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Chapter: 3419

Two Plans

Princess Summer and her sisters in the harem all looked at Black Jack with complicated expressions. He slowly slid into the white flames and turned into a cluster of colorful fireworks. After a moment of brilliance, he vanished into thin air.

The old days of the Emerald Universe were over.

A new era was coming.

The activation ceremony of the core power road was completed perfectly.

It also meant that the super artificial intelligence ‘Jadeite’, the control system of Jade, was supported by a stronger energy source and could summon a higher computational ability to restart billions of virtual systems. The wisdom accumulated over billions of years was as vast as the stars.

It gave Theresa a glimmer of hope.

After the ceremony, she snuck back to the deepest part of the cockpit.

Jade was waiting for her.

Right now, it was supported by brand-new energy and looked even more glamorous than before.

The moment she saw Jade, Theresa couldn’t wait to ask, "How is it? Your database and computational ability have been rebooted to more than 50%, haven’t they? Do you have any solution to my problem?"

"Don’t be hasty. How can it be resolved so easily?"

Jade was lying on the captain’s seat lazily, as if she were exhausted. She said, "Jade has just been restarted. There are a lot of things that need to be done. I still have a lot of work to do. Repair the damaged cabins of the warship, restore the high-efficiency production of synthesized food, output more oxygen and clean water, and organize the brand-new ‘Starship Driving and Maintenance Manual’ so that the devils, who haven’t touched such advanced technology for thousands of years, can get started as soon as possible.

"Right, there’s also the problem of the integration of the Blood Battle Demon Sector and the Glorious Mortal Realm. There’s even the problem of the integration of the world of magic and the world of cultivation… You don’t think that the integration of the two universes is as easy as a child making friends, do you? There are a lot of questions. If you’re not careful, there might even be friction, which could lead to a tragedy!

"Even though I’ve recovered 50% of my computational ability, it’s still not enough. I’ve been exhausted over the past few days. I don’t have the time to deal with your problems."

"What a minor problem! ‘Repairing the ancient warships billions of years ago, uniting the magical worlds, and promoting universal peace’ are the minor problems!

Theresa was so anxious that her face was flushed. "The most important question right now is to turn me back into a man! I can’t stand them calling me ‘Holy Lady of the Artillery’ anymore!"


Jade blinked and asked curiously, "Your cannon is indeed enormous, isn’t it?"


"It’s hard to explain," Theresa said. "But I don’t care. I’m going to be a real man again!"

"I thought that, in the final battle against the Devourer, you had realized that ‘as long as you have the heart of an iron man, you are a real man no matter what you look like’!

"I didn’t know that you were still so vulgar and obsessed with the minor changes in your appearance!"

"Of course!"

Theresa said somewhat impatiently, "Is this a ‘small change in appearance’? It is clearly related to the difference in actual combat performance and even combat pattern, alright?"

"Isn’t that a good thing?"

The surface of the liquid metal of the jade was constantly changing. Very soon, it turned into a man who looked like Captain Kelly but was more handsome and masculine. He was like Captain Kelly’s twin brother. With a devilish smile, he even extended his finger to hook Trisha’s chin. "That way, you will be able to enjoy a double life with twice as much excitement and brilliance as other people. Is there a problem?"

Theresa felt goosebumps all over her body.

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He slapped Jade’s hand away ruthlessly. "Cut the crap. I’m not that sick. I’m going to change back anyway!"


Jade resumed the appearance of Captain Kelly. She shrugged and said, "Considering that you destroyed the Devourer together with Black Jack and saved Jade, don’t say that I didn’t help you. Although I’ve been quite busy lately, I’ve allocated part of my time and resources to your problem. Right now, I have two half-baked plans.


Theresa was overjoyed. "What is it?"

"As for the first plan, you should know that liquid metal is both rigid and flexible, right?

Jade extended a finger in front of Theresa’s eyes. Then, the finger suddenly expanded to the size of a baby’s arm.

"I can perform a minor operation on you and implant a special liquid metal below your waist. Rest assured. It is specially designed for medical treatment. There are absolutely no side effects, and it will not have rejection reactions with the human body.

Jade said, "In such a way, you will be able to return to the ‘Han Te’ state below your waist. Also, the liquid metal will be controlled by your brainwaves, which will make you stronger than before. What do you think?"

"What about above the waist?" asked Theresa.

"Above her waist, she still looks like Theresa. Don’t you think Theresa looks much better than Han Te?"


Theresa took a deep breath and gnashed her teeth. "Then, what’s the second plan?"

"The second plan. I found a special gene-inducing factor in the gene pool of Jade. Inspired by the Devourer, I made a brand-new drug that can stimulate your adrenaline. When it reaches the threshold, it will trigger the total outburst of the male hormones and turn you back into the real Han Te.

"However," Jade said, "the gene-inducing drug is still being experimented on. It is not stable. Besides, you can only activate your adrenaline and male hormones when you are in the most infuriated state.

"An extremely angry state?"

Theresa frowned. "What kind of logic is that?"

"In nature, the vast majority of male animals are responsible for hunting and fighting. Only extreme anger can stimulate their male hormones to burst out, causing their muscles to be filled with blood. Their strength will increase, and they will be unafraid of pain. They will be able to demonstrate their might."

"Therefore," Jade explained, "extremely speaking, extreme anger can trigger masculinity. It can turn a pale-faced scholar into a furious king kong. Naturally, it can also turn Theresa back to Han Te."

"Sounds reasonable."

Theresa thought for a moment. "So, you’re saying that, after I’m injected with the gene-inducing drug, I can turn back into Hunter when I’m angry?"

"Not just angry. Very angry. Very angry.

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Jade said, "Once you are calm again, you will turn back into Theresa from Han Te. It can’t be helped. The gene-inducing drug is still in the experimental phase. The Witch Gene and the wisdom of countless captains are not things that can be fully analyzed. If you inject it right now, it will be like this."

"Are you serious?"

Theresa pouted. "But I can’t keep being in the state of extreme fury all the time. No matter how furious I am, it will be a miracle if I can maintain it for three to five minutes. Does it mean that I can only be a man for three to five minutes every time? What’s the point?"

"Three to five minutes should be enough to finish the battle, right?"

"Of course, I personally prefer the first plan," Jade said. "Teresa above the waist and Handi below the waist are as sweet and lovely as before, but their combat time is almost unlimited. Why don’t we go to the first plan?"

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