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Chapter: 1768

New magic Ask who is fighting but no one dares to answer

The blood **** avatar was originally formed by the blood crow avatar, but Wang Teng injected too much source power, and later it became different through the inheritance and transformation of the blood **** altar.

Now the blood **** clone has completely become an independent individual, no longer a clone condensed from the combat skills of the clone, but like a clone from a body.

However, there has not been the slightest change in essence. The Blood God avatar is still formed by the blood crow avatar, and it is easy to use the ability of the blood crow avatar.

But Wang Teng didn't expect that just using a blood crow clone would cause such a big uproar.

He listened to all the sounds coming from all around him at this moment.

"The ancestor of the blood crow! Tsk!"

Wang Teng's expression was a little strange. The blood ancestor he met last time on the No. 9 defense star turned out to be a blood race dark species at the ancestor level.

At that time, the other party only had a drop of blood essence, and he did not know who the other party was.

Now it seems that the other party's status in the blood clan is quite high, and it turns out to be an ancestor-level elder.

Thinking about it again, this Blood Raven clone was stabbed from one of the other's heirs.

But that blood race genius has been killed by him, what is it called?


Yes, that seems to be the name.

I don't know what the status of that blood race genius is in the thirteen clans?

And the ancestor of the blood crow, does the other party still remember him?

"It shouldn't affect my avatar, right?" Wang Teng touched his chin suddenly and thought to himself.

Then he shook his head again to himself.

There is no problem with the blood **** clone, and now it has become a blood child, and it is impossible for anyone to associate it with him.

Who would have thought that a warrior of the bright camp could have such a pure and powerful vampire clone.

This is not martial arts at all.

"The only thing that may make people suspicious is the origin of the blood crow clone." Wang Teng's eyes flickered slightly: "Forget it, if it's a big deal, just make an excuse and say that it was obtained from inheritance. It is estimated that They don't doubt anything."

"And being able to be mastered by the opponent's heirs means that this Blood Raven clone's combat skills are not so strict, at least it can be obtained through other channels."

"Blood Crow!"

In the opposite sky, Blood Star stared at the Blood God clone with gloomy eyes, and said slowly:

"I didn't expect you to have such abilities."

"How is it? Are you surprised or surprised?" The Blood God clone smiled and said.

Blood Tower: "..."

The other blood race dark species watching the battle also looked at the blood **** clone with stunned faces, and were caught off guard by the sudden appearance of the skin.

The character of this blood child seems to be a bit bad.

Many blood race dark species secretly gave him a definition in their hearts.

Yufilia was also a little speechless, and glanced at the blood **** clone angrily, but for some reason, after such an interruption, her worries were not much left.

Looking at this picture, the other party should be quite sure.

The blood tower didn't say anything nonsense, but the light flashing in his eyes became more and more cold and full of killing intent.


It flapped its wings behind it and disappeared in place again.

I have to admit that when the blood race dark species spreads its wings, the speed will indeed increase sharply, reaching an extremely astonishing level.

The Blood God clone doesn't have any speed-like combat skills now, which is a shortcoming. Fortunately, there is a blood crow clone, which can be called a sky-defying clone combat skill, which is extremely useful for escaping and evading.

However, with the main body, some combat skills can still be used.

"Got you."

Wang Teng's eyes flickered, and he immediately locked the position of the blood tower, and then the blood **** clone raised a hand.

Blood Raven Youlin Shield!

The chirping of a group of crows sounded, and the blood **** clone flashed light, and a group of blood-colored crows appeared. The blood-colored crows converged on his left side and quickly turned into a shield like blood-red wings condensed.

Above the shield, the eyes of a pair of crows emerged, which were blood-red, looking extremely hideous and strange.

Demon King-level defensive combat skills!

It was also obtained from Tolby, Wang Teng had never been useful in the bright camp, but now it happens to be used by the blood **** clone.


Almost at the moment when the Blood Crow Youlin Shield condensed, the figure of Blood Tower also emerged, and a sharp claws slammed on the shield.

It's complexion changed slightly. He didn't expect the other party to react so quickly. It was obviously too late to withdraw the claw just now. Under inertia, he could only bombard the Blood Raven You Lin Shield fiercely.

The Blood God clone possessed Wang Teng's fighting consciousness, how fast he reacted, almost the moment when the first attack of the Blood Tower hit the shield and before the second attack could be launched, he shot.

take a break...

One after another, the sound of breaking the air followed, and I saw the blood **** clone with a big hand, and the shadows of dense black vines galloped out of the blood mist outside his body in an instant, sweeping towards the blood tower.

Devil Poison Ivy!

This is another dark combat technique. It is composed of two combat techniques, devil vine and ghost poison ivy. It not only possesses the power of darkness, but also possesses the power of terrifying poison. If it is entangled, it will definitely was seriously injured.

Bloodstar's eyes narrowed and he wanted to retreat, but found that the speed of these black vine shadows was not much slower than it.

The main reason is that the distance is too close, and the opponent's shot is too fast, and the timing is just right, so that it can't react at all.

"Go away!"

A roar burst out from his mouth.

Blood Star's claws in both hands burst out with a strong scarlet light, and the claws of blood light bombarded out.

boom! boom! boom……

The **** claws collided with the black vine instantly, and a roar erupted.

"Eat my punch!"

At this moment, a cold drink suddenly came, and the blood **** clone appeared behind the blood tower in an instant, and punched it fiercely.


The fist print condensed on the fist of the Blood God clone, contracted to the extreme, and there was a faint sound of beast roar.

The blood beast field, the ninth order of reality!

This punch has already brought the blood beast field to the ninth-order level of reality, and has paid enough attention to the blood tower.

Since the other party has changed magically, he has to express it.

"The ninth order of reality!" There was a hint of disbelief in the eyes of the blood tower. At such a close distance, it naturally felt the tyranny of the power in this field, and it was a little horrified.

I thought that the seventh-order real world was already the opponent's limit. As long as it changed magically, it would be able to win the opponent steadily. Who knew that just now was not the opponent's full strength.


At this moment, it had to deal with the black vines that swept all around, it couldn't dodge the punch at all, and it was suddenly in trouble.

It only has one option.

Either endure the attack of the black vine, or endure the punch in the back.


Just after such a moment of hesitation, the fist mark was already slammed on the back of the blood tower, and the terrifying strength burst out instantly.


There was a sound of bones shattering in the blood tower, and a mouthful of blood spurted out of its mouth, making it pale instantly, and the whole person flew out uncontrollably.

take a break...

One after another black vines burst into the air, entangling them in an instant.

There are countless sharp barbs on the surface of the vine, and as the vine tightened, it plunged into the body of the blood tower.


The blood tower felt severe pain, and instantly burst into a roar, and the power in the body surged frantically, trying to break free.

"I still want to struggle, my dark domain and poison domain are not vegetarian." The blood **** clone looked at this scene coldly, and there was a hint of ridicule at the corner of his mouth.

Whether it is the dark domain or the poison domain, Wang Teng has already mastered the fusion realm.

At this time, he also only used the ninth-order level of reality, but it was enough to make the blood tower drink a pot.

The terrifying power of darkness and the power of venom was injected into the body of the blood tower along the barbs on the vines, constantly eroding and destroying, making its power madly consumed.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding blood race dark species were all surprised and felt a little incredible.

After the magical transformation, the blood tower was finally pressed and rubbed.

The complexion of the dark race of the blood race has become a little strange.

Blood Star said miserably.

However, their complexions soon became serious, and it was a bit outrageous that the blood son's strength was really strong.

How exactly is it cultivated?

Why would the lower realm cultivate such a monster?

There are many geniuses of the thirteen clans in the dark race of the blood race present, and they are all unacceptable at this moment.


The sound of roars continued to be heard from the blood tower's mouth, and the blood in the body exploded, causing its body to mutate.

A root of blood-colored tentacles grew from his body, forming blood-colored claws one by one, drilled out of the gaps in the black vines, and then grabbed on the vines, trying to break them.


Under its enormous strength, more than a dozen black vines were actually broken.

"I want to run." The blood **** avatar's eyes turned cold, and the sword in his hand slammed out.

puff! puff! puff!

The blood-colored tentacles on the blood tower were instantly cut off, causing it to roar involuntarily.

The blood was sprayed everywhere, and it was extremely miserable.

The Blood God clone was unmoved at all, his eyes were indifferent, he waved his hand, and countless black vines swept out again, entangling the blood tower that had not yet completely broken free.

This time, there are more black vines, which are densely wrapped around the blood tower like a zongzi.


The blood tower was furious and struggled frantically, but this time it was wrapped more tightly, and its **** tentacles could no longer be stretched out.

"The last knife, solve you." The blood **** clone slowly raised the sword in his hand, and the blood-red sword light quickly condensed.


In an instant, a blood-red sword light shot up into the sky, reaching a length of a hundred zhang in an instant, piercing the sky.

Bloody mad knife!

The terrifying sword light swept across the world, and a sea of ​​blood suddenly emerged behind the blood **** clone. The sea of ​​blood rolled violently, setting off huge waves, and a terrifying momentum emerged.

In the field of blood sea, the reality is complete!

"This is... the blood sea domain!!!"

There was a screeching sound all around.

This blood child actually comprehends the extremely powerful blood sea domain, and obviously has realized the extremely profound level, it seems that it is actually stronger than the blood beast domain just now.

Two fields!

A field of blood sea that is still so powerful.

And both fields have reached the high level of reality, and it is difficult for even the geniuses of the middle demon emperor level to achieve this level.

A deep sense of inconceivability emerged in their hearts.

The shock that the Blood God clone brought to them was too much, so that they couldn't react at all.


At this moment, a light drink came from the mouth of the Blood God clone.

All the blood race dark species watching the battle instantly widened their eyes and looked in the direction of the blood **** clone.

I saw that the blood-red sword glow that was a hundred zhang long had already slashed down, slashing towards the blood tower.

The blood tower has been wrapped into a zongzi. No matter how hard it struggles, it can't break free. Only a pair of eyes emerge from the vines. The eyes are full of fear, and a sense of chaos climbs up at a speed visible to the naked eye. , making its eyeballs full of bloodshots.


A low roar came from the vines.


Extremely abrupt, Blood Star's face began to swell up, and it quickly emerged like a sarcoid.


A terrifying evil aura erupted from its body, and a blood-red beam of light shot up into the sky, breaking away from the black vines wrapped around it.

puff! puff! puff!

The body of the blood tower swelled at an extremely terrifying speed, and it instantly reached several times its original size.

"Blood Tower is mad!"

"Its magic can't be controlled."

"No, no, it let go by itself."

"I didn't expect it to be forced to such a degree. That **** boy is really scary."



At this time, the blood-red sword light that was a hundred feet long also slammed into the body of the blood tower. No matter how fast it was, the blood **** clone had already cut out this knife, and it was inevitable.

The roar resounded.

The terrifying blood-red light beam slashed above the beam of light that erupted from the blood tower. With a sound of Peng, the blood-red beam of light instantly shattered and turned into a spot of light in the sky.

Immediately afterwards, the knife light completely fell on the blood tower, and the terrifying sea of ​​blood drowned it.


A knife slashed straight into the bloated body of Xuesta, and a large amount of blood sprayed out instantly, as if a scarlet rain had fallen.


The shrill roar came from the mouth of the blood tower, penetrated the eardrum, deafening, and there was a trace of hysteria.

"Break!" The blood **** clone looked coldly, and coldly spat out a word.

In an instant, a terrifying power burst out from the blood-red light of the hundred-zhang-long sword, and madly poured into the bloated body of the blood tower.

The source of blood, second-order!


A violent roar followed, resounding through the sky.

To outsiders, it seems that countless blood-colored rays of light burst out from the inside of the blood tower's body, directly stabbing it into a hornet's nest.

This scene is undoubtedly extremely shocking.


Bloodstar let out an unwilling roar, like the last struggle of a trapped beast, but it was quickly drowned out by the roar.


All that was left in the arena was the reverberating roar, and the chaotic force fluctuations that swept the four directions, impacting the protective shield outside the arena, causing it to continue to oscillate.

After a while, the aftermath of the chaotic force on the ring gradually subsided.

But the entire arena has been destroyed and messy, and no one is intact.

There was a big pit in the middle, which was much deeper than before, and Xuesta was lying in it, all in tatters, blood splashed everywhere, dyeing the whole ring red.

The amount of bleeding is amazing!

That is, the blood race dark species, if it is other creatures, it is absolutely impossible to shed so much blood.

At this time, the blood tower was lying there motionless, and did not move at all, as if it was completely dead.


The blood race dark species watching the battle fell into a dead silence.

This result made them a little unacceptable.

The blood tower was defeated too badly!

After all, he is also the top genius of the thirteen clans. He even used the magic transformation. In the end, he didn't even control the magic transformation, so he let it go completely, but in the end... he still lost.

The defeat was so direct and so straightforward.

This does not mean that if they are replaced, the same result will be obtained.

All the blood race dark species looked up, their eyes focused on the figure standing in the air, holding a blood-colored sword, and their expressions were extremely complicated.



Even creepy!

At this moment, no blood race dark-species genius dared to say that he was sure to defeat this blood son.

too strong!

Strong is a bit outrageous.

They suddenly found that the blood son seemed to be filled with a cloud of fog, which was impossible for people to see clearly.

On the other side, Yuffilia's complexion was complicated and difficult to understand. Looking at the figure, she didn't know what to feel in her heart at this time, and she couldn't calm down for a long time.

The strength of the other party completely exceeded her expectations.

Is this blood?

It is no wonder that the ancestors will be designated as the blood son.

I am afraid that only this kind of monster-level genius is qualified to be a blood child.

On the contrary, they are far worse.

There is no comparison at all.

Above the arena, the Blood God clone looked down at the Blood Tower like a dead dog below, shook his head, and said, "I thought it would be so strong after the demonic transformation, but it turned out to be nothing more than that."


The Dark Species of the Blood Race immediately fell silent for a while.

God is so special.

Is the blood tower strong enough?

The state after the magical transformation, even they may not be able to compare.

If blood towers are nothing more than that, what are they?

Is it rubbish?

A deep sense of powerlessness emerged in the hearts of these vampire geniuses, making them feel depressed and want to vomit blood.

This blood is so bad.

The Blood God clone ignored them, glanced over the arena below, and picked up several attribute bubbles scattered around.

[Dark Star Force*5000]

【Magic Change (True)*1500】


"It's just such a thing." In the swallowing space, Wang Teng couldn't help shaking his head.

But it's normal to think about it. The power he currently has in the field and the power of the source is too high, and it is not comparable to these geniuses at all.

Naturally, they will no longer drop attribute bubbles that are useful to him.

Fortunately, there is a more special attribute - magic change (true)!

Added a real word...

【True Magic Change】jpg!

Wang Teng looked strange, didn't think much, and immediately absorbed the attribute bubble, and the corresponding perception instantly appeared in his mind.

This feeling is completely different from the magical transformation that Wang Teng obtained before.

If it was said that it was an extremely rude burst of dark blood before, then the insight obtained at this time is the controllable burst.

The indescribable power of darkness is compressed within a certain range, which is not only more powerful, but also will not easily fall into chaos.

In battle, this is undoubtedly an excellent state.

After all, once you lose control, life and death are beyond your control.

Judging from the previous state of the blood tower, that kind of magic change is not much worse than the out-of-control magic change, and even more powerful, but unfortunately it encountered the current Wang Teng.

Since the last battle at the Deputy Professional Alliance headquarters, although Wang Teng's realm has not improved much, his strength has improved a lot.

How could the opponent be his opponent.

Of course, if it reaches an irreversible point, completely letting go of the magical transformation is not a solution.

Just like the blood tower finally had to break out in order to break free from the shackles of the devil's poison ivy, the effect is naturally good.

If other warriors face that kind of magical transformation, I am afraid they will be crushed miserably in the end.

Wang Teng retracted his thoughts and looked at the attribute panel.

[True Magic Change]: 500/0000 (second order);

"Second-level?" Wang Teng couldn't help but be stunned. He didn't expect this [True Magic Transformation] to be divided into equal ranks. The original [Magic Transformation] has also reached a completeness, and now it has been completely transformed.

Is this second order a bit low?

It seems that the blood tower is not very good.

If Blood Tower knew what Wang Teng was thinking, he would probably get up from the ring angrily.

Being able to master this [True Magic Transformation] to the second-order level at the median Demon Sovereign level, it is already considered a very genius, and this guy actually dislikes it.

You must know that the power of [Magic Transformation] is extremely difficult to control. Even if there are many Demon Venerable-level existences, it is difficult to say that one can perfectly master [Magic Transformation].

Therefore, the blood tower can master the second-order, which can really be regarded as a genius.

"With this brand new magical transformation, I should be able to try the magical transformation, right?" Wang Teng touched his chin and thought to himself.

Ever since he had the Blood God clone, he's been a little bit eager to move.

So... the blood **** clone glanced around, and suddenly said, "Is there any other clan genius who wants to challenge me?"

"Today is a rare opportunity, why don't we go together?"


It was quiet all around.

No one responded to him at all, all those blood race dark species were silent, no one was willing to come forward, and no one dared to come forward.

The battle just now made these blood race geniuses a little timid.

Their strength is similar to the blood tower, and there is absolutely no chance of winning, and it is only possible to defeat the blood son by letting a stronger genius take action.

Yuffilia looked around and suddenly felt that this scene was a little shocking.

Asked who fought, but no one dared to answer.

What a style this is!

A strange brilliance flashed in her eyes, and the level of the evildoer of this **** child had to be mentioned again.

In the entire blood clan thirteen clan, there should be few who can beat him.

Seeing that no one answered, the Blood God clone laughed and shook his head.

This action made the surrounding blood race dark species seem to be insulted, and all of them looked extremely ugly.

"Xue Jue, don't be arrogant, there are stronger geniuses in our clan, you really think you are invincible."

A loud shout came from the blood mist.

"Please stand up and speak, don't hide in the fog." The Blood God clone looked at the surrounding fog and said sternly.

"When I'm afraid you won't succeed."

The blood mist rolled, and a blood race dark species appeared in front of the blood **** clone, and looked at him without showing weakness.

"Yes, although you defeated the blood tower, it does not mean that you are invincible in my blood clan, but some people have not yet exited the customs~~ They will find you sooner or later."

The other blood race dark species also stepped out of the blood fog and shouted loudly.

"Then I can wait, I hope I won't wait too long." The Blood God clone smiled and didn't care: "If I don't come, I will be very disappointed."


Those blood race dark geniuses were instantly furious, this blood must be even more arrogant than them.

"I haven't had enough fun just now, why don't you come up and play with me for a while." The Blood God clone said calmly.


Those geniuses of the blood race dark species who kept clamoring suddenly stopped abruptly, as if they were strangled by the throat of fate.

"Hey!" The Blood God clone couldn't help sneering.

Yupilia shook her head, she didn't realize how embarrassing these vampire geniuses were before.

If you don't dare to fight, don't shout, if you don't agree, just go up.

It's a shame to do this.

The pale and handsome faces of the geniuses of the dark race of the blood race all around were instantly ashen, as ugly as they were, but no one dared to refute them.

"Don't say I didn't give you a chance, why don't you... let's go together." The Blood God clone suddenly said.

"What did you say?"

The surrounding blood race dark-species geniuses were stunned, and seemed to wonder if they had heard it wrong.

Euphilia's eyes widened, looking at the blood **** clone, her eyes were full of astonishment, what did this guy just say?

"I said you all go together." The Blood God clone grinned: "If I win, I will surrender honestly. When I see me later, I will bow obediently and call me a blood son. Do you... dare?" (Unfinished Continued) Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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