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Chapter: 1712

Night Spirit s Attack

Dragon Bone Valley.

The Emperors of the human race as well as the storyteller and the old dragon of Enigma Palace were already gathered here!

Emperors of the Dragon, Kun and Barbarian races had already appeared as well.

This was the first time that humans had joined forces with the primordial races since the primordial era.

However, be it the Emperors of the human race or the Dragon, Barbarian and Kun races, all of them had extremely grim expressions as they looked in the direction of the Middle Continent.

They were not worried about the battle between the ten thousand races at the intersection of the North Region and the Middle Continent.

Even if they were up against the joint forces of the Primordial Six Races alongside the eight demon regions, they could fight!

Furthermore, they had a trump card hidden at the borders of the North Region.

What the Emperors were truly worried about was the battle between the Emperors!

If they lost this battle, even if they won at the intersection of the North Region, they would be annihilated!

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However, they were most likely doomed for the battle between the Emperors.

The only variable was the Martial Emperor.

Instinctively, the gazes of the Emperors landed on Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm without any fear or worry—that gave the Emperors some confidence.

However, in reality, Su Zimo had no confidence either.

For the past few days, he had been trying to contact the Martial Dao Prime Body.

However, there was still no result.

The Martial Dao Prime Body seemed to have vanished from Tianhuang Mainland without a trace!

The Martial Dao Prime Body had encountered a bottleneck. If he could not comprehend it, even if he came out of seclusion in advance, he would not be able to change this battle between Emperors.

In this battle of the Emperors, the difference between both sides was immense!

On their side, there were only five Emperors of the Dragon race, including the Dragon Phoenix True Body and Long Ran who had just broken through.

Two Emperors of the Barbarian race were severely injured and could not participate in the battle. There were only two remaining that had combat strength.

The Kun race had a deep foundation. However, they encountered a calamity and seven Emperors died.

Right now, there were only six Kun Emperors left.

There were only 13 Emperors of the Dragon, Barbarian and Kun races combined!

Because of the existence of the divine power forbidden region, the Kunlun race only left the Kunlun Ruins a thousand years ago and entered the Mahayana realm one after another.

In just a thousand years, there had yet to be a Kunlun Emperor.

The Kunlun race could not help in the battle of the Emperors!

Right then, powerful figures appeared one after another not far ahead. There were Rakshasas that could soar through the skies, Blood Vines that were filled with blood qi and three-legged Golden Crows that resembled blazing suns…

The Emperors of the Primordial Six Races had arrived!

The five people in the lead were the Hell Witch Emperor, Golden Crow Fire Emperor, Thousand Eye Emperor, Blood Emperor and Shadowless Emperor!

There were a total of 17 Demon Emperors surrounding the Emperors of the primordial races!

When they saw that, the expressions of the storyteller, Long Ran, Yue Man Emperor, Xiao Kun Emperor and the others turned extremely terrible!

The difference was too great!

There were a total of five top Emperors on the side of the Primordial Six Races.

Even compared to the other Emperors, the difference was stark.

Although there were more than 20 Emperors of the human race, there would not be much left after they faced off against the Demon Emperors of the eight demon regions.

There were more than 50 Emperors combined on the side of the Primordial Six Races!

However, Su Zimo only had 13 Emperors on his side!

Su Zimo’s original plan was for his two true bodies to join forces with Night Spirit and attempt to fight against the five top Emperors such as the Hell Witch Emperor.

But now, he had no choice but to change his plan!

The difference in strength between Long Ran and the other Emperors of the Primordial Six Races was way too great and they had no chance of winning.

Long Ran’s side would most likely be defeated before the outcome was decided!

Su Zimo said in a deep voice, "I’ll join forces with everyone to fight against the other Emperors of the Primordial Six Races."

Su Zimo’s choice meant that the Dragon Phoenix True Body would join forces with Night Spirit to fight against the five top Emperors such as the Hell Witch Emperor and the others!

In that short period of time, the Hell Witch Emperor and the others had already arrived outside the Dragon Bone Valley. They stood in midair and looked at Su Zimo’s group.

Many Emperors faced off with unrestrained might!

The sea of bones outside the Dragon Bone Valley turned into ruins instantly without a peep of sound!


Suddenly, the Golden Crow Fire Emperor laughed. "Desolate Martial, you’ve changed quite a bit after not seeing you for a thousand years. Both your true bodies have become Emperors."

"It’s been a thousand years but you haven’t grown much,"

Su Zimo said indifferently.

Suddenly, the Hell Witch Emperor said, "Desolate Martial, stop putting on a front. You know in your heart that you guys don’t stand a chance of winning this battle."

"Everyone, listen up. As long as you’re willing to swear a Dao oath and submit to us, I can make the decision to spare your lives! In fact, I can even protect your clansmen and inheritance!"

The Hell Witch Emperor’s words seemed to possess a strange magic as his voice sounded slowly. Many Emperors were moved when they heard that.


Suddenly, Su Zimo burst into laughter.

The laughter contained a powerful sound domain technique that was sacred and vast like the Sanskrit of the Buddhist monasteries, exploding in everyone’s ears!

Many Emperors were alarmed and snapped out of their stupor.

Earlier on, they were almost bewitched by the voice of the Hell Witch Emperor!

Thankfully, the Martial Emperor warned them with Sanskrit in time and shocked them, preventing them from sinking into it.

At that thought, the Emperors looked terrible and felt a sense of trepidation.

The Witch race specialized in Essence Spirits.

The Hell Witch Emperor was even more well-versed in that Dao. The fact that he could affect the minds of many Emperors present with a single voice was proof of how terrifying his methods were!

Both parties were in a stand-off and it seemed like a huge battle was about to break out.

However, in reality, the Hell Witch Emperor had already attacked!

Just as the Hell Witch Emperor channeled his secret skill and affected the mental states of many cultivators, a crack appeared above the Hell Witch Emperor’s head!

A pitch-black claw suddenly extended with a dark glint and grabbed the head of the Hell Witch Emperor!

There was no warning at all!

Although there were many Emperors present, none of them noticed that someone was already hidden in the void and suddenly released a fatal attack!

The timing of his attack was perfect as well.

The Hell Witch Emperor was the most relaxed when he attacked the Emperors of the human race!

The claw was extremely menacing and the bones that were revealed resembled molten steel. They were metallic and seemed like they could penetrate everything!

What was even more frightening was that the aura released by the claw shocked all the primordial races present.

"It’s the Taboo Divine Hou!"

The Golden Crow Fire Emperor reacted right away and exclaimed.

Only a taboo bloodline could give them such a sense of trepidation!

Without hesitation, the Golden Crow Fire Emperor reverted to his true form and spat out a ball of blazing golden flames towards the crack.

However, no matter how fast the Golden Crow Fire Emperor reacted, it was already too late.

Night Spirit’s attack was clearly a calculated attack. He did not choose to attack the Golden Crow Fire Emperor or the other Emperors. Instead, he chose the Hell Witch Emperor.

Although the Hell Witch Emperor was a top Emperor, his physique and bloodline were the weakest among the five of them!

Night Spirit could not maneuver too long against the encirclement of so many foes—he only had a single chance at best!

If he could kill the Hell Witch Emperor, the pressure on him and the Dragon Phoenix True Body would be greatly reduced!

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