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Chapter: 2676

"Just stay aside. I'll go up and see if Lin Mo wants to come with me."

"You don't have to follow the fox king. You must be familiar with the stone. Let's have a look by ourselves. Just wait there."

Ye Chen was very familiar. After that, he took Lin Mo and jumped onto the flat stone on this stone. As soon as they stepped on it, they felt the resistance of the black gas.

This straightforward feeling of resistance makes Ye Chen even feel very interesting.

"This place is really the right eye, and the power on this stone is the heaviest. I should need your help. Let's break this array together!"

Ye Chen smiled and patted Lin Mo on the shoulder. Then he stood on the stone and began to find a focus for himself.

Lin Mo didn't speak, just nodded, and then smoothly stood opposite Ye Chen.

Their posture is on the high side. Standing there is like two slender bamboos, which makes people feel pleasing to the eyes at a glance,

Dressed in white and black, it looks like two rings of Tai Chi.

The fox king looked at the scene under a big tree next to him. I don't know why he felt very secure in his heart, and he really believed that ye Chen would solve all this.

Obviously, I was still a complete stranger before I met. Even now, it is just driven by interests.

But it's the closeness that can't be resisted.

Inexplicably, the fox king is not so afraid of the so-called fairy King now.

He is willing to gamble all this just so that his people can no longer be controlled by others.

Ye Chen and Lin Mo standing on the stone also began their preparation time.

To unlock such an array, the first thing to do is to have no distractions and focus all your attention on it.

It was not difficult for them, so they settled down quickly.

The sun in the sky is now rising to the middle, so their heads are facing the bright red sun.

And such a warm breath dissipated a lot of black gas around them.

In addition, ye Chen and Lin Mo used the spiritual power in their bodies, and then lightened the black air on the stone on their feet.

Then they held out a hand at the same time, then pressed it to a acupoint in their body, and then pushed it out quickly.

A golden light suddenly appeared between the sun above them, connected their fingers, and a more shocking force appeared than yesterday!

This time, instead of shaking the leaves, the air in the sky began to drop in temperature.

The temperature in the desert is so high that when they leave the oasis, they feel that they are about to be roasted to death.

But now it's like being in the desert where the sunset is falling. It's much more comfortable,

Their speed is much faster than that of the fox king. Soon, the golden barrier hidden above the oasis has appeared.

Although Ye Chen closed his eyes, he could see all this clearly.

So once again, the strength of the two men was quickly twisted into a hard steel twist, and then struck fiercely towards the barrier.

There was a crash, and the broken voice rang out!

This array was easily broken by the two of them, and there was almost no unnecessary counterattack, and there was no situation like the fox king.

The fox King leaning against the tree felt a very violent hot wind, and then hit it on the ground at once.

He didn't react. Seeing the broken barrier, he came back to his mind. The surprise detonated his heart in an instant.

This scene was also seen by all creatures in the whole oasis.

The black foxes seemed to have been reborn. They even fell in love there, danced and cried with joy to express their feelings.

"Yes, it's done really well. It's much more energy-saving than I thought!"

Ye Chen jumped down from the stone, stretched his waist and said.

Lin Mo also smiled and nodded.

The stone they just occupied has been restored to an ordinary stone.

And the land here seems to be reborn like those foxes.

The black weapon shrouded in it seemed to be burned by the sun, and then disappeared!

This oasis is just an ordinary oasis now. There is no array to trap him, and there is no black gas to continue to envelop him!

But their cheers didn't even last for a while. Suddenly, the sky changed, and the originally sunny sky suddenly seemed to be shrouded in darkness.

Dark clouds appeared on their heads one by one, as if aimed at this oasis, while the surrounding desert seemed empty and unaffected.

Seeing this sudden change, the fox king was of course very afraid.

Although he is the king of this race, he will still feel afraid in the face of the threat that itself brings them less good influence.

So he immediately ran to Ye Chen and asked him for help with his eyes.

Ye Chen gave him a reassuring look, patted him on the shoulder and explained to him.

"Don't be too afraid. Just leave it to me. I want to see what the immortal from heaven looks like. Maybe I can compete!"

Ye Chen seemed to be watching the excitement behind her hands. Looking at the clouds in the sky, she thought that it would be very comfortable if it rained at this time.

After all, the temperature in the desert, even in the oasis, won't feel so refreshing. Once it rains, it's really cool!

"Take all your men and hide in the cave. Of course, if you want to stay here, you can also talk to the fairy king."

Ye Chen wanted them to go back with the black fox, but he thought that the so-called Xianjun should know the fox hair, so he could also connect it.

The fox king was obviously worried about this. At the same time, he didn't think much about his life in his heart for a long time.

He still hopes that his people and his men can live well next, rather than become a puppet like himself.

So he walked firmly to his two men and settled down with them.

"Let everyone go back to their cave immediately. No matter what happens outside, they are not allowed to come out. Have food been stored in the cave!"

"It's all stored!"

The fox king had thought of this day before, and his thoughts became stronger after seeing ye Chen these two days.

So he asked the foxes to store all their food and prepare to stay in the cave for several days.

The two men quickly took orders and immediately deployed. They were all prepared together and knew that this time was a very important decision.

Ye Chen didn't say much when he saw that the fox king was left. He looked back to the sky again.

The dense dark clouds were very grand. Soon there were lightning interspersed in the clouds, and the thunder followed closely. It roared and rained heavily.

Lin Mo did not know where to find an umbrella, took up the umbrella, and then stood next to Ye Chen, while the fox King slipped under the tree himself.

After all, it's more than enough for them to stand under an umbrella, but not necessarily for more than one person.

The rain came fiercely and left very quickly. It almost didn't wet many places and directly restored calm.

Ye Chen looked at the gradually stopped rain and felt a force coming from nowhere, slowly approaching.

He came out from under the umbrella and looked up at the sky again. Even now, there are still dark clouds after lightning and thunder, but it has become much more comfortable for some reason.

At this time, the dark cloud scattered a light from the middle, and then a figure appeared from the middle, dressed in white and green clothes, dotted with some cyan strands, looking dignified and serious.

Ye Chen met the man's eyes in this way, and it was obvious that this should be the fairy king said by the fox king!

Ye Chen still has a certain view on the authenticity of this immortal gentleman.

After all, in his eyes, if he was really a man in heaven, how could he do these things?

It sounds strange to deal with ordinary monsters without much damage and trap them.

And he never believed what others said. Only when he saw it with his own eyes, heard it with his own ears, and really went through it, could he know whether he should believe it or not.

So up to now, he still has great doubts about this matter.

Standing on the sloping hillside, I watched the immortal gentleman gradually fly from the sky and fly closer and closer.

Of course, the fox king also saw it standing behind him, so he walked behind Ye Chen with some heavy steps.

Then he looked at the immortal gentleman with them, and he whispered beside Ye Chen.

"That's him. Apart from going to heaven for the first time, he took us to do the rest."

Ye Chen nodded at his words.

"The so-called fairy will come to me later!"

After finishing this sentence here, the Immortal King had stopped above them.

Just like that, stepping on an auspicious cloud, he flew there, as if he were a god looking at them from a commanding position.

"Who are you and why are you here?"

Before ye Chen and them spoke, the immortal gentleman asked first, and glanced at Ye Chen and them, and then stopped on the fox king.

Obviously, now that the array here has been untied, we already know everything. Otherwise, we wouldn't have come so soon.

"Who are you? We never know each other. Shouldn't we introduce each other? Why are you so arrogant?"

Ye Chen didn't show any fear for the so-called Xianjun standing in front of him. It seemed that they were equal.

This is a situation that the black fox king can't do by himself, because after they were found by a man in heaven, they immediately put their position on ordinary people.

In this way, it will be easy to be controlled by others, and then let others arrange to do things without knowing whether the other party is true or false, good or evil.

"I'm the nine yuan fairy king in the sky. Come and see the reason why the Fox family suddenly lifted the ban."

When Xianjun said this, he felt very proud, as if he looked down on Ye Chen and his group of civilians.

Ye Chen was happy when he saw his performance.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with your guess. This Xianjun is obviously a little wrong. It may be disguised by people from other places who don't know where to come from!

And what the fox king said about the heaven and the Jade Emperor estimated that someone had set up a game.

It's also that they are not clear headed. They have been used for so long and haven't been found.

"If you have to say so, I'll tell you the truth. I also came from heaven. I never know when this array was set up. It even limits the freedom of these black foxes. It's true that I don't know who you are. I haven't heard of you in heaven."

Ye Chen said so, and suddenly surprised the black fox king on one side.

He looked at the man with shocked eyes. Ye Chen waved his hand behind his back, which meant to tell him not to talk more.

When ye Chen said this, his eyes kept staring at the so-called nine yuan immortal gentleman.

Sure enough, when he said that he was also sent by the heaven, the immortal gentleman obviously raised his eyebrows.

"Invincible bold demon, I think you're talking nonsense. We don't have people like you in heaven, and you look like you. You look like a broken skin rogue!"

The tone and expression of this speech combined, and some became angry, and ye Chen smiled.

"You can eat at random, but you can't talk at random. I'm sent by heaven. Otherwise, I can't solve this array so easily, and your identity should be doubted by me."

Ye Chen said and directly pulled out the arrow behind him. Standing there, it was like a Xiake wandering all over the world, with light behind him.

"Bewitching people is nonsense. Take your life. It's absolutely impossible for an evil man like you to succeed!"

When the fairy king said this, he winked at the fox king, trying to wake up the fox who had been under his control for a long time.

It's a pity that the fox King now has no bottom in his heart, and inexplicably feels that there may be a problem with the nine yuan Immortal King!

"Why don't you still think this is controlled by you? Foxes for almost a hundred years will continue to listen to you. It's really cunning!"

Ye Chen scolded the immortal gentleman very angrily.

"I left you foxes here for your good. How can there be such a person who can't see black and white clearly!"

The nine yuan immortal gentleman is really thick skinned. Ye Chen has said so, and he still insists on his strong resistance.

The fox king didn't want to listen and didn't want to say anything. He turned around and walked to the tree behind him, as if it had nothing to do with him and didn't intend to participate in the fight.

(end of this chapter)

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