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Chapter: 1702

1 abyss 1 giant tortoise 1 ancient tower

Dark Altar!

This is true darkness...altars!

Wang Teng's heart was shaken, and the trace of enlightenment just now let him know the origin of this dark altar, but it was also the root cause of his loss.

This dark altar is not just a simple name, but an altar that truly contains the power of terrifying darkness.

In that moment of enlightenment, Wang Teng realized that this dark altar existed for a very long time and could not be traced back at all.

I don't even know who created it!

All kinds of the most original dark lines are engraved on it, and there is even the blood of terrifying dark creatures. It is extremely evil and strange, but it is very mysterious.

And the role of this dark altar is even more shocking and shocking.

Sacrifice the darkness!

Communicate the darkness!

Gain the power of darkness from the darkness!

Even summon some extremely terrifying beings from the darkness!


Etc., etc……

These are the functions of the dark altar, if not more.

Even in the insights that Wang Teng got, it only showed a scale and a half claws, and it was not comprehensive.

And many dark species themselves don't know much about this dark altar.

From the performance of the Dark Seeds such as Blood Slaughter Demon Venerable and Bloody Night Demon Venerable, it can be seen that they did not recognize the true face of this altar for the first time.

You must know that the Dark Seeds such as the Blood Slaughter Demon Venerable exist at the upper Demon Venerable level. In the dark world, their status is definitely not low, and they can even be regarded as the top of the high-level.

But it is such an existence, and he doesn't know much about the dark altar.

This shows how ancient and secret the dark altar is.

Wang Teng was shocked and horrified at the same time. The dark seed summoned such an ancient and strange altar, and the picture must be not small.

Big trouble now!

Taking a deep breath, he tried his best to calm himself down and looked at the attribute panel.

[Dark Altar] (Incomplete · Unknown): 3600/50000 (entry);

When he saw the attributes of [Dark Altar], his heart couldn't help but be shocked again.

For the entry level alone, you need 50,000 attribute points? ? ?

This is so much darker than the [Void Mustard Seed Array].

With such a high attribute value, just at the entry level, what year and month should it be upgraded to?

Especially its attribute bubbles are so hard to pick up.

Wang Teng didn't dare to think further.

In addition, this [Dark Altar] attribute is still incomplete, not complete at all.

This is even more pitiful!

Even if the attribute value is high, it is still incomplete, let's play!

But these are not the key, Wang Teng's eyes were quickly attracted by a few other words, the level display of this [Dark Altar] was... Unknown!

Doesn't this mean that the level of this [Dark Altar] is still above [Void Mustard Seed Array].


Wang Teng's eyes widened slightly, feeling a little incredible.

A dark altar, the level is actually higher than the level of the god-level formation [Void Mustard Seed Array].

What is above the **** level?

do not know!

Wang Teng didn't know it at all, and so far he has never found relevant information, nor has he seen anyone or anything above the **** level.

Wang Teng was naturally very curious about the existence above the true god, and he had asked Yuan Gun Gun to help him find it, but every time he found nothing.

It seems that existence above the true **** level is a taboo and is not known to the world.

When looking at the Soul Soul Bell, he couldn't do anything about the [Dark Altar], and Wang Teng was more and more sure that this [Dark Altar] should be a treasure that surpassed the existence of gods.

Think about the 50,000 attribute points required to get started with [Altar of Darkness], which is five times the attribute value required to get started with [Void Mustard Seed Array].

If it is said that they are at the same level, I am afraid no one will believe it.

Suddenly, he thought of the [Ancient Divine Body] and [Luo Tianzhi] that he had obtained. These two exercises and combat skills showed "unknown".

Does this also mean that their level is higher than the **** level?

Thinking about it this way, Wang Teng found that he seemed to have acquired a lot of things that could make the world go crazy.

If outsiders know about it, I am afraid they will **** it wildly.

Wang Teng shook his head and stopped thinking about it. Looking at the attributes of [Dark Altar], he couldn't help but feel ruthless in his heart.

How can such a good thing be easily let go.

pull out! Must be smashed hard!

Isn't it just an altar?

He has not scoured any wool, and he still doesn't believe that the wool of this altar can't be shorn completely.

Just do it!


Vibrations came from the sky, and the collision between Soul Requiem Bell and the dark altar was still in progress, and no one could do anything about it.

As the two collided, the surrounding space was still collapsing, and spatial turbulence continued to appear, covering the area.

The dark altar was still slowly pushed out, and the Soul Requiem Bell could not stop it.

"I'm going!" Wang Teng suddenly widened his eyes, what did he see?

Tons of attribute bubbles!

And, that's... a space attribute! ! !

He was about to pick up the attribute bubbles near the dark altar, but when he saw so many space attributes, he couldn't move his eyes.


[Really dazzling] JPG!

There are too many attribute bubbles. With the appearance of space cracks, the space is constantly collapsing, and attribute bubbles are completely spread throughout the entire sub-professional alliance headquarters.

Wang Teng didn't have the mind to pay attention to it before, but now that he sees so many space attributes, he can't care about anything else.

If God does not take it, take the blame!

Will be beaten by thunder!

He immediately swept out his mental power and picked it up frantically.

At the same time, a ray of spiritual power is also separated, and the same technique is used again, cautiously approaching the dark altar, and picking up the nearby attribute bubbles.

After all, it is the first experience, and the second time is more familiar.

Wang Teng quickly picked up the attribute bubble next to the dark altar and absorbed it immediately.


The dark altar perception reappeared in his mind again, and this time there was no such strange sound at all.

No, it should be said that it appeared, but it had no effect on him at all.

First, Wang Teng has obtained the inheritance of the dark altar, and second, his dark source power is also working, so he will no longer be rejected and affected by that strange power.

Maybe the inheritance of the dark altar has acquiesced that he is a dark seed with white skin and black heart.

Wang Teng couldn't help crying just thinking about it.

He is an authentic human race, definitely not a dark species, but now he has to bow down and get the approval of the dark altar, which is really humiliating.

After a while, all the attribute bubbles near the dark altar were picked up by Wang Teng, and none of them were leaked.

During this period, his mental power was cut off three times.

However, the impact is not large, the mental power used to pick up attribute bubbles is not much, and it is wasted when it is wasted.

[Dark Altar] (Incomplete · Unknown): 8500/50000 (entry);

Wang Teng glanced at the attribute panel, his face suddenly turned black, and only picked up 8500 attribute points, this is really hell.

My soul bell collided with nothing, right?

After working for a long time, I haven't even broken through the 10,000 attribute value. Oh shit.

Taking a deep breath and calming himself down, Wang Teng looked at another attribute.

[Body of Space]: 365000/500000 (fifth order);

Seeing this attribute, Wang Teng finally became happy, and the corner of his mouth couldn't restrain a crazy arc.

The fifth-order [Body of Space] originally needed 500,000 attribute points to improve, but in just a short while, it increased to more than 200,000 attribute points, plus the previous 90,000 points, it seems to have reached More than 360,000, it is very close to 400,000.

For such a shivering thing, this speed is still very fast.

To be honest, Wang Teng himself was shocked, and then he couldn't help turning his head to look into the sky, the space attribute bubbles were still falling.

Pick up!

Crazy pick up!

It won't take long for his space attribute to break through the fifth rank and reach the sixth rank.

The fifth-order [Space Body] can break the space blockade of the world master-level warrior, and the [space body] he currently masters is enough to break the space blockade of the world master-level sixth-layer seventh-layer warrior.

If it reaches the sixth-order [Space Body], it is even more incredible, it is a qualitative change, and it can break the space blockade of immortal-level existence.

Thinking about it is exciting!

Wang Teng quickly picked up the attribute bubbles that fell out of the space, which made his space body rapidly improve. He could already feel the strong space power flowing in his body.

This feeling is so cool!

It's like taking a train, soaring quickly.

However, before Wang Teng was a little excited, a mutation suddenly occurred.


A terrifying roar suddenly sounded in the void. This sound overwhelmed all the noises, making everyone deaf and buzzing in their ears, and no other sound could be heard at all.

And it was too loud to tell the source at all.

For a time, everyone was stunned, and subconsciously looked towards the place where the Soul Soul Clock and the Dark Altar collided in the sky.

But the sound didn't come from there at all.

The Soul Soul Bell and the Dark Altar are still colliding, and if it comes from there, there cannot be only one sound.

Under the huge sound, everyone just felt dizzy and couldn't find the east, west, north and south at all, even the immortal-level existence was no exception.

Wang Teng sat cross-legged in the center of the formation, horrified and didn't know what happened.

However, he has the support of the Great Five Elements Divine Sword Great Array, which is better than others. He is looking around, looking for the source of the sound.


Right at this moment, a frightened and angry voice came, which made everyone's heart agitate, and they were shaken out of that dizzy state.


A burst of laughter followed, echoing between heaven and earth.

"This voice... it's that demon god!!!" Wang Teng's face changed completely, what happened?


Before he could think about it, a louder sound came out.


The space completely collapsed, darkness spread, and an extremely terrifying picture appeared in front of everyone.

The deputy professional alliance headquarters is finally completely cracked!

A strange space appeared in front of everyone, and in that space, there was an abyss that couldn't see the edge and couldn't see the bottom.

pitch black!


One after another space turbulent flow is raging unscrupulously in it, flowing backwards, like a long river of time and space, and I don't know where it flows.

And right above the abyss, there is an ancient pagoda, which is carried by a giant tortoise and camel!


Giant tortoise!

These two completely different things are put together and appear in front of everyone, giving people a feeling of silent shock.

Everyone fell silent, fell into silence, and stared blankly at this scene.

The giant tortoise was like a giant city, suspended above the abyss, as if suppressing the abyss.

At the same time, around the ancient tower, there were actually thick and dark chains extending out, which seemed to connect to the abyss below, but I didn't know what the other end was locked on.

After all, the abyss has nothing to rely on, and the chain seems to be melted into it.

"This! This! This..."

The three men have completely lost their words, and their faces have become extremely ugly, even pale, as if they have seen something incredible.


There was an uproar all around, and everyone finally recovered from the shock. All of them looked at the abyss that suddenly appeared, as well as the giant tortoises and ancient pagodas above the abyss.

In an instant, the whole world seemed to explode, and everyone was restless.

"Hi!" Wang Teng gasped, his face full of disbelief, and then his mind exploded like thunder, and a pale light suddenly flashed across.

He got it!

Got it all!

The purpose of that Demon God is not at all these people, but this abyss, that ancient pagoda!

The other party did not die, but avoided everyone's eyes in some way, and even summoned the dark altar behind to attract the soul bell.

Finally shot the ancient tower!

The foreshadowing of all this is for the abyss below the ancient pagoda.

"What is that abyss? I feel very strange, space and time seem to be confused in it." Wang Teng was uneasy, looking at the abyss, he could faintly feel the power emanating from it.

"Wang Teng, let's run away, I feel more and more wrong." Yuan Gun Gun shouted in his heart.

"Shut up!" Wang Teng said lightly, "When it's time to run, I will naturally run."

"..." Yuan Gun Gun suddenly sounded like a cat stuck in his throat, his voice stopped abruptly, but he was still unwilling, he hesitated for a moment, and then lowered his voice and said quickly: "I feel that the abyss is terrifying, and it looks like the Deputy Professional League The powerhouses in the headquarters are all suppressing the abyss, and now I am afraid that they will not be able to suppress it, and the abyss is about to be born."

"It may not be able to hold it. The strong man from the deputy professional alliance headquarters has not yet shot, and the giant tortoise and the ancient pagoda are still there." Wang Teng frowned and said, "Help me check it, can you find the relevant information? , I feel that the giant tortoise and the ancient pagoda are extraordinary."

"Nonsense, it must be extraordinary to be able to suppress that terrifying abyss."

Yuan Gun Gun pouted, didn't dare to say it, just muttered something in his heart, and then went to look for information honestly.

"What is that?" Many people, like Wang Teng, looked at the abyss in amazement, as if a turbulent sea was set off in their hearts.

"An abyss!"

"A giant tortoise!"

"An ancient tower!"

"That giant tortoise is carrying the ancient pagoda and seems to be suppressing the abyss?!!"

"There is such a place under the space of the deputy professional alliance headquarters. What is going on?"


Everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them, and they all speculated.

"I seem to have heard similar rumors from a certain true god, but it's very obscure and I don't want to mention it." An immortal-level existence said with a solemn expression.

"Maybe the three Yuan Lao know something." Some people looked at Dan Chen Yuan Lao and others.

"The target of the Dark Seed seems to be that abyss, I don't know what just happened?" Someone said solemnly.

"Look, there seem to be some broken chains over there!"

An exclamation suddenly sounded in the crowd, which made everyone's heart tighten, and quickly turned their eyes to the chain extending from the ancient pagoda.

Wang Teng's eyes were also fixed, and he hurriedly glanced over, and finally settled on a few broken chains.

Sure enough... it's broken!

In an instant, Wang Teng's heart sank involuntarily.

He hadn't found out just now that three chains were broken.

Because that place happened to be in the blind spot of his sight, he didn't use the [Eye of True Sight] until someone reminded him to see the source of the broken chain.

At the same time, there are several attribute bubbles floating around the chain.

Wang Teng was a little surprised.

It's a bit strange that there are only a few chains, but it will drop attribute bubbles.

This chain is weird!

Pick up!

Wang Teng's heart moved, and his mental power immediately swept out, picking up all those attribute bubbles.

[Prisoner Lock*2000]

[Prisoner Lock*1300]

[Prisoner Lock*1500]


"Prisoner's Chain!" Wang Teng's eyes suddenly burst into a ball of light, and then a feeling emerged in his mind, turning into a jet-black chain.

This jet-black chain is exactly the same as the chain extending from the ancient pagoda!

The next moment, the chain turned into light, dispersed and turned into various materials, as if the time was reversed, the chain was disintegrated.

Then a forging hammer emerged, and in the monstrous flames, it hammered away at those materials. This was forging.

What shocked Wang Teng was that he felt the aura of the heaven and earth in the monstrous flames.

hot! mysterious! Miraculous... that is some kind of heaven and earth fire! ! !

boom! boom! boom……

In Wang Teng's mind, a roar echoed constantly, as if someone was forging a weapon in his mind.

Day after day, year after year...

Those materials were re-forged, nurtured in the flames, and finally turned into a jet-black chain, the same as before, just like a brand new prisoner lock.

On top of this prisoner lock, strange lines appeared one after another, which seemed to contain extremely miraculous power.

A series of forging processes were imprinted in Wang Teng's mind, and in a short period of time, they were completely digested and absorbed by him.

"This is actually a forged property bubble of a chain weapon." Wang Teng was very surprised and couldn't help looking at the property panel.

[Prisoner Lock] (unknown): 9200/50000 (entry);

"Another unknown!"

Wang Teng was shocked.

Just got a [Dark Altar] is unknown, and now I got an unknown [Prisoner Lock].

And the entry-level attribute value of [Prisoner's Lock] is the same as [Dark Altar], which is 50,000 points!

That's a bit arrogant!

At this moment, a trace of enlightenment appeared in his mind, and it was the relevant information about this [Prisoner's Lock].

Wang Teng's eyes flashed, his mouth opened slightly, his face was full of shock, as if he had seen a ghost.

Looks like I got something amazing again!

According to the description in Nasi Mingwu, this [Prisoner's Lock] is also an ancient thing, not something of this era, and the age can no longer be verified.

But this is only second, what is really shocking is that the prisoner lock can block space and time.


Really incredible!

A chain that can block space and time, isn't this a weapon that contains the power of space and time at the same time!

Just outrageous!

The power of space alone is already very impressive, and it also contains the power of time at the same time.

As I said before, forging space weapons requires the assistance of space martial artists to be successful.

The same is true for forging time weapons.

Without the help of a martial artist with a talent for time, it would be impossible to complete such a weapon forging.

In addition, various materials containing the power of time are also needed, and this material is rare in the world and cannot be found.

Time and space, the combination of the two, the conditions are simply too harsh to be added.

So, who can collect all the materials? Who can forge such a weapon?


For the first time, Wang Teng saw such an outrageous weapon.

If he hadn't gotten the relevant insights, he couldn't believe that these dark-looking chains without the slightest peculiarity in front of him would actually be super-artifacts containing the power of time and space.

In addition, unlike the [Dark Altar], the perception of this [Prisoner's Lock] is actually complete.

Complete insight!

This value has increased countless times in one fell swoop.

With the incomplete perception, Wang Teng can't do anything, at least temporarily.

But if it is a complete perception, it will be different. The operability has been improved all of a sudden, and it may be able to play an unexpected role.

"Being able to get the complete attributes may have something to do with the chain being destroyed." Wang Teng looked at the severed prisoner locks, his eyes flickered, and he secretly guessed in his heart.

Then he took a few deep breaths again to calm himself down, and then looked at the ancient pagoda.

The chain is so extraordinary, the ancient pagoda must not be ordinary.

However, under his [Eye of True Sight], the ancient pagoda shone with extremely dazzling rays of light, making it extremely mysterious and impossible to detect.

Fortunately, although the light of the ancient pagoda was dazzling, it seemed quite soft and did not hurt his eyes.

And the giant tortoise, the same.

There is an extremely majestic light of the original force in its body, but it is extremely restrained. On the outside of the light of the original force, there are lines of divine patterns intertwined like chains of laws, which makes it impossible for people to see its realm clearly. with strength.

"Is this giant tortoise a god-level existence?" Wang Teng took a deep breath, feeling shocked inside.

"Wang Teng, I found it." Yuan Gun Gun suddenly said in shock.

"Speak!" Wang Teng's face was slightly condensed, without any nonsense, he spit out a word directly.

"Uh... good!" Yuan Gun Gun was stunned by Wang Teng's direct response, and immediately said: "That giant tortoise is called Chongyue Swallowing Tortoise, it is an extremely terrifying ancient starry beast with noble bloodline. The talent is powerful, with two attributes of earth and water, and the power is extremely terrifying, claiming to be able to suppress everything."

"In terms of bloodline, it may not be as strong as the Void Swallowing Beast, but the strength of its adult body will definitely not be too bad."

"Chongyue Swallowing Tortoise!" Wang Teng's eyes flashed, and his heart was a little shocked.

Unexpectedly, this is actually an ancient starry sky behemoth, and its strength is not inferior to nothingness swallowing beast.

"Any more?"

"Hmmmm... gone?" Round and round.

"So you found out the information about the Chongyue Swallowing Tortoise? Nothing else was found." Wang Teng said with a black line on his head.

"This is really gone. The abyss and the ancient pagoda are probably the most secretive existences of the deputy professional alliance headquarters, and the outside world can't find it at all." Yuan Gun Gun said helplessly.

Wang Teng's eyes flashed, and he knew in his heart that it was a bit difficult for Yuan Gun.


At this moment, a stalwart figure appeared in the void, covered with black mist, a palm protruded from the mist, and patted the ancient pagoda and giant tortoise.

A huge palm print appeared in the air, and it was no smaller than the giant tortoise.


The void shook, and the chains above the ancient pagoda rattled, as if undulating in the sea, almost breaking free from the abyss.

"Devil God!" Everyone's eyes widened and they couldn't help exclaiming.

"Sure enough, he didn't die!" Wang Teng looked at the stalwart figure wrapped in black mist, feeling a little depressed.

Before he found out that he had killed the Demon God, he was actually a little complacent, but now that he saw the appearance of the other party, he knew... he was deceived!

That Demon God didn't take him seriously at all.

MMP Demon God is amazing!

Have the courage to fight!

Wang Teng complained wildly in his heart~~ In fact, he only dared to complain in his heart, he didn't dare to say it at all, lest it really attract the attention of the devil, how many little lives he had were not enough.


The giant palm fell, and there were many dark lines spreading on it, which contained some kind of God's law, which was very terrifying.


An angry shout suddenly rolled out from within the ancient pagoda.

Immediately, a peerless sword light erupted from the tower, slashing across the void, and slashed towards the huge palm.


The knife light collided with the huge palm, and a violent roar erupted.

Heaven and earth are shaking, and countless space cracks have emerged.

Countless sword intents fill the void, it is truly a unique sword, only the true **** level has such a terrifying handwriting.

Wang Teng's face was shocked. There were true gods of the deputy professional alliance headquarters in the ancient pagoda. No wonder they went out. It turned out to be suppressing the abyss below the ancient pagoda.

At this time, anyone with a discerning eye can see it.

Everyone looked at this scene nervously and in shock. When they saw the true god-level shot of the deputy professional alliance, not only did they not relax in the slightest, but they felt more solemn in their hearts.

Who doesn't know what's going to happen next?

What is under that abyss?

The purpose of the Dark Seed seems to be there, and it seems to have some kind of inseparable relationship with the chain, and the Demon God tried to cut the chain.

All of this is unsettling, and the mood is extremely tense.


Suddenly, a huge roar resounded, and under everyone's eyes, the knife light and the huge black mist palm were annihilated together. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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