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Chapter: 3417


For a moment, the entire ‘crimson palace’, or rather, the bridge of Jade, was shaken by Theresa’s fury and resonated with her surging soul.

The glass-like walls of the cabin reflected the brilliance from the depths of Theresa’s soul. Billions of rainbow-like beams of light congregated on the giant cannon on Theresa’s waist and darted at the Devourer like a destructive torrent.

The Devourer was shot right in the head by Theresa.

It was drowned and swallowed by Theresa’s intense emotions.

Even though the time-traveling monster fed on the emotions of the intelligent creatures, a hundred times of food was enough to make it explode.

"It’s… It’s impossible… How can you have such intense emotions… How can a human being have such emotions… Ah… Ahhhhhh!"

Like an octopus that had fallen into magma, the Devourer waved its tentacles crazily and screamed miserably, struggling in vain.

"Don’t you love the taste of human emotions? Aren’t you best at playing with the noble souls of human beings?

Theresa compressed her self into the giant cannon and released it to her heart’s content. "Then, I’ll show you the true feelings and will of human beings. Go to hell!"


Starting from the giant cannon on Theresa’s waist, waves of colorful tides spread out and drowned the entire bridge.

Not only were all the members of the harem, even Black Jack, who was on the verge of death, as well as all the devilized people and sorceresses present, could not help but be moved by Theresa and burst out the strongest emotions and determination together with her.

It didn’t matter whether they were good or bad. It didn’t matter whether they were male or female. The so-called ‘human beings’ and ‘demons’ didn’t matter. The true meaning of the two words ‘human beings’ was that they would never be manipulated, they would never submit, and they would never tolerate any existence, even if billions of stars, deities, and devils, or some illusive destiny, decided their future!

During the continuous launch, because of everyone’s encouragement, countless components were attracted by Theresa and added to the cannon by the silver threads.

The cannon continued upgrading, becoming thicker, larger, and more magnificent.

It was as if the main gun of Jade had grown out of Theresa’s waist.

It was a real cannon.

Theresa was the real king of cannons in the sea of stars.

Such powerful and persistent attacks finally overwhelmed the Devourer.

The monsters in the form of pure energy were melting and shrinking like ice cubes tossed into hot water.

For the first time, it released emotions of fear and desperation. It even shrank into a worm and kowtowed to Theresa, begging for mercy.

"No! No! You don’t understand the significance of my transmigration!"

It screamed in panic, "You know nothing about the cycle of time. You know nothing about the relationship between the past, the present, and the future. You know nothing about the relationship between the Observer and the multiverse! Without our efforts, everything that you are proud of will be gone. You cannot kill me. You—"

It seemed to be trying to tell Theresa a great secret.

But there was a certain law that stifled its voice.

In her fury, Theresa was too lazy to listen to the nonsense of the devouring beast. Instead, she vented and released herself, making the devouring beast vanish into thin air after a series of screams.

An unknown amount of time passed.

The burning cockpit was finally peaceful again.

Theresa was breathing heavily on one of her knees.

The cannon was dismantled into tiny components and absorbed by the liquid metal armor, before it was assembled into a new form and placed on her back.

It was like a silver armor with two folded wings on it, which added to her charisma.

The last ripple of the Devourer also dissipated in the eternal void.

Everything was over.

After experiencing the entire soul-stirring and inconceivable process, everyone stood silently like statues, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

But Theresa was the first to run to Black Jack.

"Black Jack…"

Holding Black Jack in her arms, she couldn’t help but shed hot tears on his bloody body.

"You—cough cough—you made it."

Black Jack struggled to open his eyes. He looked at Theresa with a smile and said feebly, "You destroyed the Devourer?"

"No. Not me. You."

Theresa said solemnly, "If you hadn’t stepped forward, sacrificed yourself to stall the enemy, and given me the opportunity to condense the cannon, it would have been impossible for us to destroy the Devourer.

"Therefore, I did not lie to you just now. You are the key to the battle. You are the greatest hero!

"What a hero…"

Black Jack smiled in relief and mumbled, "I—I never meant to be a hero. However, no matter how many mistakes I made, I was still a real man at the last moment, wasn’t I?"

"Of course."

Theresa said solemnly, "You are a 100% well-deserved, authentic, real man!"

"That’s… good…"

Black Jack’s voice was blocked by the blood.

It was not just his throat. All the holes on his body were spurting blood, which could not be blocked at all. All the healing techniques and blessing techniques were useless.

He was dying. After a moment of brightness, his soul fire was gradually extinguished. It was an irreversible law of nature.

The only thing that Theresa could do was cry. "Black Jack, where—where is your hometown? Who is in your family? Do you have any unfulfilled wishes? I swear that I will send your heroic deeds back to your hometown and tell your family. Whatever your wish is, I will fulfill it for you no matter what!"

"Really, really, can I have any wish?" The last bit of brightness suddenly beamed out of Black Jack’s dim eyes.

"Of course."

"You sacrificed yourself, saved everyone, and saved my life," Theresa said resolutely. "That alone is enough for me to fulfill any of your wishes!"

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"That—that’s great. Then I—"

Black Jack was suddenly refreshed. He craned his neck from the abyss of death and looked at Theresa in expectation. He asked nervously, "Then, can you… kiss me?"

"…No," Theresa said.

"Hey, didn’t you say that I can have any wish, even if it is not my lips? Can you kiss my forehead?"

"…No," Theresa said.

"Is that not good enough? Then just say ‘I like you’. You can lie to me if you want. I don’t mean any harm. I just—I’ve never tasted the feeling of being liked by a girl without the help of a devouring beast. I know that I’m going to die. Just do me a favor and lie to me, will you?"

"…Not good. It’s my principle. It’s not your fault, but I have my reasons that I can’t tell you. I’m sorry. Why don’t you stop stirring up such a touching atmosphere and just, uh, take a good rest?"


Black Jack was somewhat disappointed.

"Forget it. Let me do it."

A voice came from behind Theresa.

It was Princess Summer.

Her body was shining like an angel. She took Black Jack from Theresa and sat on the ground, holding him in her arms.