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Chapter: 1702


Di Yu comprehended three supreme divine powers and the Green Lotus True Body was barely able to take him head-on.

But now that the Xiong Emperor had comprehended four supreme divine powers, he could already penetrate the flesh of the Green Lotus True Body!

Su Zimo had merely comprehended one supreme divine power.

There was still a lot of room for improvement for the Green Lotus True Body!

For every supreme divine power comprehended, a powerful divine power would surge into his body, baptizing his flesh, tendons and bones and tempering his Essence Spirit.

Although both parties were Emperors, the difference in their cultivation realms was immense!


However, just as the starlight was about to strike Su Zimo, a green light shone from his glabella and a jade green lotus platform flew out, colliding heavily against the starlight!

Sparks flew!

The Dharmic treasure sword of the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect reverted to its true form and was sent flying!

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The power of the Dharmic treasure sword was halved after it passed through the Green Lotus True Body and it could no longer defend against the impact of the Creation Lotus Platform!

At the same time, a chilling killing intent surged over.

The Fu Emperor of Malevolent Earth Sect had already arrived before Su Zimo. Twisting his wrist, he used an extremely strange saber technique and stabbed upwards towards Su Zimo!

Before Su Zimo could turn around, his entire arm was suddenly flung behind him like a divine elephant’s trunk. It coiled and trembled against the Fu Emperor’s saber!


The saber quivered!

The Fu Emperor was alarmed and felt a powerful ripping force. He could barely hold on to his Dharmic treasure saber and it flew out of his hands.

He retracted his saber hurriedly and retreated.

Su Zimo retracted his palm at the same time.

The power of Malevolent Earth Sect’s Fu Emperor had also exceeded Su Zimo’s expectations. The secret skill of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness did not manage to snatch the saber from the hands of the Fu Emperor!

"Desolate Martial, let’s see how many of my attacks you can defend against!"

The Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect stood far away and spun his Dharmic treasure sword. It condensed into resplendent starlight and stabbed towards Su Zimo once more.

"You want to kill me with that scrap metal? You must be way too naive!"

Su Zimo smiled calmly with a relaxed expression.

The Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect focused his gaze—he had just noticed that the sword wound on Su Zimo’s palm had already healed!


The four Emperors were secretly alarmed.

The regeneration capabilities of the Green Lotus True Body were way too strong!

Although Su Zimo did not circulate the supreme divine power of Everlasting Vitality, the wounds caused by the Dharmic treasures could not hurt the foundation of the Green Lotus True Body.


With his bare hands, Su Zimo sent the sword beam of the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect flying once more.

Although his palm was injured once more, the wound healed at a visible speed and fully recovered in a few breaths!


The four Emperors attacked at the same time. Apart from their Destiny Dharmic Treasures, they summoned a few other Dharmic treasures and shuttled around Su Zimo, releasing ferocious attacks!

Su Zimo merely relied on the Creation Lotus Platform and Green Lotus True Body to fight against the four Emperors continuously!

Before long, Su Zimo was covered in injuries on the battlefield.

However, with the powerful lifeforce and regeneration capabilities of his Green Lotus True Body, Su Zimo fought increasingly fiercer against the encirclement of four Emperors!

"The Xiong and Fu Emperors actually comprehended four supreme divine powers. What sort of opportunity did they obtain?"

"I’m not sure. The Spear and Mirror Emperors have also comprehended three supreme divine powers respectively and are comparable to the ancient Emperors!"

In the ancient era, even the Thunder, Saber and Buddha Emperors merely comprehended three supreme divine powers.

"Strange, isn’t the Human Emperor’s Seal with the Martial Emperor? Why isn’t he summoning it?"

Monk Kong Yun was puzzled.

Indeed, Su Zimo had the Human Emperor’s Seal with him.

Furthermore, he was certain that if he summoned the Human Emperor’s Seal, the starlight sword and ancient bronze mirror would be suppressed mercilessly!

The reason why he did not summon the Human Emperor’s Seal was because he wanted to temper his Green Lotus True Body and comprehend the supreme divine power he had been cultivating during this period of time!

Three Heads Six Arms!

The inheritance of Three Heads Six Arms was on the Human Emperor’s Seal.

That was secondary. Most importantly, at the Ten Thousand Race Meet back then, the Eternal Human Emperor used the Green Lotus True Body to release this supreme divine power.

The Green Lotus True Body had inherited memories of the Three Heads Six Arms to begin with!

At that time, Su Zimo’s black-haired Essence Spirit was experiencing the entire process of the supreme divine power being released in his consciousness!

Another thing was that when Su Zimo was at the Dharma Characteristic realm, he cultivated three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics and already possessed the embryonic form of that supreme divine power!

Among the supreme divine powers, he had the highest chance of comprehending Three Heads Six Arms!

"Everyone, the Martial Emperor’s body is the creation of Heaven and Earth. It’s difficult for ordinary Dharmic treasures to severely injure him. We have to use our divine powers!"

The Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect sent a voice transmission.

"That should be the case!"

The Dongfang Spear Emperor chimed in.


Almost at the same time, the Emperors of Heavenly Dipper Sect and Malevolent Earth Sect channeled their Essence Spirits and drew mysterious trajectories with both hands. They pointed to the firmaments and shouted!

Countless stars appeared in the firmaments boundlessly!

The stars drew trajectories and smashed towards the ground like meteors, covering the skies densely!

A supreme divine power, Starfall!

The divine power could condense into vast stars that could descend from the skies and destroy the world!

A single Starfall was enough to shock the world, let alone two instances of this supreme divine power released at the same time!

The entire ancient battlefield was trembling!

The expressions of the Emperors changed starkly as they retreated one after another, afraid that they would be struck by the falling stars.

Su Zimo looked up at the firmaments with a burning gaze!

That supreme divine power was unavoidable and he could only take it head-on!


Roaring into the skies, Su Zimo closed two fingers and conjured a sword art.

Suddenly, 108,000 Heaven Slaying Sword Qi burst forth from his body. They were blazing and defied the heavens, piercing towards the descending stars!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The white sword beams collided with the falling meteors and let out a deafening bang!

Countless stars exploded in midair.

However, this was a supreme divine power after all and there were two of them at that.

The Heaven Slaying Sword Qi alone was not enough to defend!

Before long, Su Zimo was drowned by millions of starlight!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a loud bang!

Su Zimo’s figure vanished completely and the battlefield was in a mess. Massive pits were smashed by the stars and gravel flew everywhere as dust billowed.

"Could the Martial Emperor have been crushed to death by the stars?"

"It’s hard to say, that’s two supreme divine powers descending at the same time! Even the Mystic Emperor would most likely be doomed!"

The surrounding Emperors glared at the battlefield with nervous expressions.



In the center of the battlefield, countless gravel exploded and mud flew everywhere as a tremendous lifeforce burst forth with a green glow.

Su Zimo tore through the air with the Creation Lotus Platform above his head. He was circled by powerful divine powers and his body surged with a rich lifeforce.

Although he looked a little wretched, Su Zimo’s injuries were healing rapidly!

The Creation Green Lotus and Everlasting Vitality!

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