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Chapter: 723

Unexpected Move


Rivers of blood flowing on the ground, filled with scattered body pieces and lizard-like heads with expressions of horror on their faces.

That was the result of Rose going all out for five minutes.

At least five draconian Irregulars had fallen under her sword already, and the number of weaker draconians she had killed was in the thousands.

Every second, she brandished her sword, killing several draconians with every sword slash.

It was like a nightmare for the draconians. The beautiful girl of before had transformed into a terrifying monster that harvested lives like wheat.

The battlefield between Rose and the draconians was like hell on earth. The smell of blood caused by the thousands of bodies scattered on the ground made Rose nauseous.

But the hero ignored it.

Right now, she was only focused on brandishing her sword.

Not minding the enemy, not minding how many injuries she received, not minding the cries of pain and fear around her.

Her body was covered with blood, both of her and her enemies, but her eyes remained calm, like a peaceful lake.

However, the mana around her became stronger and fiercer with every passing second.

"… Monster…" A Draconian Irregular muttered with a look of fear as Rose's sword pierced his heart.

He tried to use his last strength to grab Rose's arm and let his allies attack her, but a flash of Rose's sword cut his arms off, followed by a horizontal slash that cut his body into two.

Then, the hero rushed towards her next target.

Arrows flew towards her in the process, and dozens of spells intercepted her. The sheer number of attacks coming towards her made it impossible for her to avoid them completely.

Some of the attacks that hit her were strong enough to break through her defenses, causing injuries in her body, but she ignored them completely. Anyway, her injuries would heal a few seconds later.

But seeing that made the draconians feel true despair.

At the start, they underestimated Rose's strength and only a few of the draconian Irregulars attacked her at a time, but the result of that was that Rose killed three Irregulars in less than thirty seconds.

Shocked and enraged, the remaining Irregulars attacked her simultaneously, greatly injuring her. But at that moment, their nightmare started.

Rose ignored her injuries completely, breaking through the attacks of the Irregulars and arriving in front of one of them. Before he could realize what was happening, she beheaded him with a sword slash.

In the meanwhile, the injuries she just received healed quickly, and in less than ten seconds, she was uninjured again.

Such a sight filled the draconians with astonishment and fear.

During the following minutes, the same scene repeated once and again. The draconians attacked Rose with all their might, and even the draconians below the fifteenth layer joined the battle, but even so, Rose continued killing unimpeded.

She moved through the sky at great speed, avoiding as many attacks as she could and receiving the attacks that she could not avoid. Then, as soon as she found an opportunity, she would kill an enemy of a blow.

Such was the power of the Hero. The beloved child of the world.

And Rose was not just a hero. She was also the dependent of an Immortal. The knowledge, fighting experience, and techniques of one of the most powerful Immortals in existence made her a unique existence among heroes.

Moreover, her path, [World's Blessing], allowed her to borrow every bit of mana in hundreds of kilometers around her. That mana strengthened her attacks, reinforced her body, and healed her injuries continuously.

When all those factors gathered on Rose, they turned her into a powerful killing machine.

"Amazing." Emilia praised her sincerely. "What an amazing talent. It's just a question of time before that girl becomes one of the top existences across the universe."

I did not deny it. Among my girls, Rose was number one in terms of talent. Only Raven and Alice could be compared to her. And when it comes to combat power, Rose is the strongest.

Even now, she is growing stronger. I can see her movements and control over mana becoming smoother and smoother as the battle against the draconians continues.

Seeing that, I can be sure that Rose won't have any trouble defeating the draconians by herself. It's just a matter of time before she exterminates them.

The situation at the east of the empire was similar. Headmistress Evelyn and Alice had gained the upper hand against the elf Irregulars, and the daemon army, under E'Athar's command, was suppressing the elves.

Finally, the battlefield against the beastkin army was to our advantage too. The beastkin were being overpowered tragically.

Katherine and the other girls are having a bit of trouble facing Selena, but if they manage to endure until the other battlefields are solved, then our victory will be certain.

I analyzed all that information and looked at Emilia with a small smile on my lips.

"Well, it looks like your plan failed. I guess it's going to be my victory."

"Really?" Emilia's lips curved up. She then looked at the battlefield of Selena against Katherine, Elene, Safelia, Lina, Dina, and Daisy.

"You see, dad. Before the start of this game, I analyzed the level of threat of every one of your women and how much they could affect my plans.

"I must admit that several of them are exceptional. It's unbelievable that so many talents appeared in a world at the same time, but considering that this world is about to face its end, it's understandable.

"But among all your women, only one of them could truly affect my plans." With a smile, Emilia looked towards the west of the empire, in Rose's direction.

I furrowed my brows.

"Could it be…"

"Did you finally realize it, dad?" Emilia giggled. "Even I don't dare to underestimate a hero with the support of a powerful Immortal such as you. Someone like her can turn a situation with all the odds against her into her victory. Thus, I needed to get rid of her."

"You mean... Then, the draconians…"

"Yes. They were just bait to get the hero away, dad. As for my true killing move, it was always here."

At that moment, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly appeared.


Selena screamed in pain. The wolfkin girl grabbed her head in agony as extremely powerful energy overflowed from her body.

This energy was oppressive, tyrannical, violent, and familiar.

Just like Emilia's energy.

Furthermore, it was way beyond the level of a simple Irregular. No, this energy was very close to our level.

I would say that it was equivalent to a thirtieth of my total energy.

It was at that moment that I finally noticed something else.

Emilia's energy was much weaker than normal. She did not have even half of her normal energy.

She had hidden it very well until now, but at this moment, she stopped hiding it.

"You… You are crazy…" I murmured in a dumbfounded way.

Emilia, this crazy girl, had given over half of her energy to Selena.

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