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Chapter: 1584

I m Going to Kill You

Translator: Legge

The arrival of a Patriarch of the primordial races caused the fervor of the human race to cool down once more.

It was like a basin of cold water that drenched the cultivators from head to toe, bringing them back to the cruel reality.

Even if Desolate Martial was here, so what?

Once the Ten Thousand Race Meet reached the level of the Patriarchs, all Mighty Figures and Half-Martial Ancestors were nothing but ants!

Desolate Martial was only a slightly stronger ant and would not be spared!

The cultivators of Enigma Palace, Ethereal Peak, Asura Sect and Dapamkara Monastery that fought against the Primordial Six Races earlier on fell silent and shivered in fear.

They did not know if anyone could defend if Patriarch Teng Han were to go on a massacre!

"The aura you exude makes me hate you,"

‘True Jade glared at Patriarch Teng Han and said coldly with a killing intent in her eyes, as though she had thought of something that displeased her.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he quickly understood.

Although the destruction of the Great Qian Empire was caused by Long Ran, there was a mastermind behind it.

There was a high chance that the blood face was the mastermind.

Or Dao Lord Blood Fiend.

However, be it the blood face or Dao Lord Blood Fiend, it was related to the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra.

As for Dao Lord Blood Fiend, he was a remnant of the Blood Vine race and the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra was deduced from their cultivation techniques and secret skills!

Therefore, the aura of Patriarch Teng Han reminded True Jade of the destruction of the Great Qian Empire.

"Be careful,"

Su Zimo reminded.

He was still recovering from the immense loss of blood qi after being hunted by Patriarchs Tian Kui and Di Cang.

Furthermore, given his current condition, he could not help much in such a battle.

"Why? You’re also here to stop me, sweet woman?"

Patriarch Teng Han’s gaze landed on True Jade without any emotions.

Although True Jade was ravishing and flawless, she was nothing but a beautiful food in the eyes of Patriarch Teng Han.

In the eyes of the Blood Vine race, the ten thousand races were food for them!

If the other Primordial Eight Races were not so strong, the Blood Vine race would even treat the other Primordial Eight Races as food!

"Tm not stopping you, I’m going to kill you!"

After saying that, True Jade took a light step and arrived before Patriarch Teng Han in the blink of an eye. She stabbed towards his glabella with the jade hairpin between her fingers!


Patriarch Teng Han laughed sinisterly. "Food, you’re truly courting death by sending yourself to me! I’ll devour you first before devouring Desolate Martial!"

He did not take True Jade seriously at all.

Although he was only at early-stage Mahayana, early-stage Mahayana Patriarchs of the primordial races could suppress mid-stage Mahayana Patriarchs of the human race!

Suddenly, a cold intent descended!

True Jade had already released a divine power!


Patriarch Teng Han’s expression changed.

Under that chilling intent, his bloodline showed signs of crystallizing and freezing up!

"What a strong divine power!"

Patriarch Teng Han’s heart skipped a beat.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary lesser divine powers should not be able to affect him.

However, not only did True Jade’s lesser divine power affect him, it even threatened his life!

"Blood Drain!"

Patriarch Teng Han hollered and opened his mouth, taking a deep breath towards True Jade!

That was the innate divine power of the Blood Vine race.

By the time he entered the Mahayana realm, that innate divine power had already grown to the point where it was not weaker than the lesser divine powers of the human race!

Under the envelopment of the Blood Drain divine power, the bloodline of any living being would surge towards the Blood Vine race!

True Jade narrowed her gaze slightly.

The Blood Drain divine power descended and she could clearly sense her bloodline stir, wanting to leave her body.

If Patriarch Teng Han absorbed her bloodline, her blood qi would deplete while his would rise—she would definitely lose with that exchange!


‘True Jade’s expression was unchanged as she channeled her spirit consciousness and released a second divine power immediately. A cold aura rose from her body and almost froze her bloodline even!

Instantly, Patriarch Teng Han’s Blood Drain divine power lost its effect.

‘The jade hairpin between True Jade’s fingers had already arrived at Patriarch Teng Han’s glabella!


Patriarch Teng Han’s glabella shone and a Blood Gourd flew out, colliding with the jade hairpin with a crisp sound.

"Since you won’t let me drink your blood, I’ll let you have a taste of mine!"

Patriarch Teng Han grinned and threw the Blood Gourd in midair. The bottom of the gourd faced up and the mouth of the gourd faced down as a large pool of blood poured down and enveloped True Jade!

That blood was no ordinary bloodline.

It was Essence Blood that Patriarch Teng Han had refined for many years!

Asingle drop of a Patriarch’s Essence Blood from Teng Luo’s storage bag was enough to cripple the ancient Unique Treasure, the Dharmic Breaking Bow.

With that amount of a Patriarch’s Essence Blood, even a Dharmic treasure could very well lose its power and could not be used if it was tainted.

"Puny tricks!"

‘True Jade had a fearless expression and there was no fluctuation in her eyes. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and spat out a white frost qi that blew at the Patriarch’s Essence Blood that splattered in midair.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The large amount of Patriarch’s Essence Blood froze in midair instantly!

However, there was an extremely evil power within the Patriarch’s Essence Blood that wanted to break out of the ice!

"Burn it!"


A scarlet glint flashed through True Jade’s eyes as she tapped her finger gently. A ball of divine power flames appeared beneath the frozen Patriarch’s Essence Blood!

The collision of the ice and fire powers instantly refined the Patriarch’s Essence Blood into nothingness!


This time round, Patriarch Teng Han’s expression changed starkly!

Initially, he thought that True Jade merely specialized in water divine powers and was not much of a threat to him.

To think that True Jade was not only in control of many water divine powers, but also fire divine powers!

In essence, the Blood Vine race was still plants that gained sentience and feared fire the most.

That was the reason why the Blood Vine race suffered such a huge loss when Su Zimo released the Caturadhi Dao Fire on Six Stars Mountain.

‘When True Jade closed in once more, the jade hairpin burned with thin flames that possessed an extremely terrifying divine power!

Patriarch Teng Han did not hesitate and reverted to his true form right away!

A gigantic Blood Vine took root on the battlefield and waved hundreds of thick blood vines that coiled towards True Jade!

Many cultivators were invigorated!

Nobody expected this human Matriarch that appeared later on to be so domineering that she could force out the true form of Patriarch Teng Han!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

True Jade’s expression was unchanged as she froze the incoming blood vines with the ice in her left hand.

The flames on her right hand descended.

Fire and water countered each other and the collision of the two powers could create an even more terrifying divine power. Instantly, Patriarch Teng Han’s blood vines turned into nothingness!

In the blink of an eye, half of the hundreds of blood vines were destroyed by True Jade!

True Jade’s expression was cold as she charged towards Patriarch Teng Han’s consciousness, determined to kill him here!

Patriarch Teng Han could not stop it at all!

"Wu Tian, Jin Yan, how much longer are you guys going to continue watching?! Hurry and come out and help me! This woman is a little tricky to deal with!"

suddenly, Patriarch Teng Han shrieked!

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