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Chapter: 1327

Donate a trillion!

Not to mention that netizens were shocked, even Lin Yuan himself was dumbfounded. It turned out that he had spent so much money on his customized works over the years?


In terms of the real value of customizing these works, a trillion yuan is just a drop in the bucket.

Lin Yuan doesn't care about money.

Money has become a meaningless number for him.

Although Lin Yuan didn't know when the change in mentality began, it was clear that he was a very stingy person before.

"That's nice."

Lin Yuan suddenly smiled.

Who let himself unconsciously have the qualification of "reaching the goal and helping the world"?

Lin Yuan was just a little sad and ashamed. He was not as great as the charity organization said. All the money was donated by the system, not on his own initiative.

But that was before.

In the future, I will take the initiative to donate money. I will always be worthy of my conscience and this reward.

After all.

Money has become a pure number for Lin Yuan.

If you put it here, you and your family will never finish it.

It's better to spend the money on those who really need it.


On the Internet.

The eyes of people all over the world are beginning to turn red after experiencing a huge shock. This is the real sense of national tear avalanche!

"You! Yes! My! God!"

"I'm guilty. I'm damned. I apologize. I've hacked him before, but from today on, Lin Yuan is my God!"

"Me too, sorry God!"

"How many people can be killed by donating a trillion yuan!"

"Aren't you ashamed of those people in the dark forest? The truly great personality can't be defiled by you!"

"This flying is really good at digging God's secrets..."

"Chu Kuang's identity was dug out by him, and now he has dug out his donation!"

"Lingkong wanted to disgust our God for the last time before he went to prison. As a result, he didn't expect that someone in the world donated a trillion yuan. Why don't you keep a low profile

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

"Lin Yuan, my forever idol!"

"I like you and support you all my life. You will never change your mind!"

"Looking at the records, he began to donate money at the age of 19. At that time, he was not as rich as he is now, and his family was very poor!"

"At the age of nineteen, how much did he earn at that time?"

"I'll just ask, whose 19-year-old dares to donate millions and millions!"

"Others work to make money to live better. Is Lin Yuan working to make money especially for charity?"

"How dare the black forest God in the air!"

"The only thing that can darken the forest in this world is the sun!"

"In the future, no matter how Lin Yuan makes money, I will be willing to be a leek!"

"It's as if God had circled money."

"I'm going to package and download all his works. I'm willing to give him any form of support!"

"Donation maniac!!!"

"What writers, dancers and musicians are all part-time jobs. They come from philanthropists!"

"No matter what you do in the future, I will support you. Even if you break any scandal, labor and capital will have no brain to stand for you in this life!"


"Then support the old thief's new movie."

"What movie?"

"Lin Yuan's new film in August," pianist on the sea. "

"Buy a ticket!"

"Still black the old thief?"

"Chu Kuang old thief: I donated all the money I earned from abusing you!"

"Chukuang, the great sage of Chu!"

"Old thief, I was wrong. I shouldn't have hacked you before!"

"Bah, bah, bah, please change your name to God. I will be the first to refuse to accept anyone who dares to call an old thief in the future!"

"Fish God!"

"Chu God!"

"Forest God!"

The amount of Lin Yuan's donation shocked the world and touched the world at the same time!

Netizens directly worshipped him as a God, shouting that "only the sun can darken the forest abyss"!

At this time, xingmang broke the news that the new film "pianist on the sea", written by Lin Yuan, was about to be released.

Then there was a roar!

Box office pre-sale began to explode!

Whether interested or not, people almost have no brains to buy the movie tickets for the pianist on the sea!

"Labor and capital exclusive support!"

"In August, I was too busy to watch movies, but it doesn't matter. I bought the tickets first, and I thought it was to support my father."

"No problem!"

"To see or not to see is not the point. To buy a ticket, you must buy it!"

"Lin Yuan donated all the money he made. I feel comfortable giving him the money. How much was the highest box office before the fish father?"

"It seems that Kung Fu broke tens of billions?"

"Only tens of billions?"

"God is worth billions at the box office?"

"Are you kidding me?"

"If we donate trillions of heroes, we will give them a box office of only 10 billion?"

"If the pianist on the sea doesn't have a bottom box office of tens of billions, there will be too few good people in the world!"

"Hey hey, it's not just the box office. We also want to make fish dad top the film and television list!"


"I don't know how much the fish daddy can get at the box office this time!"


"Sleeping trough!"

"The box office pre-sale has reached 10 billion. This is the first day of opening the pre-sale!"

The exposure of the donation directly exploded the pre-sale of the pianist on the sea. The pre-sale box office alone reached $10 billion in one day, which Lin Yuan did not expect.


It was only a long time since the film was made that the company was ready to move out for release. It must have been planned in advance. It is estimated that it was the idea of Lao Zhou or the chairman of the board who wanted to rub the heat.

Lin Yuan doesn't mind.

Just rub it. I still have so many shares in the company. Besides, this is my own film. Of course, the higher the box office, the better.


The next days.

The pre-sale box office of the film is going higher and higher, even close to 20 billion!

Some people even predict that before the film is released, the pre-sale box office alone will reach more than 30 billion!

At blue star.

Now Lin Yuan, in a sense, is really like a god!

What surprised Lin Yuan, the "God", was that a new rhythm appeared on the Internet not long after the charity storm had just ended.

The rhythm was initiated by netizens.

However, Lin Yuan himself was the initiator.

Because there is a song in Lin Yuan's new album called listen to your mother.

"Have you noticed the lyrics of this passage: [when I grow up, I begin to understand why I run faster and fly higher than others. In the future, everyone will see my cartoons and sing my songs]?"

"I'm terrified to think about this lyrics!"

"In the future, everyone will see my cartoons and sing my songs. The last sentence is really OK. Everyone will sing your Lin Yuan songs in the future, but why is the first sentence [in the future, everyone will see my cartoons]?"


"Did Chu Kuang and Xianyu draw cartoons?"

"I don't think so. It's OK for the shadow to say that."

"Does this mean that the shadow is probably the third vest of God?"


"How did it start again?"

"Someone has guessed that before."

"But the lyrics are a little artistic. Comics don't necessarily mean comics. That's how they rhyme."

"Art processing?"

"For rhyme?"

"Not only that, I'm afraid?"

"It is clear that Lin Yuan blew himself up!"

"He must be a shadow, onethousand percent!"

"His lyrics are all explicit, OK!"


Lin Yuan was foolish.

Because he didn't really mean to expose his vest.

Simple logic:

Jay Chou didn't draw cartoons either!

But that's how Jay Chou wrote the lyrics of this song!

This is indeed artistic processing, belonging to a creative technique!

However, when it comes to Lin Yuan, this sentence is really true:

What the children saw when they grew up were indeed Lin Yuan's cartoons, because his third vest was called shadow

"I don't want the shadow to fall off my horse!"

Lin Yuan is worried. Is it possible that he will experience the second social death so soon?

However, things did not change with Lin Yuan's will, and his eager eyes were useless.

The rhythm is up!


The whole world began to talk about the topic "whether the shadow is Lin Yuan's third vest"!

Countless people went to the comment area of shadow, Chu Kuang and envy fish for verification!

Comments range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, then millions or even tens of millions

No response!

This is the price of high popularity!

But Zhonglin yuan can only turn to Jinmu!

Jin Mu couldn't laugh or cry: "then why are you writing the lyrics?"

Lin Yuan felt guilty: "isn't this rhyme..."

Kim Mu sighed: "let's hold a press conference to fool around. We'll mainly talk about the background of the movie" pianist on the sea "and the donation to divert the public's attention. I'll write a press release for you."


Lin Yuan was relieved at last.


The news of the press conference was released that day.

When it comes to Lin Yuan, the most popular celebrity in the world, the global media are almost moved by the news, and countless troops go to Qinzhou.

Three days later.

The press conference was officially held. Seeing the dark scenes and the crowd, Lin Yuan was still a little flustered after all. He couldn't help feeling guilty.

"Calm down!"

Jin Mu went in and out of the room and took out a manuscript to Lin Yuan: "just read it from the manuscript when you go up later. Remember not to talk about the shadow. For your peace of mind, I specially invited an Hong to come over and preside over this press conference."


Lin Yuan knew that he could not escape. He had to spend the night with Jin Mu to finish the manuscript. In terms of content, the public relations level was still very high.

On the stage.

Ahong as the host: "In fact, I also presided over the press conference for the first time, which is a way to expand my business. Who made me and Mr. Lin Yuan old friends? First of all, thank the reporters from all over the world. Today's press conference is mainly for Mr. Lin Yuan to talk about the latest news, such as donations, new movies, and a song in the new album..."

After the opening remarks.

An Hongda said in a voice, "please welcome Mr. Lin Yuan!"

Lin Yuan hardened his head and took the manuscript given by Jinmu to the stage.

The moment of the stage.

All eyes were fixed on him.

Lin Yuan looked at the manuscript and coughed:

"Hello, I'm Lin Yuan. Recently, a lot of news has been about me, true or false. Let's talk about the film one by one. First, the pre-sale of the sea pianist has reached 32.1 billion box office, successfully breaking the pre-sale record of the blue star movie box office..."

"Miss Linyuan!"

A reporter laughed and said: "compared with this point, we would like you to talk about the shadow first. In fact, today our TV station came here to broadcast the whole process, including what happened here on the Internet. This is what we are most concerned about."

The reporter finished.

Numerous reporters scrambled to ask questions:

"Is a certain line in the song" listen to Mom "your third vest?"

"Are you a shadow?"

"Why on earth does the shadow never show up?"

"What is the actual relationship between the shadow and you?"

"Is it true that you are a shadow on the Internet?"

Lin Yuan could not help interrupting the question:

"Lyrics sometimes do some so-called artistic processing in order to rhyme. This is true of many of my songs, especially love songs, which make up all kinds of love stories. The story told by lyrics is one thing, but the reality is often another... Film and television creation is the same... Roles and actors are separated from screenwriters... I mean... Most of the time..."


Jin Mu suddenly approached Lin Yuan and said in an embarrassed voice, "don't pay any attention to him. Don't talk about the shadow. Just read the script."

"Good... Good..."

Lin Yuan nodded guilty and looked at the speech again: "hello... Ok... Actually..."

Look at the manuscript.

Lin Yuan was stumbling.

Everyone in the audience stared at him.

Lin Yuan's voice suddenly stopped.

Reading a manuscript like this is really boring.

Faced with numerous scenes from the global media, Lin Yuan seemed to have made a major decision. He sighed deeply, and then his eyes began to look at death like home. This time, he stopped stuttering. He just spit out four words cleanly:

"I am the shadow."


The whole audience is boiling!

Global boiling!

As the on-site reporter said!

This press conference is broadcast live worldwide!

Lin Yuan's current fame is just a press conference, which can attract global attention!


When Lin Yuan said that "I am the shadow" on the stage, the world was boiling with it!


Qin Zhou!

"Horizontal groove!!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!"

"My God, how could this be possible!!!!"


Qi Zhou!

"It's true!!"

"I guessed right!!!"

"Shadow, I knew he was a shadow!!!"



"Lin Yuan is the shadow!!"

"The shadow is his vest, and the lyrics are explicit!!!"

"So, Lin Yuan is not the first in the three rankings, he is the first in the four rankings!!!!!"




"What an international joke!!!"



Han Zhou!

"Not human!"

"He is not human!!"

"Of course he is not a man, he is a God!!!!!"



"It's not enough to secretly donate more than 600 billion yuan and surprise everyone!"

"You said you were a shadow!"



Wei Zhou!

"The soul painting series is your brush!"

"Mortals are like gods!!!"

"No one in the four rankings, no one before or after!!!"



"I think this is the most outrageous guess of netizens!"

"Lin Yuan: there is a rumor that I am a shadow. Let me clarify that it is not a rumor."

"Crazy, I'm crazy, lean lean lean lean!!!!!"



"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


"I'm going to send a circle of friends!"



Shadow Studio!

"Jin Mu didn't care about loyalty. He slipped away at the first time!"

"I'll run too!"

"There is an embarrassment in this world called..."

"I am embarrassed for you!"

"Social death!"

"Love to see and hear!"

"It's killing me!"

"Finally! It's time to say it!!"



"Sleeping trough!"

"Three friends are all him!"

"What Chu admires the shadow of fish? It's all one person!"

"He doesn't have two cell phones!"

"He has three mobile phones!"

"Is this NIMA's problem with several mobile phones?"

"Literary and Art Association: we have experience in temporarily adjusting the list data on a large scale."

"What kind of monster has come out of our company?"


Silver Blue library!

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah, watch the live news broadcast!"

"Chukuang old thief... No, Chukuang teacher is a shadow!"

"My God, no wonder the shadow is the prince of tennis!"

"No wonder the cartoon copyright of the shadow is developed by xingmang!!!"

"Three basic friends, three geniuses who have shocked ancient and modern times, are actually one person!"



"Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?"

"Pinch me."

"Ah, it hurts!"

"Not dreaming?"

"Is the world real?"

"What he just said is also true?"


Writers' circle!


"Three basic friends are the same person. What kind of international joke are you kidding?"

"This joke is not funny!"

"Chu crazy old thief, is the best painter in the world?"

"A painter who doesn't want to be a writer is not a good father of music!"

"Where did you put the dance?"

"It's so much. He will. Where else can I put it? There's no place to put it!"

"Is this the confidence to donate a trillion yuan?"

"Envy fish, shadow and Chu mania. The money these three waistcoats make is really worth it!"


A club!

Yang Zhong stares at me!

Lu Sheng's chin fell off!

Abigail spat water all over the floor!

Zheng Jing, who has always loved painting, said every word:

"He... Is... Shadow... Son...?"

"He is a shadow!?"

"He is a shadow!!!!!"

"Little fish, is my biggest idol?"


Fish dynasty!

"On behalf of him, he, he, he, he..."


"I should have thought of it!"

"Sure enough."

"Sure enough, sun yaohuo, make it clear!"

"There's nothing to say. It just means that I care more about Representatives than you do."

"I'm going to give birth to a monkey!"

"You can't handle this. My sister will do it for you!"



All the journalists are crazy!

Even an Hong, the host of the show, is so confused at the moment!


Lin Yuan dropped his horse three times, and he was all witnesses!

Is it a coincidence or something!?

The host has completely forgotten his duty!

He didn't realize his duty until the reporters made too much noise and the scene was almost out of control:

"Take it easy, everyone!"

It was easy for the scene to calm down, but the reporters' faces were still full of madness!

Lin Yuan is the shadow!

Three friends are all one's vests!

Of course, it's worth the reporters' madness, or the whole world's madness!

In a wry smile.

Anhong looked at Lin Yuan and said, "I have read your journey to the west, which mentions Yiqi Sanqing. Is this the real version of Yiqi Sanqing?"

Lin Yuan didn't know how to answer.

Anhong continued: "we know the stage name of admiring fish. The origin is that it is better to retreat and net when admiring fish. The pen name of Chu maniac is that I am a maniac of Chu. Feng Ge laughs at kongqiu. What about the shadow?"

"There is a pot of wine in the flower room. I drink alone without a blind date. I raise my glass to invite the bright moon, and the shadow becomes three."

Raise a glass to invite the moon, and the shadow becomes three!

What a pair of shadows became three people, and he showed them again!

The scene was silent, the reporter looked at him, and people all over the world looked at him.

In this silence, people involuntarily recalled that sanjiyou had been engaged in wind and rain in recent years, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward

The scene of epic embarrassment is coming. It's late, but it's here!

Lin Yuan scratched his toes on the ground, and his face was covered with red frost. The scenery was beautiful and made a world famous painting.

Some people are alive, but they are dead, such as Lin Yuan;

Some died; He is still alive, such as Lin Xianyu, Chu Kuang, shadow yuan.


PS: all the feasts come to an end. If the shadow falls off the horse, it means that the grand finale is coming. After reading this chapter, it is said that someone asked if there would be ten chapters to explain some pits, but in fact, all the contents that should be explained have been explained. Moreover, in the dirty book, the ending of this book is relatively complete.


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