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Chapter: 1704

Killing Emperors

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo grew three heads and six arms in the center of the battlefield and his aura rose continuously!

Three Heads Six Arms was a supreme divine power that made the Human Emperor famous in the ancient era.

It was because of that supreme divine power that the Eternal Human Emperor was able to suppress many top Emperors of the primordial races and dominate the ancient era singlehandedly!

The power of divine powers surged into Su Zimo’s body, tempering his flesh, bloodline and even Essence Spirit continuously.

The Green Lotus True Body became even stronger!

Green rays of light shone from Su Zimo’s body, as though a god had descended!

Before the might of Three Heads Six Arms was fully revealed, the Green Lotus True Body had already undergone a shocking transformation!

Prior to this, be it the starlight sword of the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect or the pitch-black spear of the Dongfang Spear Emperor, both could pierce the Green Lotus True Body.

But now, after the baptism of two supreme divine powers, the Destiny Dharmic Treasures of the four Emperors could no longer injure the Green Lotus True Body!

Standing on the spot, Su Zimo waved his six arms, be it in a fist, palm, finger or claw form, and blocked all the incoming Dharmic treasures and weapons with his bare hands!

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Cling! Clang!

The Dharmic treasures of the four Emperors were repelled but the Green Lotus True Body was completely unharmed!

The expressions of the four Emperors changed starkly!

They could clearly sense that the power surge in Su Zimo’s body had not stopped and was still rising rapidly.

Once the Green Lotus True Body was done with the refinement of the supreme divine power, even they did not know how strong Su Zimo would become.

The only thing they were certain of was that they would definitely not be a match for Su Zimo!


Su Zimo gripped the Creation Lotus Platform and smashed it towards the pitch-black wheels that were spinning around him!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With three consecutive explosions, the three supreme divine powers were shattered into nothingness by the power of blood qi released by the Creation Lotus Platform in Su Zimo’s hands!

Su Zimo’s blood qi surged and a jade green lotus appeared behind him, its gigantic lotus leaves covering the skies.

It was as though the entire world was under the control of the Creation Green Lotus!


Su Zimo hollered and released the supreme divine power of Three Heads Six Arms to fight against the four Emperors.

One of the arms raised the Creation Lotus Platform and smashed it towards the Ximen Mirror Emperor!

The Ximen Mirror Emperor raised the ancient bronze mirror hurriedly and blocked towards the Creation Lotus Platform.


There was a loud bang!

Although the ancient bronze mirror was fine, both arms of the Ximen Mirror Emperor were snapped!

A terrifying power surged into his body through the ancient bronze mirror.

A blood mist burst forth from his body and instantly, countless flesh exploded, turning the Ximen Mirror Emperor into a bloodied man!

If not for the ancient bronze mirror, Su Zimo’s attack would have crushed him into dust!

He wouldn’t have been able to survive even with Blood Rebirth!

Even if the primordial races comprehended two supreme divine powers, their combat strength was equivalent to humans comprehending four supreme divine powers.

However, the Grade 8 Creation Green Lotus was even stronger and more terrifying than the primordial races!

After all, there was only a single Creation Green Lotus. Even Su Zimo did not know how strong his Green Lotus True Body that had comprehended two supreme divine powers could be.

Today’s battle was a good opportunity for him to verify it!

After severely injuring the Ximen Mirror Emperor with a single strike, Su Zimo did not hesitate and advanced once more in a flash, not giving the latter any chance to catch his breath.

Su Zimo’s other arm moved and the blood qi in his fist expanded, as though a gigantic seal was formed, suppressing the Ximen Mirror Emperor!

"Hell Blood Shield!"

An extremely evil bloodline aura burst forth from the body of the Ximen Mirror Emperor. As he waved his hands, a shimmering blood shield was formed!

"Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!"

The storyteller’s gaze focused as he murmured.

All the Emperors present realized that the divine power released by the Ximen Mirror Emperor was from the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!


Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as the gigantic seal conjured by his fist continued to suppress. It collided with the Hell Blood Shield and let out a deafening bang!

Immediately after, the Hell Blood Shield shattered!

Even supreme divine powers could not defend against Su Zimo who had three heads and six arms!


Immediately after, the body of the Ximen Mirror Emperor was shattered by the impact of the tremendous power. An Essence Spirit escaped and sped into the distance as it gathered flesh.


Suddenly, Su Zimo opened his mouth and released the secret skill of Thunderclap Kill.

A single Thunderclap Kill was terrifying enough.

Three mouths released the sound domain secret skill at the same time from the three heads.

The three heads resonated and the power of Thunderclap Kill tripled!

The flesh around the Essence Spirit of the Ximen Mirror Emperor had only gathered halfway when it dissipated on the spot.

The Essence Spirit stood quietly in midair and cracks had already appeared on it. Its lifeforce was decreasing and it could no longer survive!

The Ximen Mirror Emperor was killed by Thunderclap Kill!

The moment Su Zimo killed the Ximen Mirror Emperor, the other three Emperors struck at the same time and launched wild attacks at Su Zimo.

However, Su Zimo had three heads and six arms. Even if he suppressed the Ximen Mirror Emperor with both arms, he still had four arms free to defend against the other three Emperors.

The changes brought about by Three Heads Six Arms were not merely an increase in strength.

It was a transformation in terms of combat strength!

With his three heads and six arms, Su Zimo could see six directions and would not be ambushed!

The Dongfang Spear Emperor waved the spear in his hands and charged forward.

Su Zimo raised his arm and clenched it into a fist, sending the spear flying with a single punch!

Fresh blood dripped from the palms of the Dongfang Spear Emperor.

The Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the Fu Emperor of Malevolent Earth Sect were repelled by Su Zimo’s fist and palm as well.

Right then, Thunderclap Kill descended and the Ximen Mirror Emperor died.

The Dongfang Spear Emperor only comprehended three supreme divine powers, so the Thunderclap Kill dealt a huge blow to him as well!

In fact, blood scars appeared on his body and it almost shattered!

A lost look appeared in his eyes as well.

His mind went blank momentarily.

Although that opening was fleeting, it was enough for Su Zimo!

In a flash, Su Zimo arrived before the Dongfang Spear Emperor and extended his finger, tapping his forehead gently.


A hole surfaced and fresh blood gushed out.

The eyes of the Dongfang Spear Emperor suddenly turned bloodshot but dimmed in the blink of an eye.

In his consciousness, his Essence Spirit was already shattered by Su Zimo’s finger!

The Dongfang Spear Emperor’s head tilted and he fell from midair.

The Emperors were dumbfounded.

Nobody expected that Desolate Martial, who was initially on the brink of death, would reverse the situation and comprehend Three Heads Six Arms to release an incomparably domineering power to kill two Emperors in succession!

On the battlefield, Su Zimo’s aura was torrential as he glared at the Xiong Emperor of Heavenly Dipper Sect and Fu Emperor of Malevolent Earth Sect not far away with a burning gaze before striding over!

"The two of you, die as well!"

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