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Chapter: 1588

Blood of Patriarchs

Translator: Legge

"Itold you!"

Little Fatty slapped his thighs. "How can there be no Patriarchs overseeing the Ten Thousand Race Meet held by Enigma Palace!"

Many cultivators were excited when they saw the arrival of 17 Mahayana Patriarchs.

Only Night Spirit frowned slightly and shook his head. "These Patriarchs are too weak and can’t defend against those few from the primordial races."

"No matter what, no matter how weak they are, there are at least 17 of them! We can hold on for a little longer no matter what," The spirit tiger shrugged his head and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Greetings, Patriarchs!"

The Palace Lord of Enigma Palace and many cultivators hurried forward and bowed.

‘The 17 Mahayana Patriarchs looked at everyone from Enigma Palace and nodded slightly.

The leader wielded a horsetail whip and had a pale expression. He was the one who had blocked Patriarch Shen Yu’s attack earlier on!

"Tm Wu Hua,"

‘The Mahayana Patriarch cupped his fists towards Patriarch Shen Yu and the other Patriarchs of the primordial races and said in a deep voice, "The ten thousand races are gathered. I wonder why the Primordial Six Races are going on a massacre!"


Patriarch Shen Yu smiled faintly. "We of the primordial races can kill anyone we wish to. We don’t need any reasons."

Upon hearing that, the 17 Mahayana Patriarchs’ expressions darkened and revealed furious expressions.

After a brief pause, Patriarch Shen Yu continued, "However, it’s not as though there’s completely no reason either. Before the Ten Thousand Race Meet even started, our Primordial Six Races lost so many clansmen. We naturally have to seek redress for them."

Patriarch Wu Hua frowned slightly. "It’s inevitable that there will be conflicts given the reckless nature of the juniors of our races. In the battle earlier on, many human cultivators died as well."

"Why don’t all of you take a seat and let bygones be bygones? We’ll let the Ten Thousand Race Meet continue as per normal."


Jin Yan glared at Patriarch Wu Hua coldly and scolded, "Two princes of our Golden Crow race have died and you want us to let go just like that? Who do you think you are?!"

Patriarch Wu Hua’s expression was grim as he grit his teeth and did not reply.

"That’s right!"

Patriarch Wu Tian nodded slightly as well. "Every single life of our Primordial Six Races is incomparably precious and isn’t something that you humans can compare against."

Patriarch Wu Hua was silent for a moment. "Does that mean that the Primordial Six Races don’t want to negotiate with the human race at all?"

"Sure, we can negotiate,"

Patriarch Cang Ming pointed to the Creation Green Lotus not far away. "Desolate Martial of the human race killed too many of our clansmen! Kill Desolate Martial first to express your sincerity before we consider whether we should negotiate!"


Patriarch Wu Hua rejected without hesitation!

"Then there’s nothing to negotiate,"

Patriarch Cang Ming’s expression darkened as well as he said coldly, "We are bent on killing Desolate Martial!"

The atmosphere changed, turning extremely tense the moment there was no common understanding between the Mahayana Patriarchs present!

"Protect Desolate Martial and don’t let anything happen to him!"

Patriarch Wu Hua waved his hand and ordered resolutely!


Patriarch Shen Yu chuckled. "You guys are too weak! 17 Mahayana Patriarchs? Even the strongest among you is only at mid-stage Mahayana. Do you really think you’re enough to stop the four of us?"


Jin Yan hollered and reverted to his true form right away, roaring into the skies. His gigantic body burned with golden flames as he lunged towards Patriarch Wu Hua and the others.

"Nine Heavens Galactic Rivers!"

Patriarch Wu Hua hollered softly and waved the horsetail whip in his hands.

The three thousand silver threads fluttered, as though they were the galactic rivers in the firmaments, possessing countless stars. They surged with tremendous might and smashed towards Jin Yan!


‘There was a deafening bang!

Patriarch Wu Hua spat out a huge mouthful of blood and his gaze dimmed as he retreated continuously.

More than half of the horsetail whip in his hands was burned away by the Sun Essence Fire on Jin Yan as well!

Although they were both at mid-stage Mahayana, True Jade’s combat strength could suppress Patriarch Teng Han and the others.

However, Patriarch Wu Hua could not defend against it!

Even for Patriarchs of the same cultivation realm, their combat strength was different depending on their talent, bloodline, the number of divine powers they comprehended and the might of the divine powers.


On the other side, the Heavenly Eye on Patriarch Cang Ming’s glabella suddenly opened!

Instantly, a terrifying aura spread out and even the living beings of the ten thousand races that were watching felt shudders!

It was hard to imagine the impact the 17 Mahayana Patriarchs would have to endure!

A dark light burst forth from Patriarch Cang Ming’s Heavenly Eye.

Everywhere the dark light passed, life was wiped out!

"Hurry and disperse!"

Patriarch Wu Hua hollered.

Swash! Swash! Swash!

‘The 17 human Patriarchs dodged one after another. However, two Mahayana Patriarchs were still slower to dodge and were brushed by the dark light.

One of them reacted extremely quickly and released his Essence Spirit right away.

The other was slightly stunned. Immediately after, his gaze dimmed and his lifeforce decreased as he fell from midair!

‘With that momentary delay, a Mahayana Patriarch did not even have the chance to leave his body with his Essence Spirit before he was killed by Patriarch Cang Ming’s Heavenly Eye!

After surviving the calamity, the other Patriarch hurriedly channeled Blood Rebirth to condense his body!


A dark green fog appeared in the Mahayana Patriarch’s consciousness and rapidly formed a storm that surged towards his Essence Spirit!

The Spirit Slaying Curse!

Patriarch Wu Tian had attacked!

To be precise, Patriarch Wu Tian was motionless and no one saw him attack at all.

However, a secret killing curse targeted at the Essence Spirit had already descended in the consciousness of the human Patriarch!

‘The Mahayana Patriarch’s body had just been formed when the Spirit Slaying Curse descended.

His Essence Spirit was destroyed and he was dead!

He managed to avoid Patriarch Cang Ming’s Heavenly Eye but he could not avoid the secret incantation of the Witch race.


Right then, in front of countless gazes, Patriarch Wu Hua’s body was shattered by a single punch and fresh blood splattered everywhere!

‘When Patriarch Shen Yu attacked, his blood qi surged and Patriarch Wu Hua could not defend against a casual punch from him!

However, Patriarch Wu Hua’s Essence Spirit escaped and in the blink of an eye, his flesh was formed.

As for Patriarch Shen Yu, he rampaged among the Mahayana Patriarchs—none of the Mahayana Patriarchs could defend against his punches and kicks!

Broken limbs flew everywhere.

‘The Patriarchs bled and it was incomparably tragic!

In less than ten minutes, seven Mahayana Patriarchs of Enigma Palace had fallen against the combined forces of Patriarch Shen Yu and the other three primordial race Patriarchs.

"What should we do? We can’t defend at all!"

Shi Jian muttered.

Frowning, Little Fatty scanned the crowd and whispered, "I’ve got a feeling that Enigma Palace has something up their sleeves!"

"These 17 Mahayana Patriarchs seem like they’re trying to buy time with their appearance!"

After a brief pause, Little Fatty continued, "Haven’t you realized that that old lad, Lin Xuanji, hasn’t appeared yet?!"

"No matter what they have up their sleeves, Brother Su is doomed once the 17 Mahayana Patriarchs are dead. We won’t be able to wait till then!"

Shi Jian sighed.

Right then, the bell of Enigma Palace sounded!

Somebody was here!

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