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Chapter: 3294

"The best way is that I don't say anything.

Let shizhixuan find everything by himself!

It is even more appropriate to let him enter the battlefield first! "

A fine light flashed in Gu Xuan's eyes.

Although Shi Zhixuan's IQ has dropped sharply recently, it should be easy to understand his own hints as long as he is not a fool.

Gu Xuan's suggestion is very simple, that is, nothing is implied.

Just let the poor and afraid of saints secretly pass on their suggestions to the public and appease them.

The poor man who was afraid of the holy man laughed. No doubt there was him, he began to work immediately.

Fairy Feihong had a deeper understanding of Gu Xuan than the poor and afraid of saints. She had already noticed something wrong with Gu Xuan.

But she didn't ask or think much.

Just follow Gu Xuan's instructions.

A moment later, the whole camp of the burning world, originally flustered about 500 people, had become calm.

Many people even began to ridicule people in the hostile camp.

In particular, those who are poor and afraid of saints make the loudest mockery and draw a wave of hatred.

The tower leader wanted to stop it. After thinking about it, he gave it up.

If the hatred drawn by the poor and afraid saints can be quantified, it must be a towering mountain. If there is more, it is just that the mountain has grown a little stronger. In proportion, it is insignificant.

Shi Zhixuan was already anxious.

He even couldn't help but wink at Gu Xuan.

But Gu Xuan was still indifferent, as if he hadn't seen anything.

The green emissary, the man in black robe and others had been in a hurry for a long time. They secretly asked shizhixuan where the gate of time and space was located several times.

Shi Zhixuan could only prevaricate, saying that it was not time for the announcement.

Little did they know that they were anxious, and shizhixuan was even more anxious.

This is a matter of life and death.

Shi Zhixuan is not afraid of death. He is afraid that he will die in obscurity and suffocate.

Obviously, there is nothing more oppressive than being killed without even entering the battlefield.

"Damn Gu Xuan, you can say nothing, but can't you act quickly?

If you don't act, how can I follow you into the battlefield? "

Shizhixuan's teeth itch with hate.

He had planned to follow Gu Xuan.

Gu Xuan went out of the treasure house, and he followed him out.

Gu Xuan went back to burn the Tianjie Jiexin camp, and he followed him back.

Anyway, follow Gu Xuan until he opens the door of time and space and enters the battlefield.

But Gu Xuan did not move, and his men did not act, which made Shi Zhixuan very helpless.

"Gee, I don't think so. Gu Xuan, like me, is also racing his acting skills?

No, he doesn't know where the gate of time and space is to enter the battlefield?

So when I do something, he can follow me? "

Shizhixuan pulled at the corners of his mouth.

If this is the case, then the people of the two camps can go to the huangquan road hand in hand.

Don't say, it's quite lively.

"Wait! Something's wrong! Gu Xuan didn't do anything. Just now, he should have ordered the poor and afraid saint to appease others!

Therefore, those idiots in the camp of burning heaven and mind will suddenly change their attitude and become calm from panic! "

With this in mind, Shi Zhixuan's mind turned faster.

"He could have kept his subordinates in a state of panic without giving this order, paralyzing the people in the seven star world and mind camp, making the situation more complicated.

But he didn't! This is a hint!

He is hinting to me that he knows where the gate of time and space to enter the battlefield is! "

The pupil of shizhixuan suddenly shrinks and suddenly wakes up.

"No hint, just the best hint, awesome!

Gu Xuan did not leave the treasure house of Jiexin, nor did he let others leave. That means that the gate of time and space is here!

At this time, the treasure house of Jiexin was almost emptied by me. The most conspicuous thing was the pen holder with admission tickets.

Can we say that the door of time and space is on the pen container?

Just throw the ticket in your hand towards the pen container and you can enter the battlefield! "

Shi Zhixuan guessed everything, then looked around again, and became more and more sure of his guess.

But guess is a guess after all. He is not 100% sure, and he is not willing to try it himself.

If you are wrong, you will die.

Of course, he's not afraid of death.

As long as you don't die yourself.

"Xingjia! I want you to be the first to enter the gate of time and space!

The gate of time and space is just above the pen holder. Throw the ticket towards the pen holder! "

Shizhixuan didn't even bother to make up the reason, so he gave the order to Xingjia directly.

There is a natural reason for choosing star armour.

In the treasure house of Jiexin, you can't fight or kill. No matter how strong shizhixuan is, he can't threaten others.

Let people like green emissary and black robed people try. They won't be willing at all.

Because they can't trust shizhixuan 100% at all.

Stararmor is different.

He is the number one follower of the heart of the seven star world. Compared with Huang Xuandi, the first person in the heart of the seven star world, Huang Xuandi has to be loyal for countless times.

As long as the token with the word "77" written on that side was in hand, he would not hesitate to let Xingjia kill himself immediately.

Not to mention, it is just a matter of entering the battlefield of the final decisive battle.


Without hesitation, Xing Jia took the command and threw the bamboo piece in his hand towards the pen holder.


The bamboo piece was broken and sank into the pen holder.

On the surface of the pen holder, there were ripples.

In a trance, there was an image of a door in the ripples.

All those who saw this image had four words in their hearts at the same time: the gate of time and space!

In the next second, a light shot from the gate of time and space and shrouded the star armor.

The body of the star armour was out of control. In a flash, it disappeared into the gate of time and space and entered the battlefield.

Shizhixuan laughed.

You bet right!

He looked at Gu Xuan and said: "Gu Xuan, I don't think you know that the door of time and space to enter the battlefield is on the pen holder, right?

I could have waited until the last few seconds to bring people into it, so that you and your people were all killed by Lord Jiexin because they were overdue.

But I, shizhixuan, disdain to use such means.

If we fight with real swords and guns, can't shizhixuan win?

All the people of the seven star world and the heart camp, follow me! "

Shi Zhixuan waved his right hand and took the lead in throwing out the ticket.

People in the Seven Star realm and the heart camp were all in high spirits when they saw that Shi Zhixuan was so confident. They threw out their tickets one after another.

One bamboo piece after another, they formed a line and disappeared into the pen container.

In the blink of an eye, rays of light shot from the pen container, introducing them all into the battlefield.

Gu Xuan was so angry that his forehead was covered with black lines.

Shizhixuan, that sinister villain, even sold his goods when he got a bargain!

Still talking big and fighting with real weapons?

Without him, Gu Xuan, you shizhixuan died 108 times, okay?

"Damn it! Shi Zhixuan had already known that the gate of time and space to enter the battlefield was in the pen container.

Originally, I wanted to kill them. It seems that I have no chance. "

Gu Xuan said something against his will, with a look of regret.

In my heart, I have made up my mind to find a chance to beat Shi Zhixuan so that his mother doesn't know him!

But on second thought, Shi Zhixuan had no mother!

Feihong fairy smiled.

It seems that everything is as she thought.

The reason why shizhixuan knew that the door of time and space was on the pen container was that Gu Xuan deliberately reminded him.

The poor and afraid of saints are stupid. They don't see anything. They look like sighing.

"Elder martial brother, we shouldn't be too backward, lest they lay an ambush inside." Feihong fairy warned.

Gu Xuan nodded and threw out the ticket.

"Everybody, throw your tickets and follow me!"


The crowd held the ticket tightly and threw it out again, fearing that it would be thrown askew.

In the blink of an eye, the treasure house of Jiexin was already empty.

Everyone has entered the battlefield of the final showdown.

On the battlefield, there is a huge stone tablet.

On it, the Dragon flies and the Phoenix dances, engraved with four words: Chu River Han boundary!

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