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Chapter: 3292

Gu Xuan did not catch up with Shi Zhixuan.

Shi Zhixuan probably didn't want to be caught up by Gu Xuan.

He promised to help Gu Xuan, and made himself so miserable. In case Gu Xuan had other requirements, he might not be able to catch his life?

If he couldn't catch up, Gu Xuan would not.

Anyway, he and shizhixuan were just acting before.

However, Gu Xuan could not go back directly. He pretended to look around for a while, and then stopped.

During this period, Gu Xuan was really worried that the spirit toad king would catch up.

Because what he said to King lingchan was false.

Although the state of the spirit toad Xiao Wang looks very bad, in fact, he is no longer in danger of the life and does not need to input energy to protect his life.

Gu Xuan said that. He just wanted to use the spirit toad king to keep the spirit toad King close to him, so as to prevent him from doing anything irrational.

It is also thought that king lingchan will protect Wang lingchan at any time to avoid any more accidents.

Who knows if there are any dead men who will attack lingchan Xiao Wang again?

"Although there are still many questions, for example, who are those dead men?

Why did Huang Xuandi want to kill the spirit toad king? Is it the order of the Seven Star World Lord?

But the answers to these questions are no longer important. "

Gu Xuan fell to the ground with a big stone in his heart.

The spirit toad king didn't really die, so the Seven Star World Lord couldn't find any reason to be angry.

All the results are good.

With only four hours left before the final battle, Gu Xuan returned to the flame mountain.

Seeing Gu Xuan coming back, Feihong fairy put down her worry completely.

As for the others, Gu Xuan didn't know anything about his visit to the territory of the seven star world.

Worry about something, it doesn't exist.

At the last moment, the people in the conference hall still chose to continue to cultivate the battle array.

Everyone in the hall, who contributed more than 100 points, began to form a team in a panic.

The remaining half of the people are calm.

Most of them have less than 100 points of contribution, and they can't even exchange tickets to enter the final showdown venue. They don't panic.

In fact, this group also includes zhuquexianzong, the Li family, and members of the Tiandao camp.

No one doubts their loyalty. The reason why they didn't enter the flame mountain to help was that they were left near the bridge to guard the bridge.

However, neither Gu Xuan nor Feihong fairy, wind neon and others had the intention to let them participate in the final decisive battle.

The number of people, in this battle, has little significance.

It is enough for every faction to have someone as a core member to participate.

The subordinates brought by the two brothers have been in disorder.

The disappearance of two of their leaders is unimaginable bad news for them.

Zhuge Wui hid himself in the crowd and kept his sense of existence to a minimum.

He did not decide to participate in the final showdown.

Otherwise, the previous low-key will be meaningless.

He has already gained a great deal from this trip, which is enough!

Compared with Flaming Mountain, the Seven Star Castle at this time has been in chaos to the extreme.

Because they found that the life card of Huang Xuandi was broken.

At this juncture, the strongest member of his own camp died. How could they not be confused?

Many people even have the intention to throw in the towel or run away.

And a considerable number of people really secretly fled to the seven star castle.

This was naturally suppressed by the seven star war guards.

Soon, more than ten heads were hung on the gate of the seven star castle.

"Anyone who contributes more than 100 points can't go!"

As the leader of the seven star war guard, Xingjia was more loyal than Huang Xuandi and directly led people to guard the gate.

Their strength has made the original chaotic situation even more chaotic.

Several martial artists took the lead and tried to break out by force.

As soon as they broke into the door, the Seven Star guards had not started yet, and a dark evil spirit shrouded these martial artists.

Bang bang.

These martial artists, unexpectedly, blew themselves up directly.

Even the soul, also with the collapse, completely disappeared in the world.

"It's just a mysterious place. What are you panicking about?

Lord Jiexin of the seven star world has orders. From now on, everyone, listen to my orders from shizhixuan! "

With a sneer, shizhixuan appeared outside the gate of the Seven Star Castle, holding a delicate token engraved with the word "seven seven", which was unparalleled in dignity.

A unique pressure from the Seven Star realm surged out of the token, like a mountain, which pressed on everyone's head, making everyone bow their heads in full faith and dare not have the slightest defiance.

The green emissary, the man in black robe, the sword horn pig and others have already turned up a terrible wave in their hearts.

Shizhixuan was able to get the token of Jiexin and become the spokesman of the Seven Star Jiexin, which they never thought about.

"Star armour, lead the Seven Star battle guard to meet Lord shizhixuan!"

Xingjia knelt down respectfully.

"Meet Lord shizhixuan!"

A group of Seven Star battle guards also knelt down and were extremely devout.

"Hahaha, that's good! Come in with me. I have some ideas on how to deal with Gu Xuan and the camp of burning heaven and mind. Let's have a good discussion!"

With his hands on his back, Shi Zhixuan walked into the seven star castle.

Three and a half hours passed in a flash.

Gu Xuan and Feihong fairy took the lead in opening the gate of Jiexin treasure house.

More than 500 people have entered the treasure house of Jiexin.

There are many treasures in the void. Although they seem useless, if you have extra contribution points, you can exchange them.

But it hasn't started to exchange. Hundreds of meters away, Shi Zhixuan has led the people of the Seven Star Jiexin camp to enter the Jiexin treasure house one after another.

On the side of the Seven Star realm and the heart camp, more than 1000 people came.

In terms of the number of people, it has an absolute advantage.

"Hahaha, Gu Xuan, Gu Xuan, I want all the treasures here, shizhixuan!

You burn the heaven and mind camp. Don't take any away!

Especially those imperial weapons and array plates worth more than 1000 contribution points. I...... "

Shi Zhixuan was dumbfounded before he finished his words.

A group of people from the heart camp of the seven star world would like to bury their heads directly in the ground.

Unfortunately, there is no soil here.

"Ha ha, you are so imposing, shizhixuan!"

"Then you can change it. We won't rob it. We'll give it all to you and everything to you!"

The camp of burning heaven and mind burst into laughter.

Even Gu Xuan looked at shizhixuan with a look like a fool.

Dare you, who has been the first person in the Seven Star World Jiexin camp for several hours, don't even know that all the combat treasures in the Jiexin treasure house have been emptied?

It's a demoralizing act to make jokes when you come here!

Shi Zhixuan's face is not enough.

He wanted to take the opportunity to attack Gu Xuan. After all, there were not many such opportunities.

But unexpectedly, it was myself who was hit.

All the combat treasures worth more than a thousand are gone?

"What the hell is going on?"

Shi Zhixuan stared at the people beside him and asked.

An old man, trembling back, briefly recalled what had happened last time.

Shizhixuan was so angry that he almost exploded in situ. He slapped the old man and blew him up.

"Why didn't you tell me something so important?

It was a heinous crime to make me lose face in front of Gu Xuan! "

Shi Zhixuan gnashed his teeth and scolded a few words, but he smiled.

If you lose, you won't lose!

"Hum! I think the rest of the treasures are not bad!

The St. terrestris is red. I like it very much.

Although it can't be used to fight, it's hard for a thousand dollars to buy a good heart. I want it!

It's just a little more than a thousand contribution points. I'll take all the ten more! "

Shizhixuan looked proud and looked like he had found the place. He took the opportunity to show his credit book.

The total contribution points reached an amazing 38000!

This number is 1000 higher than Gu Xuan's 37000 contribution points!

Everyone was amazed.

But in this exclamation, half was surprise and half was ridicule.

What's the use of making more contributions now?

Gu Xuan clapped his palm.

"It's really you!

I, Gu Xuan, am willing to give in!

Take away all the remaining treasures. We won't argue.

There's no way to win. "

Gu Xuan looked sorry, as if he had really missed a group of good babies.

But everyone knows that Gu Xuan is still teasing shizhixuan.

The poor and afraid saints took the lead, which caused a wave of laughter and hatred.

The tower master shook his head and sighed. He was afraid that the saint would go farther and farther on the road of death. He could not hold on.

Shi Zhixuan had cursed Gu Xuan 10000 times in his heart, but his face was still full of surprises. He exchanged the treasures one by one and touched them fondly, as if they were all his good intentions.

Coincidentally, the rest of the treasures are worth 37900 contribution points. They were exchanged by shizhixuan for nothing.

There are 100 contribution points left, just to exchange for admission tickets.

Putting away the treasures one by one, shizhixuan seemed to be satisfied at last.

His and Gu Xuan's eyes fell on the only remaining "pen container" in the void at the same time!

The penholder is full of bamboo pieces.

Bamboo chips are the ticket to the final battle!

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