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Chapter: 3293

Gu Xuan stared at the pen holder and squinted.

In fact, the number of tickets in the pencil case is not large. It seems that it will not exceed 100.

But it just looks like it. No one has ever worried that it will not be enough.

Because no one knows how many pieces of bamboo there are.

Even Gu Xuan tried several times to see the number of tickets inside, but he couldn't.

You know, even if it's sand on the ground, with the strength of Gu Xuan's soul, you can know how many sand grains there are.

Even tenthousand or onehundredthousand tablets can be accurate to single digits.

However, the number of tickets in the pen container is countless, and its mystery can be seen.

"From now on, redeem your tickets!"

Gu Xuan gave an order.

Shi Zhixuan was unwilling to fall behind and gave orders.

Immediately, the two camps, with a total of more than 1500 people, came up with a list of merits.

"I'm Gu Xuan. I'll exchange 100 points for admission tickets!"

"I, shizhixuan, will exchange 100 points for admission tickets!"

"I'm poor and afraid of the Holy One. I pay a hundred..."

"My star armour, with..."

In an instant, bamboo pieces flew out of the pen container, turned into light, and flew into the hands of the people.

A hundred contribution points have also been deducted from everyone's credit book.

In less than a minute, everyone present has a ticket.

In the void, the number of bamboo pieces in the suspended pen container is still so much, as if it has never been reduced.

Everyone holding the ticket had a wonderful feeling, as if there was an invisible silk thread on their body.

And that invisible silk thread leads to an unknown time and space.

It was a battlefield with a sea of corpses, blood and killing!

This made most people have a flash of fear in their eyes.

Shizhixuan burst out laughing.

He likes the time and space he feels and everything inside through the invisible silk thread!

"Gu Xuan, I will win this battle!

You'd better think about how you can die with dignity! "

Shi Zhixuan gnashed his teeth at Gu Xuan, especially emphasizing the word "think".

This is to remind Gu Xuan that if he has a way to speak out, he can't help it.

Once they enter the battlefield of the final decisive battle, the two of them must decide the outcome.

And the way to decide the outcome is likely to be the death of one party!

As for the subordinates, shizhixuan didn't pay attention to them at all.

According to the information that the Seven Star World Jiexin has sent to him in various ways, only he and Gu Xuan are the people who will decide the outcome of this battle!

But Shi Zhixuan was not sure about defeating Gu Xuan.

A few hours ago, the two men were so careless that they had fought each other.

Gu Xuan's strength is indeed higher than that of him. There is no doubt about it.

Shi Zhixuan felt that he had at most 30% chance to die together when he was really fighting for life and death.

Of course, the premise must be that Gu Xuan did not have the means to protect his life by pressing the bottom of the box.

And that's impossible.

Gu Xuan is as cunning as a fox. How could he have no means to protect his life?

Gu Xuan certainly knew the meaning of Shi Zhixuan's words.

He did not answer.

Because the current situation is really complicated, and it is hard to explain.

Gu Xuan only guessed about it himself.

The specific situation can only be analyzed slowly after we have really gone in.

In short, there must be a war between him and shizhixuan.

And this war certainly does not involve life and death.

Shi Zhixuan's worry is undoubtedly superfluous.

"Don't worry, shizhixuan, Emperor Benedict has 10000 ways to make a person fake death.

In all kinds of senses, you can pretend to die by confusing the false with the true! "

Gu Xuan's voice is a comfort.

Shizhixuan twitched at the corners of his mouth.

"Are you pretending to die, or am I pretending to die?"

Gu Xuan smiled.

"What do you say?"

Shizhixuan didn't want to say anything, but roared: "hum! I suddenly changed my mind.

Gu Xuan, you don't have to think about how to die to look dignified.

Because I want you to die without dignity! Ha ha ha! "

Shizhixuan looked confident and laughed, as if he had really seen the scene of killing Gu Xuan.

This greatly increases the morale of the people in the Seven Star realm and the mind camp.

The leader was so confident that they were naturally infected.

Especially the green emissary and the black robed men, who had fought with Gu Xuan, were full of expectations for this battle.

Apart from other things, the killing of Gu Xuan alone was enough to attract them.

They didn't know that Shi Zhixuan thought like this:

"Damn Gu Xuan! I greet your ancestors for nineteen generations!

If it weren't for those undead, I would be afraid of you if I hadn't finished refining?

Even if I can't beat you, I'm going to scold you enough to get addicted! "


Suddenly, there was the sound of a bell ringing in the sky, which shocked the deaf.

"The battle of orthodoxy, the final decisive battle, will officially begin in a quarter of an hour!

Those who get the ticket can enter the battlefield by putting the ticket into the gate of time and space!

Remember, there is only one chance. Once the ticket leaves, those who fail to enter the battlefield within three seconds will die!

A quarter of an hour later, those who fail to enter the battlefield within the time limit will die! "

A cold voice sounded.

The word "death" in a row is quite frightening.

The originally noisy crowd was suddenly quiet.

But the silence lasted only a moment.

The next second, the two camps were in an uproar.

"Put the ticket into the gate of time and space?"

"Three seconds away from the ticket, those who do not enter the battlefield will die?"

"Those who are overdue will also die?"

"Does anyone know where the gate of time and space is?"

"This is over. If I had known this, I would have stayed outside instead of coming to Jiexin treasure house to exchange tickets.

Although as long as you survive in the final showdown, you can get great benefits.

However, no matter how great the benefits are, they must be taken with life. "

"What should we do? How can we find the gate of time and space in a quarter of an hour, so short?"

There was a constant stream of discussion.

Most faces are dazed and scared.

Unexpectedly, the tickets have been redeemed, and there is still a test to find the gate of time and space?

After a few minutes, the people of the two camps gradually calmed down.

Their eyes, coincidentally, turned to the leaders of their respective camps.

If anyone knows where the space-time gate to the battlefield is, the leader of his own camp is undoubtedly the most likely.

Everyone looked forward to it.

But neither Gu Xuan nor Shi Zhixuan responded immediately.

On Gu Xuan's face, there was not much expression, and he was very calm.

On shizhixuan's face, there was a proud look, as if he had already made up his mind.

But in fact, Gu Xuan's appearance and interior are the same, which is described by two words: don't panic.

Shizhixuan was in a panic.

He did not know that ancient metaphysics did not know where the gate of time and space was, but he knew that he did not know where the gate of time and space was!

In his heart, he didn't scold Gu Xuan, but instead scolded the heart of the seven star world.

Play so big, but don't tell him earlier, where is the gate of time and space to enter the battlefield?

Isn't it noisy?

"Gu Xuan, you must know where the final decisive battle is?"

The poor and afraid Saint came up to Gu Xuan and couldn't help asking questions.

Gu Xuanwei nodded imperceptibly.

The poor fear the saints' eyes.

"That's great! Since you know, we won't be in a hurry.

People in the Seven Star World camp may not know where the battlefield is. You might as well wait until the last half minute and inform the people in our camp.

In the last three seconds, everyone entered at the same time, so that there was no time for the opposite side to react.

In that case, we might win without a fight! "

The proposal of the poor and afraid of saints was strongly endorsed by the tower owner, Feng neon.

Anyway, why not give it a try?

There is no cost.

If you win the bet, you'll make a lot of money.

Gu Xuan also thought that the proposal of the poor and afraid saint was very good.

If there is no such thing as the seven star world leader, if the leader of the opposing camp is not Shi Zhixuan, but the real enemy, Gu Xuan will not hesitate to accept the proposal of the poor and afraid saint.

He could even think of more sinister ideas.

But everything, no if.

People of the two camps must all enter the battlefield!

Many people do not necessarily have great strength.

But the more people there are, the more chaos there will be on the battlefield.

The more chaotic the battlefield is, the more you can fish in troubled waters and win at one stroke.

"So, here comes the question?

How could it be reasonable to tell Shi Zhixuan that the so-called gate of time and space is actually on the pen container, and the so-called battlefield is within the pen container?

If the performance is too obvious, let alone others, I am afraid we will all suspect that there is a problem. "

Gu Xuan held his chin in his hands and thought for a while. Then he had a plan!

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