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Chapter: 1328

It was August.

Qinzhou cinema.

This is the first cinema under the name of sunyaohuo.

The film pianist on the sea has chosen to hold its premiere here.

that day.

Here comes Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan's family is here.

All the people of the fish Dynasty are here.

Xingmang senior management and the main creators of the film came together.

There are also journalists from all continents, as well as celebrities from all walks of life in different fields, including music, film and even circles.

The host of the premiere is ahong.

Everyone on the stage.

An Hong, the host, smiled at Lin Yuan. "As a film with a pre-sale box office of more than 50 billion, what do you want to say to the audience?"

"Thank you for your support."

Lin Yuan opened his mouth with emotion. He didn't expect the support from the outside world would be so strong.

In fact, after the pre-sale box office exceeded 30 billion, it almost stopped, but then the shadow fell, so the pre-sale box office went up by 20 billion again!

Three yuan to one.


The power completely burst out, and even Lin Yuan himself was afraid: "in fact, I'm not as good as you think. I'm not a God. I'm just an ordinary person with better luck."

Lin Yuan said this from his heart.

If there is no systematic fate, how can I get to this point?

Others just think he is modest.

An Hong said with a smile: "ordinary people with good luck can not be the first in the five rankings. We can see your contribution to blue star."


Just yesterday.

With the shadow falling, the pre-sale box office of "pianist on the sea" finally exceeded 50 billion yuan, not only breaking the pre-sale record, but also breaking the blue star's highest box office record. Even if it has not been officially released worldwide, this achievement is enough to make Lin Yuan officially top the film list.







Lin Yuan is really the first in the five rankings.

"This is a height that ordinary people can't reach. Therefore, the outside world says that you are a mortal than a God. Do you feel that your life is complete now, or do you still have full fighting spirit, detailed future plans, or even more ambitious goals?"


Lin Yuan thought briefly, then looked serious:

"I have a dream."

"Go ahead, please."

"Set up a mind for heaven and earth, set up a life for the people, carry on the unique learning for the saints, and create peace for all ages."



As if thunder ran through the world, chaos was split, chains were broken, and the atmosphere of the whole audience was quiet and fanatical!

Set your mind for heaven and earth!

Make a life for the people!

In order to continue the unique learning!

Peace for all ages!

So this is Lin Yuan's ultimate pursuit!?

Maybe it's not just saying that mortals are equal to gods. It seems that he really wants to become gods and saints and get rid of vulgar tastes. Even if he repeatedly emphasizes that he is just an ordinary person with better luck!

"Please accept my highest respect."

Anhong took a deep breath and bowed to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan quickly waved his hand and said, "this is pursuit and ideal. I don't have such a realm. There are no perfect people in the world. In fact, in the early years, I wrote songs just to make money to support myself and make my family live a good life. Later, I wanted to help my friends and help more people..."

"All right."

Anhong smiled: "today is the premiere of the film. We might as well take this opportunity to interview Mr. Lin Yuan. Can you reveal how many secrets you don't know?"

"May I not say..."

Lin Yuan subconsciously said that he had too many secrets. For example, he had a system.

The system also sent him a new life task last night, asking him to top all the top art lists in the future, that is, calligraphy, drama and even architecture.

It's not too difficult for Lin Yuan.

And if you complete the task, you can live a long life.

This is also the ultimate life task, but for Lin Yuan, a hundred years old is enough, or even too long.

Another example is the identity of Yi An.

Be reasonable. The scene on the day when the shadow fell off the horse has become a world famous painting of blue star. Lin Yuan really doesn't want to experience it again.

You know.

Yi'an is Lin Yuan's most special vest. He will definitely die after exposure. Moreover, it is a double event of social death. After all, this vest is mainly used to find out the leak, fill the vacancy, sing praises and even wash the floor

Lin Yuan made up his mind:

Yi An's vest will never be exposed in this life!

What Lin Yuan didn't know was that his subconscious refusal made the whole audience breathe cold air!


Look at the rate of subconscious refusal. You still have many secrets!?

An Hong helped his forehead and coughed: "can you tell us something about it?"

"This is OK."

Lin Yuan thought and said: "In fact, I know a lot of things, such as music, dancing, writing poetry, writing words and painting. These are known to all, but they are not clear to all. For example, I can write some calligraphy and do some sculpture. It is my hobby. In addition, I am also interested in the creation of dramatic works. By the way, I can play games. You all know that you certainly do not know. I know something about architecture, but these You can wait and communicate with us slowly... "

Listen to Lin Yuan.

Anhong's mouth is getting bigger and bigger!

The journalists' eyes are getting bigger and bigger!

The audience before the global live broadcast was even more crazy!

This NIMA is called "slightly" to reveal "yichuchui"?

There are ten folk arts of Bluestar, namely literature, music, painting, dance, film and television, sculpture, calligraphy, drama, architecture and games.

Lin Yuan has reached the top in five art fields!

But according to what he just said, it seems that he has also dabbled in the remaining five fields, namely sculpture, calligraphy, drama, architecture and games!


by the way.

He has dabbled in the game and made great achievements!

It's just that the game list hasn't come out, and there's no way to accurately judge the ranking!

This demon!

Anhong swallowed his saliva and his voice was dry:

"Music, film and television, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, literature..."

"Do you understand?"

"Know a thing or two."

"What do you mean by a billion points?"

"Well, it means a little."

"Mr. Lin Yuan, I suddenly don't know what kind of identity I should use to treat you."



A dancer?

Maybe Lin Yuan will become a sculptor or even an architect in the future?

Anhong sighed with emotion: "not to mention the future, just now, you have too many identities. I suddenly remembered that there was a comment on the Internet that described you like this. Maybe those words are only suitable for you. Others are reluctant..."


"Full time artist."

"He conquered the world by art and became the uncrowned king worshipped by people from all walks of life. He is a full-time artist."

(end of the book)

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