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Chapter: 3295

Hoo Hoo.

The wind roared.

Wolf smoke is everywhere.

The eyes are full of broken limbs and bones, and the nose is full of blood.

Here is a veritable battlefield, a place of killing!

Here, it is chilling and thrilling.

All those who enter the two camps here have a feeling of sadness in their hearts.

It was as if they were really one of the two opposing armies, trying to decide the victory on this battlefield.

Or stand last and laugh last.

Or the world will be the coffin.

The people of the two camps stood on both sides of the stone tablet with the words "Chu River Han boundary", separated by only a few hundred meters.

Such a distance is not a distance for those present.

Anyone has the ability to destroy the enemy with one palm hundreds of meters apart.

However, no one dares to act rashly.

This kind of atmosphere seems to warn everyone that once they take action, they will never die.

"Is this the final battlefield of the struggle between the world and the mind?

Don't say, it's really like that!

The atmosphere was just right. It was the scene before the two armies fought.

It's very appropriate, very good. "

Poor and afraid of saints are indeed comedians. When they speak, they don't tell jokes, which enlivens the atmosphere of the scene.

People began to observe the situation around them, no longer as depressed as before.

Looking into the distance, Gu Xuan only felt that his vision was extremely broad and the terrain was extremely flat. He could not see any special places that needed special attention.

At this time, a space vortex suddenly appeared in the void.

One by one glittering characters flew out of it.

"Welcome to the 'killing battlefield', which is also the final battlefield of the struggle for orthodoxy!

On this battlefield, there are 64 flags.

Thirty two red flags represent burning the heart of heaven.

Thirty two green flags represent the heart of the seven star world.

At the same time, there are 32 strongholds in the battlefield.

Your goal is to find the stronghold, put the flags of your respective camps into the stronghold and occupy it.

Once the stronghold is occupied, it cannot be robbed.

Therefore, if you want to seize more strongholds, you must be fast!

It is limited to one hour. After one hour, which party will occupy more strongholds, and which convenience will be the ultimate winner!

The winner will get rich rewards.

Losers, all die!

As for the other rules, there is only one, that is, there are no rules! "

Golden characters appeared in the void.

The solemn voices, reading big characters, directly exploded in the minds of the audience!

The expressions of all the people in the two camps became dignified and ugly.

The last battle was to use the flag to fight for and occupy the stronghold!

In this battle, there are no rules.

No rules, in a sense, are the most terrible rules.

Of course, this is not the most terrible.

The most frightening thing is that the loser will die!

Shi Zhixuan stared at Gu Xuan and licked his lips. Suddenly, he felt a little surprised.

If he only competes with Gu Xuan who occupies more strongholds, he may not lose to Gu Xuan.

As long as he doesn't have to fight Gu Xuan, he is confident that he can win.

"It's just that the failed party will be wiped out by the world heart. It's a bit troublesome.

Gu Xuan has to help me deal with my body. It's not good to kill him now?

No, no, no, Gu Xuan is as cunning as a fox. If he knows that he is doomed, he will certainly use the means of pretending to die, so that he and those close to him can all pretend to die to avoid disaster.

When the time comes, I will help him 'collect the corpse'. When things go on here, he will be able to rise again. "

Shi Zhixuan narrowed his eyes and was ready to go all out to fight Gu Xuan to the end.

What's the matter with his magnificent future evil ancestor losing to Gu Xuan again and again?

Today, taking this opportunity, he must win!

Of course, failure is OK.

He can also pretend to die.

However, he can't take the initiative to defeat. Gu Xuan needs to ask him!

"Hey hey, today I will make you beg me!

If you don't ask, I'll beat you to the ground.

Anyway, I won't lose anything! "

Shi Zhixuan was very happy. He seemed to have seen Gu Xuan's eyes staring at him and begging him to "pretend to be dead". His eyes lit up.

Gu Xuan was thinking about the contents of the golden characters in the void, and wanted to see if there was any hidden information.

Meanwhile, he was also looking at shizhixuan.

Seeing Shi Zhixuan's ambitious appearance, he knew that Shi Zhixuan was competitive and would not compromise easily.

Gu Xuan squinted.

This is just what he wants!

Since the so-called dispute between the world and the mind is a play from beginning to end, it is natural that both sides of the play should go all out to appear lifelike.

To deceive the scarlet eye that hides the deepest and pays attention to all this!

The space of the two realms.

"I burn the heart of heaven..."

"My seven star world heart..."

"A gambling contract shall be made within one hour!

The winner can merge with the other unconditionally.

The loser must unconditionally let the other party integrate.

If you disobey this oath, you will be punished by the contract. You will be terrified! "

"The last battle is about to begin, Shui Qiqi!

Gu Xuan, as the person I selected, is stronger than the shizhixuan you selected.

He must be able to occupy the most strongholds!

At that time, I will win.

I hope you can abide by the original oath and take the initiative to let me integrate you! "

Lin Huohuo, with bright eyes, stared at Shui Qiqi and smiled proudly.

The smile of Shui Qiqi is cold.

Before the battle had officially begun, she felt that she had fallen into a position of inferiority.

A loser is not a loser.

She wanted to be strong and said: "shizhixuan has been inherited by me. If you think he is doomed, you are very wrong!

Moreover, I have sworn that one is not two. Since I have sworn, I will abide by it.

But you, don't cheat if you lose! "

The two began their daily Black faces, quarrels and mutual resentment.

All this was clearly seen by the scarlet eye.

"Make a noise! Make a noise!

You'll have another hour of arguing.

After an hour, when the victory is decided, no matter who you devour, the inner space will be turbulent.

At that time, I will steal the secret of heaven, get enough power to break the 'heavenly way sleeping mantra' and devour the winner among you in one fell swoop! "

The seven star world leader's face was full of excitement.

"The mantis catches cicadas, and the Yellow finches are behind!

And I, the Lord of the Seven Star realm, am the Yellow finch! "

There was a heavy killing in the eyes of the seven star world leader.

The wheel of fate will eventually be driven by her!

"The power of creation! I will finally get it!

One day, the Tianyuan realm will be trampled under my feet! "



Heaven and earth vibrate.

The stone tablets carved on the Chu River and the Han boundary suddenly burst into light.

It was red and green.

In the light, it is wrapped with red and green flags.

Whoosh whoosh.

Flags, like meteors, spread out in all directions.

In an instant, flags were scattered within a hundred miles.

"Take the flag! Take not only ours, but also theirs!"

At the command of shizhixuan, a group of his subordinates divided into dozens of teams and rushed around.

At the same time, he smiled proudly at Gu Xuan.

"I have more than 1000 people, but you only have more than 500.

I'm afraid I can't beat the speed of grabbing the flag! "

Gu Xuan disdained: "if you can get it, you have to keep it!

If you can keep it, you must find a stronghold.

If you find it, you have to grab the stronghold.

Under so many restrictions, your winning rate is zero. "

He made a gesture, and the poor and afraid saints, Feihong fairy and others also scattered to go to the place where the flag fell to compete for the flag.

The battle can be described as a hair trigger.

Thousands of feet away, in order to compete for a red flag, the poor and afraid saint has already handed over to the green emissary.


The explosion sounded.

Boom, boom.

More and more explosions followed.

More and more people, in various places, fought for the flag.


Suddenly, a red flag fell from the sky and fell between Gu Xuan and Shi Zhixuan.

It was like a signal, a signal of the beginning of the battle.


Both of them turned into pilian at the same time and rushed to the red flag!

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