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Chapter: 2299

Pan Ruo s Plan To Kill Zhang Ruochen

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The home planet of Stone Clan was covered in yellow sand. There was no ocean or vegetation. If you stood mid-air and view it from the starry sky, you would think it was a lifeless planet. It was no different from hundreds of millions of barren planets.

The north pole of the home planet was dark and cold. There were only streaks of aurora that filled the sky.

Beneath the aurora fog, there was a grand building in the shape of a pyramid. It was covered with many Supreme Saint Inscriptions. It emitted white light that could illuminate a thousand miles.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei, Scion Yuan Mo, and Lord Sinluo of Deathkin were the first to arrive. They stood in the tower and listened to Mad Whitejade Lion’s narration of the battle between him and Zhang Ruochen.

Of course, Mad Whitejade Lion was hiding something.

After all, he had been beaten so badly. He would not be proud to tell the whole story.

It was very embarrassing!

After listening to the story, the three Supreme Saints of Deathkin in the tower all looked very serious.

Scion Yuan Mo was very upset. He said, "How long has it been since Zhang Ruochen broke through to the Supreme Saint realm? How can he have the ability to defeat you? How did he attain Hundred-Shackle Realm so easily?"

When he was in Kunlun, Scion Yuan Mo didn’t see Zhang Ruochen as a worthy opponent.

Even though Scion Yuan Mo had suffered losses in the battle of Xianji Mountain, he felt that Zhang Ruochen had relied on external forces. Hence, he was unwilling to admit his defeat.

But now, Zhang Ruochen had reached Hundred-Shackle Realm, while Scion Yuan Mo had just entered the advanced stage of Neverwilt Realm. In other words, there was a huge gap in their cultivation strength.

Supreme Saint Yuanfei was the elder brother of Scion Yuan Mo and the top Deathkin elite in the Celestial-Hunting battle. He said calmly, "Zhang Ruochen controls Sundial and has a lot of cultivation training resources. It’s understandable that he can practice so fast."

"He could defeat Warlord Mara when he was in Neverwilt Realm. Now that he has entered Hundred-Shackle Realm, it isn’t a surprise that he could defeat Mad Whitejade Lion."

Then, Supreme Saint Yuan Fei stared into Mad Whitejade Lion’s eyes as if he could see through it. He asked seriously, "Did you and Zhang Ruochen really fight dozens of rounds?"

"What do you mean? Would I lie? Zhang Ruochen is indeed very strong, but I’m not much weaker than him," Mad Whitejade Lion said angrily, his eyes wide.

Supreme Saint Yuanfei quickly tried to calm him down, "That’s not what I mean. I just want to understand Zhang Ruochen’s current strength more clearly so that I don’t make an inaccurate assessment of his strength.

"Based on what you said, I think Zhang Ruochen might have awakened the ancestral bloodline.

"But we have never seen how strong the ancestral bloodline is. Only you know best."

Mad Whitejade Lion’s expression was solemn. "The ancestral bloodline has greatly increased Zhang Ruochen’s speed. Without using time and space, his speed can even surpass some Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saints."

"When I fight with him, I can only defend passively. It’s hard for me to take the initiative."

Scion Yuan Mo snorted. "In a battle between Supreme Saints, the speed advantage doesn’t play a crucial role. A single strike from a Supreme Saint can cover an area of a thousand miles. No matter how fast he is, can he escape to a distance of a thousand miles in an instant?

"Furthermore, formations, the Will of Death, curses… there are many methods that one cannot dodge with just high speed."

"Scion Yuan Mo, you shouldn’t underestimate a Supreme Saint’s speed. Be careful. You might not even know how you die."

A clear voice sounded in the tower.

It sounded like a young cultivator.

Scion Yuan Mo looked in the voice’s direction and noticed a figure wearing black armor had appeared in the tower.

That person was standing at the edge of the stone tower. His back was facing them, and he was facing a stone window. The light that shone in from the window cast a long shadow on the ground.

Scion Yuan Mo touched his neck and a bloody mark appeared on his fingertip. He thought to himself, "What a terrifying speed! Not only did he walk in from outside in an instant, he even left a bloody mark on my neck. Did he send me a warning?"

Lord Sinluo and Supreme Saint Yuan Fei looked at each other and nodded.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said probingly, "Are you Que Fei from NNether Clan?"

The man in black armor turned around and said, "That’s right."

Que Fei turned around. However, the black armor on his body was very strange; it appeared to devour the light. Any cultivator who looked at him could only see a black outline, but they could not see his face.

It was like a human-shaped black mirror, which was bizarre.

"So it’s Que Fei, the second strongest person of Nether Clan. No wonder he’s so powerful," Scion Yuan Mo thought to himself.

Que Fei was a hidden elite of Nether Clan. He had only recently risen to fame. Now, he was ranked 16th on the list of those in the Great Perfection stage of Hundred-Shackle Realm.

Mad Whitejade Lion said, "Where’s the Ten Thousand Hands Supreme Saint? Why isn’t he here?"

Que Fei’s tone was distant."The ten thousand hands Supreme Saint is refining a Quasi-Emperor Grade Saintwill pill to try and condense a second-grade Saintwill.

"Once he succeeds, Nether Clan will definitely take first place in this Celestial-Hunting battle. Even the Yan Huangtu and Lan Ying will be trampled under his feet.

"Even that mysterious Que won’t be able to win against the second-class saint’s will."

Hearing this, Yuan Fei, Lord Sinluo, Mad Whitejade Lion, and the others didn’t show any displeasure. After all, Deathkin and Stone Clan were indeed weaker in the Celestial-Hunting Festival, they could only follow the lead of the ten thousand hands Saint.

Mad Whitejade Lion said, "If the Ten Thousand Hands Supreme Saint doesn’t come, it will be difficult for us to kill Zhang Ruochen with our strength."

Que Fei snorted. "Why would we need Ten Thousand Hands Supreme Saint to deal with a mere Zhang Ruochen? We have four Supreme Saints at the Great Perfection of Hundred-Shackle Realm here. killing him is like slaughtering pigs and dogs."

Mad Whitejade Lion knew how powerful Zhang Ruochen was. However, when he thought about how Yuan Fei and Que Fei were both unfathomable elites, the weight in his heart lessened.

Tap. tap

Light footsteps sounded.

Pan Ruo, who was dressed like a man, walked in from outside the tower. She was tall and had a mysterious aura. She said faintly, "You underestimate Zhang Ruochen so much. Be careful not to kill him and die in the Celestial-Hunting battlefield."

Pan Ruo had already broken through to the Supreme Saint realm. The bright Gate of Destiny hovered behind her. Her figure was sometimes clear and sometimes dim as if she was shuttling between light and darkness.

This was a manifestation of the Path of Destiny that would only appear when one cultivated it to an extremely profound level. It was called the Door of Trueself.

The Door of Trueself was also the Gate of Destiny.

However, the Door of Trueself had already completely fused with the cultivator. It was not separated from each other. The power of Destiny would always remain and never disappear.

With the Door of Trueself, Pan Ruo could weaken her opponent at any time and suppress her opponent at all times. Of course, the degree of suppression was proportional to her cultivation level.

Those whose cultivation level was higher than hers, the lesser the effect of suppression on them.

The few people in the tower all went up to greet her. They cupped their hands and said with a smile, "Congratulations, Your Highness. You have cultivated the Door of Trueself. The position of Scioness is already within your reach."

According to the tradition of the Fane of Destiny, a cultivator who cultivated the Door of Trueself could directly become a Scion or Scioness.

However, Pan Ruo had only cultivated the Door of Trueself after entering the Celestial-Hunting battlefield. Her case was unusual.

Pan Ruo’s cultivation wasn’t as high as the others. However, with her eyes cold and disdainful, she had an aura that surpassed them. She sat at the top, "Don’t let your guard down when dealing with Zhang Ruochen," she said. "It’s fine if you don’t make a move. But once you do, you must send him to a place of eternal damnation."

There were rumors that Pan Ruo was backed by one of the twelve deities of the Fane of Destiny, Skywrath, who was powerful. Hence, although Que Fei and Lord Sinluo were arrogant, they didn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of her.

Furthermore, Pan Ruo’s talent in the Path of Destiny was shocking. Her potential was limitless.

Scion Yuan Mo was Pan Ruo’s unwavering supporter. He quickly asked, "What’s your plan, Your Highness?"

Pan Ruo stared at Mad Whitejade Lion. "Did Zhang Ruochen use the power of Time and Space to defeat you?"

Mad Whitejade Lion looked troubled and shook his head.

Pan Ruo asked again, "Did he use any Saintwill?"

Mad Whitejade Lion shook his head again.

Pan Ruo asked again, "Did he use any weapon?"

Mad Whitejade Lion still shook his head.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei, Lord Sinluo, and Scion Yuan Mo were all shocked. They didn’t expect Mad Whitejade Lion to hide so much from them.

He defeated Mad Whitejade Lion without using the power of Time, Space, the Saintwill. Not even a weapon?

They must reassess Zhang Ruochen’s strength.

Pan Ruo said, "Zhang Ruochen, who has reached Hundred-Shackle Realm, is definitely more terrifying than you think. What’s more terrifying is that we don’t even know how powerful he is."

Que Fei said, "He only broke his first shackle. No matter how strong he is, I’m confident that I can defeat him."

"Saint Que Fei, you must know that our goal was not to defeat him but to kill him. Are you confident that you can kill him?" Pan Ruo said.

Que Fei fell silent.

Killing someone was much harder than defeating someone.

Pan Ruo said, "I think there are three steps to dealing with Zhang Ruochen."

"The first step is make someone kill him."

"Make someone kill him? Your Highness, are you referring to Lan Ying, or are you referring to Supreme Saint Yanhong and Xu?" Supreme Saint Yuanfei asked.

Pan Ruo said, "Lan Ying and Yan Huangtu are still tracking him. They are fighting for the Emperor-Grade Saintwill pill. I’m afraid they have no time to deal with Zhang Ruochen. If we want to chose someone, Xu and Supreme Saint Yanhong would be the ones."

Scion Yuan Mo quickly said, "Great idea! Let Xu and Supreme Saint Yanhong deal with Zhang Ruochen. First, we can test out Zhang Ruochen’s strength. Second, we can let them drain each other’s energy. It’s best if both sides are wounded."

Pan Ruo said, "Let Mad Whitejade Lion do it. You tell Xu and Yanhong that Zhang Ruochen has broken through to Hundred-Shackle Realm.

"Supreme Saint Yanhong has always wanted to kill Zhang Ruochen to gain the support of all the big forces. She’ll definitely be eager to take action."

"Moreover, Supreme Saint Yanhong and Xu suffered a great loss at Zhang Ruochen’s hands during the Celestial-Hunting Festival and the fight for the Saintwill Pills. They hate him to his core."

Lord Sinluo said, "Supreme Saint Yanhong and Xu aren’t stupid. They could figure we are using them. Why would they allow others to use them?"

Pan Ruo shook her head, "That’s why I asked Whitejade Lion to inform them," she said. Everyone knew that Whitejade Lion was Lady Wind’s supporter. He had offended the entire stone clan and even us. Now, he had been humiliated by Lady Wind. Even his weapon had been taken away. He had no choice but to leave. Of course, he wanted to take revenge. "However, we definitely wouldn’t accept him. He had no choice but to seek refuge with Supreme Saint Yanhong."

Mad Whitejade Lion laughed loudly. "Your Highness is the most thoughtful."

Scion Yuan Mo said, "If Supreme Saint Yanhong and Xu can’t kill Zhang Ruochen, the second step will be our turn to attack?"

Lord Sinluo smiled. "Even if Zhang Ruochen can escape from Pink Skull and Xu, he must be seriously injured. At that time, I can kill him alone."

Pan Ruo shook her head. "We will get penalty of 500,000 points for killing Zhang Ruochen. Unless it’s a last resort, we don’t have to do it ourselves. So the second step is still get someone to kill Zhang Ruochen."

"And that someone will be?" Scion Yuan Mo asked.

Pan Ruo said, "The Celestial Captives."

Everyone immediately looked enlightened.

Celestial Captives were a huge force on the Celestial-Hunting battlefield. Although they were prey, many of them were strong cultivators. More importantly, they were hostile to Zhang Ruochen, the traitor. They wanted nothing more than to turn him into ashes.

Pan Ruo said, "I’ve received news that a large number of Celestial Captives have gathered in the starfield near the third Dark Star. There are even Celestial Captives in the Thousand-Koan Realm guarding it.

"Supreme Saint Que Fei, I heard that your attainments in illusions have reached the level of a High Saint Master. Your task is to inform Celestial Captives and tell them about Zhang Ruochen."

Que Fei let out a long laugh. "Your Highness is amazing. Another brilliant plan to kill two birds with one move. No matter who wins, Zhang Ruochen or Supreme Saint Yanhong will be surrounded and killed by Celestial Captives. We will always be in an invincible position. When Celestial Captives kills them, we can kill Celestial Captives to earn points. Haha!"

Pan Ruo was calm. "The third step. If Celestial Captives can’t kill Zhang Ruochen, then we have to do it ourselves."

Scion Yuan Mo laughed. "With these three strategies, no matter how high Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation is, he’ll definitely die this time."

On the Immortal Vampires’ home planet, Zhang Ruochen stood in the sea and practiced Incarceration of Divine Demon repeatedly.

The huge phantom of the fiend appeared. It merged with the Immovable Wisdom King Saint Aspect at times and separated at other times. It formed a huge whirlpool that swept to the bottom of the sea thousands of meters below.

The combination of Incarceration of Divine Demon and Immovable Wisdom King Saint Aspect was not too difficult. What was difficult was that Zhang Ruochen wanted to merge the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill into it.

He rehearsed it dozens of times and failed.

"Combining two powers is not an easy thing. I am still too impatient."

Zhang Ruochen stopped and let out a long breath. He flew to a nearby island and sat on a rock. He quickly fell into a state of thinking and comprehension.

How can I become stronger in a short time?

With the help of the Heart of Truth, Zhang Ruochen had found the second shackle on his left arm.

However, even with the Fugue pill and the Ampliofruit, it would take more than a few days to break it.

Other than that, Zhang Ruochen could only think of using the Saintwill Pill to fuse the fifth type of Saintwill. If he could truly make his Saintwill reach Class Two, he would be able to deal with powerful figures like Wu Jiang and Lan Ying.


At this moment, an ear-piercing sound came from the sky.

Zhang Ruochen looked up and saw a streak of fire flying from the sky. It passed through the atmosphere and crashed into the sea where he was like a meteorite.


The fire rushed into the sea. The surface of the sea sank under the pressure, raising huge waves that were hundreds of feet high.

A black meteorite the size of a stone mountain appeared there.

Zhang Ruochen sat on the side of the island. His long hair fell on his shoulders. He was elegant and calm. The waves that hit his face automatically split into two sides.

Looking closely, he saw a line of words carved on the meteorite. "Supreme Saint Manjian is in my hands. Within three days, come and fight against me alone on the ghost clan’s home planet. It will be a dead or alive fight."

A letter of challenge flew over from the starry sky.

Based on the Saint aura in the words on the meteorite, Zhang Ruochen naturally knew that the person who sent him the letter of challenge was Xu, the strongest of the ghost clan.

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