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Chapter: 2316

Hunter and Celestial Captive

Chapter 2316 Hunter and Celestial Captive

Ye Changzai was ranked 18th in the list of the Great Perfection of Hundred-Shackle Realm. Naturally, no other Supreme Saint could compare to him. Amorite Sword in his hand was an extremely ancient cursed sword. At such a close distance, he was ready to attack. He wanted to take the reins with one sword strike.

"Zhang Ruochen, this sword will pierce through you. The Power of Curse will enter your bone marrow and soak into your blood. Eventually, you will die from the curse."

Ye Changzai didn’t waste time talking. He didn’t say it from his mouth. Instead, he used his spiritual power to directly enter Zhang Ruochen’s ears.


Amorite Sword and Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King collided.

Although Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King was an illusion, it was harder than real metal. However, Amorite Sword was sharper, and it could easily penetrate metal.

The moment the sword broke through the Saint Aspect, Golden Qi burst out all over the


"Do you really think that I will fall for the same trick twice?" Zhang Ruochen said expressionlessly.

Before Amorite Sword reached Zhang Ruochen, Zhang Ruochen’s fist suddenly spewed out layers of invisible Dimensional shock waves. "This-this- is impossible."

Ye Changzai was hit, and his black figure flew backward.

Although he was an "Earth soul turned Ghost" with an invisible body, he still existed in the Dimension. Hence, the Power of Dimension was the best way to deal with him.

One after another the Dimensional shock waves sent Ye Changzai’s silhouette flying seven times.

On the eighth time, the silhouette actually shattered.

"This punch has always been prepared for you. Do you know why you are only ranked 18th? Your concealment is meaningless to a Supreme Saint with a spiritual power of level 64," Zhang Ruochen said. Ye Changzai was born an assassin. Even with Zhang Ruochen’s spiritual power of level 64, Zhang Ruochen could only vaguely sense his existence. Only with the Heart of Truth, Zhang Ruochen could clearly sense that he was hiding in the shadow of Popobawa Ghost Emperor.

He said those words to strike Ye Changzai’s confidence.

500 miles away.

Ye Changzai condensed his ghost silhouette again. He glanced at Zhang Ruochen and Popobawa Ghost Emperor, who were already fighting. Without hesitation, he immediately fled.

Zhang Ruochen was too terrifying. He was already heavily injured, but he still had clear thinking despite being attacked by so many Supreme Saints. Zhang Ruochen was extremely calm. There was no way for Ye Changzai to sneak attack on him.

The power was terrifying. What was even more terrifying was that Zhang Ruochen was the one controlling it.

Earth soul Astral Form was the hardest to break. However, it was hard to recover once it was broken. Ye Changzai had lost the power to continue fighting. It could be said that he could not recover to his peak condition during Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting.

Popobawa Ghost Emperor was no match for Zhang Ruochen. After three consecutive blows, its Astral Form began to crack. Then, Popobawa Ghost Emperor used its secret technique of escape and fled into the distance.

"Where are you going?"

Zhang Ruochen used Great Dimensional Shift to catch up with it. He stomped on its Astral Form and broke it into pieces.


Popobawa Ghost Emperor screamed. Its Astral Form exploded like a balloon and turned into Ghostly Qi.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t give Popobawa Ghost Emperor the chance to re-shape its Astral Form. He spread his hands and countless Saint Devourer’s vines rushed out from his back. They absorbed crazily and scattered the Ghostly Qi around.

Zhang Ruochen’s injuries became more serious, but golden light shone all over his body. He stared sharply at the Ghost Saints and said, "Who wants to fight?"

A large number of Ghost Supreme Saints had gathered in this void space. There were close to a hundred of them.

However, they had lost the will to continue fighting. They stood rooted to the ground. No one dared to attack Zhang Ruochen first.

They had no choice. After Xu died, Ghost Saints had lost their backbone.

Just now, Moon-Bull Emperor and Lord Sparrow Bone had escaped with Pink Skull. It was unknown whether they were alive or dead. In addition, Ye Changzai and Popobawa Ghost Emperor had been defeated one after another. One had escaped while the other had been refined and absorbed. No matter how strong the Ghost Supreme Saints’ willpower was, they had to consider the pros and cons.

If they continued to fight, even if Zhang Ruochen used up his energy, many of them would die with him. What was the point of this?

Ghosts still had to participate in Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting. There couldn’t be any more casualties.

Four-eyed Ghost Emperor led Supreme Saint Manjian and stood up on behalf of Ghost Saints. He spoke to Zhang Ruochen, "We Ghosts admit defeat in this battle. We’ve lost completely! Zhang Ruochen, as long as you let Popobawa Ghost Emperor live, I’ll let Supreme Saint Manjian go."

Zhang Ruochen said, "You want to threaten me too?"

Four-eyed Ghost Emperor met Zhang Ruochen’s eyes and his heart jumped. Thinking of Pink Skull, his tone softened, "The ones who want to kill you are Xu, Supreme Saint Yanhong, and Mad Whitejade Lion. We were just invited by Xu to help. We don’t deserve to die, do we?

"Besides, if you insist on killing Popobawa Ghost Emperor, we have no choice but to fight you to death for the dignity of Ghost. By then, won’t the cultivators of upper three races hiding nearby benefit?"

The voice of Saint Devourer rang in Zhang Ruochen’s mind. "Master, my Ampliofruit has matured."

Zhang Ruochen nodded and put the vines back into his body. He said to Four-eyed Ghost Emperor, "For your sake, I’ll spare his life today."

Four-eyed Ghost Emperor’s face lit up with joy. He glanced at Supreme Saint Manjian. He hadn’t expected that a crippled Supreme Saint would be so important to Zhang Ruochen.

However, this was a good thing. Zhang Ruochen had fought with the cultivators of Infernal Court to save a Supreme Saint of Guanghan. What could Zhang Ruochen do even if he saved Supreme Saint Manjian after all this mess?

The deities were watching.

The cultivators of Infernal Court were watching as well.

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Zhang Ruochen had indeed won this battle, but he had also lost!

Where could he find a place in Infernal Court?


The remaining Ghostly Qi quickly gathered in the void space and condensed into the figure of Popobawa Ghost Emperor.

Although Popobawa Ghost Emperor wasn’t dead, more than half of its Ghostly Qi had been absorbed by Saint Devourer. Popobawa Ghost Emperor couldn’t recover in a short time.

"I’ll take Ghost-headed Whip. Do you have any objections?"

Zhang Ruochen didn’t care whether Popobawa Ghost Emperor agreed or not. He used Divine Purification Flame and started refining Ghost-headed Whip.

The ghost had no choice but to lower its head under the eaves. Popobawa Ghost Emperor let out a long sigh. It had suffered a terrible defeat today.

Why were Ghosts enemies with Zhang Ruochen?

The cultivators of three upper races standing in The Scroll of Truth and Deceit frowned.

"Ghosts has suffered such a great loss. Are they reconciling just like that?" Mad Whitejade Lion was a little disappointed.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said, "What else can they do if they don’t reconcile? If they continue to fight Zhang Ruochen to death, Ghosts will have no hope of turning the tide in this year’s Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting."

Killing intent appeared in Mad Whitejade Lion’s eyes. "Zhang Ruochen is already at the end of his rope. Next, we’ll take action and end his life completely."

"Are you sure that Zhang Ruochen is already at the end of his rope? Just now, he defeated Pink Skull, Moon-Bull Emperor, Lord Sparrow Bone, Ye Changzai, and Popobawa Ghost Emperor consecutively. Does he even look exhausted?" Pan Ruo asked.

Mistress Fireborn stared at her with confusion. "Aren’t you being too cautious, Your Highness? Today is the best time to kill Zhang Ruochen."

"I didn’t say I wouldn’t kill him. But we don’t have to be as stupid as the Supreme Saints from Ghost and Bone clan to fight Zhang Ruochen head-on. Don’t forget that we still have a backup plan. Let Que Fei use Celestial Captive’s power to kill Zhang Ruochen. Wouldn’t that be foolproof?" said Pan Ruo

Lord Sinluo asked, "Should we use Dark Arrow to kill Zhang Ruochen first?"

"Forget it!"

Pan Ruo sighed regretfully. "We’ve already missed the opportunity. If we use Dark Arrow now, the chances of us attacking Zhang Ruochen are too low. I was wrong earlier."

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei shook his head, "It’s not your fault. No one expected that Zhang Ruochen could destroy five Supreme Saints in the Great Perfection stage of Hundred-Shackle Realm. The Ghosts were so scared that they didn’t dare to continue fighting.

"Besides, even if Lord Sinluo used Dark Arrow earlier, the chances of success were very low."

Lord Sinluo looked disapproving. "How is that possible?"

"Even Ye Changzai’s sneak attack failed!" Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said.

Lord Sinluo was silent for a moment and could not refute.

In terms of sneak attacks and assassinations, Ye Changzai was obviously much better than him.

Supreme Saint Manjian’s body was covered in wounds, especially where the five icicles had pierced through. Even now, there were ice shards left in his flesh. The aura of dead spirits eroded his body. Even the energy contained in Supreme Saint’s blood could not heal his wounds.

Of course, even though he was riddled with wounds, the body of Supreme Saint Manjian was still tall and straight.

After Zhang Ruochen refined Ghost-headed Whip, he stared at Supreme Saint Manjian who was standing five steps away. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that all the Ghost Saints had retreated thousands of miles away.

The two of them looked at each other, but neither of them could laugh.

This was because this was Infernal Court, Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting.

One was a hunter and the other was a Celestial Captive. "Life is so intriguing. When you returned to Mount Yueshen with Moon Goddess, I knew that you were extraordinary. But I didn’t expect that we would have such an encounter."

Supreme Saint Manjian broke the silence first and squeezed out a smile.

Zhang Ruochen looked straight into his eyes and said, "Maybe this is fate’s arrangement."

"You believe in fate?" Supreme Saint Manjian asked.

Zhang Ruochen said, "I didn’t believe in it at first, but I believe in it today! If it wasn’t for fate’s arrangement, why are we standing here at this time, this place in such a way?"

The two fell into silence again.

After a long time, Zhang Ruochen waved his hand. Dimensions solidified and turned into an invisible table.

From Violet Gourd, Zhang Ruochen took out a wine jug and a Divine Bone tripod cup. He said, "During Celestial-Hunting Festival, I secretly left half a pot of Divine Jade Dew brewed by Fane of Wine for you."

The food at the Fesival could be brought into the battlefield.

"Brothers are indeed brothers. I’ve only heard of such good stuff before. I didn’t expect to have the chance to drink it. It seems that I have no regrets!"

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Zhang Ruochen was about to fill his cup, but Supreme Saint Manjian snatched the wine pot from his hand and poured it into his mouth.

Zhang Ruochen looked at him quietly and said, "Brother Manjian, do you know why I have come to Ghost’s home planet?"

Supreme Saint Manjian continued drinking without stopping.

Zhang Ruochen continued, "Because I know that you are not willing to die in the hands of Ghost cultivators. You are even more unwilling to be refined into a ghost slave. So even though I know that both of us may die here, I still came to accompany you. Either we die together, or I send you on your way.

"I will give you two hours to run. No matter where you run to, I will come and kill you in two hours. If I catch up with you, I’ll give you a quick death."

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