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Chapter: 1770

The magic of God Blast Victory


There was a violent roar from the arena, which reverberated continuously. The force wave impacted on the protective cover, causing it to make a crackling sound, as if it was about to shatter.


The faces of the blood race dark species watching the battle all around were discolored, and their eyes were shaking as they looked at the arena.

Such a tyrannical attack, can that **** child still be able to stop it?

It is a bit too hasty and careless to single out nine genius-level median demon emperor-level powerhouses.

The blood race dark races present were not very optimistic about the blood **** clone. Seeing this scene, they couldn't help shaking their heads, thinking that he would definitely lose to the nine blood race dark race geniuses.


A high-ranking demon emperor-level blood race dark species said.

"What a pity, you can't live because of your own sins." The other upper demon emperor-level blood race dark species sneered.

"This blood son is really too arrogant and conceited, and it is reasonable to have such a result."

"But he is estimated to be the biggest joke in the history of my blood clan, blood son, but he was defeated by other geniuses, and it only took a day."

"Hehe, the blood son of a day, this is also the first one."


Listening to the discussions around her, Euphilia couldn't help biting her lip, her eyes fixed on the ring, and she was inexplicably nervous.

To be honest, she didn't really want to see this blood son lose to the nine blood geniuses.

In her opinion, she is obviously more willing to stand on the side of Xue Jue, but she doesn't look down on those nine geniuses.

The only bad thing is that this blood must be too conceited, and it's easy to break through, doesn't he know?

on the ring.

A sneer appeared on the face of the dark race of the nine-headed blood race, staring coldly and indifferently at the center of the force explosion, waiting for the final result to appear.

The nine attacks hit at the same time, and they didn't believe that the opponent's lower Demon Emperor level could stop it.

The realm gap is there.

The strength of this Blood Jue may indeed be strong enough to be comparable to the middle-rank Demon Sovereign, but his body is still the lower Demon Sovereign rank. To them, this is a crispy skin.

As long as you hit the opponent, you will definitely be able to win.

"This competition should be over." A genius of the blood race dark species smiled faintly: "He killed himself, and there is no need for the stronger of my family to take action, I will wait enough."

"Isn't it? I've never heard of such an excessive request, but I'm going to single out a group of us." Xue Baker, who had been seriously injured by the Blood God clone before, showed a relief of hatred on his face, and sneered: "It will end later, You hand him over to me, and I will make him regret coming into this world."

"Hahaha...Okay, then we'll just wait and see the show." The rest of the blood race dark-species geniuses couldn't help laughing.

After victory, concocting enemies has always been a great pleasure for them, just like a lion catching its prey, it must be played well before it is eaten.

During the conversation, the original force that was constantly sweeping over the arena gradually dissipated, and the turbulent gravel and dust slowly fell.

Boom! Boom! thump...

At this moment, a dull sound suddenly came from the middle of the ring, and a blood-red human-shaped light cocoon appeared in front of the nine-headed blood race dark species.

"Magic change!"

The expression of the genius of the nine-headed blood race dark species changed slightly.

"Damn, he can actually transform!"

"In that situation just now, where did he have the time to make a magical transformation?"

"What a strong breath, this **** magical transformation actually makes me feel a little palpitated, how is this possible?"

"Is his magical transformation stronger than ours?"


They felt the evil and dark aura emanating from the human-shaped light cocoon, and their faces suddenly became more ugly, and their hearts were a little incredible.

But considering the opponent's strength and talent, maybe his magic transformation is really stronger than them.

And this possibility is very high.


An ominous premonition suddenly appeared in the heart of the genius of the nine-headed blood race dark species. Looking at the human-shaped light cocoon, he wanted to make a move, but he couldn't.

They also know that it is difficult to be interrupted during the magic transformation.

"Magic change!"

Euphilia's beautiful eyes widened slightly, and while she was relieved, she was also surprised: "He is actually changing!"

"And this breath..."

She couldn't help being secretly startled, the breath was too strong and pure, it was hard to imagine that a lower-level demon emperor-level demonic transformation could reach such a level.

She is a low-rank demon emperor herself, and it is not bad to have half of the opponent's aura.

This gap made her feel frustrated.

The difference is really too big!

"I don't believe that his magical transformation can be compared to the nine of us." Xue Baker said with a gloomy expression.

It was already ready to concoct this blood judging well, but the other party was not dead, and it had undergone a magical transformation, giving it an ominous premonition.

It's like...

I have my pants off, can you show me this?

"Yes, even if it changes, why should we be afraid of him!" The other geniuses of the dark race of the blood race immediately echoed: "Just now he has no power to fight back, and now even if it changes, he is not our opponent."

dong dong dong...

The sound like the beating of the heart is getting faster and faster, denser and louder, as if to break the blood-colored light cocoon.

A wisp of blood-colored aura suddenly floated out from the human-shaped light cocoon, floating on top of his head, condensing in one place, and turned into a blood-colored light and shadow.

"Shadow of the Blood God!"

The nine-headed blood race dark geniuses all shrank their pupils, their hearts shook, and their faces were horrified.

They have long heard that the blood must have inspired the shadow of the blood **** when he tested his talent on the **** stone platform.

But that was only heard, not as shocking as it was at the moment.

What makes them even more unbelievable is that the other party actually inspired the shadow of the blood **** in the magical transformation. This talent is really terrible.

The faces of the geniuses of the nine-headed blood race dark species were extremely solemn, and their eyes were fixed on the blood-colored light cocoon below, staring at the shadow of the blood **** that was constantly condensing, and even a sense of jealousy appeared in their hearts.

The body of the blood god!

This bloodline talent is really too powerful.

Even in the sea of ​​undead blood, throughout the ages, only a few geniuses have acquired such a tyrannical physique.

This blood has never entered the sea of ​​undead blood, but has already obtained such a celestial physique, how can they not be envious? How can you not be jealous?

In the future, the other party will enter the Sea of ​​Blood God, what kind of talent will he get? Just can't imagine.

clack clack...

Suddenly, bursts of cracking sounds came out very suddenly, and cracks appeared on the human-shaped light cocoon, which quickly spread throughout the human-shaped blood cocoon.

And the shadow of the blood **** has also been very solid, like a living thing, but it is too mysterious and strange, always surrounded by blood mist, and it is impossible to see the specific appearance.

The only thing that can be seen is its stalwart body, and the closed eyes on the body, looming and visible in the blood mist, which is extraordinarily infiltrating.


A terrifying aura suddenly spread out.

Evil, chaos, disorder, indescribable...

Even if they are both blood race dark species, facing this terrible power at this moment, the genius of the nine-headed blood race dark species can't help but want to surrender.

For a time, their faces were extremely difficult to see.

The other party has not yet shot, just a momentum, let them fall into such a situation, how strong should the other party be after the magical transformation?


It seemed to be exactly what they were thinking, and the human-shaped blood-colored light cocoon finally burst open, turning into blood-red light spots all over the sky, as if a scarlet rain had fallen.

In the blood-colored light spot, a figure stepped out slowly, blood-red long hair fluttered in the wind behind his head, and an unspeakable momentum permeated his body.

When the nine-headed blood race dark-species genius saw the appearance of the blood **** clone at the moment, his pupils couldn't help but shrink.

I saw that the mask on the other's face seemed to be fused with the face, like a blood-colored bone surface, and an eye grew on each of his cheeks, which appeared on the bone surface and closed slightly. .

There is also a pair of dark red sharp corners on the forehead that break through the bones and extend out, like two dark red sickles, sharp and sharp, flashing cold light.

And behind it are a pair of dark red wings, slowly extending, not the fleshy wings of ordinary blood race dark species.

It is covered with dark red feathers, as if cast from gold and iron.

Apart from that, his body has not changed at all, completely retaining its original appearance.

But this is precisely the place where the nine-headed vampire dark species was shocked.

"How... how is it possible?!"

All the geniuses of the blood race dark species stared at him blankly, as if trying to find out what was different.

You must know that even the magical transformation of the upper demon emperor-level powerhouse will have a certain impact on his body and appear to be distorted to a certain extent.

And he is a low-ranking demon emperor, and he can actually keep the same! ! !

This is incredible!

completely beyond their comprehension.


At this moment, the shadow of the Blood God above the head of the Blood God clone actually fell slowly and overlapped with his body.

This made the nine-headed vampire dark species startled, and his eyes slowly widened.

what happened?

How could such a change happen?

Wait, why is the appearance of Blood Jue at this moment somewhat similar to the Shadow of the Blood God?


so similar!

More and more like!

They felt a sense of familiarity just now. Now that the shadow of the blood **** overlapped with his body, they reacted. The form of the other party after the magical transformation actually had an external appearance similar to the shadow of the blood god.

As the phantoms overlapped, that Blood Jue was like a real blood **** descending into the world, making it impossible for people to look directly at it.


The void vibrated, and blood-red tentacles suddenly rushed out from the Shadow of the Blood God, wrapping around the outside of the Shadow of the Blood God, turning into blood pythons like living creatures, roaring up to the sky.

"This magical transformation..."

The dark races of the blood race in the outer appearance of the arena changed their expressions, as if they saw an incredible picture.

"No, this seems to be the legendary transformation of the gods!"

A high-ranking Demon Sovereign seemed to have thought of something, completely lost his composure, and exclaimed.

"God's Demon Transformation??!"

"Impossible, how could it be the devil's transformation of God."

"It can't be the devil's transformation of the gods. It must be his blood god's body that is affecting him. That's why the overlapping state of the blood god's shadow appears. It must be like this."

"No, this is the magical transformation of the gods. Although it is indeed because of the power of the pure blood of the blood god's body that such a mutation has been stimulated, the ancient meaning cannot be faked. This is definitely the gods. Magical change."


Those high-ranking Demon Sovereign-level existences were actually arguing. Some were shocked, some were speechless, and some didn't believe it at all...

"It is indeed the magical transformation of the gods, but it is only the most elementary form, which cannot be compared with the real magical transformation of the gods."

Suddenly, a tyrannical breath appeared in the sky, and a huge eyeball slowly opened.

"Master Demon!"

The surrounding blood race dark species changed slightly, and quickly saluted respectfully.

No matter which clan's dark species it is, as long as it sees the existence of Demon Venerable, it must salute and show respect.

This is the special treatment of the strong.

At this moment, all the dark races of the blood race are secretly shocked, and even the existence of the Demon Venerable has been alarmed, which is really incredible.

"Even so, this **** talent is extremely demonic, and it can actually display the magical transformation of the gods."

The eyeball slowly turned, and a slightly surprised voice came out slowly.

With the confirmation of the existence of the Demon Venerable, the dark race of the blood race present was no doubt, and they were all shocked in their hearts.

It's really a magical transformation of God!

The magical transformation of God, this is the ultimate form of the magical transformation, even if it is a Demon Venerable existence, it may not be mastered.

Only at the level of the Demon God, it is possible to inspire the magical transformation of the gods, reach a state close to the gods, and exert a terrifying power.

After all, it can be seen from the name that this is a power that can only be mastered by a god-level existence.

"God's Demon Transformation!" Yufilia was full of astonishment, staring blankly at the shadow of the Blood God on the ring in front of her, with a strong sense of dream, unbelievable.

What the **** does this guy do?

How can it be so evil?

At this moment, she really wanted to cut open the **** body to see what kind of structure he was and how he was different from others.

Just a pervert!

The nine-headed blood race dark-species genius also heard the discussion outside the ring, and at the same time saw the arrival of the Demon Venerable existence, and his face suddenly turned pale.

The magic of God!

How could this blood absolutely display the magical transformation of God, what did he do?

They have never seen the so-called magical transformation of the gods, but they have heard of its name, and now they really see it, how can their hearts not shake.

For a time, their confidence turned out to be strongly impacted and shaken.

In the face of a pervert who can cast the magic of God, can they really beat each other?

"Who said just now that the competition is over?"

"I give you a chance to reorganize the language."

At this moment, a dull voice came out from the shadow of the blood god, causing the face of the dark race of the nine-headed blood race to change, and anger rose in their hearts, as if they had been insulted.

"What did we say?"

Xue Baker couldn't bear such contemptuous words, he let out a low roar, and suddenly rushed out, rushing straight towards the Blood God clone.

"Then... let you see what it means to end!"

The voice of the blood **** clone came out from the shadow of the blood god, with a sense of majesty, like the judgment of the gods.


The next moment, he moved, waving his palm, and a blood-red palm print slapped towards the rushing Blood Baker.

As the palm fell, there was a sound of explosions in the void, and one after another dark cracks spread towards the surrounding.

"Be careful!"

The rest of the eight-headed blood race dark species all changed greatly, and couldn't help but remind them.


Xue Baker's pupils shrank, and his face changed drastically. He had no time to avoid it, so he could only bite the bullet and rush forward. At the same time, a roar came out of its mouth.


It punched out, and a dazzling blood-red light burst out from its body. Between its punches, it turned into a terrifying fist mark and greeted it.

"The mantis arm is the car!" The Blood God clone said lightly, his movements remained the same, and the huge palm print slammed down.


The palm print collided with the fist print, and a violent roar resounded.

The next moment, in Xue Baker's horrified eyes, the fist print actually collapsed, and then a tyrannical force tilted from the opposite palm print.


A mouthful of blood spewed out of his mouth, and the sound of bone shattering sounded again within his body.

How similar this scene is!

It had been shattered all over the body before, but it recovered again because of the magical transformation, but now it is shattered again.

Bitter tears almost fell from his eyes.

But it doesn't stop there.

Its body flew upside down in mid-air, and the Blood God clone took advantage of the victory to pursue, with the wings on its back flapping, it rushed out at an extreme speed.

"Go away!"

Xue Baker's body continued to erupt with blood, quickly recovering from his injuries, and his hands condensed blood-red claw blades, blasting frantically toward the surroundings.

It couldn't catch the Blood God clone at all, and could only block his approach in this way.

"You're scared!"

A low laugh came from all directions.

"I can feel your fear."


The Blood God clone appeared on the right side of Xue Baker, with one hand sticking out, the fist print erupted, smashing the opponent's claw blade.


Xue Baker spit out a mouthful of blood again, and his eyes became frightened. He found that he had no power to fight back in front of this blood. The gap was too big, and the opponent's magic transformation was really so powerful.

"What are you still doing?" Xue Baker roared.

Everything happened too fast, and the other dark blood race powerhouses didn't even react.

boom! boom! boom……

At this moment, they finally reacted, and their faces were ugly.


A cold drink erupted from the mouth of the Blood God clone, and under the blessing of the Blood God's shadow, it was like a roar of a god, deafening.

The dark genius of the blood race all changed slightly, and felt a strong mental shock, and the body could not help but stagnate.

Taking advantage of this gap, the Blood God clone shot and swept away with the sword in hand.

Blood Shadow Swordsmanship erupts!

The power of Demon Venerable-level combat skills has been brought to the extreme. Although Wang Teng has only mastered the proficiency level, it is more than enough to deal with the existence of the median Demon Sovereign.

With the outbreak of the blood-colored sword shadow, the attacks were chopped to pieces, and then the blood **** cloned into the flock like a tiger, smashing into the few geniuses of the dark race of the blood race.


With a sword slashed, a blood race dark species had no time to avoid it, its body split open, and it was almost cut in half, and a large amount of blood was sprayed out.


It let out a shrill scream, and with a look of horror in its eyes, it pulled away and retreated violently.

The Blood God clone did not pursue, but met another genius of the dark race of the blood race, and a blood-colored sword appeared in the other hand, which was also smashed out.

This state is too powerful, he just feels refreshed and has an urge to vent.

And at this moment, he feels that his strength seems to have reached the middle demon emperor level, which is almost as powerful as the body's three physiques at the same time.

This is undoubtedly very scary!

You must know that the physique possessed by the main body is an extremely powerful and tyrannical physique. Now he has only performed a magical transformation, and he can actually activate three physiques at the same time as the main body.

I didn't expect the magical transformation of the dark species to be so powerful.

It's just that he didn't know at this time that the magical transformation he had performed was actually the legendary magical transformation of the gods, which was comparable to the extraordinary transformation.


The sword in his left hand was slashed out, and a blood race dark species could not be avoided as well, and could only resist it.

Unfortunately, it was in vain in the end, the attack was chopped up, and the sword light fell on the opponent like a broken bamboo.


This dark species was even worse. The body was directly cut in half by the blood **** clone from the waist, the lower body fell, and the upper body spurted blood frantically.


The remaining six blood race dark species with remaining combat power went crazy, and they were shocked and angry, and the sound of shouting and killing broke out in their mouths.

Roar! Roar! Roar……

At this time, the blood python on the body of the Shadow of the Blood God finally moved, let out a roar, and then rushed out to meet the attacks.

boom! boom! boom……

The two sides collided in mid-air, a roar erupted, and the terrifying aftermath of the original force surged towards the surroundings.


The Blood God clone shot again, the sword in the right hand, the sword in the left hand, the sword light and the sword light cut out at the same time, forcing a blood race dark species.


The blood race dark species could not be resisted at all, both arms were cut off, a roar came from his mouth, and he pulled away and retreated violently.

At the same time, the devil's poison ivy was activated again, and a piece of black vines swept out, densely packed, besieging the geniuses of the blood race dark species.


A loud shout came out of the Blood God clone, and he also went crazy, the power of the domain erupted, the dark domain, and the poison domain all reached the level of fusion, shrouding those blood race dark geniuses.


Not only that, the Blood Sea Domain was also activated, and a terrifying sea of ​​blood appeared above his head, which was even more terrifying than when he used it before.

The monstrous blood-colored waves rolled in the sea of ​​​​blood, setting off huge waves and impacting out.

The terrifying roar sounded in the sea of ​​blood, as if there were giant beasts looming, exuding terrifying might.

Those geniuses of the blood race dark species looked horrified, and they all used their fields, and even the power of the source was used.


The sea of ​​blood rushed out, giving them no chance to react at all.

The three domains shrouded the arena, exuding terrifying power. Each domain was extremely powerful, making those geniuses of the blood race dark species unbearable.


At a certain moment, the domain of a genius of the blood race dark species exploded first, causing it to be seriously injured, and the whole person directly slumped.

boom! boom! boom……

Immediately afterwards, a series of roars sounded, and the fields exploded one after another, instantly turning into nothingness.

Only a few remaining blood race geniuses flew out at the same time.

"You are too weak!"

A loud shout came from the mouth of the Blood God clone, he stepped out in one step, the sword and the sword were cut out at the same time, turning into an overwhelming sword glow and sword glow, drowning them.

Roar! Roar! Roar……

The roar resounded in the torrent of swords, as if struggling violently, but in the end it was all in vain.

Their voices gradually fell, and under the suppression of the realm, in the crushing of the torrent of swords, they were completely defeated.


The arena shook, and that was the sound caused by the fall of these blood race dark geniuses.

The blood **** clone stood in the sky, holding a sword in the right and a knife in the left, and a long blood-red hair danced wildly in the air, like a blood-colored **** of war who was madly killed.


It was dead silence all around!

This scene completely shocked the dark species watching the battle around him, unable to recover for a long time, his eyes were full of shock and horror.




That battle just now gave them the feeling that it was so fierce and cruel that it was indescribable, and it burst to the point of trembling.

If it is said that the previous battle with the blood tower is to suppress people with combat skills.

Then the battle just now was purely crushed by force, and combat skills, etc. were only secondary.

More importantly...

One person singled out nine blood race dark-species geniuses, and he really... won! ! !

Everyone was deeply shocked, looking at the figure with a complicated expression.

This blood son is probably not the blood son who has served the shortest time in history, let alone the dumbest blood son.

It may very well be the most unexpected blood child ever! !

Looking at the blood-colored figure in the sky, Euphilia fell into a trance, her heart shook violently, her heart was shaking, and even her delicate body was shaking~~ It was not terror, nor shock, but ……Excited!

Only such a strong person is worthy of her blood demon princess, and only such a strong person can make her surrender!

At this moment, she felt that the other party's body seemed to have... light!

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