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Chapter: 1771

Step on people blackmail Blood Eyed Demon Venerable

The situation on the ring can be completely described as tragic.

The nine-headed blood race dark races were lying on the ring, some were chopped in half, and some had their bodies broken, none of them were complete, and they were extremely miserable.

There was a flash of exclamation in the eyes of the Demon Venerable existence, staring at the figure above the arena, as if to see something from him.

Then its eyes swept across the void again, and a meaningful color appeared in the bottom of its eyes.

"Ha ha!"

A chuckle echoed, and the eyeball slowly closed and disappeared into the void.

On the arena, the blood **** clone glanced over, a meaningful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then his body flashed.

"Cough cough!" Xue Baker coughed up blood, and just got up from the ground, when he suddenly saw the blood **** clone disappear, there was an ominous premonition in his heart for no reason.


Before it could think about it, a powerful pressure fell from the sky and crashed down.


The bone that had just recovered on Xue Baker's body was shattered again.


It was about to burst out a foul language when the sound stopped abruptly and turned into a scream.


Xue Baker was crushed on the ground, his face was down, and he rubbed it hard, and the blood came out.

Everyone outside the ring was stunned.

I saw the Blood God clone descending from the sky, stepping on Xue Baker's body impressively, and one foot was falling on its head.


This is the ultimate insult!

Those high-ranking Demon Sovereign-level beings watching the battle thought the battle was over. Seeing this scene, they couldn't help but widen their eyes, and the muscles on their faces twitched wildly.

Yufilia also twitched at the corner of her mouth. She suddenly thought of what Xue Baker had said before, and suddenly understood why Xue Jue did this.

This guy is really careful.

If there is revenge, report it on the spot.


The Sea of ​​Blood clone stepped on Xue Baker's head with one foot, rolled it lightly, and said, "Didn't you just want to take care of me? Why are you lying on the ground like a dead dog now?"


Xue Baker was so insulted, how could he endure it, a low growl burst out from his mouth, his body struggled frantically, and the only little original force left in his body burst out, trying to break free from the feet of the blood **** clone.

"Struggle to the death!" The Blood God clone sneered, one foot suddenly raised, and he stepped down.


The tyrannical force suddenly erupted, directly smashing Xue Baker's last struggle, and the soles of his feet landed on its head again.


Xue Baker couldn't resist at all, his head smashed into the ground instantly and buried in the gravel.

"Roar!" Xue Baker roared, feeling that he might not have been insulted as much in his life as he is today.

Being trampled on his head, he couldn't even lift his head up.

Thinking about what it said before, it was like a joke.

The person who is being stepped on the ground and rubbed now is it!

But the other party is the final winner. With such a contrast, as a genius of the thirteen blood clans, how can it be accepted.

Society is dead!

This is probably the real social death!

The people who were fighting outside the arena couldn't help shaking their heads and sighing, their eyes full of pity, this Blood Baker might become a joke among the blood clan in the future.

Being trampled on like this, what face is there to speak of.

However, Yufilia was a little excited, looking eager to try, this kind of feeling of stepping on a genius must be very refreshing, but unfortunately it is not her.

"Blood Jue, you are too much!"

"Yes, a scholar can be killed but not humiliated."

"We are noble blood geniuses, you actually insult us like this."


The geniuses of the dark race of the blood race all around shouted loudly, seeing Xue Baker being bullied like this, there was a sense of grief in the death of a rabbit.

"Do you want to try it too?" The Blood God clones didn't care about their incompetence and rage, smiled lightly, and glanced over.


The dark species of the blood race all around were silent, and their faces were blue and white, but no one dared to speak.

At first, they felt that with their nine strengths, they were enough to suppress this **** son, but it turned out that they thought too much.

Nine together!

What's the use, the other side suppresses like that.

This guy is so perverted!

Moreover, they also saw that the other party's temperament was completely retribution, and they didn't care whether they were geniuses of any clan.

Blood Baker said he stepped on it, do you still mind a few more of them.

Looking at the miserable appearance of Xue Baker, these dark geniuses of the blood race immediately gave up.

They don't want to be a joke.

Die poor Daoist Daoist friends!

Blood Baker is now humiliated, and it may be able to overshadow the fiasco of these people.

Thinking of this, these blood race dark species are even more reluctant to speak.

"Hey!" Seeing the expressions on their faces, the Blood God clones couldn't help sneering. What kind of blood race genius is just a bunch of cowards.

He looked down at Xue Baker with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes, and said lightly, "Look, no one can save you."

Xue Baker's body stiffened, and his heart was ashes.

How about a good comrade.

Now it's being so insulted, you turn a blind eye, a bunch of **** who can't help it.

"No fun!"

The blood **** clone said something lightly, and the foot on Xue Baker's head slowly lifted up.

Xue Baker was slightly overjoyed. Although he was insulted, he just wanted him to quickly take his feet away.



Just as the glimmer of joy in my heart rose, there was a sudden pain in my head, and then it slammed into the ground again.

"Lying... trough!"

The word "slot" at the back was blocked in the throat, so faint that it was almost imperceptible.

"Is it a surprise?" The Blood God clone chuckled.

".[email protected]#%...&%!" Xue Baker wanted to scold, but he couldn't make a sound at all, only a faint whimper.

"So cruel, so vile, so... excited!" Yufilia's face couldn't help but flash a flush, her eyes fixed on the situation on the ring, as if something quietly poked her G-spot.

boom! boom! boom……

The Blood God clone didn't want to let the other party go so easily. His feet stepped down again and again, forcibly stepping the other party's head into the ring, but only its body was left twitching constantly outside. struggling.

The strength he controlled was just right, neither would let the other party's head burst open, nor let it fall into a coma, enough to keep the other party awake.

This is cruel!

In this case, fainting is at least much better than being awake.

But Wang Teng wanted it to bear the shame and pain.

For the enemy, he never showed mercy.

The muscles on the faces of the eight-headed dark-species geniuses around him were twitching wildly.


At the last time, the Blood God clone finally stopped, stopped walking, and then looked at the other geniuses of the dark race of the blood race.

"You, what do you want to do?" Those blood race dark species were really frightened. Seeing him look over, their expressions changed drastically, and they shivered.

"We have already lost, just admit that you are a blood child." A genius of the dark race of blood race said quickly.

"But I haven't had enough fun yet." The Blood God clone grinned, revealing a row of white teeth under the blood-red bone surface.

Those few geniuses of the blood race dark species were all scared and their scalps were numb.

What else does this **** want?

They are already like this, what else does he want to do?

"We admit defeat!" a vampire dark species shouted.

"If it's useful to admit defeat, what else is there to do in the arena." The Blood God clone sneered.

Step by step, he walked towards the genius of the blood race dark species who opened his mouth to admit defeat.


The next moment, the Blood God clone shot and shot it with one palm.

"Roar! You are deceiving people too much!" The genius of the blood race dark species roared, naturally unwilling to be humiliated, and wanted to work hard.

It is a pity that in its current state, how could it be the opponent of the Blood God clone, and was directly slapped on the ground with a slap, unable to get up.


The Blood God clone stepped down and stepped on the opponent's head into the ground.

Another upside down onion.

To deal with the blood race dark species, he showed no mercy at all.

He endured too hard this time.

In the face of those Demon Venerable-level existences, he is not an opponent at all, and he is very aggrieved.

Now that these blood race dark geniuses are coming to the door, he naturally wants to ruthlessly abuse each other.

If you can't deal with the Demon Sovereign class, can you still collect some interest from these median Demon Sovereign class?


The remaining seven-headed blood race dark-species geniuses saw this scene, their faces turned green, and they all fled away wherever they dared to stay.

"Want to run!"

The blood **** clone narrowed his eyes slightly, waved his big hand, and **** tentacles swept out, instantly entangling the seven-headed blood race dark genius and pulling it back.

"Let us go!"

"Xuejue, don't go too far, we have already conceded defeat, why don't you let us leave?"

"Xuejue, do you want to be enemies of our races?"


The seven-headed vampire dark race looked terrified and shouted angrily.

They'd rather die if they were stomped on like blood bakers.

"When you challenged me, did you ever think about letting me go?" The Blood God clone said lightly.

boom! boom! boom……

The voice fell, and the **** tentacles slammed abruptly, and all the seven blood race dark species were smashed to the ground, causing a cloud of dust.

The Blood God clones did the same, stepping on them one by one, stepping all these so-called blood geniuses into the ground.


Outside the arena, the upper Demon Emperor-level Blood Race Dark Seed finally couldn't stand it any longer, stood up, and shouted coldly.

"Why, the younger one is going to come out again?" The Blood God clone was standing on top of a genius of the blood race dark species. He found that it was really cool to step on the heads of these geniuses, and then raised his head to look at The upper Demon Sovereign-level Dark Seed said lightly.

The eyes of the two sides seemed to collide in mid-air, and the Blood God clone did not show weakness. He was not even afraid of the existence of the Demon Venerable, so how could he be afraid of a superior Demon Sovereign.

If it is really urgent, it is not impossible for the upper Demon Emperor to fight.

The face of the upper Demon Sovereign-level existence suddenly became extremely ugly, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

It suddenly remembered that this blood son is not an existence that anyone can handle, and even the blood-worn Demon Venerable can't help each other. What if it is a high-ranking demon emperor?

The real opponent used the blood **** altar, and it is estimated that the last shame can only be it.

"What do you want?" The upper Demon Emperor Dark Seed took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice.

"What do I want?" The Blood God clone lowered his head and glanced at the blood race dark-species genius at his feet, then glanced at the upper demon emperor-level dark-species, and said with a faint smile: "Shouldn't I be asking you this sentence? "

"Let it go, my clan can pay the corresponding price." The upper demon emperor-level dark species knew that the anger of the blood **** clone could not be easily quelled, and his eyes flickered slightly.

"Oh?" The Blood God clone showed a hint of interest, touched his chin and said, "Tell me, if it makes me satisfied, I may be able to let it go."

The upper Demon Sovereign-level Dark Seed took a deep breath and felt angered. The other party had made it clear that he wanted to blackmail them, but he had come up with it himself, and this was the only way at the moment. If the other party stepped on it, the faces of all ethnic groups would be lost.

In the final analysis, it is this guy's identity as a blood child that makes them shy, and naturally they dare not do anything at will.

"One thousand blood sea source crystals per person!"

It moved its ears slightly, glanced at the void without a trace, and then said.

"Not enough!" The Blood God clone said lightly without even thinking about it.

"Don't go too far, don't think that we have compromised, you can open your mouth as a lion, and accept it when you see it." The upper Demon Sovereign-level existence said coldly.

The Blood God clone shook his head, did not respond, just raised his foot and stepped on it.


A shrill scream came from the blood race dark genius under his feet.

"Enough!" The upper Demon Sovereign-level Dark Seed looked ashen, and said coldly, "One thousand two hundred Blood Sea Origin Crystals per person."

The Blood God clone raised his foot again...

"One thousand five hundred Blood Sea Origin Crystals!" The upper Demon Sovereign-level Dark Seed had a face as black as the bottom of a pot, his eyes fixed on the Blood God clone, and shouted loudly.

"Deal!" The Blood God clone closed it as soon as it was ready, calmly withdrew his feet, and said lightly.


The upper Demon Emperor-level Dark Seed stiffened, and he wanted to vomit blood in depression. The other party agreed too quickly, which made him feel like he had increased the price.

"Bring it." Blood God clone stretched out his hand.


The upper Demon Sovereign-level Dark Seed snorted coldly, and with a flick of it, a space equipment was thrown out and flew towards the Blood God clone.

After the Blood God clone caught it, he glanced inside and swept away his mental power, and it was already clear.

13,500 Blood Sea Origin Crystals, no more or less.

This number is already quite a lot, and the Blood Sea Origin Crystals given to him by the Lefno clan before were only more than 10,000 pieces.

This time, it is equivalent to earning a fortune of Blood Sea Origin Crystal in vain.

In exchange for the face of a few blood race dark species geniuses for a blood sea source crystal.

Blood is not lost.

Just thinking about it makes me feel good!

"You are lucky, someone paid to buy your face." The blood **** clone glanced at the surrounding geniuses of the dark race of the blood race, walked outside the arena, and waved his hand: "Next time, please come to me again."

"Looking for you?"

Those blood race geniuses have ugly faces and lingering fears, why are they still looking for you?

At this time, the shadow of the blood **** on the blood **** clone gradually dissipated, and the magical state began to recover. The feathers dissipated in the air.

The blood-red bone surface on its face also returned to its original state, and the eyes on both cheeks closed and disappeared.

When the Blood God clone walked out of the arena, his body had completely returned to its original state, and the **** armor on the body had also turned into a **** decree, floating in front of him, and after being grabbed by him, he put it away.

The Bloody Battle Armor is very peculiar and can change shape with the body of the warrior. When the Blood God clone grows wings, the back will naturally split, allowing the wings to stretch, and when sharp corners appear on the forehead , When the face grows strange eyes, the armor on the head will also converge.

In fact, any kind of strong enough battle armor can do this. After all, the metal for forging battle armor is a memorized metal, and the corresponding runes are also engraved. Naturally, it is convenient.

At this moment, a blood-red robe was worn on the body of the Blood God clone, and there was no damage at all, and it was impossible to see that he had just experienced a big battle, and even defeated nine blood race dark geniuses by leaps and bounds.

In an instant, the Dark Seeds watching the battle all around fell silent for a while.

Even the upper Demon Emperor-level Dark Seed could not help but tremble slightly at this moment, and his heart became a little dignified.

This blood child is indeed a bit evil.

A war, but it's like nothing is happening.

Really amazing.

Even it has to admit that the other party is qualified to be a blood child.

There are many blood sons in their blood clan history, I am afraid that few can be compared with them, right?


The blood **** clone didn't know what the dark races of the blood race were thinking, glanced over and landed on Yuphilia.

"Oh, good!" Euphilia didn't know what she was thinking, she seemed a little lost, and when she heard the voice, she suddenly came back to her senses and responded quickly.

"Blood Fairy!"

Some blood race dark species saw this scene, and their expressions couldn't help changing.

How could this blood demon be mixed with blood son?

The blood demon girl is a very famous genius beauty of the blood clan. Many geniuses of the blood clan have ideas about her. Now that she and the blood **** clone are walking together, their faces will naturally not look good.

Yuffilia didn't pay any attention to other people's opinions, and while her coquettish body was swaying, she came to the side of the Blood God clone, staring at him with burning eyes.


A group of vampire dark-species geniuses were angry on the spot, even more angry than just seeing the nine-headed vampire dark-species genius being defeated.

Could this bewitching flower be taken away?

No, the blood enchantress belongs to all blood races, how can it be cheap that blood absolutely, this is absolutely impossible.

For a time, the blood **** clone became the public enemy of all the dark races of the blood race.

Even the geniuses belonging to the Gangaro clan and the Bruch clan who have chosen to recognize his identity as blood sons are all at the same time as enemies of the blood **** clone and cannot bear it.

The blood **** clone suddenly felt like a light on his back, and he couldn't help but look around, confused.

"What happened to them?"

"Don't pay attention to them, they are just a group of weaklings." Yuffilia glanced back, covered her mouth and chuckled, extremely seductive.

"Huh?" Blood God clone raised his eyebrows,

Why do you feel that the attitude of this blood demon girl is a little different from the previous one?

Before, he still looked very cold.

Why are you so passionate about him now?


He looked at Euphilia's face in surprise and asked, "Why is your face so red?"

"Is there?" Yufilia touched her face and said with a smile: "Maybe it was because I was too excited to watch the game just now. It's really exciting."

Blood God clone: ​​"..."

Does this woman have any special hobbies?

"Stamping on those geniuses, I wanted to do this before, but I didn't expect you to be the first." Euphilia said enthusiastically.

"..." The blood **** clone looked strange.

So the other party's face flushed because he saw him stepping on someone?

Could this blood demon girl be a queen?

A picture suddenly popped up in his mind. Yuffilia was wearing a blood-red leather coat, holding a blood-red long whip in her hand and wearing blood-red high heels. With his hands on his hips, he laughed loudly.

Tsk, the picture is too beautiful, I can't even think about it...

"Are you thinking of something weird?" Yufilia slowly recovered, and seemed to think his eyes were a little weird, looked at him suspiciously, and asked.

"No, let's go, Saint Yeer's blood demon dance should have been done, I really have some expectations." The blood **** clone said, his figure flashed, and he rushed towards the blood moon castle below.

Euphilia didn't think much, and was instantly attracted by the blood demon dance, her beautiful eyes lit up slightly, and she immediately followed.

As the two of them left, the Dark Species of the Blood Race who were watching the battle couldn't help but talk in a low voice. They were all talking about the battle in the ring just now, and their words couldn't hide their amazement.

The strength of the Blood God clone really caused a great impact on them.

Obviously, today's arena battle will soon spread through the mouths of these dark species.

The identity of the blood **** clone, the blood son, will only become more and more unshakable.

The trend is coming!

Within the Blood Moon Castle, the Blood God clone and Yuffilia returned to the fifth floor.

"The two adults, please come with me, Saint Yeer has prepared spiritual food." A maid immediately respectfully saluted when she saw the two of them.

The two nodded, followed behind each other, and walked into a luxurious and elegant restaurant.

There are no other guests in this restaurant, only two people.

One of them is the Saint of Yael, and the other...

"Blood Eye Demon Venerable!"

Yuphilia was slightly startled, her pretty face immediately showed a solemn look, and she saluted respectfully: "I have seen the blood-eyed Demon Lord."

"Blood Eye Demon Venerable?!" The Blood God clone was stunned for a moment, looking at the other party, his eyes flickering slightly.

This is a female vampire dark species, with a blood-red veil on her face, her face is unclear, only a pair of soul-stirring eyes are revealed.

From these eyes alone, it can be seen that the appearance of the other party should be no less than that of Euphilia, or even better than her.

The main reason is that the temperament is different, the other party is more mature, and Yupilia is relatively young.

Of course, only in relative terms.

The blood enchantress is already familiar enough.

Her figure is not something ordinary people can bear.

But the most beautiful thing is the eyes.

So beautiful!

Those eyes are so beautiful.

In the swallowing space, even Wang Teng was stunned when he saw those eyes.

He had never seen such beautiful eyes, and he did not expect to appear on a blood race dark species, which was shocking.

But that's not the point.

The point is...

Those eyes have two pupils, which is very strange.

Heavy pupil!

The opponent's eyes are double pupils!

He stared at the pair of heavy pupils, and his mind seemed to be almost swallowed in, and he quickly guarded his mind. The Nine Treasures Buddha Pagoda exuded a faint golden light, so that he was no longer affected by the pupils.


Wang Teng couldn't help being secretly surprised, and he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"Those eyes are horrible!"

His face was solemn, and he observed the other party through the Blood God clone. To be honest, even the Bloody Demon Venerable didn't give him such a feeling, but the Blood Eyed Demon Venerable just stood there, and didn't radiate any momentum at all, but It was amazing to give him this feeling.

And those eyes didn't exude any power, they just looked at each other normally, and his mind seemed to be swallowed up.

What if the other party used the power of those eyes?

Wang Teng couldn't imagine it.

"Huh?" The blood-eyed Demon Venerable's gaze also fell on the blood-god clone, which seemed a little surprised.

Blood son!


Unaffected by her eyes.

In fact, she didn't turn on pupil power~~ It's just that these eyes are really extraordinary, and the impact is even more terrifying for the dark species with lower strength than her.

In the past, even the top geniuses of all ethnic groups would lose their minds for a long time when they saw her eyes.

But the blood child recovered in an instant and was almost unaffected.

The opponent's spiritual power is definitely far beyond the average lower demon emperor level, and even the middle demon emperor level is not necessarily stronger than him.

She saw the battle just now, so she came over to see the **** child with her own eyes, but she didn't expect that he would give her an even bigger surprise.

"Xue Jue, this is the master of Blood Moon Castle... Blood Eyed Demon Venerable!" At this moment, Yuffilia spoke to the Blood God clone through voice transmission.


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