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Chapter: 1710

Rivers of Blood

It was a tall and burly ape with thick fur all over its body. Its eyes were bloodshot and white smoke spewed from its nose and mouth with a torrential demonic qi!

Monkey had descended and he was at the peak of the Mahayana realm!

It was way too difficult to become an Emperor within a thousand years.

Su Zimo was only conferred the title of Emperor because the Human Emperor’s Dharmic Edict gathered the fortune of Tianhuang Mainland and his Green Lotus True Body stole the creation of Heaven and Earth.

Monkey had merely awakened some inheritances from his memories and was not at the level of an Emperor yet.

Of course, monkey who was at the peak of the Mahayana realm could even fight against some ordinary Emperors after releasing his berserk bloodline!

Monkey wielded Imminent and descended from the skies, smashing into the demons of Wild Lion Ridge as he thumped his chest and roared. Countless demon beasts were scared out of their wits and did not dare to advance!


A massive spirit tiger burrowed out of the forest. His gigantic figure was even taller than many ancient trees!

The most frightening thing was that the spirit tiger’s body shone with a blinding power of thunder!

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A crane cry sounded from the skies.

Qing Qing spread her wings and her body burned with flames, looking down at the world like a fairy in flames.

On a mountain peak not far away, a majestic lion reared its head and howled into the skies. Its body shone with a blinding golden light like a blazing sun!

On the other side, a boy and a fox stood under the protection of many Ethereal Peak cultivators.

Although they were very far away, if the demon beasts on the other end accidentally made eye contact with the fox, their eyes would turn dull and their minds would be controlled, causing them to switch sides!

As for the boy, he merely extended his arm and transformed into a peach blossom tree branch. Waving it in the demon beast crowd, he sent a demon beast flying each time.

However, the boy did not kill the entire time.

Those two were Tao Yao and Little Fox!

More and more demon beasts charged towards the North Region. Apart from the demon beasts of Wild Lion Ridge, remnant beasts and ferocious beasts of other demon regions began to surge over as well!

The moment monkey and the others appeared, old demons of the eight demon regions charged forward to deal with monkey and the others.

"Demon monkey!"

An old white ape from Thousand Demon Valley glared at monkey and said sternly, "As an ape, how dare you disobey the orders of the Ape Emperor! You’re courting death!"

"What bullsh*t Ape Emperor! He was scared to the point of kneeling and submitting to the primordial races!"

Monkey sneered, "How dare he claim to be the Emperor with that bit of guts! One day, I’ll definitely replace him!"

"How dare you!"

The white ape old demon glared and said coldly, "An Emperor must not be humiliated! Kill!"

He leaped up and smashed a pitch-black rod towards monkey’s head violently!

"Get lost!"

Monkey was not afraid at all and his blood qi surged. He raised Imminent and released streams of golden light as he stomped on the ground to receive the attack!


The two rods collided with a loud bang!

A blinding light burst forth from the collision point and spread rapidly. Countless ancient trees were snapped and the demons retreated as well!


The white ape old demon spat out blood and staggered with a terrible expression.

He was already injured after a single head-on clash!

Monkey’s figure fell to the ground rapidly. However, he leaped up once more at an even faster speed and smashed down with Imminent without giving the white ape old demon any chance to catch his breath!

In monkey’s hands, Imminent shone with a golden light that extended dozens of feet and expanded continuously, smashing down like a heavenly-piercing divine pillar.

The white ape old demon gripped his rod with both hands and took a deep breath, defending upwards.


There was a loud bang!

The white ape old demon was smashed into the ground and turned into sludge!

His Essence Spirit was smashed to death by monkey before it could escape!

Monkey’s strength increased exponentially after he triggered his berserk bloodline!

Although the white ape old demon had been famous for a long time and was also at the peak of the Mahayana realm, he could not defend against the power of monkey’s two rod strikes and was beaten to a pulp with his Essence Spirit destroyed!


A Flood Dragon of the East Sea charged over with a murderous aura. Opening its mouth, it spewed out endless seawater that surged as though it was pouring down all the water of the East Sea!

The spirit tiger roared and electric arcs flashed on its body as it charged towards the Flood Dragon.

Flesh and blood splattered on the battlefield!

In less than an hour after a battle of this level broke out, the intersection between the North and Middle Continent was already filled with corpses and rivers of blood!

Although there were many demon beasts in the eight demon regions, there were also many human cultivators. Under the lead of the sect masters of the various major sects, they were also a massive force!

The human cultivators did not retreat in this battle.

As the storyteller had said, the only thing the human race lacked in this generation was a supreme expert like the Eternal Human Emperor.

That was the reason why the major sects, factions, immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects were in a state of disunity and schemed against one another.

But now, this supreme expert had already appeared!

A thousand years ago, the Human Emperor passed down his title to Desolate Martial.

Over the years, the Martial Dao had spread extremely widely in Tianhuang Mainland, causing Desolate Martial’s reputation to grow.

A few days ago, Desolate Martial’s reputation was at its limits because all the Emperors of the human race had submitted to the Martial Emperor!

As long as the Martial Emperor had an order, all the cultivators in the world would gather!

Although the Primordial Five Races gathered the ferocious beasts of the eight demon regions, they were blocked at the intersection of the North and Middle Continent by various factions of the human race!

The long intersection was filled with corpses.

The Emperors of the demon and primordial races were in no hurry to attack.

The battle had just begun and right now, Patriarchs had the highest cultivation realms on the battlefield.

In the eyes of the Emperors, even Patriarchs were ants!

There were no emotions in the eyes of the Emperors of the primordial races as they looked at the mountain of corpses beneath with indifferent expressions.

"To think that these ants of the human race would have some tricks up their sleeves,"

The Golden Crow Fire Emperor smiled with a relaxed expression.

The Thousand Eye Emperor said indifferently, "It’s just a futile attempt."

The Hell Witch Emperor said, "Seems like the eight demon regions alone won’t be enough to break through the defense of the human ants. We can let the God race attack now."

The primordial races wanted the ten thousand races to fight to the death for this battle!

That way, even if the Primordial Five Races suffered immense losses after the battle, the ten thousand races would suffer even more and would not be a threat to them.

There would not be a situation where humans seized the opportunity to rise after the ancient war.

The God race Emperor did not dare to hesitate and ordered the God clan leader.

The God clan leader led the God race army and began to charge at the North Region’s defense line!

The inclusion of the God race experts on the battlefield instantly dealt a huge blow to the defense line of the North Region cultivators!

The blood qi of the God race was incomparably strong and almost no cultivator of the same cultivation realm could match them.

Although there were not many God race beings, they possessed an extremely terrifying destructive power!

The human cultivators began to retreat in defeat.

Right then, at the back of the North Region, a large black shadow charged over in midair. It was like a black cloud pressing down on a city and surged with an extremely powerful aura!

The gigantic army was like a black patch that was massive, filled with different races.

However, every single living being exuded an extremely violent aura!

The Kunlun race had arrived!

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