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Chapter: 722

Alone Against An Otherworldly Army

When Rose left, Selena was panting heavily.

Several small wounds could be found throughout her entire body, including burns, lacerations, and frostbites. It was the result of her battle against the girls.

However, seeing Rose leaving, her lips curved up into a mocking smile.

"… It looks like you are in trouble. Hehe, that girlie seemed in a hurry."

Selena was not an idiot. Rose was the strongest among the girls fighting her. She was the cornerstone of their group. In normal circumstances, she will not leave the battle.

The fact that she left meant that something had happened that required her strength.

Furthermore, although the girls had tried to hide it, she noticed that they seemed slightly nervous when Rose left.

'Her majesty must have done something.'

Selena was convinced of her guess. At the same time, her fighting spirit soared.

"It looks like you lost your opportunity to defeat me. Do you think that you can defeat me now that she left?

"I will have trouble if that girlie is with you, but without her, you are not my match!"

With a snarl, the wolfkin girl rushed towards the girls.

The one to receive her was Lina. Rose had left, and the other girls were mage-like combatants. Lina was the only warrior in the group.

Dina was a mage-supporter, Katherine was a mage, Daisy was a mage, and Saintess Safelia was a priest (?).

Only she used a sword. She was the only frontliner among the five of them.

Lina raised her sword and used it to receive Selena's claw, but immediately, her expression changed.


She grunted and was blown away by the power of Selena's claw. Selena then kicked the air to chase after her, but Doctor Elene stopped her.

"[Lonely Night]!"

Darkness engulfed the wolfkin girl, freezing her movements, but she only snorted as her mana erupted outwards, blowing the darkness away.

During that instant, Daisy and Katherine made their moves.

Daisy created several lightning snakes that rushed towards Selena from different directions, while Katherine's cosmic winds attacked her like sharp blades.

Selena did not dare to ignore their attacks. She crossed her arms and gathered mana around her body, creating a protective barrier to endure the attacks.

Then, she kicked the air and broke through the attacks directly to continue chasing Lina!

Selena was clear that the girls could fight her evenly because they were a group, but if she managed to kill even one of them, the scales of the battle would tilt in her favor.

However, the girls were aware of that too.

Before Selena could reach Lina, the remaining girls moved.

"[Fire Barrier]!"

"God said, [My Children Shall not be Harmed]!"

A curtain of fire appeared in front of Selena, forcing her to stop. At the same time, a ray of light descended over Lina, healing her injuries and granting her a barrier around her body.

The little girl smiled thankfully to Dina and Safelia and rushed towards Selena again.

Just like that, the battle against Selena continued.

Meanwhile, Rose was flying towards the location of the draconians at great speed.

As an Irregular, her speed was extremely fast. She needed less than two hours to cross the entire empire from one end to another. And if she did not try to conserve her mana, she could travel the same distance in less than half an hour.

And this was a situation where she did not have the luxury to conserve her mana.

She needed to hurry up to the location of the draconians. Otherwise, nobody would be able to stop them.

Thousands of people would die, and millions would lose their homes. Rose did not want to see something like that happen.

Thus, she burned her mana like crazy, increasing her speed as much as she could.

Thanks to that, she managed to arrive in front of the draconian army in less than ten minutes.

"… #$%$/&?" A powerful draconian muttered in a language that she did not know. Rose could feel that his aura was incredibly strong. Just in terms of energy, he was slightly above her.

Likewise, the draconian felt that Rose was very threatening. However, when he realized that she was alone, his wariness was replaced by confusion, and then mirth.

"Did you come alone?" The draconian asked. This time, Rose understood the language.

She was startled but quickly realized that it was due to her lover's memories. Apparently, this language was one that he had learned at some point in time.

Rose did not reply to the draconian and instead looked at the draconian camp with a grave expression before unsheathing her sword.

At that moment, more draconian Irregulars rose up from the camp, followed by dozens of beyond twelfth-layer powerhouses. They surrounded Rose and looked at her with curious and hostile expressions.

"Just one?" One of them asked.

"It looks like that. That personage told us to not underestimate the enemy, though."

"Right. And she looks powerful."

"But no matter how powerful she is, she alone can't win against all of us."

"Anyway, eliminate her quickly. It will be bad if she escapes and brings reinforcements."

"I will do it."

One of the draconians walked forward. He was almost three meters tall, with a brawny body and a giant spear on his shoulder.

The aura coming from this draconian was very intimidating. Rose felt an intense killing intent coming from him, proof of the countless lives he had killed.

She took a deep breath. Right now, she was at an absolute disadvantage. Realistically, she could not defeat so many enemies by herself.

But she remembered something that her lover had told her before.

She was a hero, and heroes became stronger in front of adversities.

"Don't die too easily, native." The draconian spoke up at that moment. Then, he rushed towards Rose.

In that instant, Rose's eyes became sharp.

[World's Blessing]!

Her path was activated, and immediately, all the mana in hundreds of kilometers rushed towards her sword, creating a whirlpool of energy around her.

The sudden change surprised the draconians. The draconian charging towards her could not help but stop in shock as he looked at the immense mana around Rose.

But that was the last image his eyes saw.

In the next instant, a sword cut through his neck, and his head fell to the ground.

Holding her sword with an indifferent expression, Rose looked at the remaining draconians.

"One down." She said.

And the massacre started.


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