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Chapter: 22

Chapter 22 – Fighting Force Display

Cheng Zhou came down from the mountain with a box full of buns and about a dozen stun batons.

Cheng Zhou appeared at the entrance of Black Wheat Village which immediately drew the attention of the villagers.

The village head came out tremblingly and somewhat ashamed while explaining something.

With Ye You’s help, Cheng Zhou’s comprehension of the other world language has improved by leaps and bounds. He knows that the village head is apologizing to him.

At first, Cheng Zhou didn’t get what the village head was apologizing for, but when he saw the tricycle, Cheng Zhou immediately understood.

The tire of the tricycle has burst, and the rim was no longer round.

Cheng Zhou disappeared for a number of days. In the beginning, the villagers did not dare to touch Cheng Zhou’s things.

A few days after Cheng Zhou’s disappearance, several villagers could not control their curiosity and secretly rode his tricycle at night. When there’s a first, there will be a second. After that, several more villagers rushed up to the queue in order to ride the tricycle. And after that, several people squeezed together and got on top of the tricycle, and wandered around the village. Then, naturally, the tricycle broke down.

The villagers, finding that the tricycle was broken, were shocked. Everyone began to work together to repair it, but the more they try, the worse it became. The final result was this!

The village head looked at Cheng Zhou and asked a little embarrassedly: "Well, do you still need seafood? We’ve got them ready."

Cheng Zhou frowned and said: "Keep them first."

Although he made a lot of money by selling the gemstone, it was a one-time deal, and there are very few knights like Parsons. At this stage, becoming a seafood tycoon is more reliable than becoming a gem merchant.

The village head looked at the buns Cheng Zhou brought over and was a bit misty-eyed: "Do you have anything else to do that you need help with?"

Cheng Zhou nodded and exclaimed: "Yes! I want to grow clovers in the village to raise pigs."

The village head replied hastily: "No, no!"

Cheng Zhou had long expected the village head’s reaction and spoke calmly: "I can temporarily lend you guys the artifact, so if the wild boar comes down from the mountain, all of you will not be completely powerless to defend."

The village head’s eyes widened, and he said in surprise: "My lord, are you really willing to lend us the artifact?"

The village head had long coveted Cheng Zhou’s stun baton, but Cheng Zhou was so cautious that the stun baton never left his body. The village head can only yearn for it for a while.

Cheng Zhou nodded and affirmed: "Yes."

After learning fighting force, Cheng Zhou’s ability to withstand the stun baton has greatly improved. The stun baton brought over by Cheng Zhou this time is of average power. Even if it hits him, it will not have much impact.

The village head pondered for a moment and uttered: "I will gather the villagers and ask for everyone’s opinions."

Cheng Zhou nodded and said: "Okay."

Cheng Zhou wants to grow clovers in the other world and develop the hog industry, but he doesn’t intend to depend on raising pigs to make money.

Cheng Zhou has two main purposes. One is to take this opportunity to catch some evolved horned boars. According to Ye You, if there is not enough energy to supplement, raising a spiritual insect is not a good thing, because if the nutrients are insufficient, it will absorb the energy of its host to grow.

Cheng Zhou also discovered that if he wants to improve his fighting force cultivation speed, he has to be supplemented with a lot of demon beast meat. He now has a much larger appetite. Ordinary meat is enough to fill his stomach, but it doesn’t do much good for cultivation.

Cheng Zhou wants to carve out a bit of territory in the other world to plant some alfalfa from his world. Cheng Zhou wanted to know whether the plants of his world could survive in this world and whether they could produce mutations.

As stated by Ye You, spiritual insects are the crystallization of plants and trees. When a piece of vegetation grows lush, spiritual insects may be born, which in turn will nourish the spiritual field.

Cheng Zhou was curious. If he planted a rose here, and the rose grows, will a rose insect be born?! Many things require experimentation, and it has to be done step by step.

The village head gathered a group of villagers to discuss the matter of planting the pasture grass.

All the villagers were shocked. Usually, the villagers always couldn’t eradicate the pasture grass in time. Now that they needed to plant it, the villagers found it a little hard to digest.

However, Cheng Zhou’s prestige in this world is not low. Knowing that it was Cheng Zhou’s proposal, everyone discussed it for a while and reluctantly agreed.

A group of villagers began to dig trenches. In fact, there was already a trench between Black Wheat Village and the mountain forest, but it was relatively shallow.

Cheng Zhou brought ten shovels this time. With the tools at hand and enough food to eat, everyone was very enthusiastic about digging the trench.

There were only ten shovels, and the village head assigned them to ten young men of the village. Obtaining the iron tool, the zeal of the villagers to dig trenches was very high. Few villagers who were arranged to transport soil looked at those who got the iron tool with envy.

And the few villagers with shovels looked at those equipped with stun batons with envy.

The villagers who were assigned with stun batons patrolled the village, and they were all majestic and high-spirited.

Iron tools are rare, but one can still find a piece or two in some well-off families in the village. However, "artifacts" such as the stun baton are different. The villagers have never heard of them, let alone seen them.

Having witnessed the power of the stun baton, the villagers believed that Cheng Zhou was born of a great aristocrat. Only a great aristocrat can come up with so many alchemical creations at a time.

Little Lucky was perched on top of Cheng Zhou’s head, crying "yiyi yaya" very excitedly.

A green light emanated from Little Lucky. Not long after the green light was emitted, the roar of a horned boar was heard.

A horned boar should have sensed Little Lucky’s breath and rushed out of the mountain forest.

Several villagers panicked when they saw the horned boar coming out.

Cheng Zhou took out the longsword and slashed towards the horned boar that dashed out, and the blue fighting force surged out.

Cheng Zhou has been practicing fighting force for some time, but this is the first time he used fighting force to fight. The horned boar was blocked by the fighting force, and the momentum of charging out weakened considerably.

Cheng Zhou frowned and said inwardly: Although fighting force is magical, its power is not as great as I imagined.

A strange force flowed into Cheng Zhou’s body. Cheng Zhou, like a god, swung out his sword once more. The horned boar was split in half by Cheng Zhou’s sword.

The group of villagers gawked at the horned boar that had been split in half, and their faces were full of fear and awe.

Cheng Zhou observed the awestruck expressions of the villagers and was very satisfied.

As night fell, Cheng Zhou walked to the secluded place and said: "Thank you."

Ye You emerged from the shadows, "You deliberately let your insect lure the horned boar over in order to make a demonstration!"

Cheng Zhou smiled and admitted: "You saw through it!" Some villagers were somewhat resistant to planting alfalfa. Cheng Zhou intentionally displays his fighting force just to frighten the villagers.

Ye You glanced at Cheng Zhou and voiced: "Don’t overestimate your ability. I’ve mentioned to you before that your fighting force is just a charade. Its lethality is limited."

Cheng Zhou responded a little depressedly: "It can’t be that bad. I believe I’m already very competent." With his current physical strength, if he goes into wrestling, he will definitely return with a gold medal.

Ye You grinned but didn’t reply.

Cheng Zhou smiled and said: "Anyway, thank you very much. if it wasn’t for your timely help, the demonstration wouldn’t have gone so smoothly."

When the horned boar stormed out, a force suddenly poured into his body. It should be Ye You who was worried about blaming him for capsizing (suffering a defeat), so he helped him in time.

"You don’t need to thank me. I’m just afraid that if you die, there will be no one around at my disposal." Ye You replied uncomfortably.

Cheng Zhou chuckled and said: "Yes, yes, yes. Master, you don’t have to worry. I will definitely do my best to serve you."

Ye You snorted lightly and asked: "Is that true? You are busy raising pigs now. Do you still have time to attend to me?"

"I work hard to raise pigs, is in fact, so that you can eat fresh pork!" Cheng Zhou proclaimed flatteringly.

Ye You grunted subtly, obviously in disbelief, "Really? Then you really have the heart."

Cheng Zhou smiled and remarked: "This is what I should do. Look at the gentle sea breeze and gorgeous scenery. Let me make a barbecue for you."

"That’s more like it!" Ye You answered.

Cheng Zhou peered at Ye You and said to himself: Ye You resembles a Persian cat! Beautiful and arrogant. You have to keep his fur smooth. If you accidentally cause his fur to stand on end, he will wave his claws. Not easy to serve!

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