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Chapter: 643

Urge to hold you tight

Chapter 643 Urge to hold you tight  But this is not a bad feeling at all, spending time with Yuhi-san like this in school. In the beginning, when she first came, it seemed like he often took naps and skipped class. But he doesn't do that anymore.

"When the weather gets better, I can drive you around on my bicycle."

"What happened to your motorbike and car?"

"Hino confiscated it. He said it's one less item I have to distract you."

Right, since he tends to seduce her whenever she rides with him.

"Don't you think it's unfair?"

"Hmm? I was about to do a silent prayer. My manager is reliable."

"Hey." Yuhi leaned forward. "You don't like it when I make a move on you when we"

Sumire covered his mouth. "Don't be silly."

"I guess it's fine; I still have the bicycle. When you give me a back hug, I feel your breasts--"

She stepped on his foot, and Yuhi yelped in pain.

"Wife, why are you being so cold?"

"I-I'm not." Sumire looked away. She doesn't know what to do when he is this forward about his feelings.

"Then your embarrassed."

Yuhi cupped her cheeks. "Your embarrassed?"

"You already know I am."

At those words, Yuhi laughed. "I see. Relax, I already promised you that I would control my hormones."

"It's hard to trust a pervert."

Yuhi squeezed her hands. "So, we are going home together, right?"

"Ah, I have work."

"Damn, Hino."

"But, I finish at six. You can pick me up." Sumire's sentence fell short when he kissed her deeply. "Yuhi."

"Do you have to return to class?"

She shook her head and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I am all yours."


At Yuhi's atler.

It's rare for him to lose control like that. Sumire peered over at his sleeping face. 'He seems tired.' He should have just stayed home instead of coming to school.

'He shouldn't have done it with me and just rested.' But she knew if she told him that, he would say something along the lines of liking the moments when he could touch her. He has already said something similar before, and it made her feel very embarrassed. 

Sumire proceeded to move away, but he grabbed hold of her.

"Where are you going?"

"Ah, it's cold. I'm going to put my clothes back on."

"Hold on."Yuhi reached behind the couch and pulled out a new set of clothes. "Wear this."

Sumire stared at the item of clothing curiously. "Yuhi, you bought clothes for me?"


This is rare; normally, he buys stuff for her when they go shopping together. But nothing separately like this.

"Does it look good on me?"

Yuhi responds to her words by hugging her tightly. "You're beautiful."


"So, mister, why did you attack me if you're tired?"

"The miss forgets that I already informed her that my self-control has been non-existent recently."

"Still," Sumire brushed her hands across his eyelids. "If you're tired, you must rest. Attacking me can wait. I'm not going anywhere."

Sometimes when Yuhi holds her, it feels like he is in a rush. Like if he does not do it quickly, she will slip away from him.

She looked over and saw a troubled look on Yuhi's face. What's wrong with him? Do her words seem strange?

Her thoughts broke off when he leaned forward, causing her to drop her hand from his face. He brushed their lips lightly against one another.

"So next time, you'll attack?"

Uh, why is he destroying this sweet moment by saying such strange words?

"I-If that's what you want." Sumire tried to avert her gaze, but it was difficult with him being so close.

Thankfully Yuhi drew away from her.

It was futile returning to class now. So instead, they spent the rest of the day in the atler. She watched Yuhi carefully from the corner of her eye. He seemed to be busy typing away on his laptop while she was painting.

No, what stood out to her was the silver-colored frames he wore across his eyes.

Strange, he doesn't normally wear glasses.

"If you're going to keep staring, you might as well get closer."

Gah, she got caught. Closer huh? Sumire put the paintbrush in her hand down and walked over to the couch. She positioned herself on the couch and gradually closed the distance until-

"Hey, this is a bit too close."

"I'm not on your lap yet, Yuhi."

Yuhi laughed. "Geez, your trouble." He pulled her onto his lap. "Alright, you win."

Sumire stared at the screen and realized why he was intently focusing. Oh, he is working on a song?

"I do have my guitar, but sometimes I like to play around with music software too. I want to explore the different range of tones."

"I understand that."

Whenever she has no instrument nearby, she does the same. With how advanced technology is,

"Where are your hands touching?"

"A nice place."

Sumire sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck again. "We already did it, idiot."

"You say that, but I'm a healthy man. Since when was once enough." Yuhi trailed off. "Besides, what about you? What are you doing now?"



"Why haven't those rumors stopped, even though you don't meet with her?"

It's unpleasant hearing it the moment she enters the school building.



"I could personally stop them if Haag's what you want, but rumors are just rumors. They aren't real."

Ah, she almost forgot about this side of him. He can be strangely cold and blunt.

"You know my feelings, right?"

"I do."

"Then just pay attention to that."

"Rumors bother-no, I have a bad experience with them. That's why if you can do something, please do so."


'He can be so cold with other women and stuff he is stubborn on.'

Sumire leaned forward and cupped his cheeks. It's strange, though, even when he responds in a monotone voice. His gaze towards her is gentle.


"I have this urge to hold you tight."

"Then my lady shall do as she pleases."

Sumire wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. She wants to treat him more preciously than before. What is with this strange feeling?

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