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Chapter: 1699

Gathering of Emperors

"It’s difficult,"

The storyteller shook his head. "According to my guess, there are more than 20 Emperors in the ancient battlefield. Apart from Monk Kong Yun and a few other Emperors of Diamond Monastery who will stand out, the other Emperors will probably stand by idly."

After a brief pause, the storyteller continued, "There are some things that I don’t mind saying directly. Although you’re an Emperor, your reputation is far inferior to the Eternal Human Emperor and it’s difficult for you to command the Emperors."

"No worries,"

Su Zimo said, "Even when the Eternal Human Emperor appeared out of nowhere back then, not many Emperors in the world submitted to him. The Human Emperor relied on his own strength to build his reputation and dignity!"

"I’ll walk the same path that the Human Emperor walked."

The storyteller pondered for a moment. "What plans do you have? I’ll do my best to help you."

"I’ll send a Dharmic Edict later to gather the Emperors of the human race,"

Su Zimo said in a deep voice, "For any Emperor that doesn’t appear, senior, please divine their location. I’ll invite them personally!"

"There’s no need for that. I can go and invite them,"

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The storyteller said, "Given my status, I do have some reputation. However, even if I can gather the Emperors of the human race, I can’t order them around."

"I’m Desolate Martial. After a thousand years, a storm rose in Tianhuang Mainland once more and the Primordial Five Races want to join forces to kill the Barbarian, Dragon and Kun races!"

"If the Primordial Three Races are destroyed, the human race will be in danger! As the Martial Emperor, I’m gathering all Emperors and Patriarchs of the human race! Please convene beneath the Divine Power Ranking for a discussion!"

Su Zimo’s voice spread to every corner of the ancient battlefield and even cultivators in seclusion could hear it clearly.

The Patriarchs and Emperors who heard the news had different expressions.

Some of them had worried expressions and headed for the Divine Power Ranking without hesitation.

Some of them sneered coldly as though they had not heard anything.


Monk Kong Yun of Diamond Monastery had recuperated for a thousand years and his injuries had already healed. When he heard the news, he could not help but chant a Buddhist proclamation and sigh. "To think that another bloodbath would break out after a thousand years of peace in Tianhuang Mainland."

The Emperor of Wisdom Monastery who was in seclusion with Monk Kong Yun, Monk Zhi Wen, revealed a worried expression as well. "Something must have happened to the Primordial Three Races. Otherwise, the Primordial Five Races wouldn’t have dared to wage war rashly out of fear."

"That’s right,"

Monk Kong Yun nodded. "If not for the critical situation, the Martial Emperor would not have gathered the Emperors of the human race. I’m worried that there’s a high chance that this battle will sweep through the ten thousand races of Tianhuang Mainland!"

"Let’s go. We’ll move now,"

Monk Zhi Wen said before heading to the Divine Power Ranking with Monk Kong Yun.

At the same time, Emperors from all over the ancient battlefield broke out of seclusion and sped towards the Divine Power Ranking.

Given the speed of Emperors, they arrived at the Divine Power Ranking before long.

Desolate Martial stood quietly beneath the Divine Power Ranking, waiting for the Emperors of the human race.

About ten Emperors arrived beneath the Divine Power Ranking within two hours after hearing the message from Su Zimo.

Most of the Emperors did not move.

"Martial Emperor, tell me, what happened?"

The Emperor of Overlord Palace could not help but ask, "Why did the Primordial Five Races suddenly wage war? Did something happen in between?"

"Everyone, please calm down,"

Su Zimo said in a deep voice, "Once the other Emperors are gathered, I’ll reveal this matter."

The storyteller had already gone to invite the other Emperors.

Before long, the Purple Thunder Emperor arrived. He looked at Su Zimo expressionlessly and coldly without saying anything.

He was invited over by the storyteller!

Ever since the Purple Thunder Emperor was ambushed by Monk Daming a few hundred years ago, he returned to cultivate in seclusion. He only came here when the storyteller came looking for him.

A while later, the Killing Emperor of Seven Kills Sect descended.

Back then, when the Purple Thunder Emperor, Frost Emperor and Killing Emperor chased after Monk Daming, the Frost Emperor died and the Killing Emperor escaped with serious injuries. His injuries had only just healed.

After the Purple Thunder Emperor and Killing Emperor, Emperors arrived one after another.

Although the Emperors were unwilling, they could not reject a personal visit from the storyteller and headed over.

In less than half a day, all 24 Emperors were present—almost all of them were from the super sects!

For example, Chaos Essence Sect had another Extreme Essence Emperor after Di Yu’s death!

The foundation of the super sects was undoubtedly revealed at this moment!

Even the three aristocratic families of the South Region had Emperors!

The Dongfang Spear Emperor.

The Ximen Mirror Emperor.

The Nangong Ding Emperor.

The Beiming aristocratic family had just revived because of the primordial divine spring. In this generation, they did not even have a Mahayana Patriarch, let alone an Emperor.

Su Zimo swept his gaze across the crowd.

These were naturally not the only Emperors of the human race.

At the very least, the Saber Emperor, Hermit, was not in the ancient battlefield!

The storyteller arrived behind Su Zimo and sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness, "Almost all the Emperors of the ancient battlefield have arrived. However, there’s someone whose location I can’t divine."

After a brief pause, he continued, "He’s Solar Luna, the person who was Rank 1 with you on the Divine Power Ranking. He’s also an Emperor now."

"Don’t bother about him,"

Su Zimo shook his head gently.

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Su Zimo’s mind.

"Brother Su, listen up,"

It was Monk Daming’s voice!

Su Zimo was expressionless and had a calm expression.

Monk Daming continued, "Among the 24 Emperors before you, five of them cultivated the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra. If you want to join forces with the Primordial Three Races, you have to kill the five Emperors!"

"The five of them are the Dongfang Spear Emperor, Ximen Mirror Emperor, Heavenly Dipper Sect’s Xiong Emperor, Malevolent Earth Sect’s Fu Emperor and Wisdom Monastery’s Monk Zhi Wen!"

"I got it,"

Although Su Zimo’s expression was calm, he was shocked internally!

There were far more Emperors who cultivated the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra than he had imagined!

The impact of the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra was way too great!

Even he nearly sank into this endless abyss back then!

If those five Emperors cultivated the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra, they had to be killed!

If the five of them were allowed to stay among the Emperors of the human race in this calamity of the Primordial Three Races, they might suddenly attack. At that time, the losses incurred would be unimaginable!

"Desolate Martial!"

The Purple Thunder Emperor looked around and could not help but say, "You’ve just been conferred the title of an Emperor. Aren’t you putting on airs too much? What are you trying to do by gathering the Emperors of the human race?!"

"Let me say this first. I’m not interested in a fight between the primordial races."

"That’s right!"

The Dongfang Spear Emperor stood out as well and said in a deep voice, "Let the primordial races kill to their hearts’ content. It’s best if it ends in an internecine outcome between them!"

"Desolate Martial, I don’t understand. The human race is weak in this generation. Why must we be involved in this battle?!"

The Ximen Mirror Emperor said coldly as well, "In my opinion, this has nothing to do with the human race. The wisest solution is for us to sit by and watch! You must be so nervous because you have a clone in the Dragon race, Desolate Martial!"

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