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Chapter: 1772

Blood Sea Original Brew Bloodhound treasure house Upside down microcosm...

"Master of Blood Moon Castle!"

The blood **** clone was slightly taken aback, and once again looked at the blood clan woman in front of him.

Unexpectedly, the other party turned out to be the owner of this Blood Moon Castle.

"The blood son of the blood clan, I haven't seen it for many years." A faint laughter came from under the veil of the blood-eyed demon: "I saw the battle just now, it is very amazing, worthy of being a genius who can become a blood son. , you are more enchanting than some blood sons I have ever seen."

"Have you seen some blood?!"

The Blood God clone secretly stunned, these Demon Venerable-level existences are indeed very old.

"I have seen the Blood Eyed Demon Venerable!"

He didn't dare to be negligent, and immediately saluted the other party slightly, saying: "The Demon Venerable praised them, but they are too weak."

"Giggle..." Blood Eyed Demon Venerable seemed to have heard something extremely funny, and couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

Yuffilia glanced at the Blood God clone, and couldn't help but admire this guy a little. He dared to pretend to be in front of Lord Mozun, and he was so daring.

But think about the other party even dare to do it, what's the point of pretending to be compulsive.

"I'm here to congratulate the blood son." Saint Yeer also said at this time: "This is the "Blood Demon Dance" I prepared, please taste it!"

It made a slight gesture of invitation, motioning the Blood God clone to lift the lid of the dinner plate in front of him.

"Today's "Blood Demon Mist" is counted on my account." Blood Eyed Demon Venerable said.

"That's not necessary, this is a guest invited by the Blood Tower, where do you need the Demon Lord to spend money." The Blood God clone blinked and said with a smile.

The Blood Eyed Demon Venerable was stunned for a moment. He glanced at Saint Yeer, and when he saw it nodded, he laughed: "It seems that I didn't give the right gift, since that's the case..."

She clapped her palm suddenly, and a maid came in from outside, holding a wine bottle in her hand.

The Blood Eyed Demon Venerable took the wine bottle from the maid and said, "This is the original brew from the Sea of ​​Blood, so it can be my congratulations."

"Original Blood Sea Brew!" An exclamation came from the side.

Even the saint of Yeer had a deep look of surprise in his eyes.

It turned out to be the original brew from the Sea of ​​Blood!

Blood Eyed Demon Venerable is really willing.

"Why, this wine is very precious?" The Blood God clone noticed the change in the expressions of the crowd, and couldn't help but look at Yuffilia and asked through voice transmission.

Since he became a blood son, he has seen a lot of fine wines from blood clans, including Bloody Mary, Scarlet Enchantress, etc., which are extremely precious fine wines, and even the people of the thirteen clans are surprised.

Now, is this so-called original blood sea brew more precious than Bloody Mary and Scarlet Enchantress?

However, he found out that this blood clan person seems to like drinking, and all kinds of fine wine are emerging one after another.

"It's more precious." Euphilia took a deep breath, her seductive pupils stared at the bottle of wine, her eyes flashing with light, and she said through voice transmission: "This is a fine wine brewed in the sea of ​​undead blood. , Just this, you know how precious it is, after all, not everyone can enter the sea of ​​undead blood, even some geniuses can only enter occasionally."

"If you want to make wine in the sea of ​​undead blood, you must not only have a very special preservation method, but also use some very strange brewing materials. Otherwise, how can you withstand the erosion of the **** power in the sea of ​​undead blood?"

The Blood God clone nodded thoughtfully, and said to the blood-eyed Demon Venerable, "Thank you, Lord Demon Venerable."

The Blood Eyed Demon Venerable smiled slightly, opened the cork, and poured a glass of scarlet wine on it himself.

This move surprised both Euphilia and the Saint of Yell.

The Blood Eyed Demon Venerable poured the wine himself, which was quite an honor.

Say it out, I'm afraid you can blow it for a lifetime.

The Blood Eyed Demon Venerable has never valued any genius so much, and even the former blood sons would never have received such treatment, otherwise rumors would have spread long ago.

There was also a flash of surprise in the eyes of the blood **** clone, feeling that the blood-eyed Demon Venerable was a little too special to him, and even poured the wine himself.

The other party is a Demon Venerable-level existence, even if he is a blood child, there is no need to do this, right?

But the wine has been poured, and it is meaningless to say anything else, he can only accept it calmly.

Demon Venerable Blood Eyed personally handed over the wine glass in her hand. Her fingers were snow-white and slender, crystal clear.

In the devouring space, Wang Teng's body couldn't help but be speechless.

These blood race dark species really look a bit enchanting.

He believes that his 136-point appearance attribute is high enough, even among the blood clan, it is the top appearance, but he has a hunch that the appearance of this blood-eyed Demon Venerable is probably extremely amazing, even in his superior.

Although there is no comparison between men and women, this kind of beauty is really amazing.

Wang Teng suddenly felt a sense of sympathy.

Handsome and beautiful people are always attracted to each other.

It's a pity that the other party is the dark race of the first blood race, otherwise he will definitely appreciate the other party more.

Of course, the blood clan belongs to the blood clan. If there is a chance, he really wants to see the appearance of this blood-eyed Demon Venerable.

Go out and brag later.

After the blood **** clone took the wine glass, he shook it slightly, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

This glass of wine is a bit unusual.

A strange scent of wine floated into his nose, and then spread out in his body in an instant, causing the cells in his entire body to tremble slightly, falling into a slightly drunk state.

"What a strong wine!"

"Curious effect!"

In the devouring space, Wang Teng's body stared slightly. He didn't smell the aroma of the wine himself, but he could feel it clearly through the blood **** clone.

This original blood sea brew is really not simple, it is even more unique than Bloody Mary.

Just smelling the aroma of the wine, he felt that the spirit and body of the blood **** clone had been improved a little bit, which was a double effect.

And I don't know if it was an illusion, Wang Teng felt that the life force in the blood god's body seemed to be aroused, and the absorption speed was accelerated.

When the transformation was completed in the first-layer dark world, there was still a large amount of life force in the blood god's body that had not been absorbed.

And he seems to have reached a bottleneck, and it is difficult to improve.

But now, under the stimulation of the original wine from the blood sea, there seems to be a sign of loosening.

It's incredible.

Just a wisp of wine aroma has this peculiar effect.

"Good wine!" The Blood God clone opened his mouth and exclaimed.

Blood Eyed Demon Venerable smiled slightly: "You just like it."

"The original blood sea brew and the blood demon dance may have a different enjoyment." Saint Yeer said.

It was only then that the Blood God clone remembered that he seemed to have forgotten all about this holy spiritual food.

Uh...can't blame him for that.

Blame the original brew of the sea of ​​blood, it's too tempting!

"Cough cough!" The Blood God clone coughed dryly, walked to Saint Yeer, took a deep breath, opened the lid of the dinner plate, and a blood-red light burst out instantly.

What kind of feeling is that, like a blooming blood-colored flower, very strange.

And what followed was a wisp of rich and extremely rich aroma, which instantly wafted out from the isolation of the plate and permeated the entire restaurant.

"It smells so good!" Euphilia took a deep breath, her expression a little excited, her eyes narrowed.

"Every time I smell the spiritual food of Saint Ye'er, it is a kind of enjoyment." Blood Eyed Demon Venerable smiled slightly.

"Lord Demon Venerable is wrong." Saint Yeer showed a hint of pride in his eyes, but he was still extremely modest and saluted at Demon Venerable Blood Eyed.

The blood **** clone looked at the spiritual food in front of him, and there was a hint of amazement in his eyes.


At this moment, I saw a light and shadow floated up from the spiritual food, turning into bewitching red flowers in the thick fog, blooming.

Then a piece of blood-red petals fluttered open.

Among the petals in the sky, enchanting and colorful figures emerged and danced gracefully. The dance had a strange magical nature, so that everyone who saw it couldn't help but immerse in it.

Gorefiend dances!

"It turns out that this is the blood demon dance!" The blood **** clone seemed to understand the meaning of the name at this moment. It was not a dark dish, but a real blood demon dance.

This kind of demonic dance, I am afraid that only the dark species can have it.

This is a difference in civilization.

In the devouring space, Wang Teng sighed with emotion, feeling that he had really gained a lot of knowledge, but he didn't expect it to be like this.

It is truly amazing that a single spiritual food can play with flowers.

【Real·Playing with flowers】jpg

But this is holy-level spiritual food in the end. The ice **** fog shadow fish and dragon dance cooked by Wang Teng before is much bigger than this.

"How?" Saint Yeer wanted to see the reaction of the Blood God clone, but unfortunately he was wearing a mask, and he could only see his eyes flickering slightly, so he asked.

"It's really amazing." The Blood God clone smiled and said, "Saint Yeer is well-deserved."

"Please taste." Saint Yeer said.

The Blood God clone did not rush to taste it, but set his eyes on the spiritual food, his eyes flashed slightly, and his heart was slightly happy.

Several attribute bubbles floated there.

Pick up!

Without hesitation, he immediately rolled out his mental power and picked it up.

【Blood Demon Dance*1000】

【Blood Demon Dance*1200】

【Blood Demon Dance*1300】


As the attribute bubble was absorbed by Wang Teng's body, a feeling emerged in his mind.

At the same time, a light and shadow appeared, and it was exactly this "Blood Demon Flurry", and then the "Blood Demon Flurry" suddenly exploded, turning into a stream of light, as if it was decomposed into a series of ingredients, and began to cook again.

The entire cooking process was all presented in Wang Teng's mind, no matter the details, as if Wang Teng cooked it himself, even if the Saint of Yeer cooked the blood demon dance in front of him, I am afraid there is no such detail.

[Blood Demon Dance]: 3500/5000 (Beginner);

"Getting started!" After absorbing his insights, Wang Teng slowly opened his eyes, a strange light flashed in his eyes, and then he glanced at the attribute panel.

3500 attribute value can reach the entry level.

Even so, the perception of this spiritual food is complete, not incomplete.

The only regret is that the grade of this spiritual food is really not as good as the ice **** fog shadow fish and dragon dance in [God's Sigh].

It needs 5,000 attribute points to get started, and 10,000 points for the ice **** fog shadow fish and dragon dance, the gap is there.

From this, it can be seen that [God's Sigh] is really extraordinary.

Wang Teng was able to get it, it was really very lucky.

Of course, I would like to thank the two brothers of the Naginata family.

It's just a baby boy.

This process only took a moment, the blood **** clone also reached out and picked up the tableware at this time, took a spiritual food from the plate, and tasted it.


A roar seemed to explode in his mind, no, it also exploded in his taste buds, as if possessing a magical nature, making him have the urge to... dance.

This time it's really dancing!

No, I don't want to!

Wang Teng's body looked strange, and he relied on his strong willpower to restrain this impulse, otherwise the Blood God clone would be embarrassed.

This spiritual food... is poisonous!

The Blood God clone suddenly looked at Saint Yeer, but saw it full of anticipation.

What to expect?

Do you expect him to make a fool of yourself?

This saint of Yeer should often cook this kind of spiritual food, and it is incredible that he can still live to this day without being beaten to death.

But at this moment, as the magical feeling passed, a sense of relief spread from his stomach, as if a heat flow instantly swept through his limbs, causing a slight change in his body.

"good stuff!"

The blood **** clone moved his lips slightly, and finally swallowed the desire to complain, and then sighed.

Business blows each other, who can't!

Aside from that demonic nature, this blood demon dance is indeed a very good spiritual food, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Saint Yeer was not happy because of the amazement of the Blood God clone, but was a little surprised because his performance... how should I put it, it was a little too calm.

This is not like the expression on the first taste of holy spiritual food.

"Xuezi has tasted holy-level spiritual food?" It asked directly without hesitation.

"No, I am a person from the lower realm, how can I taste holy spiritual food." The blood **** clone shook his head.

The Saint of Yeer was full of doubts, and he didn't really believe it. The performance of this blood son was too strange. People who tasted holy-level spiritual food for the first time should not be like this.

The Blood God clone ignored it and looked at Yuffilia, who had been waiting eagerly beside him, with a strange smile on the corner of his mouth, and said, "Try it too."

"Then I'm welcome." Yufilia said excitedly.

"You are free." Blood God clone said.

Euphilia immediately picked up a new set of cutlery and began to taste it.

The Blood God clone kept staring at her, the curvature of the corners of his mouth became more and more strange, and there was some expectation in his heart: "Shake it, shake it..."

Sure enough, after swallowing the first mouthful of Gorefiend, Yufilia's waist couldn't help swaying.

Although she had eaten it once, but tasted so delicious again, she couldn't help it, unable to resist the strange magic.

While tasting the food and wine, the blood **** avatar enjoyed someone's dance for free, and felt great in his heart.

Blood Eyed Demon Venerable laughed and shook his head, this blood child is a bit nasty.

Yuphilia finally recovered from that state, glanced at the blood **** clone, her pretty face was slightly red, and she snorted softly: "For the sake of asking me to taste the blood demon dance, I will let you watch it for free. Look at my dance."

The Blood God clone made a gesture of invitation and let her continue.


When he came out of the Blood Moon Castle, the Blood God clone was full of food and drink, and he was in a very happy mood.

It didn't go in vain this time.

"Where else do you want to go?" Yufilia was also satisfied and in a very comfortable mood, looking at the Blood God clone more pleasing to the eye, she asked softly.

"I need some materials." The Blood God clone pondered for a while and said.

"Materials, then go to the treasure house. As your blood son, you can exchange a lot of things, and you just got so many blood sea source crystals, which can also be exchanged." Yufilia said with a flash of eyes. : "However, the source crystal of the sea of ​​blood is better for cultivation. If you don't have the dark source stone, I can borrow it from you without charging you any interest."

"You still charge interest?" The Blood God clone gave her a strange look.

"Cough cough!" Euphilia realized that she seemed to have exposed something, coughed dryly, covered up the past, and said, "After all, I'm not very rich, and I can't be borrowed from anyone, I'll borrow it, so I have to set up a The threshold, but considering your identity and the blood demon dance just now, I will definitely not charge your interest, you can rest assured."

"I thank you." The Blood God clone chuckled.

"You're welcome, it should be." Yufilia said lightly.

"..." The Blood God clone glanced at her speechlessly, and said helplessly, "Let's lead the way."

"Follow me." Euphilia stepped forward and flew in one direction.

The Blood God clone immediately followed.

The two did not fly far before returning to the central area of ​​the Bloody City, which was not far from the Hall of Blood Sons.

Obviously, that treasure house is also a very important place in this city.

Under the leadership of Euphilia, the two finally stopped in front of a huge castle, and the Blood God clone looked up, with a hint of surprise in their eyes.

This castle is not small. In the past, it was much bigger than his Blood Son Hall.

There must be a lot of good stuff in there.

In the devouring space, Wang Teng couldn't help touching his chin, feeling the urge to loot it.

The treasure house of the dark species, and the treasure house in the ancestral land of the blood clan, it is a little exciting to think about it.

"Let's go!" Euphilia didn't know what was thinking under the body of the Blood God clone, and walked towards the castle gate in front of her.

She took out a token, swayed towards the door, and a blood-red light shot out.

With a bang, the door opened.

The blood **** clone's eyes flashed, and he also took out the blood decree and swayed towards the door, the blood-red light did not enter the darkness of the door.

Suddenly, a mutation arose.

A blood-red light suddenly galloped out and landed at the gate, manifesting a figure that was a blood race man. Judging from the aura on his body, it seemed to have reached the upper demon emperor level.

"The blood is coming, and the plum blossoms are shining."

The other party actually recognized the Blood God clone, and gave him a little gift of the same generation, but did not care about it.

"Who are you?" The blood **** clone's eyes flashed and he asked lightly.

"The manager of the lower treasure house is called Blood Gena." The blood race dark species smiled slightly: "Blood son, please come in."

"Thank you!" The Blood God clone was a little surprised, glanced at Yufilia, saw her nod, and stepped inside.

"The face of the blood son is really big enough, even the manager of the treasure house came out to meet him." Euphilia's somewhat pantothenic voice sounded in his mind.

"It's normal." The Blood God clone replied calmly through voice transmission.

"Haha." Yufilia smiled coldly, dog man, and began to pretend again.

The two entered the treasury under the leadership of Xuegener. There seemed to be a layer of obstacles at the gate. The two truly entered the treasury as if through a thin film.

Immediately before his eyes, the darkness disappeared, and the top of the treasure house exudes a faint scarlet light, hazy, so gorgeous.

However, the Blood God clone did not pay attention to these, and his eyes were already attracted by the dazzling array of things in the treasure house.

Star bones, star cores, elixir, ore...etc., everything, exuding a strong ray of force, almost blinded Wang Teng's eyes.

"Fuck, this blood race dark species is too embarrassing."

In the devouring space, Wang Teng burst into a foul language, and his eyes were red.

He didn't feel this way before in the treasure house of the Five Burial Stars, but he didn't know why, facing the treasure house of the dark seed, his heart... was just about to move.

"No, hold back, I must hold back, this is the base camp of the Dark Seeds, we must... plan for the long term."

Wang Teng took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and couldn't be impulsive.

"I don't know what Xuezi wants to exchange?" Xuegena's voice pulled Wang Teng's thoughts back.

"I'll see for myself." The blood **** clone's eyes flashed and he said.

"Also, if Xuezi has any needs, you can directly call my name, and I will appear immediately." After Xuegener finished speaking, he disappeared in place.

The blood **** clone raised his eyebrows. Just now, when the blood Gena disappeared, he actually had a very strange feeling, as if it was right in front of him, but it didn't seem to be here at all.

"Is there a space-shifting formation in this treasure house? Or does this Blood Gena have a talent for space?"

"No, it shouldn't be a space talent. Even if it's a high-rank demon emperor, if it has space talent, I can't sense it."

"Then there is only one possibility. There is a space formation in this treasure house!"

The Blood God clone looked around, but found nothing. This treasure house has a huge interior space, and there is no end in sight. There are various shelves blocking the line of sight, and it is impossible to see too far.

More importantly, there seems to be a rune that blocks the exploration of spiritual power, and even the spiritual power cannot spread out, which makes him extremely helpless.

"It seems that the protection of this treasure house is extremely strict."

The Blood God clone shook his head, walked in, and started to hang out. Anyway, let's take a look at the situation first.

He looked around as he searched for what he needed.

"What are you looking for?" Euphilia couldn't help but ask when she saw him looking around, seemingly aimless.

"Blood-patterned Mithril!" said the Blood God clone.

This is a kind of material for making blood puppets. It is very rare, but the effect is similar to that of Soul Illusion Silver. The two have the same effect.

However, there are some differences. This blood-patterned mithril is more compatible with the spirit of the sea of ​​blood, and can be smoothly integrated into the spirit of the sea of ​​blood, so as to be used to build the control formation of the blood puppet.

Every secret method is the result of thousands of trials and countless trials by predecessors. It can be said that ghost silver is the most suitable material for shadow puppet restraint, and blood-patterned mithril is the most suitable material for blood puppet. Materials, will only cause unimaginable consequences, failure is predictable.

If Wang Teng wants to integrate the characteristics of shadow puppets and blood puppets, he needs to work **** the formation, but before that, he still has to try the production of blood puppets.

"Blood-patterned mithril! You're actually looking for this rare material." Yufilia was a little surprised, but didn't ask any further, took a deep look at the Blood God clone, and began to help him find it.

The Blood God clone continued to wander, and at a certain moment, his expression suddenly changed, as if he saw something.

Attribute bubbles!

There really are attribute bubbles in there.

"Pick up!"

He immediately walked closer, and with a roll of mental power, he picked up the few attribute bubbles.

[Ancient Space Rune*10]

[Ancient Space Rune*8]

[Inverted Anti-Air Miniature Array*200]


Several attribute bubbles immediately merged into Wang Teng's mind, turning into two completely different perceptions.

One of them is the [Ancient Space Rune], but unlike the [Ancient Space Rune] that Wang Teng got before, this is a brand new rune.

The level of complexity and mystery is even higher than that of the ancient space runes obtained before.

For a time, Wang Teng was even more curious about the formation in this blood clan treasure house.

It seemed that he had anticipated what Wang Teng was thinking, and another paragraph of insight spread out, turning into a huge shadow of the formation.

The runes were lit up, filling the corners of the phantom of the formation, but most of them were still dark and hard to see.

"Reverse the anti-air miniature formation!"

Wang Teng slowly opened his eyes, his eyes flickered, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

He finally knew what the formation in this blood clan treasure house was.

It is indeed a space formation!

And it is a very strange space formation!

Through the insights he just got~~ Wang Teng already knew that the grade of this formation can reach the holy level, and it can allow the person in charge of the formation to move freely within the range of the formation, which is very convenient.

And its second function is to be able to create the same phantom as the main body, so that the fake can be confused with the real.

The blood Gna just now is just a phantom, not the real body, even Wang Teng almost didn't notice its abnormality.

In addition, this formation can also shift the position of the enemy. If it is used in battle, it is almost impossible to guard against. If you are not careful, you may be hit.

For people without spatial talent, it is difficult to resist this kind of formation, even if it is a Demon Venerable level, or the immortal level existence of the human race, with the space power they control, it is difficult to resist the space of this holy level formation. Power.


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