For You In The Cage


Canaren, a beautiful woman with golden wings caught by a tyrant.

A man appeared in front of her while she was trapped in a cage and being harassed by a tyrant.

"Don’t doubt me, use me. Because I’m on your side."

Purple eyes that seemed to capture the night sky and a deep yet calming voice to listen to.

The elegant man who looked very handsome, with cool eyes and yet blunt expressions, is the tyrant’s twin brother. He is the Duke of Rubius.

The duke had saved her several times from the emperor’s dirty desires.

Tamed by the faint tenderness he showed, Canaren thought of him as a savior. But at some point, he began to show his true colors that he had been hiding.

"Don’t think about running away from me."

He had made an incomprehensible proposal.

* * *

"You have someone you love..…!"

"She is dead. I killed her. And you look like her."

The corners of Yulif’s mouth twisted. She felt her feet collapse in the despair lurking beneath that dragged her down.

"I don’t need your heart. Just live as my wife for three months."

Chapter : 26


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