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Chapter: 1701

Massive Battle

"Fu Emperor, I remember that you’ve only comprehended one supreme divine power as well,"

The Emperor of Overlord Palace burst into laughter. "Your combat strength is even inferior to mine. How can you fight against the Martial Emperor?!"

The Fu Emperor’s gaze was cold as he said icily, "Battle Emperor, don’t be so arrogant. Be careful not to bite your tongue."


The Battle Emperor of Overlord Palace sneered, "Since you want to fight, I’ll accompany you!"

"There’s no need,"

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly said, "Apart from the Fu Emperor, anyone else who wants to fight me can step forward. I, Desolate Martial, will take them all!"

"How arrogant!"

The Dongfang Spear Emperor walked out slowly with a disdainful expression. "I’ll do it!"

"Count me in!"

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The Ximen Mirror Emperor stood out as well.

"I want to test out the capabilities of the Martial Emperor as well. I hope that you won’t disappoint me,"

The Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect smiled gently and cupped his fists towards Su Zimo.

Initially, the Sword Emperor and the others wanted to stand out as well. However, when they saw that, the other Emperors frowned slightly and retreated.

As Emperors, they did not want to bully with numbers given their status.

In the blink of an eye, four Emperors stood out!

These four Emperors were the people who cultivated the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra mentioned by Monk Daming!

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted to Monk Zhi Wen. "Zhi Wen, you’re the only one left. Come along."

Monk Zhi Wen was the fifth Emperor to cultivate the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!

However, he hid it well and even took the initiative to stand on Su Zimo’s side earlier on.

If not for Monk Daming’s reminder, Su Zimo would not have thought of Monk Zhi Wen.

Monk Zhi Wen was slightly stunned. "There’s no need for me, right? In my heart, you are indeed qualified to be the commander of the Emperors. I’ll listen to your orders as well."

"Even if you don’t come forth, I’ll look for you later on,"

Su Zimo said expressionlessly.

Monk Zhi Wen pretended to be confused and smiled gently. "If you require anything, Martial Emperor, I’ll be ready to accede at any moment."

Monk Kong Yun was puzzled and glanced at Monk Zhi Wen beside him, not understanding why Su Zimo would suddenly target the latter.

The storyteller was the only one in deep thought.

He believed that Su Zimo’s actions would not be without reason!

"Martial Emperor, do you need my help?"

The storyteller sent a voice transmission secretly.

"There’s no need,"

Su Zimo sent a voice transmission, "I happen to want to use them to temper my divine powers!"

The storyteller’s eyes lit up.

He could tell that Su Zimo had comprehended the obscurity of a supreme divine power. However, he was missing an opportunity and a spark of inspiration!

Su Zimo wanted to make use of those Emperors to break through!

The Emperors retreated.

In the blink of an eye, there were only five people left beneath the Divine Power Ranking.

Su Zimo stood in the middle with the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect, the Fu Emperor of Malevolent Earth Sect, the Ximen Mirror Emperor and the Dongfang Spear Emperor in four directions, surrounding him!

The Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect slapped his storage bag and summoned a sword that shone with resplendent starlight.

The sword trembled and a boundless sea of stars seemed to form around it, mysterious and vast!

The sword exuded the might of the Emperor Dao!

This was a true Emperor weapon!


Suddenly, the storyteller frowned.

In his memories, the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect comprehended two supreme divine powers and could be considered as an expert among the Emperors of the human race.

However, there was no way two supreme divine powers could refine such a powerful Emperor weapon!


The sword flew out of his hands and tore through the air. Instantly, the boundless sea of stars converged and returned to the sword.

The sword transformed into a streak of starlight and arrived before Su Zimo instantly!

At the same time, the Fu Emperor of Malevolent Earth Sect attacked.

The Fu Emperor withdrew a dark golden saber that emitted a sinister and cold aura.

His figure flickered erratically. However, in the blink of an eye, he arrived beside Su Zimo and his movement technique was not inferior to the Emperor weapon of the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect!


The Dongfang Spear Emperor leaped into the air and raised his hands above his head. Gripping a heavy and pitch-black spear in both palms, he smashed it towards Su Zimo’s head!

Almost at the same time, the Ximen Mirror Emperor attacked.

In his palm was an ancient bronze mirror that shone towards Su Zimo.


A white light enveloped Su Zimo, emitting a mysterious power.

The power of the ancient bronze mirror transformed into white chains that wrapped around Su Zimo tightly!

The four Emperors attacked at the same time.

At the level of an Emperor, they had experienced countless life and death battles. Even if they had never joined forces before, their first coordination was flawless!

They engaged in melee and ranged combat and even restricted Su Zimo’s figure with secret skills—Su Zimo was instantly suppressed!

The Emperors present were shocked.

"What’s going on?"

The Battle Emperor of Overlord Palace frowned and clenched his fists. "How is this a spar? Are they trying to kill the Martial Emperor?"

"The combat strength of the four of them is already so strong?"

The Sword Emperor narrowed his eyes as well. "The four of them seem to be much stronger than before! They don’t seem like they’ve only comprehended one or two supreme divine powers."

All the Emperors present were secretly shocked. If they were in Su Zimo’s position, none of them would be able to escape unscathed against such an attack!

Most likely, only the Mystic Emperor who had comprehended four supreme divine powers could escape.


Right then, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he did not dodge or avoid. With a loud shout, he channeled his blood qi and his aura rose to its peak instantly!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of a tsunami surged!

Immediately after, a jade green Creation Green Lotus soared into the skies behind him. It swayed gently and emitted a green halo that filled the skies!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The shackles on Su Zimo’s body were broken by the Creation Green Lotus the moment they were formed!

The jade green lotus soared into the skies and struck the spear of the Dongfang Spear Emperor that descended from the skies with a loud bang!


When Su Zimo’s Bloodline phenomenon collided with the pitch-black spear, the world trembled and the weather changed!

The jade green Creation Green Lotus swayed slightly and the green halo was dispersed, almost shattered by the Dongfang Spear Emperor’s attack!


The storyteller’s gaze froze as he murmured, "Three supreme divine powers!"

The power released by the Dongfang Spear Emperor earlier on was definitely not at the level of merely comprehending a single supreme divine power.

The other Emperors noticed this as well.

After not seeing him for so many years, the Dongfang Spear Emperor had already comprehended three supreme divine powers!

On the battlefield, the starlight of the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect descended.

Su Zimo reached out and grabbed the starlight barehanded!

"You must have a death wish!"

A cruel glint flashed through the eyes of the Xiong Emperor.

He believed that the starlight was enough to penetrate Desolate Martial’s palm!

Nobody knew that he had already comprehended four supreme divine powers!


True enough!

A blood beam flashed and starlight penetrated Su Zimo’s palm, piercing towards his glabella!

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