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Chapter: 2298

Orced Him Away

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mad Whitejade Lion was an elite in the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm after all. Lady Wind did not want to lose this powerful ally. She welcomed Zhang Ruochen. "Mad Whitejade Lion had indeed been disrespectful towards you. However, we are now allies together. Please don’t take this to heart and return the Thousand Dipper Ring to him."

Yan Beijun was dissatisfied with Zhang Ruochen’s behavior. He snorted and said, "You were just sparring, and Mad Whitejade Lion lost. There’s no need for you to take his weapon right?"

Zhang Ruochen stared at him and replied, "Did I agree to spar with him? If my strength was inferior to his, what do you think the result of this battle will be?"

Yan Beijun said, "At least Mad Whitejade Lion won’t take your weapon. Not to mention, he won’t be so aggressive."

"Is that so? What if I want to spar with you now?"

Regardless of whether Yan Beijun agreed or not, Zhang Ruochen let out a breath.


The Qi condensed into a sword and turned into a beam of light that flew towards Yan Beijun’s heart.

Although it was a breath of Qi, it contained Zhang Ruochen’s Precepts of Swordsmanship and Swordwill. Its power was no less than a high-level Saint Technique.

This breath of Qi was no different from a real Saint Sword.

Yan Beijun’s face changed in shock and he quickly dodged.

However, he had just broken through to the Supreme Saint Realm. There was a huge gap between his cultivation and Zhang Ruochen. How could he dodge it?


The Sword Qi hit Yan Beijun’s heart. The tip of the sword plunged in, impaling his body and knocking him flying back for more than 10 miles.

The Sword Qi pierced through his heart and passed through his body.

A large amount of Supreme Saint’s blood flew out and splattered on the ground, burning the soil and melting it into lava.

Then, Zhang Ruochen’s five fingers turned into claws. He reached out and grabbed something across the air, taking away one of Yan Beijun’s weapons in the form of a jade pendant.

The vessel spirit of the jade pendant resisted fiercely but was strongly suppressed by Zhang Ruochen. It couldn’t escape from his palm.

Lady Wind and Mad Whitejade Lion were both stunned on the spot. Zhang Ruochen was acting too unreasonably and did not play by the rules. All it took was just a disagreement for him to retaliate.

Although Lady Wind thought highly of Zhang Ruochen and hoped for his support, Zhang Ruochen’s arrogant behavior and his disregard for her made her feel angry.

Did it mean that he could do whatever he wanted just because he was strong?

Zhang Ruochen refined the Thousand Dipper Ring and put it on his wrist. Then he landed on the ground. The ten wings on his back returned to his body. His pupils returned to black and his temperament was no longer as evil as before. He displayed elegant and handsome looks again.

Yan Beijun was a Supreme Saint with strong vitality. Even if his heart was pierced, he wouldn’t die.

However, the heart was one of the most important vital points for Immortal Vampires. Once damaged, its vigor would be hard to recover.

Yan Beijun pressed his palm on his heart and slowly got up from the ground. His face was pale white, and he said. "Zhang Ruochen, you’re so cruel. Aren’t you afraid of being expelled from the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting by the vessel spirit of Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms?"

"Why would the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms expel me?" Zhang Ruochen replied while walking towards him step by step.

Yan Beijun had seen how powerful and cold Zhang Ruochen was. He resignedly stepped back, "You…" he said. "You maliciously attacked a cultivator who is on your side. It will lose you 5,000 points, and once the points are negative, the vessel spirit of the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms will expel you."

"Maliciously attacked? You’re wrong. We were sparring just now," Zhang Ruochen said.

"Did I agree to this….."

Suddenly, Yan Beijun was at a loss for words. He understood Zhang Ruochen’s intention.

Zhang Ruochen said, "If Mad Whitejade Lion had severely injured me and stolen my Violet Gourd, would you still think that we were sparring?"

"He wouldn’t have done that," Lady Wind said.

Zhang Ruochen turned his face and stared at her. "What if he did? Have you thought about the consequences?"

Lady Wind wanted to argue, but after thinking carefully, she fell silent.

In the end, Mad Whitejade Lion was not from the Immortal Vampires, but instead, he was a Stone Clan cultivator.

For the benefit of the Stone Clan, he could beat Zhang Ruochen so hard until Zhang Ruochen could not continue to participate in the Battle of Celestial-Hunting. For the entire hundred days of the battle, Zhang Ruochen could have ended up hiding in his home planet to recuperate.

What was more frightening was that if the Supreme Artifact of the Immortal Vampires was taken away, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Did she have any means to counter Mad Whitejade Lion?

Mad Whitejade Lion spoke with a glum face. "What’s the point of saying so much? Just state your conditions for you to return the Thousand Dipper Ring to me."

Zhang Ruochen said lightly, "Be my mount."

"What did you say?"

Mad Whitejade Lion roared furiously.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Be my mount during the Celestial-Hunting battle. I’ll return the Thousand Dipper Ring to you in 100 days."


Mad Whitejade Lion was so furious that couldn’t help but laugh.

"You’re too arrogant in thinking everyone is below you. I only restrained myself to save Lady Wind’s face. Do you think you can defeat me? A Hundred-Shackle Realm Great Perfection Supreme Saint isn’t as easy to defeat as you think."


Mad Whitejade Lion roared into the sky. A dazzling white light radiated from its skin.

His body grew bigger and bigger, and it continued to expand until it became its true form.

A Jade Lion with a body large as a mountain appeared on the ground. Nearly all of the divine light emitted from its body condensed into a liquid state, forming a sea of divine liquid.


The mountains in this area could not withstand the aura from the Jade Lion and collapsed one by one.

Lady Wind quickly stopped the two and said, "Why aren’t you stopping yet. Are you trying to destroy our home planet?"

"Fighting against him would not destroy this planet."

Zhang Ruochen raised his right arm and slapped at the huge jade Lion.

Divine light shot out from his palm and three elephant souls of Thousand-Koan Realm fell together. The elephant’s impact sunk the area where the Jade Lion was and formed a huge five-fingered basin.

The ground between the five fingers rose upwards, forming four ridges that were 1,000 meters high.

Mad Whitejade Lion struggled desperately under Zhang Ruochen’s palm print. He roared angrily, but it was useless. He was firmly trapped underneath.

Seeing this, Yan Beijun’s expression underwent several cycles. A deep fear rose in his heart.

Lady Wind also held her breath. She was also shocked.

Zhang Ruochen was too strong, wasn’t he?

Mad Whitejade Lion used to be ranked 18th out of all the Hundred-Shackle Realm Great Perfections. After he transformed into his true form, his combat power would increase greatly. Even she had to be careful.

But Zhang Ruochen had suppressed him with one slap?

Because of the hidden powerful elites that kept popping up, along with the elite Supreme Saints of the Hundred Shackle Realm, many of them had eaten rare food items including festival food that contains the Ampliofruit and the Saintwill Pill at the Celestial-Hunting Festival. As a result, many of them broke through their bottlenecks and reached the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm.

The number of Supreme Saints at the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm increased from the original forty-seven to eighty-eight ones.

The ranking of the Supreme Saints at the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm was also reshuffled.

Mad Whitejade Lion, who was once ranked eighteenth, fell to thirty-third.

Lady Wind, who was once ranked twelfth, fell to the fifteenth.

Before entering the Celestial-Hunting Battlefield, the Fane of Destiny gave all the cultivators a scroll and a diamond-shaped mirror.

The diamond-shaped mirror was born from the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms. It was of the same origin as the mirror, and it could occasionally display some information about the Celestial-Hunting Battlefield.

For example, the list of Supreme Saints at the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm.

Once a new Supreme Saint at the Great Perfection of the Hundred-Shackle Realm was born, the list would be displayed, and the latest rankings would appear.

For example, once a Celestial Captive killed a cultivator from the Infernal Court, his position would be tracked by the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms and transmitted to the diamond-shaped mirrors of every cultivator who attended the festival.


The geological structure of the clan planet was stable. Even so, a large number of canyons still appeared in the thousands of miles around Zhang Ruochen’s palm print.

The entire Bloodysky Continent was shaking.

Fortunately, the 30 million Immortal Vampires living on the Bloodysky Continent had gathered in the three big cities. Otherwise, a large number of them would have been killed by accident.

When Zhang Ruochen raised his arm, Mad Whitejade Lion was already exhausted. More cracks appeared on its body.

Deep fear appeared within his massive eyes. Zhang Ruochen’s strength was far beyond its expectations. Even the top 10 on the list of Hundred-Shackle Realm Great Perfection might not be this strong.

"Lady Wind, I wholeheartedly admit my defeat today. I cannot stay on the Immortal Vampires home planet anymore. Farewell."

A small white cloud appeared beneath Mad Whitejade Lion. He flew into the sky and broke through the layer of clouds.

"Hold on."

Lady Wind wanted to urge him to stay, so she flew up.

Zhang Ruochen was faster than her, and he stopped her in mid-air, "Let him go!" he said, "An elite of the Stone Clan staying on the Immortal Vampires’ home planet is a danger concealed in plain sight. If we’re not careful, we’ll lose everything."

Lady Wind said, "But…"

Zhang Ruochen interrupted her abruptly, "You don’t care about the lives of the 240 million Immortal Vampires on this planet," he said. "But I do, and I also care more about the Immortal Vampires’ points. I don’t want half of their points to be removed."

Lady Wind said, "So, you forced Mad Whitejade Lion away on purpose?"

"You have to understand that he attacked me first. Besides, didn’t you suspect that the reason that Mad Whitejade Lion was close to you? Since you had, you should get rid of him immediately. Don’t you understand that there is no need to treat suspicious people normally?"

Zhang Ruochen flew back to the ground. He slowly raised his hands and released a large amount of Saint Qi. Instantly, the destroyed land rose again. Lush vegetation grew and became full of vitality.

Lady Wind’s anger gradually abated. She felt that Zhang Ruochen’s words made sense.

More importantly, Zhang Ruochen’s strength was strong enough to play a crucial role in her fight for the position of Scioness.

The Scion and Scioness of the Fane of Destiny might not be the strongest in an era, but they had to have a strong influence in that era.

As long as Zhang Ruochen was the strongest in this era and she could control him, who would dare to disobey her?

She came to Zhang Ruochen’s side and said, "All-knowing almighty one, everyone knows that Mad Whitejade Lion is my ally. You should have given me some face and shown mercy just now."

"I did give you face, so I didn’t kill him," Zhang Ruochen said.

When she heard the word "Kill," Lady Wind felt a wave of intense murderous intent and suddenly felt cold all over.

It turned out that Zhang Ruochen already had a desire to kill.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Before Mad Whitejade Lion left, he said, ‘I admit defeat.’ while in fact, he said that to save his life."

"From this, it can be seen that the so-called mad lion is not crazy at all. On the contrary, he is very shrewd."

"He knows very well that if he dares to say anything refusing me or threaten to take revenge, he will not be able to leave the Immortal Vampires’ home planet alive today. If I want to kill him, he won’t be able to escape."

"Moreover, he attacked me first. Even if I kill him, he deserves it."

Lady Wind trembled with fear. Zhang Ruochen was even more ruthless than she had imagined.

With Zhang Ruochen participating in the Celestial-Hunting Battle, this year’s battle would be even bloodier than the previous ones. There would probably be a lot of casualties.

Lady Wind sighed deeply. "It’s a good thing that Mad Whitejade Lion left. We don’t have to be on guard against him at all times anymore."

Yan Beijun heard the conversation between Zhang Ruochen and Lady Wind and realized that Lady Wind had suspected Mad Whitejade Lion all along. Now that he thought about it, he also felt that something was wrong. An elite of the Stone Clan had disregarded the interests of his own clan and helped the Immortal Vampires. How could the deity of the Stone Clan still bestow him with a Class Four Saint Artifact?

It was indeed suspicious.

Unfortunately, he had realized it too late. For Mad Whitejade Lion, he had offended Zhang Ruochen. Now that he was seriously injured, there was almost no chance of recovery during the Celestial-Hunting Battle period.

A bitter and self-mocking smile appeared on Yan Beijun’s face.

It seemed that he deserved to be severely injured and let his weapon be snatched away.

"Take it."

Zhang Ruochen threw the jade pendant-shaped weapon to Yan Beijun.

Yan Beijun was overjoyed at the unexpected good news. He held the jade pendant with both hands with an awkward and grateful smile, replying. "Thank you, Great Saint Ruochen. I was the one who didn’t know the situation. Sorry for causing trouble!"

Zhang Ruochen mobilized the life essence in the Heart of the Divine Tree and pressed his palm on Yan Beijun’s chest.

With a large injection of life essence, Yan Beijun’s injury healed quickly.

Yan Beijun felt even more ashamed inside. He lowered his head and didn’t say anything, but only cupped his hands to show respect for Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen patted Yan Beijun’s shoulder and stared at Lady Wind. "I remember you took a Quasi-Emperor Grade Saintwill Pill. Have you refined it yet?"

"Fusing with the Saintwill is a major event. I’m still adjusting the state of affairs," Lady Wind replied.

"Try to refine it as soon as possible. If you can merge it with a Grade Three Saintwill, you should be able to enter the top 10 among the list of Great Perfections in the Hundred-Shackle Realm. A bloody battle is coming. I have to prepare too."

Zhang Ruochen waved his hand and turned into a bloody streak of light, and departed by flying away.

Yan Beijun frowned and asked, "Senior sister apprentice, how did Zhang Ruochen know that a bloody battle is coming?"

Lady Wind said, "He must be referring to Mad Whitejade Lion." Since Mad Whitejade Lion had left, he must have spread the news that Ruochen had broken through the Hundred-Shackle Realm back to the Stone Clan or the top elites of the upper three clans. In this way, the forces that want to kill Zhang Ruochen must act immediately to prevent him from becoming stronger."

"Will Mad Whitejade Lion do this?" Yan Beijun still did not fully believe it.

Lady Wind said, "I don’t know either, but if Zhang Ruochen’s guess is right, I will teach him a lesson personally when I meet that lion next time."

"Zhang Ruochen is indeed a figure on par with Yan Wushen. Not only is he powerful, but he is also decisive and ruthless. Fortunately, he is our ally." Yan Beijun sighed.

"Zhang Ruochen has broken through the Hundred-Shackle Realm. Come to the home planet of the Stone Clan and discuss the plan to kill him."

After Mad Whitejade Lion returned to the home planet of the Stone Clan, he immediately sent people to contact Lord Sinluo and Supreme Saint Yuan Fei of the Deathkin, the Ten-Thousand-Hand Wu Jiang Supreme Saint of the Nether Clan, and Pan Ruo from the Fane of Destiny.

After this battle, Zhang Ruochen’s strength had left a deep impression on Mad Whitejade Lion. He only wanted to get rid of this troublesome being immediately.. With this person by Lady Wind’s side, Pan Ruo would find it much more difficult to become the Scioness herself.

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