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Chapter: 1697

Crisis of the Three Races

Calamity of the Kun race!

The moment those words were said, the expressions of the Emperors of the Dragon race changed!

"An Emperor has fallen?"

The Dragon Phoenix True Body asked in a deep voice.

"It’s not just Emperors,"

Yin Lan nodded with a pained expression. "The two Emperors, the Cloud Boat Kun Emperor and the Tiger Kun Emperor, suddenly went crazy and started a massacre in Beiming. The Kun race suffered countless casualties and seven Emperors died! The entire Beiming was dyed red!"


The Nie Dragon Emperor exclaimed with a shocked expression.

Even seven Emperors died—it was clear how much the Kun race had endured in Beiming!

The lifespan of the Kun race was slightly longer than the Dragon race.

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The lifespan of an Emperor of the Dragon race was 400,000 years.

For the Kun race, it was 500,000 years!

The foundation of the Kun race was extremely strong as well. Although they did not have experts like the Hell Witch Emperor and Golden Crow Fire Emperor, they had more than ten Emperors.

To think that more than half of them would die in this calamity!

"Where’s the Kun Empress?"

The Dragon Phoenix True Body asked with a frown.

The Kun Empress had comprehended three supreme divine powers and was powerful. She should have some way of dealing with this calamity.

"In order to save Carefree, the Kun Empress died as well,"

Yin Lan’s expression dimmed as she whispered, "Carefree is still severely injured and unconscious."

As she said that, Yin Lan slapped her storage bag and took out a spatial Dharmic treasure that was filled with Beiming seawater.

A young man floated within with closed eyes and a pale expression—it was Su Zimo’s second disciple, Carefree!

"I didn’t dare to leave Carefree in the Kun race, so I brought him here,"

Yin Lan said, "Furthermore, the Dragon Bone Valley has a primordial divine spring that might be able to help Carefree."

"Yes, Long Cang. Put Carefree in the primordial divine spring and inform me immediately if anything happens!"

The Dragon Phoenix True Body said in a deep voice.

Right now, Carefree was only at the Conjoint Body realm.

The primordial divine spring was still effective for him. If Carefree were to enter the Mahayana realm and suffer such injuries, the primordial divine spring would be useless.

The Emperors of the Dragon race present had grim expressions as well.

The Kun race suffered the most losses this time round. Notwithstanding the death of seven Emperors, even the Kun Empress was dead and the Taboo Kun Peng was severely injured—it was still unknown if he could survive.

The Burning Cloud Dragon Emperor frowned. "I remember that the Cloud Boat Kun Emperor and Tiger Kun Emperor only comprehended a single supreme divine power each. How did they cause such a huge calamity in the Kun race?"

Yin Lan shook her head. "The cultivation of the two Emperors have increased extremely quickly in recent years and they have comprehended three supreme divine powers. If the Kun Empress had not risked her life and injured the two of them, the entire Kun race would have been destroyed!"

Right then, Yin Lan noticed Man Feng at the side and frowned slightly, asking, "Man Feng, why are you here as well? Could it be…"

She seemed to have thought of something and did not continue.

Man Feng nodded with a terrible expression.

"What about the Dragon race…"

Yin Lan looked at the Dragon Phoenix True Body hurriedly.

"The Sea Dragon Empress betrayed us and the Chen Dragon Emperor is dead,"

The Dragon Phoenix True Body did not hide anything either.

Yin Lan’s body swayed slightly as though she was struck by lightning.

"In just three days, the Dragon, Barbarian and Kun races encountered such huge changes. It’s clearly someone’s doing!" Long Ran said hatefully.

The Fu Dragon Emperor said sternly, "The problem is who has the power to cause the Emperors of our three races to betray and serve them!"

"Could this be the catastrophe that the Chen Dragon Emperor mentioned before his death?"

The Burning Cloud Dragon Emperor murmured with a worried expression.

"Any news from the remaining five primordial races?"

The Dragon Phoenix True Body suddenly asked.

Suddenly, Man Feng said, "I heard that three top Emperors of the Heavenly Eye, Rakshasa and Blood Vine races have appeared and their combat strength is comparable to the Hell Witch and Golden Crow Fire Emperors!"


Long Ran and the others were shocked.

They were not around when the Breaking Sea Empress and Chen Dragon Emperor spoke about this.

When they heard the news, everyone present realized the danger and implication behind it almost instantly!

"It must be the Primordial Five Races!"

The Fu Dragon Emperor clenched his fists and shouted, "We’ve encountered such huge changes but nothing happened to the Primordial Five Races. Instead, top Emperors were born. It’s obvious who the mastermind is!"

"Not necessarily,"

The Dragon Phoenix True Body shook his head and looked at Long Ran at the side. "Don’t you find such methods familiar?"

"You mean to say…"

Long Ran’s heart skipped a beat. "Great Qian Catastrophe!"


The Dragon Phoenix True Body nodded. "It’s not only the Great Qian Catastrophe. The Thousand Demon Tribulation 30,000 years ago and the Astral Tribulation 20,000 years ago were the same. It all happened without any warning."

"That blood face!"

Long Ran’s eyes burned with rage as he grit his teeth.

"What blood face?"

The Burning Cloud Dragon Emperor and the others asked in confusion.

"The mastermind behind my son’s death and the Great Qian Catastrophe is most likely someone with a blood face!"

Long Ran said, "Long Mo once saw that blood face in Thousand Demon Valley. A thousand years ago, I even went to Thousand Demon Valley to meet that blood face. However, I was severely injured and nearly died!"

"You mean to say that the calamity of our three races this time round was caused by this blood face?"

The Nie Dragon Emperor still could not believe it. "What does he have to be able to turn Emperors against us and do such deranged things?"

Long Ran fell silent as well.

Emperors had their pride and dignity.

Let alone an Emperor of the Dragon race!

No matter how strong the blood face was, how could he make the Sea Dragon Empress betray them?

For Long Ran and the others, even if they died, they would not do such a treacherous thing of betraying the Dragon race and hurting the Chen Dragon Emperor!

The Dragon Phoenix True Body could not understand either.

He had a vague guess but he was not certain.

"No matter what, since we know that the blood face is in Thousand Demon Valley, let’s kill our way over and see who it is!"

The Burning Cloud Dragon Emperor said murderously.

"I’m afraid there’s no chance,"

The Dragon Phoenix True Body shook his head.

"What do you mean?"

The Burning Cloud Dragon Emperor asked.

The Dragon Phoenix True Body said, "Even if we know that someone is definitely controlling everything from behind the scenes, we don’t have the time or energy to deal with it right now."

"Right now, we have to think about how we want to deal with the Primordial Five Races,"

At that point, the Emperors gradually calmed down.

If the Primordial Five Races received the news of such a huge change in the three races, they would definitely take action!

The Chen Dragon Emperor was dead and the Emperors of the three races suffered immense losses. If a huge battle broke out, their three races would definitely be doomed!

"What should I do?"

Man Feng asked.

Everyone’s gazes instinctively landed on the Dragon Phoenix True Body.

At that moment, the Dragon Phoenix True Body was already an Emperor and had become the strongest person in the Dragon race!

The Chen Dragon Emperor, Barbarian Emperor, Kun Empress and the other Emperors were dead and they had no leader. The Dragon Phoenix True Body possessed a taboo bloodline so he was the new Emperor of the Dragon race!

At that moment, he was the only one qualified to command the Primordial Three Races!

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