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Chapter: 1703

Three Heads Six Arms

"He’s not dead?"

The eyes of the Dongfang Spear Emperor shone with ruthlessness. With lightning speed, he arrived beneath Su Zimo and waved the spear in his hands!

An incomparably powerful divine power burst forth and in a flash, the pitch-black spear seemed to have vanished.

In its place was a pitch-black divine dragon!

"Rising Dragon Break!"

The Dongfang Spear Emperor hollered and channeled his Essence Spirit, releasing a supreme divine power of the spear Dao!

The divine dragon tore through the air and spiraled upwards, charging towards Su Zimo with an unparalleled aura!


This time round, it struck the Green Lotus True Body squarely!

Su Zimo was sent flying far away from midair and a blood mist burst forth from his body as a jarring sound echoed from his bones!

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That single attack shattered countless bones!

The Green Lotus True Body was almost smashed into pieces!

Not only that, the divine dragon was still circling around Su Zimo, biting the flesh of the Green Lotus True Body continuously!

Blood dyed the firmaments!

Ever since Su Zimo became an Emperor, the Green Lotus True Body had never suffered such injuries.

Right then, the Ximen Mirror Emperor, Heavenly Dipper Sect’s Xiong Emperor and Malevolent Earth Sect’s Fu Emperor attacked once more and released another supreme divine power!

"Death Slice!"

The three Emperors channeled their Essence Spirits and circled their hands in front of them.

Between the palms of the three Emperors, the power of divine powers spun continuously, forming a gigantic death wheel. Its edges were jagged and pitch-black as it sped towards Su Zimo!

This was a supreme divine power that was fused with many greater divine powers such as the Great Ripping Technique and Great Cleaving Technique. Its killing power was extremely terrifying!

The three wheels descended with a shuddering aura of death!

Before Su Zimo could break free from the divine dragon’s pursuit, the three pitch-black wheels had already descended!

Dragging his severely injured body, Su Zimo channeled his Essence Spirit and released many escape techniques. He barely managed to avoid one pitch-black wheel but he could not avoid the other two.

He raised his arms to defend.


Blood light surged!

The pitch-black wheels landed on Su Zimo’s arms. Although they seemed motionless, they were spinning at a high speed.

Almost instantly, Su Zimo’s arms were sliced off and blood gushed everywhere in an extremely tragic manner!

Su Zimo’s face was pale as he grit his teeth in silence. He circulated his Essence Spirit wildly and channeled Everlasting Vitality, wanting to regrow his arms.

However, there was a rich aura of death lingering around the wound of the severed arms. It was rotten and destructive, forming a resistance against Everlasting Vitality as they devoured one another!

The Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the other Emperors had either comprehended three or four supreme divine powers each and were extremely strong.

Even Everlasting Vitality could not heal the wounds caused by Death Slice!

Of course, if Su Zimo were to recuperate in peace, given the regeneration capabilities of his Green Lotus True Body, it would not take long for his injuries to recover.

But now, in this intense battlefield, the four Emperors were murderous and would not give Su Zimo any chance to catch his breath!

The four Emperors had already realized that they would have to release continuous attacks against the Green Lotus True Body that had comprehended Everlasting Vitality, causing it to be unable to recover and eventually exhaust it to death!

"Martial Emperor…"

When they saw that, deep worry flashed through the eyes of the Snowdrift Valley Emperor and the others.

In their opinion, Desolate Martial would definitely die if this continued!

"Are we just going to watch?"

The Battle Emperor of Overlord Palace clenched his fists and glared with widened eyes—he could not stand it anymore.

Monk Zhi Wen said, "This battle is the Martial Emperor’s own choice. If you help him, even if he wins, it will be difficult for him to convince the masses."

"Furthermore, even if you head up, it won’t affect anything."

The Battle Emperor of Overlord Palace had only comprehended two supreme divine powers.

A single black wheel on the battlefield was enough to severely injure the Battle Emperor!

The storyteller frowned with a grim expression.

Earlier on, he almost could not help but join the battlefield to save Su Zimo as well.

As the Palace Guardian of the Human Emperor’s Palace, there was no way he could watch Su Zimo be killed!

However, he recalled what Su Zimo said to him before the battle.

The storyteller looked into Su Zimo’s eyes.

Although he was severely injured and his life was hanging by a thread, his eyes were unusually calm and shone brightly!

Taking a deep breath of air, the storyteller endured it and continued watching, prepared to attack at any moment.

On the battlefield.

The supreme divine powers of the four Emperors caused immense damage to the Green Lotus True Body!

The Green Lotus True Body lost both arms that had yet to regrow even after ten breaths!

Not only that, the wounds on his arms were already rotting with a foul stench.

Relying on his divine powers and escape techniques, Su Zimo dodged back and forth against the encirclement of the four Emperors.

However, in reality, Su Zimo had already fallen into a mysterious state at that moment. His mind was completely immersed in the comprehension of a supreme divine power!

His dodging action was more like an instinct.


The Ethereal Wings behind Su Zimo were torn apart by the pitch-black wheel and dissipated.

Instantly, Su Zimo’s movement technique slowed down.


The eyes of the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect lit up as he pointed forward and the pitch-black wheel flew past Su Zimo’s neck!


Blood gushed out like a fountain!

Su Zimo’s head was sliced off by the pitch-black wheel and fell from midair into the dust!

With its head severed, the Green Lotus True Body was equivalent to being crippled completely!

However, the battered Green Lotus True Body was still floating in midair.

Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit sat on the Creation Lotus Platform and had already left a step earlier, hovering above the neck of the Green Lotus True Body.

"Sigh, the Martial Emperor is finished!"

"That’s right. Even the Creation Green Lotus can’t make up for the difference of two or three supreme divine powers. The difference is way too great."

"With the Green Lotus True Body crippled and only an Essence Spirit left, there’s nothing to fear."

Many Emperors shook their heads with regretful expressions.

"Let’s see if you can still survive without the protection of your body!"

The Dongfang Spear Emperor sneered and waved the spear in his hands, piercing towards the black-haired Essence Spirit on the Creation Lotus Platform!


The black-haired Essence Spirit on the Creation Lotus Platform opened its eyes.

Two divine lights burst forth from the Essence Spirit’s eyes!

Immediately after, an extremely powerful divine power burst forth from the battered Green Lotus True Body and washed through his bloodline, tendons, bones and wounds wildly!


Just as the pitch-black spear of the Dongfang Spear Emperor was about to pierce the black-haired Essence Spirit, a head suddenly grew from the neck of the Green Lotus True Body and protected the black-haired Essence Spirit!

The pitch-black spear did not pierce the head. Instead, it bounced back with the sound of metal clashing!

Immediately after, the arms of the Green Lotus True Body regrew!

In the blink of an eye, the Green Lotus True Body returned to normal!

It was not over yet!

Another head grew on the other side of the head!

Suddenly, two more arms appeared on the body of the Green Lotus True Body!

"That is…"

Many Emperors widened their eyes.

When the third head and pair of arms grew, the Emperors were shocked and exclaimed, "Supreme divine power, Three Heads Six Arms!"

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