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Chapter: 3416


Black Jack held the Devourer tighter and tighter.

No matter how hard the devouring beast slapped him with the tentacles of energy and materials, he gritted his teeth and did not let go.

Because of Black Jack’s embrace, the devouring beast lost the agility to come and go as it pleased. Its tentacles and waves could not be expanded, and its fatal weakness was exposed.

"You don’t know what’s good for you. What are you doing?"

The Devourer was both shocked and infuriated. Its voice was full of disbelief as it roared at Black Jack, "Without my help, you would’ve still been a desperate, down-and-out mercenary. You wouldn’t be where you are today. But now, after hearing this woman’s flowery words, you are trying to betray me, you suicidal idiot!"

"I—I should never have been your slave. Where did the ‘betrayal’ come from?"

Tears and snot were flowing out of Black Jack’s eyes because of the pain. Every muscle fiber on his face was cramping, but his smile was even more brilliant than the scorching sun. He said, one word after another, "Even without you, I would still be me. I repeat, I am not the ‘Master Devourer’. I am ‘Jack Thunder’! AHHHHHHHHHH!"

His limbs were like chains, and his scorching body was like a bomb that was ready to explode. The Devourer’s internal organs were about to be squeezed out.

"Let’s do it. If we don’t, we will all die together!"

He roared at his sisters, "I know I’m not a hero, but please, give me a chance. Let me be a real man for once in the last moment of my life! Come on. Kill me. Kill me and you’ve killed it. Come on. Do it!"

All the sisters of the harem burst into tears.

Although they all despised and loathed Black Jack after they realized what was going on, they still felt that the weapon in their hands was too heavy to be lifted when Black Jack realized that he had gone astray and released himself.

Even Natasha, the most decisive and courageous female captain, was not willing to raise her giant sword against Black Jack.

The magic of Hela was condensed in his palm like a small sun, unwilling to be released for a long time.

In the end, Princess Summer was the first to raise her broken saber.

Her tears were vaporized into rainbows by the aura of the saber. Princess Summer sobbed. "Black Jack, I—I’ll help you!"

The broken saber slashed at Black Jack, or rather, the Devourer.

The Devourer tried to raise its tentacles to resist, only to be restrained by Black Jack. It raised its chest and faced the aura of the saber.


The broken saber pierced deep into his body, but Black Jack smiled in relief despite the excruciating pain.

"Thank you, Princess Summer. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…"

He mumbled to himself.

The Devourer, on the other hand, roared and struggled harder, trying to get away from Black Jack’s body.

But with Princess Summer taking the lead, the other sisters of the harem were attacking it like an overwhelming tide.

This time, not just magical attacks, even the physical attacks of sabers, spears, swords, and halberds could hurt Black Jack through its body.

For a moment, glamorous magic, sharp blades, powerful dragon breath, and the curse of the witch gathered into the most brilliant fireworks and exploded all over Black Jack’s body, blowing the Devourer into pieces and making it scream. After it was condensed again and again, it split again and again. Finally, after being torn apart and burnt, it became dimmer and dimmer, thinner and weaker.

The siege lasted three minutes.

Until his sisters in the harem were all exhausted and could not even activate the most rudimentary fireball technique. They could not even lift a dagger. They all staggered and fell backwards.

Too much of their vitality had been absorbed by the devouring beast in the first place. When they were woken up by Trisha and Princess Summer, they were already exhausted and on the verge of collapse. It was only because of their fury that they were able to persist until now. Such a powerful attack was already their limit.

They had launched all their attacks. Right now, they could only wait patiently for the verdict of fate.

The girls held their breath and gazed at the smoke, mystic rays, and flames.

The Witches and devils in the periphery felt that their mouths were dry, too, and could not help but shiver. They did not know the outcome of the battle that would decide the future of the Blood Demon Sector and the Glorious Mortal World.

The smoke and flames were about to disperse.

Suddenly, a bloody shadow was thrown out of the smoke and hit the ground heavily, leaving a miserable shadow.

It was Black Jack, who was on the verge of death. His real face had been restored. The Devourer had been freed from his body!

The girls were all alarmed and stared at the depths of the smoke.

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When the smoke dispersed, the devouring beast in the form of pure energy reached the girls in the most terrifying way again.

Compared to before Black Jack stirred up trouble, it was much smaller in size. Its color was lackluster, and its details were blurred. It looked like a mottled or even riddled shadow.

It was not hard to tell that the assault of Black Jack had indeed seriously wounded it and reduced its strength to less than ten percent.

The problem was that, in the battle of attrition, the girls were even more miserable and tortured than it was.

"Hehe. Hehehehehe!"

The Devourer shrieked miserably, its lackluster face turning extremely hideous. "You want to annihilate me because of the harassment of such an idiot? Naïve fools!

"Black Jack, you could’ve enjoyed the supreme glory, but you chose the most painful path of death on your own. Good. Very good. Since you’ve degraded yourself like this, I will fulfill your wish, but not now. You will soon know that I have a hundred ways to let you live another hundred years in hell!

"And you, women. Haven’t I given you enough favors? It is your greatest fortune to offer your life to the Master of Swallowing. Why are you resisting such a sacred destiny?

"Hehe. Whatever tricks you have up your sleeve, you’ve used them all, haven’t you? I’m going to let you have a taste of what it feels like to defy the Master of Swallowing. I hope that you can reflect on why you listened to the two crazy women in the endless, painful hell… Wait. You—you crazy woman. What are you doing?"

The Devourer looked at Theresa in horror.

Theresa felt that a string in the depths of her soul had snapped the moment Black Jack lunged at her and shouted, "Kill me!"

The knowledge of countless generations of captains of Jade flooded into her brain in the form of billions of streams of data.

Strength. More strength. Incomparable strength. It came from the primeval era, the primeval era, and the depths of the universe. She needed strength wherever she was!

"It’s impossible!"

Jade exclaimed through the liquid metal armor, "How can your soul withstand the intense blast of so much data? You—you have absorbed the strength of so many captains. What are you doing?"

"Do what I’m best at."

Theresa paused and said casually in her heart, "It’s also my favorite thing."

Endless data streams were dancing, surging, and colliding inside his brain. In the end, they condensed into a delicate 3D structure that looked like the design of a super weapon.

Then, thousands of silver threads darted out of the surface of the liquid metal armor and tied up more than ten ‘Hell Exterminators’.

The guns had been destroyed by Black Jack and the Devourer and turned into scrap.

On the other hand, Theresa’s silver threads dissected and dismantled thousands of suitable components like scalpels and screwdrivers.

Then, the components were dragged to her.

The liquid metal armor seemed to be alive. Countless roots extended out and drowned the thousands of components. After cracking noises, they were reassembled into a magnificent, magnificent, and dominating cannon in the sea of stars that was melded with Theresa’s armor, body, and even soul. It stood straight from her abdomen to her groin.

"This is—"

The girls of the harem were all dumbfounded.

"This is—"

Black Jack, who was already on the verge of death, struggled to open his eyes. He looked at Theresa in disbelief and felt that the boundless fury released from her body turned into the most powerful energy and filled the giant cannon standing in front of him.

As Theresa’s fury soared, more and more components of the Hell Destroyer were poured in. The size of the cannon was still increasing. Very soon, it expanded to the point that it was thicker than Theresa herself. Nobody dared to look at it directly.