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Chapter: 445


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"Oh my goodness would you two just quit it already," Chapa yelled. "God!"

Su Ya laughed, "Don't know why you're yelling Chaps, but I am quite liking this."

Chapa rolled her eyes.

Edward looked at Mai, "Let's call a temporary truce?" He brought out his hand for a shake.

Mai looked at his outstretched hand and her frown deepened. She turned around and with a huff walked away. 

"Is this how she planned on winning the bet? By walking up to me and starting an argument?"

Su laughed, "Maybe, except I lied. There was no bet," she brought out a gun and pointed it at Edward's head, "I was supposed to be the first one to talk to you."

Mai and Chapa also brought out their guns as they rounded him. 

Edward closed his eyes as he let out a curse. He hadn't seen this one coming at all.

"Told you girls I was the best bet. He fell for my trap like a hungry animal."

The three of them laughed in a way that made Edward cringe. 

"Tie him up Chapa."

Chapa returned her gun to the holster in front and moved behind Edward. But that wasn't even their first mistake.

He threw his head back and hit her square on the forehead, but before any of the other two could react, he grabbed the gun from Chapa's belt and shot at them. 

As he had expected, they both dodged and ran for cover firing return shots at him.

"Three children huh?" Edward said from where he hid behind a tree. "You run fast for a mother of three, Mai."

From where Su and Mai hid together, the older sister looked at her junior and hissed. 

"You told him I have three kids?"

Su shrugged, "I wanted him to expect moms not trained assassins."

"God you're a fool sometimes."

By now, Edward had called for back up. He fired two more shots before running for the Jeep. 

"He's going for the car," Chapa yelled and all three of them made chase. 

As Edward ran, he fired shots behind him to throw them off. He took a different path from the one they had taken to come in to throw them off. 

His men had followed them to the trail, but had kept going when they noticed they weren't the only ones following the jeep.

Another sedan with Tai and Jinn's men had followed them to the trail and after the first two shots were fired, they'd all jumped out of the car to chase after Edward. He was now receiving heavy fire from all ends. 

"You're not supposed to kill him idiots," he heard Mai hiss at them and that motivated Edward to run even faster.

Because he was focused on the path ahead, Edward didn't see the man coming from beside him until they were both rolling in the grass.

Edward tried to shoot but the gun was knocked out of his grip. Angered by the hit, he grabbed the man by his neck and after much struggle, managed to snap it. 

Edward stood up from the ground and searched the guy for his weapons.

He came up with an SMG just in time to fire at the other men that had caught up with him. The struggle had slowed him down. 

"Fuck!" he heard one yell as he got him in the knee.

Edward turned around and kept running. He could see the end of the trail now and glimpsed one or two men running for him from that direction. His men. They were shooting at those chasing behind him.

When he got to them, the three of them ran together to the car parked.

"Go!" Viktor yelled to the man behind the wheel before taking off his mask. He turned to look at Edward, "Are you alright sir?"

"I'm fine," Edward growled. "We were wrong about the attack."

Viktor nodded, "We figured. On the way here, I asked my IT guy to run a check on the hotel bookings. No other mafia boss apart from you and Jinn Yang has checked into the hotel."

Edward looked at Viktor. 

"The party was a decoy, a way to get you here."



"I managed to get one of the trackers on the youngest daughter. I'm hoping she'll lead us right to where Tai and Jinn are."

Viktor nodded, "I'll phone the techie to give us the location of the tracker. In the meantime, we need to call for back up."

"Then fucking call for back up."

Edward was mad. He had miscalculated Tai Pin's attacks and had underestimated his daughters.

When Su had invited him on the hiking trip, he'd been suspicious. He had anticipated something to happen, but hadn't imagined the girls taking part in it.

They were all in on the plan and he should have guessed that. But Su's story had made him question their involvement. She always did have a way of deceiving people. 

Viktor first rang Taj, their techie who gave them the location of the tracker before ringing the other men. 

"Meet us at the Imperial Tower."


Edward was given guns and Kevlar. He also kept a knife hidden in his trouser, it would come to good use later.

They were parked a few metres away from the Imperial Tower where Tai Pin was inside with his family and Jinn Yang and Amy. 

"My girlfriend's in there," Edward said to his men, "I'll need four of you to focus on just finding her and getting her to the safety of the airport." Han the pilot had been contacted and was already on his way with the jet. 

"We've already underestimated these men before, we won't do it again. They're waiting for us so we walk in with bullets. Shoot anything that doesn't work for me."

Edward turned around and walked to the gates. An exodus of over fifty men followed behind him and once they got near the gates of the building, they started firing bullets. 

Edward grabbed one man and yelled at him to take three others to go find Amy. 

"I'll go find Tai Pin."


"Edward's here."

Well into his sixties and greying all over, Tai Pin was a burly man of average height. He turned around from where he stood looking out the window at the bullet fest happening on his grounds. 

"I can see that," he told Jinn Yang. "Get Amy and bring her here. She's our edge over him."

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