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Chapter: 1587

Arrival of the Human Patriarchs

Translator: Legge

Because the Creation Green Lotus stole the creation of Heaven and Earth, it was extremely difficult to nurture.

Throughout history, only the ancient Buddha Emperor had managed to nurture the Creation Green Lotus to Grade 8.

As for Su Zimo’s Creation Green Lotus, it was only infinitely close to Grade 8 after absorbing the primordial divine spring, the Ashoka Wood and experiencing the baptism of the Divine Power Storm.

His Grade 7 Creation Green Lotus True Body was already rather terrifying.

In fact, it even gave birth to powerful methods similar to Blood Rebirth!

Even so, it was difficult for Su Zimo to break through to Grade 8.

An extremely tremendous amount of energy was required to cross that barrier!

If it was through ordinary cultivation, Su Zimo would have to cultivate for countless years if he wanted to break through to the Grade 8 Creation Green Lotus—it could be hundreds or even thousands of years.

But now, the appearance of Patriarch Teng Han gave the Creation Green Lotus a perfect opportunity to break through!

Initially, the power of bloodline surged into Patriarch Teng Han’s body continuously through the blood vines.

Patriarch Teng Han did not delay and cultivated immediately.

Although Su Zimo was a Half-Martial Ancestor in terms of his cultivation realm, the bloodline of the Creation Green Lotus was definitely a great tonic for him!

However, before long, the process of his bloodline churning came to a gradual stop.

Soon, the Creation Green Lotus started absorbing the power of the outside world along with the dozens of blood vines!

To the living beings of the ten thousand races, the blood qi within the dozens of blood vines was still flowing continuously.

However, they did not notice that the flow had reversed!

Patriarch Teng Han’s bloodline began to surge into the Green Lotus True Body through the dozens of blood vines!

‘The most frightening thing was that Patriarch Teng Han only absorbed the bloodline of the Green Lotus True Body.

However, the Creation Green Lotus absorbed energy!

Be it Patriarch Teng Han’s bloodline or the lifeforce in his body, the Creation Green Lotus viewed everything as a form of energy it could absorb and sucked continuously!

Patriarch Teng Han’s blood qi was decreasing rapidly.

Not only that, his lifespan was decreasing as well!


Patriarch Teng Han jolted awake and shuddered.

"What’s going on?!"

He was shocked when he sensed what was happening within his body!

"Not good!"

Patriarch Teng Han quickly realized what he was experiencing and exclaimed internally, wanting to release the blood vines and leave Su Zimo right away.

However, he was no longer in control of whether he could leave.

The Creation Green Lotus burst forth with rays of light that soared into the skies. The gigantic lotus leaf wrapped the countless blood vines tightly and did not allow Patriarch Teng Han to retreat at all!

The Creation Green Lotus did not only absorb Patriarch Teng Han’s bloodline, but also his lifeforce.

The speed at which it absorbed energy was getting faster and more terrifying.

Patriarch Teng Han’s lifespan and blood qi decreased at a visible speed!

With that slight delay, even his cultivation destabilized and showed signs of falling!

The process of energy absorption shaved one side and strengthened the other.

Although Patriarch Teng Han’s power weakened, the power of the Creation Green Lotus rose continuously!

By the time Patriarch Teng Han wanted to break free, he discovered to his shock that he was already helpless!

He could no longer break free from the Creation Green Lotus with his strength.

He wanted to activate his Essence Spirit and release an Essence Spirit secret skill.

However, in his consciousness, his Essence Spirit was dim and he could not even condense his spirit consciousness, let alone an Essence Spirit secret skill!

The energy absorbed by the Creation Green Lotus absorbed the power of his Essence Spirit and nourished the Green Lotus True Body and Creation Lotus Platform continuously!

This was equivalent to using the Essence Spirit of a Mahayana Patriarch to nourish the Creation Green Lotus and help it break through the barrier of Grade 8!

Simply put, Patriarch Teng Han was using his life to help Su Zimo.

"Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!"

Patriarch Teng Han shrieked in panic as though he was experiencing something extremely terrifying.

However, his shriek grew weaker and weaker.

"Wu Tian, Jin Yan, save me…"

Patriarch Teng Han used the last of his strength and shouted.


It was only at that moment that Shen Yu and the other three Patriarchs of the primordial races noticed something amiss with Patriarch Teng Han on the battlefield.

They had been watching Patriarch Li Ying and True Jade fight the entire time and no one paid attention to Patriarch Teng Han.

After all, in their knowledge, killing an incomparably weak Desolate Martial should not lead to anything unexpected!

It was only when Patriarch Teng Han shouted that they realized something big had happened!

"What’s going on?"

"Why did Teng Han’s aura turn so weak?"


Patriarch Shen Yu released his spirit consciousness and his expression changed as he exclaimed, "This is bad! Teng Han is about to die! His lifespan is about to end!"

"What’s going on?!"

"Hurry and attack!"

Jin Yan and the others exclaimed.

Right then, Patriarch Wu Tian shook his head. "It’s too late."

The dozens of blood vines that coiled around the Creation Green Lotus descended slowly. Teng Han’s true form had already withered completely without any signs of life!

A Patriarch of the primordial races was sucked to death by the Creation Green Lotus!

‘The Creation Green Lotus shone brightly in midair and its aura rose continuously!

"Damn that Desolate Martial!"

‘Wu Tian narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "He’s actually trying to break through to the Grade 8 Creation Green Lotus with the help of Teng Han!"

"Kill him! We can’t let him break through!"

Patriarch Shen Yu waved his sleeves and released a streak of golden light. It rapidly formed a gigantic golden gigantic sword in midair and slashed towards the Creation Green Lotus’s waist!

The Creation Green Lotus was advancing to Grade 8.

Once the Creation Green Lotus advanced to Grade 8, Su Zimo had a high chance of breaking through and entering the Mahayana realm to become a true Mahayana Patriarch!

However, he could not defend against the attacks at all during the process.

Even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could interrupt the process and interrupt his breakthrough, let alone Mahayana Patriarchs.

Just as the gigantic golden sword was about to strike the Creation Green Lotus, the void shattered!

Three thousand silver threads burst forth from the crack and struck the gigantic golden sword like a galactic river with a loud bang!


The gigantic golden sword shattered and turned into streams of divine powers that circled in midair before dissipating.

A dull grunt sounded from the crack as well!

It was clear that the person who attacked did not feel good after receiving Patriarch Shen Yu’s divine power.

However, before long, figures dressed in the robes of Enigma Palace walked out from the crack.

Every single figure emitted a powerful aura and a rampant might!

In the blink of an eye, 17 cultivators of Enigma Palace appeared!

All of those cultivators were Mahayana Patriarchs!

Instantly, the crowd was in an uproar!

Countless cultivators clenched their fists emotionally.

At this point of the battle, human Patriarchs apart from True Jade had finally appeared!

Furthermore, 17 Mahayana Patriarchs had descended directly this time round!

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