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Chapter: 1769

With this little strength do you also want to dance


The geniuses of the blood race dark species outside the arena fell into a strange silence.

Go together?

Is this guy crazy?

Even if they think that fighting alone is not a **** opponent, the number of geniuses present is quite large. All together, it is definitely an extremely powerful fighting force.

This blood must have let them go together!

It's not crazy what is it?

But soon, an indescribable anger surged into the hearts of these blood race dark species present, causing their eyes to instantly glow red, and their pale faces flushed red.


"Too arrogant!"

"Looking for death, dare to challenge all of us!"


The anger of their departure, their eyes glowed red, and they stared at the blood **** clone, eager to tear it apart.

"Come on, don't be incompetent and furious, it will only make me look down on you, I am here, just waiting for you to step into the ring." The blood **** clone made a "please" gesture towards the surrounding, extremely elegant, as if A real blood race, Pingdan's laughter came out.



"Too arrogant!"

The dark races of the blood race present were half-dead with anger, and they wished they could rush over to fight him, but no one was the first to do it, and no one else dared to move.

"Blood Jue, you're crazy!" Yuffilia had already got up from her seat and said in a hurried voice.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything unsure." The blood **** clone was a little surprised, this blood demon girl actually cares about him? However, he didn't take it to heart, he just thought that the other party was in line because he didn't want his blood son's reputation to be damaged, so he responded sullenly.

"You!" Euphilia was in a hurry and wanted to say something, but couldn't say it.

What qualifications does she have to take care of the other party, and what status does she have to take care of him? After all, there is not much relationship between the two parties, and the other party is a blood child, so she still needs the permission of her lower demon emperor to act.

For a time, Yufilia felt that she was a little nosy, she couldn't help grinding her teeth, and her teeth, which were sharper than ordinary people, were revealed.

【True Blood Race】jpg!

"Sigh." The Blood God clone shook his head and sighed, looking extremely disappointed: "Forget it, since you dare not, then I will not force it. It seems that I still think highly of you geniuses of the thirteen clans."

"Okay! We accept your challenge!"

A voice like gnashing teeth sounded in the surrounding blood race dark species.

Several geniuses of the blood race dark species seemed to have communicated secretly, and finally nodded and agreed, the anger in their hearts was completely uncontrollable.

If they don't do it again, they are afraid that they will be propped up to explode in place by their own anger.

"That's right."

The blood **** clone smiled slightly, and said to the surrounding: "Come on, come, I am looking forward to you being able to bring me joy."


All the blood race dark race geniuses are trembling all over.

gas! shake! cold!

They were really unbearable, and they all burst out with a terrifying aura, stepped forward and rushed straight into the ring.

boom! boom! boom……

In the blink of an eye, the ring was completely enveloped by a terrifying aura that penetrated every corner, almost everywhere.

That is the aura that all the geniuses of the blood race dark species gather together, and its terrifying level is even comparable to the aura of the upper Demon Sovereign-level powerhouse.

The bodies of the geniuses of the dark race of the blood race were suspended in the air, and the blood **** clone was surrounded.


A full nine-headed genius of the Demon King-level blood race!

In an instant, the atmosphere above the entire arena solidified, as if it had been frozen.

The nine-headed blood race dark species are all staring at the blood **** clone coldly, and a sneer gradually appeared in the corners of their mouths.

"With the momentum I'm waiting for, I'm afraid I don't even need to take a shot, it's enough to crush him."

A mocking low laughter came from the mouth of one of the vampire dark races.

"Yes, I want to challenge us alone, it's really killing myself."

"I want to see what you can do with this **** child?"

"It's best to last for a while, otherwise it will be too boring."


The other geniuses of the dark race of the blood race also spoke up one after another, with the appearance of winning, and many people made them regain their self-confidence.

Euphilia stared at the ring, her expression tense.

Nine blood geniuses!

They are indeed a bit ruthless, and they looked so angry just now, as if they were being scolded and unable to retaliate, and in a blink of an eye, nine geniuses of the blood race were dispatched.

The most important thing is that they have only appeared four or five geniuses from the beginning, which gives the illusion that it is these four or five blood geniuses who are present today.

Now it seems that it is not actually the case, there are nine of them in total.

If you add the blood tower lying there, it is ten blood geniuses.

Yuffilia glanced over and found that all the nine geniuses of the blood clan were from the five clans of the Sanskrit clan, the Toridor clan, the Lesun clan, the Achamai clan, and the Giovanni clan. Obviously, they have long been Get ready to go out and challenge the blood child.

It's just that blood now provides them with an excellent opportunity.

There are ten geniuses in total, and one clan has provided two geniuses, which is not a big deal.

"This is really..."

The more Yufilia thought about it, the more dignified her heart became, and she was angry and helpless about the Blood God clone.

From her point of view, Xue Jue obviously won the blood tower, bursting with self-confidence, and then challenged all the geniuses present at once.

Now that the other party has nine geniuses, if he says too much, wouldn't he be slapping himself in the face?

This is completely difficult to ride a tiger.

"Are you laughing too early?" The Blood God clone stood with his hands behind his back, looked around, and said with a grin, "I'm afraid no one remembers, I'm not even afraid of the aura of the Bloody Demon Venerable, not to mention your mere Demon emperor-level aura."

Ancient will, open!

In the devouring space, Wang Teng directly used the [Ancient Will], the fourth-order [Ancient Will], and it was not easy to deal with the mid-level Demon Sovereign aura.

Under the influence of this momentum, the Blood God clone was not moved at all.


The nine blood race geniuses were stunned for a moment, and then their faces stiffened.

Not affected! ?

Their gazes were fixed on the Blood God clone, as if to see if he was pretending to be calm.

"If you don't do it, then I''re welcome!"

The voice fell, and a terrifying might burst out from the body of the Blood God clone, filling the sky and sweeping towards the surroundings.


At this moment, the nine-headed blood race dark species knew that the blood in front of them was really unaffected by their aura, but they were so proud just now, each of them seemed to wink at the blind, and almost went out of the third room. A hall.

This blood child can resist the information about the imposing manner of the **** demon, and they naturally know it, but they thought that the **** demon did not use all his strength at that time, so this blood can resist.

But now, that doesn't seem to be the case.

It's that they think too simple.

"Come on together! Kill him!"

"His strength should not be underestimated, let's do it together."


A low voice came from the genius of the nine-headed blood race dark species.

boom! boom! boom……

The next moment, tyrannical force fluctuations erupted from the body of the nine-headed blood race dark species, and they each held weapons and killed the blood **** clone.

Blood-red rays of light immediately flooded the entire arena, and various Force Attacks were smashed out without money.

The scene is chaotic and scary!

The blood **** clone narrowed his eyes slightly, looking at the attacks roaring from all directions, his expression did not fluctuate.

bring it on! bring it on! Make the attack harder.

Devil Poison Ivy!


Countless black vines swept out and slashed towards those Force Attacks.

Roar! Roar! Roar……

A terrifying roar suddenly erupted among the black vines.

The dark species of the nine-headed blood clan was shocked to find that among the black vines, a faint green mist filled the air, and then condensed giant beasts exuding the power of venom, which were charging towards them.

"This is some kind of poison domain?!"

The genius of the nine-headed blood race dark species suddenly changed color. He did not expect that in addition to mastering the blood beast field and the blood sea field, the blood must also master this tyrannical poison field.

And judging from the breath emanating from it, it is definitely the realm of reality.

Poison Tide Field!

Reality Level 5!

Wang Teng's [Poison Domain] has reached the first-order fusion realm, and many of his advanced insights can be used in [Poison Tide Domain] to improve it.

And the [Poison Tide Domain] was originally only the third-order reality, and later, under Wang Teng's deduction, it finally reached the fifth-order reality.

Compared with the Blood Sea Domain, the fifth-order [Poison Tide Domain] in reality seems to be a bit weak, but it is actually comparable to the [Poison Domain] around the eighth-order reality, and it should not be underestimated.

At this moment, the expression of the nine-headed blood race dark species has already explained everything.

But it's not over yet.


Between the vines sweeping, there is another field spread out.

Dark realm!

Reality level nine!

The dark realm mastered by Wang Teng has reached the third level of the fusion realm, but to deal with these middle demon emperor-level dark species, the real realm ninth-level realm is enough.

boom! boom!

At this moment, the two domains were activated at the same time, as if they overlapped, with darkness and poisonous tide covering the entire arena.

All the attacks from the nine-headed blood race dark-species genius were shattered, and the terrifying aftermath of the original force rolled back around.

Peng! Peng! Peng...

The head-to-head blood race dark species didn't have time to react, and they were all shocked and flew out, slamming into the ring's defensive cover.

"Damn! How can it be so strong!?"

The nine-headed blood race dark-species genius looked extremely ugly. They knew that the blood was extremely strong, but they never thought that he could be so powerful.

One person fights nine of them alone, and he can even knock them out. This kind of strength is stronger than when he just dealt with the blood tower.

"There are two more fields. How many real world fields does this guy master?" A genius of the blood race dark species said incredulously.

YY novel

The other blood race dark geniuses fell silent, and they found that they still underestimated each other.

When I saw him use the black vines before, I only felt that it was extremely difficult to deal with, but I didn't expect that a head-on collision could also have such power.

"Do you have this strength?"

The Blood God clone looked around, a trace of disdain appeared on his face, and he slowly opened his mouth and said:

"It really disappoints me."


The voice fell, and the Blood God clone suddenly disappeared in place, completely integrating into the black field that permeated all around.

The superposition of the Dark Domain and the Poison Tide Domain has plunged the entire arena into darkness, making it impossible to see clearly.

"Be careful!"

Those geniuses of the blood race dark species had no time to take care of the ridicule of the blood **** clone. At this moment, their expressions changed greatly, and they looked around vigilantly.

"I'm here." The blood **** clone suddenly appeared in front of a blood race dark species, the fist print broke out, and the scarlet fist print slammed toward the opponent.

"He's here..."

The vampire dark species suddenly shouted and defended, but before the words were finished, the fist mark was already in front of him and bombarded its body directly.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from the mouth of this vampire dark-species genius, its eyes burst out, and its bones shattered.

too fast!

When it reacts, it has already been hit, and the Force mobilized in the body is too late to form a defense.

"Blood Baker!"

The other blood race dark species rushed towards the violent fluctuation of the force, but only saw the blood race dark species that was seriously injured.

"With this little strength, do you also want to dance?"

A low laugh sounded in the darkness, echoing in all directions, making people unable to find their way.

All the blood race dark species are like headless flies.

Originally, if it was only the dark realm, it would not have forced them to such a degree.

After all, the blood race is also an extremely powerful dark race. Even if this is the domain of the blood **** clone, they can sense it somewhat.

But now this field overlaps with the Poison Tide field, and the power of this field not only hinders their actions, but also blocks their sense of darkness.

"Using the power of the domain, it will be destroyed one by one." A blood race dark species shouted.

boom! boom! boom……

The other dark species did not have any nonsense, and immediately opened their respective fields and spread out towards all directions.

On the small arena, domains appeared in an instant. Wei and Jin were distinct, like blood-red light balls, shrouding the darkness of these blood races.


The Poison Tide Domain and Dark Domain cast by the Blood God clone were suddenly impacted and shook uncontrollably.


His face was solemn, and he let out a cold snort, thinking that he would be able to beat him with numbers, which was a fool's errand.

The realm of fusion, open!


The realm of poison! Melting Realm Level 1!

Dark realm! Melting Realm Level 1!

In an instant, the two fields erupted at the same time, reaching the first-order level of fusion.

Even [Poison Tide Domain] was instantly converted into [Poison Domain].

Among the same level, [Poison Domain] is indeed inferior to [Poison Tide Domain], but [Poison Domain] has reached the first-order fusion realm.

The two domains erupted with powerful forces at the same time, sweeping the entire arena, colliding with the domain of the eight-headed blood race dark species, and they were not weak at all.


The fields of the two sides kept colliding and stalemate on the ring.

"how is this possible?"

Tong Kong shrank in the eyes of the eight-headed blood race dark-species genius, and his heart was full of inconceivable.

The opponent's domain can actually be stronger! ?

"Melting realm!! This is the realm of fusion realm!!" A dark genius of the blood race seemed to have seen something and couldn't help but say in shock.

"What, the realm of fusion!!!"

"How is it possible, how can he, a lower Demon Emperor level, master the realm of fusion! Xuefei Rui, did you read it wrong?"

"I can't read it wrong, this is the realm of fusion, you can feel it carefully."

"It seems... it's really a fusion realm!"

"Damn, we still seriously underestimate him."



The blood race dark species who was seriously injured by the blood **** clone let out a low roar, got up from the ground, and a dazzling blood-red light suddenly erupted from his body.

"Magic change! Blood Baker is about to change!"

The eight-headed blood race dark species could not help but look down, and his complexion changed slightly.

It's a bit unexpected to use the magic change so quickly.


Xue Baker continued to let out a low roar, and the blood-red light on its body became more and more intense, forming countless blood-red silk threads that spread out, and then quickly closed and wrapped it.

A trace of evil, a terrifying breath permeated from it.

"Magic change, it's good, you only have the magic change, so that I can shave more wool."

In the realm, the eyes of the Blood God clone flickered slightly, as if he felt something, and the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch.

He challenged these blood race geniuses just for the purpose of picking up wool.

"Don't keep your hands, just use the strongest means."

A genius of the blood race dark species took a deep breath and said seriously.

At this point, they no longer have the slightest chance of luck, and they must use the strongest means to defeat the blood son, and blood Baker alone is definitely not enough.

Magical change! ! !

The remaining eight-headed blood race dark species glanced at each other, and then slammed into the magic transformation.

boom! boom! boom……

The terrifying aura burst out from the dark race of the nine-headed blood race at the same time, condensed together, and the formed aura was absolutely terrifying.

The entire arena seemed to have fallen into an incomparably evil and terrifying forbidden area in an instant, and even people outside the arena could perceive it clearly.

"What happened inside? They seem to have used the magic transformation!" Yufilia's face was solemn, and her eyes were fixed on the ring.

But it was dark inside, and it was impossible to see anything at all. The only thing that could be seen was the light clusters that burst out with scarlet rays of light, and the evil chaotic aura that emanated.

For the dark species, they are all too familiar with the breath of magical transformation.

But it is really shocking to use the magic transformation so quickly.

winter! winter! winter……

The cluttered and dull sound continued to emanate from the ring, and the nine-headed dark species changed magically at the same time, and the sounds they made were not consistent. On top of that, the heartbeats of the people present became disordered.

Many of the weaker dark species suddenly changed their expressions slightly, and immediately mobilized their own original force to resist this sound.

Even some Dark Seeds whose strength has reached the upper Demon Sovereign level are dignified at the moment, looking at the arena, their eyes are constantly flickering, and they seem to want to see the situation inside.

boom! boom! boom……

At a certain moment, the blood-red beams of light full of evil and chaos burst out from the ring and shot straight into the sky, exuding an astonishing breath.

The blood **** clone looked up, and his face became a little dignified.

He had already experienced the magical transformation of the blood tower before, and it was indeed extremely powerful.

If the magical transformation of these blood race geniuses can reach that level, then for him, the threat is indeed not small, and he must be treated with caution.

No, in fact, it does not need to reach the level of the blood tower, even if it is slightly worse, the threat is extremely powerful.


At this moment, in the darkness, the sound of breaking the air suddenly sounded.

The blood **** clone's eyes were slightly condensed, and the figure flashed toward the left side, a blood shadow appeared on his left side, and the terrifying wind swept through.

If he was a little late, the strong wind would fall on him completely.

He looked over immediately, and saw that the **** shadow flickered and disappeared again in place, but did not pursue the victory.


At the same time, there was another roar in the ears of the Blood God clone, this time behind him.

Just as he was about to hide, he froze, not only from the rear, but also from the left and right sides, and even from the front, there was a sound of breaking through the air.


A **** sounded in his heart.


The four attacks came at the same time, and bombarded his body fiercely.

Gah! Gah! gah...

The crow's chirping sound suddenly sounded, and the blood **** clone exploded, turning into countless blood-colored crows that flew around, and then re-condensed.

"I've been on guard against you for a long time."

In the darkness, a sneer suddenly came from behind the Blood God clone, and at the same time came the roar of the Force.


A tyrannical fist mark broke out.

However, the complexion of the Blood God clone did not change in the slightest, and was still extremely calm.


A trail of black vines suddenly swept out from behind him, tying the sneak attacking figure behind him.

"How is that possible?" The dark race of the blood race changed slightly.

"Nothing is impossible. You think that you have predicted the trajectory of my actions, but I actually predicted your predictions."


The black vines that bound the dark species of the blood race exploded, and countless dark powers were vented.

The blood race dark species was directly blown up and tattered, vomited blood and flew out.

But it did not die. After the magical transformation, its vitality became more tenacious. The wound was healing quickly, and the blood around it was also flowing back, which was strange and abnormal.

The previous blood tower was mainly injured by his source power, and it was directly injured, and there was no chance to recover at all.

But this blood race dark species is different, and the other party is already prepared.

Moreover, the Blood God clone is simultaneously dealing with the dark race of the blood race of the nine-headed demon transformation at the same time, and there is simply not enough time to display powerful combat skills, so that it cannot completely solve the opponent.

"What an undead cockroach!"

A sigh came from the Blood God clone, and he couldn't help shaking his head:

"It seems that this trick is still to be used."

Originally, he planned to see if he could deal with the geniuses of the Nine-Headed Blood Race Dark Species at the same time with the means he had now mastered, but now it seems that he is still a little short without using the strongest means.

He didn't think about it anymore, and his mental power swept out in an instant, picking up all the attribute bubbles scattered on the arena.

He hadn't had time to pick up the attribute bubbles dropped by these dark species just now.

【Magic Change (True)*000】

【Magic Change (True)*000】

【Magic Change (True)*00】

【Magic Change (True)*500】


In just a moment~~ paragraphs of mysterious and strange perceptions appeared in Wang Teng's mind, which made his perception of [True Magic Change] instantly improve.

However, this time, it did not break through the rank.

[True Magic Change]: 17500/0000 (second order);

"Fuck! A bunch of rubbish, there's no way for me to break through the second tier." Wang Teng looked at the attribute changes on the attribute panel, and couldn't complain.

I thought that with the attributes of the genius of the nine-headed blood race dark species, it was enough to make his perception of [True Magic Transformation] reach the third level, so that it would be more secure to perform the magic transformation. Who knows that they are only capable of this. Master no one more than the second order.


It's so rubbish!

"Forget it, that's all, just use it reluctantly." Wang Teng shook his head, about to let the Blood God clone use the magic transformation.

For the first time, the magical transformation must have a sense of ritual.

boom! boom! boom……

Before he finished speaking, the roar swept in from all directions again, and the nine-headed blood race dark species launched an attack at the same time, killing him.

"Blood Jue, today is your day of death!"

"I still want to be the blood son of my blood clan, dream about you."

"Hahaha... Challenge nine of us by one person, you are estimated to be the first stupid blood child in the history of my blood clan."


The attack came very suddenly, and all sides were besieged, with fist prints, palm prints, claw prints, and even sword glow, sword glow, etc. The terrifying and powerful attack instantly drowned the Blood God clone. (To be continued) Click to download the APP of this site, massive novels, free to read!

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