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Chapter: 442

The Plan 2

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"If Tai Pin wants to take over the highest ranking position in the underworld, then believe me, he has invited only the head of families to his party."

You don't execute a takeover without an audience. 

While he explained the details of the plan to the men, Edward didn't bother with the retelling of the history between him and the opponent.

All the men needed to know was: there was an enemy that needed to be taken down and they were going to help Edward do it. 

"Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," they all chorused. 

The underground parking lot of the hotel building was almost always deserted because nobody likes to park their cars in a dark room with concrete pillars and zero security.

The lighting in the vast expanse was dim and people could barely see anything which was exactly why it was a good place to have weapons delivered to the team. 

The truck arrived that night filled to it's teeth with armour, most of which wasn't going to survive the bullet fest that would go down in a matter of hours.

With stealth and intent, some of the soldiers from the room trooped down to arrange the weapons.

Guns were cleaned and loaded with as much bullets as their magazines could carry. Bulletproof vests were checked for excesses and the blades of swords were shone until reflections could be seen. 

None of the weapons were going to be moved from the back of the truck until they were needed.

After proper inventory of them had been taken, the truck was sent to the parking lot of the hotel where the party would be taking place. 

"According to the invitation, Tai Pin expects me to check into the hotel anytime today."

Viktor tapped the screen of the smart watch on his hand, "It's almost seven o'clock."

"I took a late flight." Edward shrugged. 

"Shall I call you a cab then?"

Edward thought a while then shook his head. "Take me to the airport." 

His reasoning was that Tai Pin would be watching out for him from the airport. 

"Up until now, I was just a tourist in Shanghai," he announced to the room, "now, I am a target."


Sneaking Edward into the airport to pretend like he'd just come off a flight was no small feat.

Since Tai would definitely have access to flight manifests, they had to take Edward to the private terminals where jets landed.

Tai wouldn't expect Edward to fly commercial anyway. It was a good thing they had been covering their tracks since day one. But they'd been focused on the wrong enemy all these while. 

Tai Pin was the one behind everything, Jinn was just a face the man needed to throw everyone off.

Edward wondered what would happen to Alexa's father after everything. He was sure Tai had promised him a seat at the head table, but everyone knew that it was never going to happen.

"In the end," Edward told Viktor as they drove to the airport, "One of them would betray the other and that's the part we need to watch out for."

When they arrived the airport, they manoeuvred their way to the terminals and came out looking fresh off a plane. This time, Holly wasn't with Edward, he had sent her back to Beijing. 

"There's been a change of plans for the party, I'm sorry," was all he'd told her before shutting the door of the hired cab.

Instead of himself, Viktor had chosen four men to act as escorts. Dressed in suits so blue they appeared black, the four men stood around the mafia boss like shields. 

Viktor and two others were on ground watching out for Tai's men ready to attack in case the party started too early. 

Dressed like a chauffeur, another one of Edward's soldiers stood beside a navy green Toyota Highlander waiting for his passengers.

When he saw them approaching, he ran around to get Edward's suitcases which he put in the trunk. As soon as Edward and his entourage were seated inside, the man drove off. 

"Anything yet Viktor?"

"No, but we have close eyes on your car."

Edward wanted to know if they were being followed. It was a sure bet that they would be. 

The driver took them to The Haven where reservations had already been made for Edward a long time ago. 

When they walked into the reception, heads turned to watch the group. Edward sure did know how to make an entrance. The wall around him became tighter.

Now that they were in enemy territory, they needed to be prepared for attack at any time. The men only slackened their cover around the boss when they got to the reception desk. 

"Edward Wu," was all he said before the blonde receptionist started tapping away at her desktop.

"Mr. Wu, we've been expecting you."

"Hope am not too late."

"Not at all," the lady gave him a smile that under different circumstances would have looked less sinister. Edward couldn't trust her, even if he wanted to. 

She handed the key over to him and asked him to have a nice stay. He didn't expect to. 

"Okay Viktor, from here on out, I'm alone until I leave the room tomorrow."

The team had anticipated the room being bugged. There was no way Tai Pin wouldn't want to know who Edward was communicating with and what he was saying.

There would be cameras too so he had to be careful not to show anything that would tip them off and he had to act as natural as possible so he didn't lose the advantage of surprise.

All five men boarded the elevator to the floor Edward's room was on. The ride up was slow and quiet, but the moment the bells dinged announcing their arrival, every guard went up and everyone become on alert. 

With purposeful strides, they walked to the room the boss would be sleeping in for the night and left him once he entered the room. They would return to their base to rest and regroup tomorrow for the execution. 

While he arranged his suitcase into the closet, Edward took a visual sweep of the room. Immediately, he spotted a few points where microphones might have been placed and he smiled.

The cameras were obviously hidden in the ceiling panels so he didn't even bother with them.

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