the bags in the process.


"I- I can take those-"

Yuhi shook his head. "I'm late too. Thank you for making an excuse for me, but I don't think sensei bought it."

Sumire laughed softly. "I see." She thought back to the kiss he stole a few seconds ago.

'It was too short, but if I say anything, it would be bad for me."

Sumire glanced over and noticed that Yuhi's hair was still a mess; she extended her hand out and ran her fingers through his hair.

Yuhi smiled. "I did it deliberately so you could fix it for me."

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "So, in other words, you're creating more work for me? Yuhi-san, you can be quite a cruel person."

"You're the cruel one going to school without me. Don't you know I take pleasure in our little morning walks?"

"This is the first time I heard you say it."

"Now you know, you shouldn't deprive me of my pleasure."

S-somehow whenever Yuhi uses the word pleasure, he sounds seductive- Sumire shook her head frantically again. She needs to stop behaving so weirdly when she is around him; it only leads to her being teased. 

"Next time, I will wait," Sumire mumbled.

It was refreshing walking to school on her own that she made a few detours, but it didn't take long before she started to feel lonely. Yuhi always makes sure to walk to school with her. It was similar to how Ru always walked her home.

Is that something kind people do?

Yuhi grabbed hold of her hand now that his hands were free. "Cool, then what about shopping for dinner on the way home? I want to make you something special."

"Mm, if you're cooking, I have a few requests."

"Leave it to your personal chef."

She is so happy, and recently, even with the news that D entertainment is planning something major to break her down. Sumire felt confident enough that she could face anything that came her way. Her thoughts broke off when she realized that Yuhi was looking at her.

"What is it?"

She ends up feeling self-conscious whenever he looks at her.

"You look prettier today. Did you dress up?"

"Just a little." She mumbled.

Actually, she made more of an effort when she realized that Yuhi would be attending school for the entire day. It would mean he would spend most of the time staring at her, so she made sure her appearance was perfect. Maybe it looks a bit weird; she is not used to putting on makeup?

"Very cute."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. Did he just say cute? No, he called her very cute. It is rare for him to call her cu- Sumire quickly looked away when she saw how red Yuhi's face was. W-what? Why is he getting embarrassed like that? This is not the first time he has called her cute. 

Normally after he says that, he attacks her. But, not only is he showing no signs of doing that. He is getting embarrassed. 

She felt her heartbeat speed up. What is this? Even if something has changed between them, this is weird. 

"The snow is about to melt. Before it does, do you want to go somewhere together?" Yuhi suddenly spoke up.

"Ah, you mean we can go out to play in the snow?"

"Yeah, why don't we go to the seaside before it becomes sunny?"

Now that she thought about it, she remembers when Yuhi dragged her to the seaside back when they were both in star town. After that time, they frequently met up there, and they even studied together. 

She has made many memories with him. No, in that year. She went out with Yuhi-san and created plenty of fond memories.

"I probably shouldn't wear this to the sea, though; it will ruin my clothes if I fall."

"If you fall, I will be there to catch you."

It seems like he has upgraded his cheesy lines too. 

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