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Chapter: 1585

Arrival of the Six Patriarchs

Translator: Legge


A burst of laughter sounded in midair and a gigantic crack appeared in the firmaments. Boundless golden light burst forth from within and was blinding, illuminating the night skies like daylight!

All the living beings of the ten thousand races raised their heads.

Five figures walked out slowly from the gigantic crack.

The five figures descended upon the world and cracks appeared in the void, as though the entire world could not accommodate them!

Endless light surged.

The world changed!

A tremendous might descended and the living beings of the ten thousand races let out dull grunts!

These were five Mahayana Patriarchs of the primordial races that had arrived at Enigma Palace at the same time!

Including Patriarch Teng Han of the Blood Vine race, all six of them were here!

Among the five figures, the one in the middle was tall with golden hair, blue eyes and was incomparably handsome. Wearing golden battle armor, his golden blood qi surged and his eyes shone with a divine light.

The God race’s Patriarch Shen Yu!

On his left was a cultivator in dark green robes with a hood that concealed his face.

The hood of the dark green-robed cultivator could only reveal two sinister green beams!

This was Wu Tian that Patriarch Teng Han was referring to—he was from the Witch race!

On Patriarch Shen Yu’s right was a cold-faced man. He was expressionless and looked no different from a human. However, there was a thin blood scar on his glabella that resembled an eye!

‘When the cold-faced man shifted his gaze, the voids everywhere he laid sight on collapsed!

Patriarch Cang Ming of the Heavenly Eye race!

The two people on the most left and right of Patriarch Shen Yu had wings.

However, the one on the right was extremely ugly with a green face and bared fangs like a malevolent ghost. His pitch-black meat wings flapped and he emanated an evil aura.

It was Patriarch Li Ying of the Rakshasa race!

The person on the left had a human body and a bird’s head. His golden wings burned with scorching flames and he had a sharp gaze—he was in the shape of a half-human bird!

This was Patriarch Jin Yan that Patriarch Teng Han mentioned and he was from the Golden Crow race.

‘When the Patriarchs of the Primordial Six Races arrived, a terrifying might descended and all the living beings of the ten thousand races kept quiet out of fear!

Even True Jade frowned slightly and her expression turned grim.

However, she had no intention of stopping and still wanted to kill Patriarch Teng Han!

On the right, Patriarch Li Ying grinned and said mockingly, "Teng Han, why can’t you even take down a woman from the human race? Have you gone soft?"


Patriarch Jin Yan on the left flapped his golden wings and laughed as well. "We were watching from the side and did not appear because we wanted to give you a chance to suppress that young lady personally! To think that you would be beaten so badly."

"Stop making sarcastic remarks!"

Patriarch Teng Han said as he defended against True Jade’s attacks, "That human woman has some tricks up her sleeves! She’s definitely a paragon of the human Patriarchs!"


Patriarch Shen Yu smiled indifferently. "In our eyes, paragons of the human Patriarchs are nothing but ants."

"Tl leave that ant to you guys! Right now, I only want to kill Desolate Martial!"

Patriarch Teng Han said hatefully.

Patriarch Shen Yu looked to his sides and asked indifferently, "Which of you wants to attack?"

"Tl do it!"

The Rakshasa Patriarch, Li Ying, glared at True Jade with lust in his eyes as he laughed menacingly. "The female slaves I have aren’t of her caliber. I can capture this woman and train her up, hehe!"

The moment he said that, Patriarch Li Ying flapped his pitch-black wings.

Awild gust of wind howled and Patriarch Li Ying’s figure vanished.

‘When he reappeared, he was already behind True Jade, extending his greenish-black palm towards her shoulder!


Although it was almost impossible for True Jade to be distracted in her fight against Patriarch Teng Han, she sensed it the moment Patriarch Li Heng vanished!

She sidestepped and created a series of afterimages behind her, avoiding Patriarch Li Ying’s dirty and ugly palm.


Patriarch Li Ying laughed and placed a wisp of black hair beneath his nose. He took a deep breath and revealed an intoxicated expression. "How fragrant!"

An extremely disgusted expression appeared on True Jade’s face and she felt like vomiting.

Although she dodged swiftly, a wisp of her black hair was yanked off by Patriarch Li Ying!

"Yes, that’s the expression,"

Patriarch Li Ying looked at the disgust on True Jade’s face and was delighted instead of furious. "The more you hate it now, the more excited I’ll be when you submit to me!"


True Jade said coldly.

Many living beings cursed internally as well.

However, the living beings of the ten thousand races did not dare to reveal it on their faces, afraid that they would be targeted by Patriarch Li Ying.

"It’s fine,"

Ina flash, Patriarch Li Ying vanished from the spot and transformed into a dark streak of light that circled around True Jade.

"You’ll definitely like it in the future! Hahahaha!"

His voice flickered left and right, upper and lower at times. It was erratic without any pattern and could not be determined.

Patriarch Li Ying’s speed was so fast that he would not appear in True Jade’s line of sight at all!

Even if True Jade released her spirit consciousness, her spirit consciousness would be disrupted by the divine power released by Patriarch Li Ying and she would not be able to sense his exact location!

Even if she wanted to fight him, she had no way of doing so!


True Jade’s expression turned cold as she conjured hand seals with both hands and released divine powers into the void.

Instantly, the skies darkened and a snowstorm descended!

Earlier on, the night skies were still vast and dotted with stars.

In the blink of an eye, dark clouds filled the skies and the entire place was covered in ice. Snow filled the entire place and the temperature of Enigma Palace plummeted with a chilling wind!

That was the power of divine powers!

Under the cold weather, Patriarch Li Ying’s figure was naturally affected.

More importantly, Patriarch Li Ying’s figure was completely exposed under the snowstorm!

The dark light was extremely striking in the white snow!


True Jade’s gaze was cold as she finally locked onto Patriarch Li Ying. She raised her fair hand gently and a jade green light flashed in the snowstorm!


A flash of blood appeared in midair!

Patriarch Li Ying grunted dully and his figure was exposed, standing in midair!

A bloody hole appeared on his meat wing and fresh blood flowed down from it.

This was not a fatal injury for Mahayana Patriarchs.

However, many cultivators were invigorated!

Goddess True Jade was stronger than anyone had imagined!

"Young lady, you’ve hurt me!"

Finally, Patriarch Li Ying could not smile any longer. With a dark expression, he said coldly, "I’m going to be serious next!"

On the other side, Patriarch Teng Han broke free from True Jade’s pursuit and dozens of blood vines tore through the air and coiled towards Su Zimo!

"Desolate Martial!"

Patriarch Teng Han’s voice sounded with a chilling intent.. "Die!"

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