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Chapter: 1711

Battlefield of the Emperors

The Kunlun race had lived in the Kunlun Ruins for generations.

The bloodline of the Kunlun race was made up of many living beings experts of the primordial era!

In this generation’s Kunlun Ruins, there was even a huge battle. Those who could survive were all paragons of the Kunlun race.

The responsibility of the Kunlun race was to protect Kunlun and defend against the invasion of the God race.

After so many years, the Kunlun race did not have much hatred towards the other primordial races. However, they hated the God race to the core!

The Kunlun race charged over and ignored the demon beasts of the eight demon regions, charging towards the God race with a murderous aura!

Even the God race beings present were confused, let alone the demon beasts. Their formations were scattered by the Kunlun race.

Many God race beings did not even know where this group of experts came from and why they were being targeted specifically!

The reason why the Kunlun race was trapped in the Kunlun Ruins for so many years was because of the invasion of the God race and the primordial war.

The Kunlun race alone might not be a match for the God race.

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However, every single Kunlun clansman was extremely ferocious and viewed the God race as mortal foes.

A few Kunlun clansmen were enough to make a God race being flustered!

Not long after the battle broke out, the God race suffered immense losses!

The armies of the eight demon regions and the God race had just crossed the borders of the North Region when they were stopped outside by the combined forces of the human and Kunlun races and could not advance for a long time.

"Blood Emperor!"

The Blood Vine clan leader said in a deep voice, "Our clansmen can’t hold it in any longer and want to drink the blood and fight! Blood Emperor, please give the order!"

The clan leaders of the Heavenly Eye, Golden Crow and Rakshasa races stood out as well.

The experts of the Primordial Five Races were triggered by the fresh blood before them and were eager with excited expressions!

The Golden Crow Fire Emperor and the others exchanged glances and nodded, waving their hands. "Go on!"


The allied army of the Primordial Five Races charged out like hungry tigers.

At the same time, many powerful figures sprinted over from the back of the North Region!

Some of them were dozens of feet tall with bare upper bodies. Their auras were terrifying and they were majestic, striding over like mountains!

The Barbarian race had arrived!

A Barbarian Ancestor tore through the void and descended from the skies. His gigantic feet stomped on the ground and turned a few demon beasts into sludge as the earth split and trembled!


A resounding dragon roar rang with an endless might that reverberated through the world!

All demons fell silent against the dragon roar!

Divine dragons appeared on the heads of the Barbarian race one after another. They had towering horns, sharp claws and fangs of different colors.

Some of the divine dragons burned with scarlet flames and tore through the air like a fire dragon.

Some of the divine dragons were covered in green scales and rode on the clouds.

Some of the divine dragons rolled and soared, covering the skies with flying sand!

At the front of the dragons was a divine dragon that was thousands of feet long. It had a burning gaze and five claws beneath its abdomen with a torrential aura!

Five-clawed divine dragon, Long Cang!

Long Cang possessed the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon. Although he was not an Emperor, he had already cultivated to the peak of the Mahayana realm!

Among the dragons, there was an Illumination Dragon—it was Solitary Cloud who had followed Su Zimo into the Dragon Bone Valley back then.

After all these years, Solitary Cloud had already cultivated to the Mahayana realm.

Solitary Cloud swayed his tail and his scarlet dragon tail burned a large number of demon beasts to ashes. Everywhere his tail swept, ruins would appear!


A dark sea appeared behind the dragons and Barbarian race.

In the seawater, figures that were even larger than the Dragon and Barbarian race could be vaguely seen swimming over!

In the seawater, those figures were filled with an extremely powerful blood qi that could be sensed by many living beings on the battlefield even from 5,000 kilometers away!

There was only a single race with that terrifying blood qi and immense lifeforce—the Kun race!

The lifespans of the Kun race were generally higher than the Dragon race.

The arrival of the Kun race caused the auras of the many sea demons from the North, East and South Seas to weaken.

The Kun race was the king of the ocean and was at the peak of all living beings in the ocean!

In the ocean, no race could go against it, not even the Dragon race!

All living beings were food for the Kun race!

After the ancient war, if not for the fact that the Kun race resided in Beiming, the three oceans would not have been dominated by other living beings.

The appearance of the Kun race caused some living beings of the three oceans to tremble!

A Giant Kun opened its mouth and released an extremely terrifying suction force. Many demon beasts of the demon regions could not control their bodies and were devoured by the Giant Kun!

The Dragon, Kun and Barbarian races joined forces and fought against the Primordial Five Races at the borders of the North Region!

Although the Primordial Five Races had many experts, it was not easy to break through the alliance of the Dragon, Kun and Barbarian races.

Furthermore, many paragons of the human race stood out as well.

For experts like Ming Zhen, Demoness Ji and Extreme Fire, although they were not Emperors, they had already cultivated to the peak of the Mahayana realm and could even suppress primordial races of the same cultivation realm!

The Hell Witch Emperor, Golden Crow Fire Emperor and the others stood in the firmaments and looked down at the battlefield with cold expressions.


In the depths of the North Region, an extremely violent aura burst forth from the direction of the Dragon Bone Valley!

Immediately after, a roar sounded. It sounded like a dragon roar, a phoenix cry, piercing through metal and cracking rocks. Even the primordial races present felt their hearts skip a beat when they heard it!

That was the sound of the Taboo Dragon Phoenix!

The Dragon Phoenix True Body was declaring war against the Hell Witch Emperor, Golden Crow Fire Emperor and the others!

The battlefield of the Emperors would not be at this place.

The power of the Emperors was way too strong and terrifyingly destructive!

If the Emperors were to fight here, all the living beings below would be drowned by their power and die with them!

The Emperors of the Primordial Five Races knew that as well; that was the reason why they did not attack here.

If they attacked, the Emperors of the Dragon race would definitely arrive as well.

At that time, their clansmen would not be spared in the battle between the Emperors!

"Taboo Dragon Phoenix!"

The Blood Emperor licked his lips and his eyes lit up as he said excitedly, "I’ve never tasted a taboo bloodline before, hehe!"

There was something else that he did not say.

If he could refine the bloodline of the Taboo Dragon Phoenix, he might even have a breakthrough!

"Everyone, let’s go,"

The Golden Crow Fire Emperor smiled gently. "Since the Taboo Dragon Phoenix declared war in the Dragon Bone Valley, let’s see how many Emperors the Dragon, Kun and Barbarian races have left!"

"As long as we kill the taboo, the rest won’t be a threat."

The Hell Witch Emperor said indifferently.

"Don’t worry,"

The Shadowless Emperor said in a deep voice, "I have definite news on my side that the Taboo Dragon Phoenix has only comprehended a single supreme divine power. He’s of no threat to us."

"Right, we have to be careful of the Taboo Divine Hou!"

The Hell Witch Emperor reminded again.

There were more than 50 Emperors on the side of the Primordial Five Races.

There were also 17 Emperors of the eight demon regions.

The God race had eight Emperors!

Including the five top Emperors such as the Hell Witch Emperor, there were more than 80 Emperors on this side!

Throughout history, only the primordial and ancient wars had produced such a massive number of Emperors!

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