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Chapter: 1717

Essence Spirit Fight

The situation in the battle of the Emperors changed rapidly.

Initially, the Primordial Six Races had the advantage. However, the appearance of the Asura, Yan Beichen, boosted the morale of the Emperors of the human race!

Instead, the Emperors of the Primordial Six Races died one after another.

The Hell Witch Emperor had a dark expression and looked at Yan Beichen with killing intent!

Initially, he did not care about the fight over there and merely wanted to find an opportunity to kill the two taboos.

However, at that moment, the Hell Witch Emperor decided to attack and kill the Asura Yan Beichen first!

"Spirit Slaying Curse!"

The Hell Witch Emperor secretly conjured a secret skill and channeled his spirit consciousness, prepared to release an Essence Spirit secret skill to kill Yan Beichen!

The Spirit Slaying Curse was a killing technique targeted at the Essence Spirit and would descend directly into Yan Beichen’s consciousness!

Given the combat strength of the Hell Witch Emperor, Yan Beichen would definitely die once the Essence Spirit secret skill was formed!

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Although the Dragon Phoenix True Body was fighting the Blood Emperor and Shadowless Emperor, he had been paying attention to the Hell Witch Emperor.

At that moment, when he sensed the spirit consciousness fluctuation in the void, the Dragon Phoenix True Body guessed the Hell Witch Emperor’s intentions right away!

"Reverse Scale!"

The Dragon Phoenix True Body activated his Essence Spirit secret skill without hesitation!

In his consciousness, his massive spirit consciousness compressed and condensed continuously. A scarlet scale the size of a palm floated out from his glabella and flew towards the Hell Witch Emperor!


The Hell Witch Emperor’s expression changed!

The Witch race cultivated Essence Spirits and his comprehension of the Essence Spirit Dao was even more shocking—he could naturally sense the terrifying aura released by the scale!

‘What Essence Spirit secret skill is that? Even I feel my heart skip a beat!’

The Hell Witch Emperor did not dare to be careless and gave up on killing Yan Beichen for the time being, looking at the scarlet scale that flew over not far away.

"Blood Emperor, Shadowless Emperor, there’s something strange about that Essence Spirit secret skill. Let’s attack at the same time!"

The Hell Witch Emperor sent a voice transmission hurriedly.

Although the Hell Witch Emperor did not know the origin and might of the Reverse Scale, he could sense a hint of danger.

Of course, he was confident that he could defend against the Essence Spirit secret skill of the Dragon Phoenix True Body. However, he could not guarantee that his Essence Spirit would not be injured!

He did not dare to take the risk!

However, if the three Emperors attacked at the same time, it did not matter if the Reverse Scale was special.

In terms of cultivation realm, they were far superior to the Dragon Phoenix True Body.

No matter how strong the Essence Spirit of the Taboo Dragon Phoenix was, it could not defend against the combined attack of the three of them!

The Blood Emperor and Shadowless Emperor did not hesitate when they heard the Hell Witch Emperor’s voice transmission.

The two Emperors could sense how terrifying the Reverse Scale was as well!

"Bloodthirsty Arrow!"

A massive blood-colored spirit consciousness gathered on the Blood Emperor’s glabella and formed a blood arrow in the blink of an eye, piercing towards the Reverse Scale.

A cold beam of light burst forth from the Shadowless Emperor’s glabella like a sharp curved saber. It drew a beautiful arc and sliced towards the Reverse Scale.

The Hell Witch Emperor did not dare to be careless either. He condensed a dark green skull that emitted an evil aura and devoured the Reverse Scale!

Three Essence Spirit secret skills descended at the same time!

Almost at the same time, the three Essence Spirit secret skills collided against the Reverse Scale!

There was no earthshaking sound and the entire process was silent.

It was like the sound of death!

However, the void where the four Essence Spirit secret skills collided caved in inch by inch. A terrifying aura spread and even the Emperors in the distance felt their hearts skip a beat as they turned to look!

Four powerful spirit consciousnesses collided and devoured in midair.

Cracks appeared on the Reverse Scale and it collapsed before long.

The other three Essence Spirit secret skills could not withstand it either and dissipated.


The Blood Emperor and Shadowless Emperor shuddered and their expressions changed!

The three of them joined forces and collided against the seemingly ordinary scale. However, both their Essence Spirits felt a sharp pain and were almost injured!

One could imagine that their Essence Spirits would definitely be severely injured if they fought the Dragon Phoenix True Body’s Essence Spirit alone!

The two Emperors exchanged glances and felt a sense of trepidation.

"Anyone who touches the Reverse Scale of a dragon will die!"

The eyes of the Hell Witch Emperor shone brightly as he murmured, "I see."

He had extremely deep attainments in his Essence Spirit and had already sensed the secret behind the Reverse Scale after fighting it once.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong the Reverse Scale was, there was a limit to its strength.

The Essence Spirit secret skills released by the three top Emperors had already surpassed that limit!

The Dragon Phoenix True Body frowned slightly as well and grunted. As though he was struck by lightning, his consciousness even went blank for a moment!

The first to react was the Hell Witch Emperor.

An opportunity!

This was the moment he was waiting for outside the battlefield!

Sensing the situation of the Dragon Phoenix True Body, his gaze intensified and he released a supreme divine power without hesitation!

"Everlasting Curse!"

The Hell Witch Emperor chanted an obscure incantation and his finger drew a circle in midair before touching his glabella.

The Everlasting Curse was the most evil and terrifying curse of the Witch race that targeted the Essence Spirit!

Once immersed in it, not only would one die, their bloodline, descendants would be affected by the curse for all eternity—it was extremely vile!

One would sink into eternal damnation the moment the curse landed!

A thousand years ago, at the Ten Thousand Race Meet, the Hell Witch Emperor released this supreme divine power against the Eternal Human Emperor.

However, it was destroyed by the Eternal Human Emperor’s divine powers!

In Tianhuang Mainland, there were almost no supreme divine powers that could dispel the Everlasting Curse.

Divine Powers Dissolution was something that the Eternal Human Emperor comprehended in the upper world.

The Reverse Scale of the Dragon Phoenix True Body was already released and the Hell Witch Emperor believed that his Everlasting Curse would definitely kill the Dragon Phoenix True Body!

Not only that, the curse would even sever the bloodline of the Taboo Dragon Phoenix in Tianhuang Mainland completely!

Anyone with the Dragon Phoenix bloodline would be cursed!

He was ruthless!

The Dragon Phoenix True Body stood in midair and an endless dark green power suddenly surged into his consciousness. It was extremely evil and increased, wanting to devour the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit.

However, the moment the dark green power of the curse appeared in the consciousness of the Dragon Phoenix True Body, it encountered unlimited attacks!

The consciousness of the Dragon Phoenix True Body was like a paradise for demon kings!

On the vast land, the Wild Bovine Demon King, Sanguine Ape Demon King, Divine Elephant Demon King and the other demon kings were enraged when they sensed the invasion of external forces and roared!

In the middle of the continent was a deep and dark ocean.

Suddenly, raging tides surged in the ocean!

The Desolate Ocean Dragon King burst forth and endless seawater poured down, washing away the power of the curse in the consciousness.

In the desolate sea, the spirit turtle appeared with a deep gaze!

Above the firmaments, a Golden Roc streaked down and bit the power of the curse in the consciousness!

Without the Dragon Phoenix True Body controlling it, the 11 demon kings protected their master automatically when they felt threatened and fought against the incoming curse power!

By the time the curse of the supreme divine power broke through the defense of the 11 demon kings, its power had already decreased by more than half!

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