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Chapter: 3418


One month later.

Deep inside the Blood Demon Sector.

It was an ancient engine furnace that had been sealed for a long time.

More precisely speaking, it was a 3D city made of countless magnificent power furnaces, crisscrossing power transmission tubes, and exquisite super computational equipment that seemed to be alive.

However, the city had been sleeping for too long.

It was so long that it was mottled and full of rust despite the lack of dust, like a lifeless grave.

But today, the ‘grave’ had been opened and new life was about to be injected into it.

Thousands of devils from the Hell Destroyer Clan, the Black Shield Clan, the Medusa Clan, the Fire Clan, the Beast Taming Clan, the Strong Arm Clan, and the Turing Clan were all prostrating themselves on the ground devoutly. They looked at the woman, who was wearing liquid metal armor and had silver wings on her back. Her face was almost perfect, and she had an air of valiance about her. She walked to the control panel of the core power reactor slowly and solemnly.

The woman was on one of her knees with her hands crossed on her chest. She prayed to the ancestors who built the engine furnace and the entire Blood Demon Sector for their blessing.

Then, she opened her mouth and bit her fingertip. She poured a drop of blood into the examination system on the control panel and pressed her finger on it.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The examination system of the core power reactor automatically analyzed and identified that the plug-ins from hundreds of captains of Emerald were indeed stored inside her gene strands.

With the cooperation of the super artificial intelligence ‘Jade’, the last barrier was broken. The magnificent, complicated power city started functioning. Holy flames spurted out of the power furnace. The raging flames congregated into immense energy and drove the gears, bearings, universal joints, and steering rods to spin faster and faster. They were then transformed into electricity and energy of dozens of different attributes, triggering various automatic production and repair systems, including the air circulation system, the water purification system, the artificial power system, the synthesized food system, the holographic education system, and so on.

Jade, the super warship that had hibernated for thousands of years in the entire Blood Demon Sector, was gradually waking up!

"Long live the Holy Lady of the Artillery!"

Looking at the mysterious runes that contained billions of pieces of information gradually shining on the deck and the cabin walls below their feet, the lifeless mechanical equipment that had been injected with new life, the seeds of life that had hibernated for thousands of years, the first sprouts that had sprouted in hibernation chambers or petri dishes, and even the air that was fresher than before, the devils were all moved to tears.

They were more and more determined about their choice. They believed that the woman they chose must’ve been acknowledged and blessed by their ancestors as the real ruler of the Blood Demon Sector.

Therefore, even the most disobedient experts of the demon race had to kneel before the beautiful woman sincerely and worship her from the bottom of their hearts. They were willing to sacrifice themselves for the ‘Holy Lady of the Giant Cannon’.

There was no emotion on Theresa’s face when she heard the thousands of demons greeting her, but the corners of her eyes and mouth were twitching.

It never occurred to her that, after such a bizarre and soul-stirring adventure in a foreign world, she would still become the Cannon King of the Star Ocean Imperium with such an identity… No matter how many times she listened to it, she still found it impossible to accept the title ‘Holy Lady of the Artillery’ calmly!

Other than that, everything was going well.

The mutation of Black Jack and the Devourer in the crimson palace almost wiped out all the leaders of the seven tribes of the demon world.

Even though a few of them had survived, they had a deep impression of Theresa’s earthshaking attack and did not dare defy her will.

Besides, too much blood had been shed during the decades of civil war. It was time for a rest.

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With the help of ‘Jade’, Theresa had received the legacy of the witch and the highest clearance to activate all the functions of ‘Jade’. She could repair and activate the power furnaces one after another, allowing the Blood Demon Sector to be supplied with food, clean water, and even weapons and ammunition.

In the eyes of thousands of demons, she was the well-deserved Empress Crimson, the leader of the devil world.

It was not an easy task.

But for the peace of the Blood Demon Sector and the Emerald Continent, and for the cooperation between the magical world and the Cultivators, Theresa had no reason to refuse.

He could only try his best to recall the methods of Old Yao, the Fist King, Boss Bai, Lei Chenghu, and even the wretched little emperor Li Jialing and try to be a qualified… uh… Holy Lady of the Artillery.

Thankfully, she was not fighting alone.

Black Jack’s harem was indeed full of talents.

Some of them were wise strategists such as Hela, and some were bold generals such as Natasha, captain of the female mercenaries.

What surprised Theresa more was Princess Summer.

She was an excellent administrative officer. In less than half a month, she had sorted through all the complicated affairs of the Blood Demon Sector, including the operations of the seven tribes.

Princess Summer said that it was a skill that her father had taught her since she was a little girl.

With the help of Black Jack’s harem and the assistance of the super artificial intelligence ‘Jadeite’, the half-baked saintess of the Grand Cannon, or rather, the Crimson Queen, was quite decent.

Finally, after a month of hard work, the seven tribes of the demon world were all united around the Holy Lady of the Artillery.

Besides, under the guidance of ‘Jade’, they had arrived at the core engine compartment of Jade, which had been sealed for a long time, and activated the core engine furnace, which was the largest in scale and had the strongest output.

It meant that everything was on track. The self-recovery system of Jade had been fully activated. With sufficient resources, the ability to cruise in deep space or even perform space jumps would be restored very soon. Theresa would be able to sail Jade back to the Pangu Universe and the world of Cultivators.

According to the tradition of sailing in the sea of stars, the core engine furnace had another sacred use.

Theresa turned around and saw Princess Summer carrying Black Jack’s body.

Born in the sea of stars and killed in the sea of stars, the engine furnace was the best destination for the travelers who were lost among billions of stars.

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The travelers believed that, when their bodies were burnt to ashes in the raging flames, their souls would embark on a glittering journey home.

Nobody knew where Black Jack’s hometown was, nor did anybody know his identity and deeds before he met the Devourer.

Therefore, they could only send Black Jack off in such a way.

"Goodbye, Black Jack."

A zigzagging brilliance blinked in the corner of her eyes. She pressed the rune on the control panel softly and opened a special slide above the engine furnace.

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