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Chapter: 3291

"No -"

Seeing that the spirit toad king was pierced by a poisonous needle, the spirit toad king made a hoarse roar.

His face and his eyes were full of despair.

He is an expert in using poison. Just looking at the color of the poison needle and the faint smell in it, he knows that it is an unimaginable poison. His son has lost his magic.

If someone had dared to hurt the spirit toad king before, the spirit toad king would have broken him to pieces immediately.

But now, the king of lingchan just felt that he was completely disillusioned, and his mind was blank. He suddenly rushed towards the king of lingchan.

"My son..."

Huang Xuandi had long wanted to die. When he saw the king lingchan coming, he only said that he wanted to kill himself to avenge lingchan Wang. He did not dodge, but directly released the power of destruction and planned to explode.

"I'll go! It seems that Huang Xuandi has finished. You can't stop him.

What is the situation? You came all the way here to save Ling Chan Xiao Wang?

Unfortunately, the spirit toad Xiao Wang, poisoned by the needle in his eyebrows, is dead.

The spirit toad King's hill like body also rushed over, which had to smash the spirit toad king into a meat pie.

That's all. Huang Xuandi is actually preparing to explode himself. This is to fry lingchan Xiao Wang to the ground! "

Shizhixuan finally rushed into the depression.

"Or shall we withdraw?"

He and Gu Xuan were in the distance, watching all this happen.

No way, from this depression, as soon as they came into their sight, they knew it was bad and broke out at full speed.

But after all, the distance is too far, too late.

When he really rushed over, the question now was not whether he could save lingchan Xiao Wang, but whether he could save the whole body.

Shizhixuan was about to stop. Anyway, it was useless to rush forward. Instead, he would be affected by the self explosion of Huang Xuandi.

Unfortunately, Gu Xuan refused.

"There is still hope! Give me 'no choice' and rush over!

No, when you rush over, it's too late. I'll help you! "

Gu Xuan's broken eyes had been opened long ago, and the power of the divine soul was one step ahead. He disappeared into the body of lingchan Xiao Wang, and found that although he was poisoned deeply at the moment, more than 90% of his vitality was lost.

But after all, it hasn't completely disappeared, and there is still salvation!

"What? There's hope... Sleeping trough!"

Before shizhixuan could react, Gu Xuan kicked him in the back and flew forward with a bang.

His speed, which was in a state of full strength, was unbelievably fast. Gu Xuan kicked him and was blessed. It was like a blink, and he appeared in front of Huang Xuandi.

At the same time, Gu Xuan displayed his long-standing "instant shadow" and appeared in front of lingchan Xiao Wang.

"Shizhixuan, you killing talent, I have caught up with you after all!

Die! "

Gu Xuan's leg lifting was a sweeping sweep. The momentum was strong, and there was a sound in the air. He kicked shizhixuan around his waist.

Poor Shi Zhixuan almost vomited out his bile, and his face turned pale instantly.

And this is not over!

Gu Xuan kicked Shi Zhixuan, and his strength suddenly erupted twice, driving Shi Zhixuan's body to hit Huang Xuandi, who was exploding.

Huang Xuandi's eyes suddenly flashed like gold stars, and he just felt his body rising from the sky.


Two people, like meteors, flew out of the depression.


Before they landed, the sound of self explosion had already sounded. Huang Xuandi finally got his wish and burst.

"Gu Xuan, I'm as old as you -"

Shizhixuan was completely blown up.

It could be seen that his left arm had been broken off at shoulder length.

The left leg is gone, too. It can be said to be terrible. It can't be worse.


In the depression, there was another loud noise, and a hill like figure flew out upside down.

This figure is naturally the figure of King lingchan.

Gu Xuan did not dare to let the king of spirit toad really attack the king of spirit toad. Otherwise, I am afraid that the king of spirit toad will be directly pressed into meat cakes, as Shi Zhixuan said.

There was no way. Gu Xuan could only blow the king lingchan away with one punch.

King lingchan was originally very powerful. He could never be hit so easily, let alone fly.

But he was in a trance just now. He only saw lingchan Xiao Wang. He didn't even find Huang Xuandi's self explosion. How could he find Gu Xuan's attack?

"Not bad! There's still a breath!"

Gu Xuan slightly checked the state of lingchan Xiao Wang at this time, and he had a bottom in his heart. With a wave of his right hand, he had a full 81 gold needles, which were condensed out of thin air.

"Seal blood and order!"

Gu Xuan burst out.

Whew, whew, whew!


Eighty one gold needles all disappeared into the blood vessels of lingchan Xiao Wang.

At the same time, Gu Xuan's left hand spread out, and the power of the divine soul emerged. It was also 81 invisible soul needles that appeared in his hands.

"Seal the soul!"

Gu Xuan said something in his mouth. His left hand shook and eighty-one invisible soul needles disappeared into the soul of lingchan Xiao Wang one by one.

After all this, the last glimmer of life in lingchan Xiao Wang finally stopped collapsing.

For now, his life has been saved for the time being.

But just not dead, not alive. After all, more than 90% of the vitality has collapsed, and there is still a gap between the living and the dead.

At most, it can only be said that people who are not dead.

"Stop! What are you doing, Gu Xuan!"

The spirit toad king, who had been blasted out of the distance, finally woke up, shrunk his body, and rushed over again.

"My son is dead. Why do you bother with his body?

If you dare to hurt him, I will fight with you! "

King lingchan stared at Gu Xuan and roared.

Gu Xuan smiled coldly.

"With a young master here, he just wants to die, but he can't do it!"

Gu Xuan threw the spirit toad king at him.

The king of the spirit toad was startled. He immediately stood up, stretched out two front legs like arms, caught the spirit toad Wang and held him in his arms.

"There is still the temperature! There is still a faint smell!

My son, really not dead! "

King lingchan was so excited that tears filled his eyes.

"Gu Xuan, you must have a way to save my child, right?

You help and save him. I owe you a favor. You can do whatever you want me to do!

My son cannot die, he cannot die! "

The king of the spirit toad carefully held the little king of the spirit toad and begged Gu Xuan.

Gu Xuan frowned slightly.

He really has the ability to save the spirit toad king, but the current situation seems to have deviated from the right track.

Princess rosefinch's order is to pretend to be a coincidence and save lingchan Xiao Wang.

But when he arrived, lingchan Xiao Wang had been poisoned. He needed to use the means of the Dan emperor to help him save his life.

This is beyond the scope of coincidence.

I'm afraid the Lord of the seven star world has begun to doubt his motivation for coming to the swamp forbidden area.

If you further use your means to save Ling Chan Xiao Wang at a cost, I'm afraid the Lord of the seven star world will not just doubt.

Gu Xuan was worried, so he didn't dare to promise king lingchan at will.

Anyway, not being able to participate in the final decisive battle may not be a bad thing for lingchan Xiao Wang.

It's not too late to save him when things get worse!

"Gu Xuan, save him!

You saved him, and I promised you everything. If you don't save him, I will die here with you today! "

When King lingchan saw that Gu Xuan was unmoved, he actually said cruel words.

Gu Xuan just stepped down the slope and gave a sneer.

"Your son is not my son. Why should I save him?

The purpose of my trip is to kill shizhixuan and help your son to save his life. I have already paid back the favor that helped me and Feihong fairy before him.

Now, he and I have no more debt.

If you really don't want him to die, I'll teach you a trick to input the purest energy into his body every hour.

Otherwise, he may not be able to make it. The day you find a way to save him. "

Gu Xuan moved and used his body method to leave the depression and chase Shi Zhixuan in the direction of being blown away.

King lingchan was extremely anxious.

"Gu Xuan, stop!

You can't go without my son! "

King lingchan is going to chase Gu Xuan.

Gu Xuan threatened: "if you dare to stop me, I will fight with you for an hour.

Just, don't blame me for not reminding you that if you don't input energy to lingchan Xiao Wang within an hour, he will surely die! "

King lingchan was frightened and finally dared not move again.

Gu Xuan smiled coldly and directly cast "instant shadow" several times in a row, then disappeared from the sight of King lingchan!

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