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Chapter: 1714

Kun Peng Carefree

On the other side of the battlefield, although there were only seven Emperors fighting, none of them dared to approach!

The two taboos of the Dragon Phoenix True Body and the Divine Hou Night Spirit faced the five top Emperors, the Hell Witch Emperor and the others!

Night Spirit was up against the Heavenly Eye Emperor and Golden Crow Fire Emperor.

The Golden Crow Fire Emperor had four supreme divine powers to refine his body and bloodline. After transforming into his true form, he was not disadvantaged against Night Spirit in melee combat!

Night Spirit was fast but the Golden Crow Fire Emperor’s movement technique was not slow either!

After all, Night Spirit had only comprehended a single supreme divine power. Although their cultivation realms were the same, the difference in their levels was way too great.

If it was a one-on-one fight, the outcome would be indeterminate.

But now, the two top Emperors, the Golden Crow Fire Emperor and the Thousand Eye Emperor, had the upper hand and suppressed Night Spirit completely!

More importantly, the Hell Witch Emperor was outside the battlefield and could attack at any moment.

If the Hell Witch Emperor were to attack, it would definitely be a thunderous attack!

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Night Spirit had to focus half of his attention on the Hell Witch Emperor.

With that, it was even more difficult for Night Spirit to defend against the attacks of the Golden Crow Fire Emperor and Thousand Eye Emperor.

However, Night Spirit possessed the bloodline of the Divine Hou and his almost instinctive killing methods left many wounds on the Golden Crow Fire Emperor and Thousand Eye Emperor!

Only, those injuries were nothing to both parties.

On the other side, the situation of the Dragon Phoenix True Body was not optimistic either.

The Dragon Phoenix True Body had only comprehended a single supreme divine power. Even with a sixfold increase in strength, he could not compare to the Blood Emperor and Shadowless Emperor.

Of course, the Dragon Phoenix True Body had his own strength!

Although the Shadowless Emperor was fast as a Rakshasa, the Dragon Phoenix True Body had the Dragon Phoenix Wings and Roc Golden Wings and was not slow either!

Both parties fought with speed in midair, turning into two beams of light that chased after one another and were almost invisible.

Many lights, runes and forces collided in midair!

The void trembled and cracks appeared!

However, fresh blood splattered continuously!

The Blood Emperor transformed into his true form and a thousand blood vines with spikes tore through the air. They were densely packed like anacondas and were menacing and bloodthirsty, wanting to coil around the Dragon Phoenix True Body.

However, the innate divine power of the Dragon Phoenix True Body, the Dragon Phoenix Flames, was extremely terrifying and burned everything.

The blood vines coiled around and were burned to ashes by the Dragon Phoenix Flames in a few breaths!


The Blood Emperor sneered with a mocking expression, "Dragon Phoenix, let’s see how long more your flames can last!"

Although the blood vines were burned, a large amount of filthy blood spewed out from them and splattered on the Dragon Phoenix True Body!

Each time the filthy blood splattered, the Dragon Phoenix Flames would weaken by a fraction!

Furthermore, the blood vines seemed endless. In that short period of time, the Dragon Phoenix Flames had already burned hundreds of them but the blood vines were still regenerating continuously!

"Do you think that you’re the only one who comprehended Everlasting Vitality?"

The Blood Emperor smiled smugly.

The Dragon Phoenix True Body had a grim expression.

If this continued, his movement speed would be restricted once the Dragon Phoenix Flames were extinguished or his strength would be so weak that he could not burn the blood vines.

At that time, he would not be able to defend against the Shadowless Emperor’s attacks!

However, there was almost no solution to everything!

The burst power of the Dragon Phoenix True Body was shocking and he had many killing methods. However, he could not exhaust the Blood Emperor who had comprehended four supreme divine powers and possessed Everlasting Vitality!

More importantly, right from the beginning, the Hell Witch Emperor had not truly released his killing move. He was only searching for openings in the outer perimeter to test the waters.

Once the Hell Witch Emperor attacked, the Dragon Phoenix True Body and Night Spirit would definitely be in danger!

Even if the Green Lotus True Body joined forces with the Dragon Phoenix True Body and Night Spirit according to the original plan, they would not have much of a chance of winning!

North Region border.

The ten thousand races fought against one another!

Although there were no Emperors on the battlefield, the situation was even more tragic. Corpses were strewn all over the borders and blood flowed everywhere!

Every single collision would leave countless corpses on the ground!

The human, Dragon, Barbarian, Kun and Kunlun races defended the North Region defense line tightly. However, the experts of the Primordial Six Races and the eight demon regions were way too many!

The humans and dragons began to retreat.

Among the human race, Ming Zhen, Demoness Ji and even some monster incarnates of the younger generation such as Beiming Xue could not defend against the attacks of the Primordial Six Races.

As a five-clawed divine dragon, Long Cang was already covered in injuries from the encirclement of the experts of the Primordial Six Races.

Earlier on, he was almost beheaded and killed by the God race!

The combined forces of the Primordial Six Races pushed their advantage to its limits.

Relying on their powerful physiques and bloodlines, the God race charged at the front and fought against the Kunlun, Barbarian and Dragon races.

In midair, the Golden Crow and Rakshasa races joined forces and restricted the energy of the Kunlun and Dragon races.

As for the Blood Vine race, they took root at the borders of the North Region and transformed into countless blood vines, almost forming a vast Blood Sea!

Countless living beings would die as the gigantic blood vines swept across the battlefield!

As for the Heavenly Eye and Witch races, they stood far away and released visual techniques and incantations continuously, causing immense lethality to the human race!

The physique of the Barbarian race was domineering and invincible among the Primordial Nine Races.

However, the weakness of the Barbarian race was extremely obvious—their Essence Spirits!

The many methods of the Witch race were killing techniques targeted at the Essence Spirit.

If the two of them were to fight in melee combat, the Witch race naturally had no chance of winning.

However, in the battle of the ten thousand races, it was impossible for the Barbarian race to break through the layers of obstacles and arrive before the Witch race!

That way, the Witch race could release Essence Spirit secret incantations and secret skills without any restraints.

Up till this point of the battle, the Barbarian race had suffered immense losses and there was almost no chance for them to survive the descent of the Witch race’s Dharmic arts!

"This can’t go on. I can’t hold on any longer!"

Even with Lin Xuanji’s lazy personality, he was getting anxious at the moment.

On the battlefield, Beiming Xue wielded her sword and had just killed a God race Patriarch. Suddenly, she retreated and turned to look at a black-robed youth beside her. "Junior Brother, you can attack now!"

Beiming Xue’s junior brother was Carefree, the Taboo Kun Peng!

Carefree’s injuries had long healed with the help of the primordial divine spring.

When the battle broke out, Carefree hid in the crowd and followed Beiming Xue like an ordinary human without revealing his identity.

At that time, with so many Emperors of the primordial races present, Carefree would have been killed the moment he revealed his bloodline!

Therefore, Carefree had always followed Beiming Xue in his human form and fought on the battlefield without exposing his bloodline and identity.

Now that the Emperors had left, the intense energy fluctuation from the Dragon Bone Valley proved that the battle between the Emperors had broken out!

There were no Emperors that could threaten Carefree here!


When he heard Beiming Xue’s words, Carefree released his blood qi without hesitation and roared into the skies!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A deafening sound of a tsunami burst forth!

In the skies above the border of the North Region, Carefree leaped up and charged towards the camp of the Primordial Six Races. A series of explosions sounded from his body and his blood qi surged.

"You must have a death wish!"

When they saw Carefree charging over, experts of the primordial races welcomed him!

The Patriarchs of the God, Golden Crow, Heavenly Eye and even the Witch race attacked one after another!

Instantly, dozens of attacks surged towards Carefree who was in midair.

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