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Chapter: 1586

Challenging a God

Translator: Legge


Su Zimo conjured hand seals and three balls of flames appeared beside him instantly, releasing the Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern to defend against Patriarch Teng Han’s attack.

However, Patriarch Teng Han’s combat strength was comparable to a human mid-stage Mahayana Patriarch. In fact, he could even suppress a human mid-stage Mahayana Patriarch!

Against him, Patriarchs Tian Kui and Di Cang would be killed on the spot in less than three rounds!

The difference in strength was way too great!

Many blood vines coiled over like gigantic blood anacondas. The flames of the Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern were extinguished instantly and did not cause any damage to the blood vines!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Instantly, dozens of blood vines opened their mouths and bit the Green Lotus True Body!

The sharp fangs pierced the Green Lotus True Body!


Su Zimo grunted and blood drained from his face.


Patriarch Teng Han was excited and could not help but laugh. "Desolate Martial, I’m going to suck your bloodline dry bit by bit! I’m going to let you experience the true fear of death!"

Given Patriarch Teng Han’s capabilities, a single blood vine was enough to devour Su Zimo.

However, he did not do that.

He used dozens of blood vines to bite Su Zimo.

‘The Green Lotus True Body was almost filled with blood vines and not a single intact spot left—he was completely bitten by the fangs at the top of the blood vines!

Patriarch Teng Han wanted to absorb Su Zimo’s bloodline bit by bit to torture the latter!

Death was not scary.

The feeling of helplessness as one felt their lives draining was the true terror!

This time round, no one could help Su Zimo.

A look of anxiety flashed through True Jade’s eyes.

She glanced at Su Zimo’s side from time to time and frowned deeply.

Su Zimo was not someone important to her.

There was no true relationship between the two of them either.

However, Su Zimo was related to True Jade’s awakening in this generation.

‘The first person she saw when she woke up was Su Zimo.

Furthermore, some unspeakable things happened between the two of them in the depths of the cave.

‘When she awakened in this generation, her old friends were already gone.

The only thing she cared about was the Little Fox.

If there was someone else, it would have to be Su Zimo.


In her moment of distraction, her shoulder was sliced by the two sabers in Rakshasa Li Ying’s hands and fresh blood flowed.

‘What was even more frightening was that the two sabers in Rakshasa Li Ying’s hands were being tempered by some evil entity and her wounds were rotting rapidly!

Glancing sideways, True Jade opened her cherry lips and spat out a stream of cold air that froze the wound.

Even if she focused her attention, she might not be able to escape unscathed against the Rakshasa race, let alone when she was distracted.

"Fufu, you can’t even protect yourself, yet you want to save him?"

Patriarch Li Ying sneered.

His words were not an exaggeration.

In midair, Patriarchs Shen Yu, Wu Tian, Jin Yan and Cang Ming of the primordial races were watching keenly and had yet to attack!

"patriarchs of the human race have yet to show themselves. They sure are tolerant."

"We appeared too early. The human Patriarchs are probably too scared to appear now."

"No, this is Enigma Palace. Even if the other human Patriarchs don’t dare to appear, the Patriarchs of Enigma Palace will."

The four of them stood in midair expressionlessly but they were communicating through their spirit consciousnesses.

Although the four of them did not attack, in reality, they were waiting for the human Patriarchs to appear so that they could start a massacre!

On the battlefield.

Su Zimo was bound by dozens of blood vines and was almost drowned within!

The living beings of the ten thousand races could see the blood vines squirm continuously as streams of bloodline surged into Patriarch Teng Han’s true form through the blood vines!


Monkey, Xiaoning and the others exclaimed.


Demoness Ji, Ji Chengtian and the others were shocked as well.

"| don’t care anymore!"

Monkey whirled Imminent and was about to charge forward.

He was only a Grand Demon and the difference in strength between him and Patriarch Teng Han was way too great!

Patriarch Teng Han could suppress him with a single finger!

However, at that moment, monkey and the other sworn siblings could not be bothered and wanted to charge forward.

Suddenly, a voice sounded in monkey and the others’ minds.

"Don’t come over, I’m fine,"

Although the voice was a little weak, it was indeed Su Zimo’s voice and everyone could hear it clearly!


Monkey and the others looked at the battlefield with widened eyes in disbelief and confusion.

On the battlefield, Su Zimo’s figure was already drowned in the blood vines and no one knew what happened within!

Under normal circumstances, Patriarch Teng Han would definitely be able to kill Su Zimo with his combat strength!

However, he chose another method—he wanted to devour Su Zimo’s bloodline.

Right now, Su Zimo was a humanoid Creation Green Lotus.

The moment that happened, it was no longer Patriarch Teng Han who wanted to devour Su Zimo’s bloodline. Instead, it was a Blood Vine that wanted to devour and refine the Creation Green Lotus!

Initially, Su Zimo thought that his Green Lotus True Body was going to be buried here as well.

However, when Patriarch Teng Han began to absorb his bloodline, his Green Lotus True Body and Creation Lotus Platform released rays of light uncontrollably!

The blood qi in his body intensified instead!

Under the entanglement of dozens of blood vines, Su Zimo’s figure had already vanished completely and in its place was a jade green lotus!

At that moment, countless blood vines coiled around the green lotus and bit its stem, wanting to absorb its power.

With that, the green lotus counterattacked instantly!

‘The Blood Vine race was merely a Flora race.

In the Flora race, the Creation Green Lotus was much stronger than the Blood Vine race!

‘There were many Blood Vines and they eventually formed a race.

However, there was only a single Creation Green Lotus in this world and the vast universe; there was no race at all!

When Chaos was first formed, it contained the creation of Heaven and Earth and was everlasting.

If there were any gods within the Flora race, the Creation Green Lotus would be one of them!

‘There were definitely not many universal and utmost treasures as such.

For example, there were only one or two of the three sacred trees of the Buddhist monasteries, the Bodhi, Ashoka and Sal tree—they were far stronger than the Blood Vine race!

Patriarch Teng Han’s action was equivalent to challenging a God of the plants!

The Creation Green Lotus was born in Chaos and could not survive without a powerful absorption force!

The bloodthirst of the Blood Vine race was way too insignificant against the absorption power of the Creation Green Lotus!

The current scene resembled dozens of small streams trying to absorb the seawater of the ocean into their bodies!

‘The Creation Green Lotus swayed gently and took root on the ground, emitting rays of light.

Although dozens of blood vines were still biting the Creation Green Lotus, the situation of the blood qi absorption had silently reversed!

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